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is ios 7.04 good for iphone 4

is ios 7.04 good for iphone 4

iphone unlocked

Why maps are not good in ios 6

im using iphone 4s and it was previosly having operation system ios 5 and maps was too good in that but now in ios 6 im very much disopointed bcoz there is showing no location but only the street names thats it... And nothing... Whenever i search any location near my place to find direction there are always two error msges that direction cant find out between these locations and no location found . This problems was not with ios 5.1 .

iphone unlocked

HT1808 ITUNES is still allowing customers to download IOS 6 knowing the program could trash our phones There is no fix or restore for the white screen of death IS THIS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE

ITunes is aware that thousands of customers are having to replace their IPhones after downloading IOS 6.  Apple has no fix for the problem.  They still have no warning or have stopped the download knowing its customers will be VERY UNSATISFIED.  Is this Apples way of making us purchase the lates phone and the bug is there for the purpose of financial gain? 

What is a good case for my iPhone 5

I just got my iPhone 5 today and Im loving it. I need to get a case though and I dont know which one to get! I want one that keeps the phone looking the same and that keeps it thin. The problem with that is Im also looking for something that will protect it from the occasional fall or getting scraped up. Can anyone help me out? I also need a screen protector...Thanks!

iPhone 3G anyone with good stories

Does anyone have good stories about the reception on their iPhone 3G

Does anyone have good 3G iPhone reception

I have an older iPhone and it works well. I am considering upgrading to the 3G. I have seen all of the posts about poor 3G iPhone reception, which obviously would concern any one. But given the nature of forums in general, most people that post are the ones that are dissatisfied.
So does anyone have a 3G iPhone that works well as a phone while in 3G mode?
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Using the iPhone as an iPod not so good

My iPhone has a 5 minute lock and password access active. Now when Im listening to music and want to skip a song I have to log in and key in my password. I should be able to stop or skip a song without the log in process.
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iphone 3G is as good as dead

I clicked the app store icon and tried to update 16 apps. It froze for the next day. Then when I finally turned it off and turned it back on it loaded the white apple logo forever. It still never gets past the white logo. What the **** ? Its not even recognized in itunes so I cant restore it. Please help.
Plus i already tried the hold the power and home button trick. All it does is restart the phone and back to where I started.
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Is this router is good for my iphone

I will buy the Belkin N Wireless Router and I would like to know if he is good to work with my iphone... This is the site of my product : http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=372043
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iPhone 4 Australia and Reception - It's all good

Hello all
For anyone thats curious I managed to get my iPhone 4 on launch day from the Sydney Apple Store. Ive found its an amazing user experience, like the excitement I had using my 3G for the first time and then some.
The main point I want to make is that I havent experienced any reception issues at all. Although there is obviously some issues with the design, I think its more apparent overseas. The Australian networks are a lot more robust and I for one am getting better reception that I ever had on my 3G, death grip or no. Im sorry that some people have had bad experiences but I for one am thrilled. I purchased outright from Apple ($999 32GB), they did my SIM swap for me, called Vodafone and I had nothing to do but enjoy the phone.
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Good stand tripod for iPhone 5

Need a few recommendations for an iPhone 5 stand or tripod. My mom just got an iPhone 5 & was told by work that she had to record videos using her iPhone. She needs some sort of stand or tripod that can stand on her desk while recording. Looking for something on the cheap side while also not being so crappy that it breaks esily.


Any help on this would be awesome!!!

Any good iPhone case idea's

Just wanted to see if anyone knew of any good iPhone 3G cases. Im so scared I might drop it! I need a good hard case, that can withstand any drop.
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Iphone 3GS & 3.1 No Issue's its all good

just thought id post and say i updated to itunes 9 and iphone os 3.1 and not seen any issues so far...
Seems to be allot of negativity over 3.1, wonder if its all AT&T users not 02.?
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Any good iPhone 4 Specific Apps

Earlier this week I upgraded from my old iPhone 3g (not 3gs) to iPhone 4 and was just wondering if there are any good free/cheap Apps that make use of the iPhone 4 only features. Any suggestions welcome.
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Major Problems WIth Iphone 3G and Quality is not very good please help

ok everyone this month i bought an iphone 3G and have experienced lots of problems,dropped calls phone turns off by itself for no reason and restarts,sometimes phone will be locked and music controls will show on the screen,i do have a dead pixel on the screen also, screen does not seem level like its not even or something, lock unlock button on top is uneven,i had the original iphone and it was built with quality this phone ***** really bad, well i made an appointment with a macgenuis to replace the phone, but today i accidently dropped it and no there is a two scratches in each corner and there seems to be a small gap between the screen and the metal on one side, this phone is really cheap quality, what i wanted to know if apple will still exchange the phone under warranty or now will they question it becuase i dropped it, but its not fair becuase the problem was before i dropped it and it was horrible and also i turn off 3G becuase sometimes i hear myself echoing and not the other person and sometimes also i hear a crackling noise.... please help what should i do
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Lost iPhone - how good is the PIN protection

