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iphone. 5c data usage

iphone. 5c data usage

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wifi usage counting as data usage

My husband and I both have the iPhone 3GS.  My husbands phone however will count on the phones data usage 20mb over night while it is charging and on our wifi.  it is counting this towards his 3g usage and not wifi.  does anyone know what could be causing this?  We have already had APPLE reset everything at the store.  it is still doing it.  so he has to turn off all cellualar data usage at night or it keeps racking up the usage even though it is on our wifi.  I plug my phone in at night as well and mine is not doing this. help!!

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Data roaming Off but usage still shows cellular network data - help

I have an iPhone 3GS in the UK with T-Mobile (an unlocked import from Italy).
I recently visited Guernsey, which has its own providers, not including T-Mobile. I therefore ensured that Data Roaming was set to Off within Network Settings (as it is configured by default). I also reset my Usage Statistics to zero within the General Settings.
By the end of the one week holiday the Cellular Network Data Usage was showing that I had received over 2MB of data.
I had assumed that having Data Roaming turned off would prevent this.
I am going to Egypt in 3 weeks and wish to ensure that I do not incur large charges whilst there.
Can anyone help?
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IPhone 4 about data usage

Sorry if this has been asked before, but my keywords of my query seems to vague to put in the search box..
Im looking at my data usage now, and I have 500mb limit on my o2 contract. On my mobile network data in General>Usage, does the Sent or Received amount indicate my limit? My Received is a bit more than my Sent, so just wanted to make sure which number I should be keeping my eye on.
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iPhone 3G Data Usage

Im planning to go on holiday shortly, taking my iPhone 3G with me. I do not wish to disable Data Roaming, because I still want to be able to access data networks for certain tasks.
O2 (Im in the UK) offers 10mb of data transfer over cellular networks abroad for £20 prepaid, and this seems like a suitable package for me. However I was wondering, how much data would iPhone transmit in the background? Although I intend to use my iPhone only for certain services like Instant Messaging, Ive heard that some applications transmit data automatically. And I wouldnt want to exceed the 10mb and end up with a massive bill when I get back.
So does anyone know how much data is transmitted in the background, or if I could disable it? I plan to be away for 2 weeks, and I dont think I will exceed 10mb of data by only using IM. But Im worried that iPhone will download other stuff that I dont know about?
Thanks in advance,
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Help iphone usage data error

I always check my usage data before and after i use the web. Last time, i was doing my usual web browse. Withine half hour, it stated that i received 4.1G and sent 4G. there is no way i would use this much . I nearly had a heart attack. i called virgin mobile this am to check my usage , it was only 50mb. Then it may not show the recent usage. I am mad at moment . Has anyone had same problem or what i should do
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How do I keep track of data usage on the iPhone 5C

I just purchased an iPhone 5C (my first smartphone), and Im confused as to what exactly the GB information in the Usage menu under Settings--General--Usage means. Are those gigs that are listed how much I have used and available for storage ONLY, or does it also include LTE data usage? I just synced my phone with my iTunes library on my computer, and my GB used jumped from 1.0 to 6.3 GB. It seems to be under the heading storage and says I still have 7.0 GB available, so Im inclined to think that it is only counting what I am actually storing on my phone, but if that is the case, then where can I check how much of my data for the month I have used? I am on a family plan, so I want to make sure Im not accidentally driving our usage up. My Wifi connection at home is currently out, so I know I was using some LTE this morning, but I dont think it was very much. I figured out how to turn off LTE and 3G so Im not accidentally using data now, but in any case, does anybody know where I can find my data usage info on my phone?



Data usage questions on iPhone 3G

Hi, Ive just got the call that my iPhone 3G has arrived at the store.
Before I get it, since Im in Australia where we have very small data allowances and expensive overage fees I though I should ask a couple of questions about using data on my iPhone 3G.
1) If Im in range of WiFi access point dose the iPhone 3G completely switch from 3G and GPRS data to WiFi so theres no data at all going through the cellular network?
2) I use Gmail using the IMAP protical for my email. Dose the iPhone download every single email message in full as soon as it enters the inbox like Windows Mail dose? Or dose it download a list of all emails and then only download the actual email its self once I select the email out of the list like Outlook dose?
Thanks in advance.
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International iPhone Data Usage

