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ipod touch unlocker weebly bypass icloud activation lock on ipod g gen

ipod touch unlocker weebly bypass icloud activation lock on ipod g gen

iphone unlocked

Migrate data from iPod Touch 2 Gen to iPhone 3G

I just bought an iPhone and I have so many settings and data on my iPod touch, that I would like to be able to export them from the iPod Touch and import them back into the iPhone. My iPod Touch has OS 2.2.1 and the iPhone OS 3.0. The data I want to export/import are mostly Network keys, and third party application data such as mSecure, 1Password, Beejive etc ... Any Idea how I can do this without updating the iPod Touch to 3.0 ?
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iphone unlocked

I have an old iPhone 1st.gen If I buy a new 5 can I use my old phone like an iPod touch

I have and old 3G iPhone.  If I buy an new phone can I use the 3G like an iPod Touch?

I have 2 iPhone 4's Can I swap logic boards to bypass activation lock

So I bought an iPhone of Craigslist a while back, it seemed legit, but as I was setting it up, it got locked. I think he did it, just because the timing was so close to after the purchase. It was running iOS 7 so yeah, activation lock made it unusable. My friend, out of pity, gave me his iPhone 4. same model # and everything according to the back cover. But it was really messed up, as in the back was shattered. It just stopped working a few days ago. as in it only powers on when plugged in and loops the apple logo unless I put it in recovery mode, then it holds an apple logo + cable icon. But when I try to restore it, it always fails. Error 2014, 2009, 2005, 21, and now its stuck on error 23. Is it possible for me to replace the activation locked iPhone 4 with the shattered back iPhone and basically bypass activation lock? Or can I do that vice versa and use the parts of the activation locked iPhone to repair the shattered one?

Finally Got iPhone 3GS - can I use my old 1st gen iPhone as iPod Touch

Got my new 3GS this morning - now looking to see if I can get any use from the old 1st gen iPhone it replaces.
Is it possible to run a 1st generation iPhone without a SIM, so that it functions like an iPod Touch? The only functions I need on the old one are iPod related - play music, video - I dont mind losing apps, internet etc.
Any ideas?
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2 iPhones and 1 iPod touch lose wifi in 5 days & 1 iPod won't turn on

Why have I had 2 iPhones and one iPod touch lose wifi in 5 days and there are no answers for me or my boys who spent their own money on iPods and are 9&11. We have bought these within the last 2 weeks already returned one cuz it crashed everytime we opened an app and Ive had enough problems with iPhones that I wanted a new one and dealing with the junk one. So the girl at walmart doesnt check sn I guess or record the exchanged one and 4 days later it wont do anything, no power, and they wont exchange my 9 yr olds iPod 4th gen 8gb cuz they said its not registered?  Lost wifi in June on an iPhone, lost wifi Wednesday on another, lost wifi Thursday on another, and guess what one of the new iPods lost wifi about 3 hrs ago!  Millions of people have this problem but Im not finding a solution or getting help with anything. Glad I have a torch too

Confused with iphone ipod touch ipod shuffle

ok, I have all 3. Well I have the iphone, My daughter has the touch and my other daughter the shuffle.
How can I integrate the three on one laptop? They do have thier own laptops but it gets so confusing. The touch daughter downloads free apps and when I hook up my iphone it starts downloading her apps to my phone (my laptop). I dont want this. How can I keep it all separate? Or how is it best to keep it all sepaerate? They are all tied to my account with Itunes.
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HT3406 I want to use my old iPhone as an ipod touch; I'm not even sure if my old iPhone has a SIM Card How can I convert my iPhone into an ipod touch

I seriously need some help with this

After updating my iphone3gs and ipod touch 4g to ios 6 the auto lock fuction doesn't work always especially if passbook is left open in the background i have also restored both the devices but the problem still persists and is affecting the batt

After updating my iphone3gs and ipod touch 4g to ios 6, the auto lock fuction doesnt work always , especially if passbook is left open in the background!

i have also restored both the devices but the problem still persists and is affecting the battery life!

Using iPhone gen 1 as iPod only

Is is possible to use an iPhone without the Att activation and not jailbreaking. As an ipod / wi-fi device?
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When I listen to iPod on 1st Gen iPhone it plays through speaker not earbud

Does anyone know how I can turn the speaker off and just hear my music through ny earbuds?
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Using 3G for ipod touch

I have the iphone 3G and thought about buying the 3GS. If I give my 3G to my daughter, can she use everything but the phone feature? Use it like the ipod touch only and cancel the phone feature?
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Use a 3G as an Ipod Touch

I recently upgraded to a 3GS from a 3G. Can I give the 3G to my son to use as an Ipod Touch? Will he be able to sync to his own itunes account?
iPhone OS 3.0

How do I use my old 3G as an iPod Touch

After getting my new 3GS, I reset/erased all date from the 3g, wanting to use it as an ipod touch. However, when I plugged it back into my laptop (per the 3gs instructions) it told me it was waiting for activation, and iTunes then gave me the option of either using it as a new phone or restoring from a back up, neither of which I wanted to do. I guess the original iPhone was able to be used as an iPod following deactivation, but I am unable to get my old 3G to do the same.... Any suggestions? Thanks!

iPod Touch

I was wondering if you could use the iPod Touch as a phone by getting the vonage app or one like it? Also, What is the best app to use for the iPod Touch if you can?
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iPod touch got anything over the iPhone

Is the iPod touch actually any better at playing music and video the iPhone? or is the only thing that the touch has over the phone is that its smaller and has more storage?
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3GS to an iPod Touch