My iPhone was recently stolen and Im concerned about the data that I had on it. The phone was PIN protected. How good is this PIN protection? Is it possible someone can recover the data from the phone without knowing the PIN?
Given in the UK if a phone is stolen its completely useless since the IMEI is blocked on all networks, I assume that it can still be used in an ipod touch type fashion? Is that so?
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any good apps for transfering files from PC to Iphone 3G

Are there any good APPs that can be recomended for trafering files from my PC to the iphone 3G? Filemagnet works great for the MAC but will not work on a PC.
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What's a Good App to convert DVD's for iphone

Whats a Good App to convert DVDs for iphone on a Mac
that will give crisp clean quality with rich audio?
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Any good stereo Bluetooth headsets for the iPhone 3G

As the topic suggests are there any good stereo Bluetooth headsets for the iPhone 3G?
I already have a Jabra JX-10 Series II that Im very pleased with for phone calls but I would like to have something wireless also for listening to music and watching movies. Read someone was using the Jabra BT8030 but after reading some reviews that headset doesnt seem that good so if you have any other tips I would appreciate that!
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iPhone 4 iPad How Good a Performance Estimator

With the iPhone 4 coming out, Im weighing my options as to upgrading my 3G. One question that cones to mind is, to what degree, or for what usages, would iPad be a good performance estimator for iPhone 4? Especially, iPhone 4 has the same A4 processor, and almost as many total pixels as iPad, and their WiFi and 3G interfaces are about the same speed.
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What is a good rugged kid-proof case for the iPhone 3G

Im getting an iPhone 4 and am turning the iPhone 3G into an iTouch for the kids. In this use, it WILL be dropped. I wonder if any of you have suggestions for a good rugged case. Big and ugly is OK! Thank you.
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my iphone 3GS it doesn't work good it turns off e on by itself

Hi, can someone help me?

My iphone doesnt work good.

It turns off and on by itself

HT4623 iphone is very dark doesnt have a good light

iphone is very dark, doesnt a good light on the phone?

Is there a good working speach to text app for the iphone 4 with OS 4.1

Just looking for a nice Speack to Text app...
Any suggestion ?

Recommendation for a good TO DO app for Desktop iPhone sync

Can someone please recommend a good app for syncing desktop to iphone to do list.
Thank you.
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Is unlocked iphone 3gs a good choice for use in the UK with PAYG

Ive never had a smartphone. Im thinking of buying the unlocked iphone 3gs to use when Im in the UK 2-3 (months a year). I would be using a pay as you go sim with a little data use included. All I need is the ability to call, text, email, blog, and check facebook. Would this phone be a good choice for me. Im hearing that there are some problems with battery life on the iphone 4. Does the 3gs have those issues? Also what does the s stand for?


Any helpful info apppreciated.


May have found good software to convert videos to Iphone

I tried a number of different software programs to convert video clips from my camera to the Iphone. The best I was able to find is called iSkysoft. All it does is make the videos Iphone (or Ipad) compatible, but it does that well. Other softwares claimed they could do this, but either could not or were not user friendly enough to enable one to get the right format.
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The camera on my iPhone 4s doesn't take good pictures with flash

My iPhone 4s takes good pictures when the flash isnt needed, but when the flash is used the pictures are grainy and grayish.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  If so, is there a quick fix I am overlooking?  Thanks.

What's a good wireless microphone adapter for iphone ipad

I want to use my iPhone 4 and/or iPad 2 for guest interviews at my 65th birthday party, because these devices seem less intrusive than a camcorder.  Im worried about Apples internal mic for a 2-way conversation in a noisy venue.  Is there a good external wireless mic and adapter that I can buy for under $200?

What good is 3G

Ive noticed that when I activate 3G, I never get any bars at all; but when I disable 3G, I get the regular numbers of AT&T bars. Is this a common experience with the new iPhones or some problem with my particular iPhone. Seems a waste to have the capability and not have it work to my benefit.
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Does anyone have anything good to say about os 4.3.3

Hi im running my iphone 4 on software version 4.0.2 because when i updated it before the update destroyed my battery which lead to apple replacing the device.


im thinking of updating to 4.3.3 but when you look around all you hear is people complaining of faults it has caused, battery drainage etc...


basically im just wondering if anyone has anything good to say about it, before i proceed with the update? any comments are welcome.


Thank Rob.

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