My wife and I are about to leave for a 2 month stay in France and want to be sure that we understand the issues related to iPhone data usage while we are there. We have a cheap cell phone for use in Europe so are not concerned with phone issues and cost while there.
We already have set our iPhones so that Data Roaming is Off internationally. Also, our email accounts are set to not automatically check for email on a schedule.
I read on the AT&T web site that they have 2 international data plans, one for $24.99/mo for 20MB and another for $59.99/mo for 50MB.
My questions are:
1. Can these data plans be turned on/off as desired or is a 12 month commitment required?
2. Does the data down/up-loaded over a WiFi network count toward the 20MB or 50MB limit in the international data plans, or does data sent over the Edge network only count?
3. If the Edge network is always turned off (Data Roaming Off) and we do not hit the Stocks/Weather/Maps widgets, will we incur any data charges at all without doing so intentionally.
TIA for your response.
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iphone 5 excessive data usage

recently bought 2 iphone 5s and yesterday one of them started sending huge amounts of data.  The sent data is 6 times the amount received. My other phone is complelely opposite with regard to sending and receiving and weve never used anywhere near this much data before.  Verizon rep doubled the amount of data so we do not exceed the limit this month, but the way this phone is sending data it doesnt appear it will be enough. All apps and the OS are updated.  All applications are closed and the data usuage is piling up (which is fine at home on our wifi but Im gong to have to turn the phone off if I leave).  I havent seen an aswer to this problem yet, and there are lots of posts about it.

iPhone Background Data Usage

Hi all,
I am thinking about buying a 3G iPhone but I want to use it primarily as a phone and for internet through WiFi but not much internet through the 3G network. The plan that seems to best suit me allows 100mb of data usage per month. I have read that the iphone can use some amounts of data in the background and I was wondering if this is true and if it would be likely to exceed the 100mb and if so is there is a way to turn off access to the internet through 3G while retaining use of phone and SMS capabilities and internet access through WiFi.
Any help much appreciated,
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Finding iPhone data usage stats

Good morning everyone, I hope youre all as excited as me about the world cup starting in 4 hours time?!?!?!
On to Mac business though.
I currently have an iPhone 3G and I will be getting a new iPhone 4 when it is released at the end of the month.
In the UK, I am currently on a deal where I get unlimited data downloads, but O2 are changing this with the iPhone 4 and capping it at 500MB, 750MB and 1GB ... depending on what tariff you go on.
Is there anyway I can find out from my current iPhone how much I have downloaded since I got it, via 3G not WiFi, so that I can work out the best tariff.
I know you can reset the stats and look from there, but ideally I want an overall figure.
Thanks in advance.
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iphone app to cap data usage

Is there an app which prevents the phone from receiving a set amount of data? say 500mb

Unexpected high data usage on the iPhone

I have since November changed from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4S and recently noticed a triple increase in data usage (with additional costs incurred). While I used below 250 MB before Im now using 470+ MB. A Genius at the Bar recommended to switch off Location Services and Cellular Data, but that doesnt really make sense. Is anyone aware what services might consume exorbitant amounts of data (maybe in background processes)?


Is there an app, that monitors data transfers and could give me some clue as to what app or services use most data?


Ive asked my operator to tell me if they would be able to let me know which services might have consumed so much data, but due to privacy regulations they are not allowed to access my data usage history.


I have also read somewhere that Siri uses a fair bit of data, but I havent used that too much either.

Iphone 3gs Cellular data usage

I recently purchased iphone 3gs with 200 MB data plan. 98% of my data usage was performed using wifi but i still see in the usage section that Data sent is around 225 KB and Data received is around 550 KB. My question is
1. Whether the usage in the phone matches the cingular.com records
2. Whether wifi adds to the usage and why
3. Is there any hidden app/ acct setting which is accumulating data during the sleep mode?
4. How to stop it
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Average amount of Data Usage for iPhone

I know its unlimited and I dont have to worry about going over, but I was wondering if anyone here knew what the average amount of data usage for the iPhone is. Will AT&T will get suspicious if you go over that amount?
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Data usage

I am looking for an app that measures the amount of data I have up/downloaded so i keep within my plan
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Data Usage

I was just wondering, i heard if you have wifi on that it will choose wifi over 3g so you do not use up your cell data; is this true? or do i have to completely turn off 3g to do this? because i only have 250mbs a month
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Data usage

Will I lose my ulimited data usage when upgrading to iPhone 4?
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why has my data usage gone up

...massively since getting iphone5 and ios6?

Data usage

I had iPhone 3GS. My total usage according to the phone was 2.6GB from Feb to July.
AT&Ts web site shows my peak usage at 447mb for a month.
On the iPhone 4, it shows that I used 2.9 GB so far ( down ) and I havent used my phone any more or less than normal.
I am on wi-fi at home and a few other places.
Anyone else seeing a LARGE increase in data thru iPhone 4?
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Data usage

If you are outside the US and use your iPhone for telephone calls, I know about international plans to avoiid huge telephone bills, but how does it work with data service, specifically playing an online game? Thank you joanlvh
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Data usage on Wi-fi