Giving my 3GS to my daughter to use as an iPod Touch. It currently works. I left a few apps for her and she has since added a few apps she has purchased via an iTunes card. We are now trying to Sync it up for the FIRST TIME on her computer. Her computer has NO apps (since the iTouch has never been synced up before) and it is wanting to replace the apps on her iTouch with the ZERO apps that she has on her computer. How do I move everything to the computer from the iTouch first? Thanks in advance?
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iPhone as iPod touch

Now that O2 is selling the 8GB iPhone for £169 instead of the normal retail price of £269, and its cheaper than the 8GB iPod touch, is it possible to just buy the iPhone and use it as an iPod? Or do you have to sign up for one of the contracts to enable the phone to work at all, even as an iPod?
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Ipod Touch to Iphone

I have an ipod Touch which i use with all my apps.. paid and free and im going to get the iphone soon.. Am I able to transfer all my Ipod Touch apps to the Iphone?
A very excited Rob
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Iphone 4 iPod touch

This is probably a dumb question...but who here owns an iPhone 4 and the iPod touch?.......I was thinking of getting the iPod touch..cuz Im running out of room on my phone ...thinking just put all my music games movies on iPod n keep the iPhone for well a phone..but then I would have to carry both?

Using an iPhone as an iPod Touch

Recently I was looking into purchasing a iPod Touch. A friend has an old iPhone (previous activated); can I use it as a iPod Touch? I did some research from Apple about it and ran across the following article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3406
The article clears up the question somewhat, but not fully. I realize that a SIM card will be necessary to upgrade the iPhone. Can I use any active iPhone SIM card (for example, a friends) to activate the iPhone prior to upgrades? If I do this, do I have to continue to use the same SIM card to activate the iPhone after each upgrade or can I use any active iPhone SIM card?
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Is iphone a ipod touch plus more

I was looking at buying a IPod touch but am wondering, does the IPhone do all the same things as the IPod touch? I mean if the IPhone and the IPod do the same things it might be better for me to just go ahead and get a IPhone instead. So again, what I am asking is does the IPhone do all the things a IPod touch will do plus more? I want something I can connect to my home wireless network and download music and video to also. Does the Phone do this or do I have to connect to the itunes store via phone.

iphone 3g to ipod touch

i wqs wondering if you buy the iphone with a contract use, then decide to not use it as a phone, if you could just cancel and use it as a ipod touch, and still get internet at wifi spots
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iPhone4 or iPod Touch

I need more space for music so am debating whether I should get a 32G or 64G iPod Touch or an iPhone4. (I currently have an 8G iPod nano.) It would be nice to have phone and music on one device (iPhone) but I am guessing theres pros for having separate devices. What are your recommendations? I also hear there will be a new iTouch announced on Sept.1 so definitely will wait til then to decide. (I am also going to post this on the iTouch forum so I get feedback from those folks.)
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iPhone and iPod Touch

How do I set a different iCal, Contact and other info for my iPhone 3G and iPod Touch in my Mac Book?
Thank You
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Use iPhone 4 as an iPod Touch

Hi everyone. I currently have a family plan on AT&T and my Mom is eligible for a new upgrade but doesnt wish to use it. I was wondering if you I could just order an iPhone 4 and then cancel the data plan after a month without penalty?
The reason for this is that I was looking to buy an iPod Touch anyway but the iPhone 4 has a better camera and I could get 16GB of storage for $199 instead of the iPod Touch 16GB for $299.
Any help would be appreciated.

Use iphone as a ipod touch

What is keeping people from buying the new iPhone for 100 USD cheaper than the 8GB iPod touch and not getting a ATT contract and just using the iPhone as an iPod?
Do you HAVE to buy a contract at the same time as the phone? Is the iPhone not operational until it is registered with a provider? Why do I have to spend $100 more for less features?
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how to transfer from my pc to my ipod touch

I cant transfer my music to my ipod, I drag my selected music from my itunes to my ipod and does not allow me.

iPod Touch to iPhone

I currently have an iPod Touch that I carry everywhere, but I plan to replace it with an iPhone on 2/10. One thing puzzles me, though. I know I can install my apps, transfer music, etc on the new iPhone, but what about my app data? Ive got HanDBase databases, customized grocery store layouts for my grocery list app, saved games, etc. How do I transfer all this to the iPhone? Or am I out of luck there?
(Yes, I know that with HanDBase, I can export and import databases individually, but Im looking for a more general solution that will work for all app data.)
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Using 3GS as n iPod Touch

Hi everyone,
I just bought the iPhone4 and want to give my son my old 3GS to use as an iPod touch. I want him to be able to sync his songs and stuff from his iMac.
The 3GS still has my old SIM card since I couldnt use it for the iPhone4. If I take the SIM card out, he gets No SIM card inserted error - and thats annoying.
I reset the phone back to factory settings and when connecting to iTunes, its asking me to set it up as a new phone or restore from backup (my phone number). Is there a way around this? I just want him to use it to download games from App store and listen to music.
Thanks for your help,
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Using iPhone as if it was an iPod touch

Okay so I want a iPhone, but if dont wan to pay that expensive monthly bill and that security deposit so is it possible for me to buy an used iPhone on eBay and use it a if it was an iPod touch with a camera? I dont care about not being able to make phone calls, an if I wan the Internet I can just use wifi right?
And another thing, if I do get a used iPhone and sync it to my iTunes account wont that AT&T activation page come up?
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