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itunes error 4005 iphone 4

itunes error 4005 iphone 4

iphone unlocked

DFU restore via itunes11 error 4005 occured

I tried the DFU restore via recently updated itunes to 11. So near and yet so farrrrrrrrrrr ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH


screen 1  IPHONE SOFTWARE UDATE (processing)






screen 3 waiting for iphone..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



screen 4 The iphone iphone could not be restored (4005)

an unknow error occured ? come on apple FFS!!!!









iphone unlocked

TS5314 It gave me Restore errors 4005 and i follow up the advices to avoid that error but does not work any help

It gave me Restore errors 4005 and i follow up the advices to avoid that error but does not work, any help

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on Update failed Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly Please re-install iTunes Error 7 Windows error 126

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on.  Update failed. Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages.  Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly. Please re-install iTunes. Error 7. Windows error 126. I now cant sync my iPhoneand I am worried that if I re-install I will lose all my contacts,calendar, notes, etc.

TS1702 every time i ask for available downloads on itunes an error appears your request cannot be proceeded error code 1009

i downloaded a the latest version of itunes but when i try to sync my iphone with itunes all my apps are gone and when i check for available downloads an error appears and a message says than your request cant be proceeded error code 1009

i cant sync my apps what can i do

plz help

hello i got problem iphone doesnt restore even using itunes.its stuck in recovery mode and i cannt do anything with it.error 1015 is there any way to reinstall software even if itunes cannot deal with it

hello  i got  problem. iphone doesnt restore  even using itunes.its stuck in recovery mode and i cannt do anything with it.error 1015  is there any way to reinstall software even if itunes cannot deal with it ?

my phone wont leave the usb cable plug into itunes screen and whn i plug it into itunes it says major error

my phone screen is the usb plug into itunes and when i plug it into itunes it repport and error, my itunes is updated to the latest version but it still wont work? anythoughts?

iTunes error when iPhone is connected

I am having problem with the iTunes (8.1) on my Mac Pro. Every time an iPhone (original or 3G) is connected, i will see this message:
iTunes was unable to load dataclass information from
Sync Services. Reconnect or try again later.
On Console, i see these messages:
3/19/09 10:58:02 PM

i cannot restore my iphone in itunes because have error

help me for how to restore my iphone 3g to itunes...because have ditect error occured 1015...i dont know about that,and i dont know what to do this problem..

iPhone disconnected error in iTunes

A friend of mine is getting an error message--iTunes could not sync contacts to the iPhone Name because the iPhone disconnected. My friend was running Mac OS X 10.5.1 when this error occurred; I updated her to 10.5.2, and its still happening. (Shes running iPhone 1.1.3.) I also tried two different iPod cables; that didnt fix the problems.
This used to work; now it doesnt. Any ideas?
G5 Dual 2.5 GHz Mac OS X (10.5.2)

iPhone sync error on iTunes

I tried the beta version of iTunes (9.2) a few days ago. After installing I started getting an error massage when syncing my iPhone 3GS. The message reads The iPhone name cannot be synced. A duplicate file name was specified. I was hopping that the final release of iTunes 9.2 would fix this, but after installing it today the error message continues. Anyone with the same problem? Any ideas?
macMini C2D 2.26Ghz Mac OS X (10.6.3) MacPro 2x2.66 Ghz (work) iPhone 3GS iPod Touch 1G

iTunes thogh iPhone error message

hey guys, I need some help with iTunes on my iPhone... it was fine a few days ago, but for the past few days, whenever i connect on iTunes through my iPhone, and once i select the album that I want to buy, i get this message saying NO ACCOUNT INFORMATION FOUND. PLEASE CONNECT TO ITUNES TO CONFIGURE YOUR ACCOUNT. can anybody please help me with this issue? thank you so much, in advance
Sony Vaio Windows XP

error al sincronizar el iphone con itunes

Hello good! My problem is that when I give sync itunes sends me an error starting synchronization session and not by that which I can not synchronize someone can help me please? thanks

iTunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred -1



After upgrade an iPhone 4 to os 5.1, I cant restore the backup : while restore I get the error iTunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred -1. I tried to reset the iPhone, but it restores alwayds whit os 5 and not 4. Each time I connect the iPhone, il runs un recovery mode, but recovery fails with error -1.