I am looking to buy an iPhone and one of the network providers told me that if I access the internet on my iPhone at home through my home broadband wi-fi then I will still get charged for data use from my iPhone network provider. Can someone please confirm this for me? I dont think it is corect as the iPod Touch accesses wi-fi similarily to the iPhone and you dont have to buy data packs etc for that
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Data usage

Im considering purchasing the iPhone and unlocking it to run on Rogers wireless network here in Canada. Even though AT&T customers in the USA get unlimited data access on the iPhone none of the carriers here sell unlimited data plans. Can someone give me an idea with average usage in either kilobytes or megabytes (MB) I can expect monthly?
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iPhone 4s iOs 6 data usage problems on Verizon

Last night around 6PM I lifted the usage controls on my teenage cousins iphone 4s. We had never set a data limit for the phone because she only uses it for internet when at home on the wifi network. We only had it on her phone to be able to block unwanted numbers, but the feature also allows customers to set data caps, internet restrictions by age ect.


Prior to last night her usuage was minimal. However, within 6 hrs of the usuage control being lifted suddenly I was notified wed hit 50% of our 6g data plan. In the morning when I woke up I had a text saying wed hit 75% of our usage plan. I logged into Verizon and it indicated she had consumed 4.6g.


I spoke with Verizon and the first reprepresenative told me that this was a known iOs 6 issue for iphones and asked me to check if the phone was using the that operating system. She said if it was Verizon would be giving credits to customers because it was a known issue. I hung up, called my aunt and learned that in fact iOs 6 was installed. She also confirmed that the phone settings had not changed. It was still only using wifi. Verizon data usage remained turned off.


I called Verizon back and spoke with a second representative who then told me that it was not an iOs 6 issue, but just an iPhone 5 issue. She said the previous information given to me was incorrect; it was hardware and not operating system based problem. I then reapplied usage controls and went in to set a data limit, for the first time, and discovered that the iPhones data usage had now reached 5.4g of 6g. I still have 18 days left on my billing cycle and just .6g of data remaining. It seems crazy to me that I should have to set a cap on data usage for a phone using wifi to prevent that phone from maxing out verizon data, but that is what I have done until I can get to the bottom of this


The rep told me to visit Apple for further details. I also googled it and found stories on CNN and TheNextWeb reporting instances where individuals with the iOs 6 on iphone 4s were also experiencing problems, but nothing concrete on how to resolve it.


Can someone please clarify for me what is going on or where I can find a solution to this.


Thank you in advance.

do i use data usage when on wifi

when im connected to my dads or mums wifi does it use my contract data usage up which is 500mb?
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Data usage and apps

I recently purchased an iphone with a data plan of 500MB per month. I was told that some apps are constantly using data to update information and that 500MB may not be enough. I wont be accessing the internet that often myself but I do have my email set up on it and know to turn the push off. I will be using facebook but not youtube. I am just curious to how much data the average person uses on their iphone per month.
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Odd data usage

I looked at my old data usage, and for the past 6 months on average, I have been using about 450 MB/month. Not having changed any settings or having deviated from my normal usage, I am already at 350 MB 6 days into my billing cycle.
I reset my statistics in my phone, and then checked an email, loaded a facebook page, and opened up 2 blog pages. The new statistics read as SENT: 155 KB, RECEIVED: 4.1 MB
The received portion seems way too high for the two minutes I spent browsing the above pages.
I have fetch set for every 30 minutes, but I have always had this setting.
Any suggestions?

Excessive Data Usage

I have AT&T and have the 200 mb a month data plan. Im 6 days into my billing cycle and I received a text message that Ive used 65% of my data plan and that if I go over Im going to have to pay overage fees. Im at my home 85% of the time, and my house has wifi. I see the wifi logo on the screen. If Im hardly every using the 3g network how have I used so much data? I always close all running apps before I go to sleep, but everytime I wake up my data usage skyrockets.
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App Data Usage

Which apps use data is left opened in the multi-task bar?
I use the following apps:
FacebookPhoto SwapDailyboothTweet DeckTwitpicFour Square
and just general games from the app store, would any of these use data? or well a lot.. I mean if Game Center is left opened will it use data?
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Iphone4 Data Usage

Hi, first time posting so apologies if this is in the wrong place..etc. Received my iphone 4 thursday morning. Have used it mainly on my home wi-fi and used it for a few hours on 3G mainly listening to Spotify (havent d/l any apps on 3G etc).
Looked at Mobile Network Data received today and its showing as 214mb! Ive asked a couple of people and they say this is 3G data used. I have no idea how that could be as I havent done anything apart from Spotify over 3G, everything else has been on my home wi-fi. Does anyone know whether that total does include wi-fi? I did a test this morning listening to Spotify for an hour and it only went up 1mb. My phone provider is Orange if thats any use. Any advise anyone can give would be appreciated.
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