Any help ?



iPhone 3G sync error Ex8000001 with iTunes 8.2 23

Previous to a recent upgrade to iTunes 8.2, my iPhone 3G would successfully sync with iTunes. Now, however, I am getting the dreaded error Ex8000001 instead. The only change has been to iTunes, I have not yet had the opportunity to download OS 3.0 to my iPhone.
Im syncing to a PowerBook G4 running 10.5.7 with iTunes 8.2 (23). Help!!! Thanks.

iTunes Unknown error -53 when trying to sync iPhone in Windows 7

Ive done a bit of googling and didnt find anything that helped.
I have tried:
- resetting the iPhone
- rebooting the OS
- the disabling power save on the USB
- installing a new version of iTunes (
- installing iTunes over itself (
- installing an older version of iTunes (
The error occurs at the last stage, where iTunes says Syncing iPhone <name> .
Phone was previously syncd with my iTunes in XP before going to 7. I did choose to sync only with the new 7 system.
The phone charges fine, and I can pull pictures off of it via Windows.
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iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0

HT4083 itunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred

have you ever seen this message restoring a backup to your iphone?

ITunes could not back up the IPhone phone name because an error occurred

I just tried to do a sync on my iPhone 4 to my IMac where my ITunes are actually stored. For some reason I got the error that is the subject of this post. My IMac is up-to-date, and I normally sync every Sunday to keep my IPhone as up-to-date as possible.
The only things that I have done differently this week: I installed Apple TV, I cant imagine that this makes any difference, other than I have another Home Sharing device in the house. Other than that, I updated my apps separately on both the IPhone and the IMac prior to syncing. The numbers waiting to be downloaded on ITunes was irritating me, but I didnt feel like syncing at the time.
Is anyone else getting this error, and if so, have you been able to resolve it, and how?
IMac Mac OS X (10.6.6) IPhone 4 4.2.1 and Apple 2

HT1386 whenever i connect my iphone to the itunes it gives an error saying 0xE please can anyone help

my iphone is not getting connected to the itunes please help. i have an 3gs a very old model no doubt but i just bought it last week and it gives an error saying 0xE00000d or something

its bluetooth does not work.

so i dont have any source to sync.

i dont know why its bluetooth does not work,

its totally new.

iPhone 4 iTunes Unknown Sync Error 13019

After weeks of normal syncing I suddenly got an error message to the effect that the iPhone can not be synced because of an unknown error occurred 13019. After trying a bunch of ideas found on these forums, including unchecking music, and restoring to factory defaults with a restore from backup, I called Apple Care. The following cleared the error. But be aware that the sequence clears all the music from the iPhone so be sure you have your music backed up on iTunes and in your library. I had confidence that my iPhones music was backed up on my account because I could see iTunes backup my iPhone and my iTunes account had all my music. Here is the sequence:
Create a new account, and sync the iPhone to the empty iTunes account. Allow iTunes to synce the iPhone to this new account which erases the music on the iPhone while syncing. I didnt bother transferring purchased music to iTunes. This cleared all the music from the iPhone. Note my confidence that my music would not be lost, see above.
Go back to my original account and sync which restored my music without any more errors.
iMac 27" Mac OS X (10.6.4)

HT4623 I need help to recover my Iphone 3gs when I try to recover via Itunes but when itunes reinitialize iphone got error 21

Ive tried to recover my iphone 3gs via itunes but after download, transfer to device, when device reboot got an error 21.

iTunes error

When i am on my iPhone 4, and hit the iTunes button it brings it up normally, then after about 5 minutes it makes me log in. After logging in it takes me to my pre-order page and shows the last cd, that i pre-order on my phone. I have sync my phone to my pc and backed up all purchases from my phone since then. After being showed the pre-order screen, my itunes app proceeds to crash no matter what I hit. Can anyone help?
Macbook 13(unibody) iOS 4

iPhone wont sync with iTunes 9 because unknown error -6999

Been trying to get my iPhone to sync with iTunes 9. I have tried to restore from a back up and even tried it as a new phone. During the restore process I get to the point to where the applications are installed but when it gets ready to install the music and videos I get the following error messages...

The iPhone Jeffrey XXXXs iPhone cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found.
I click ok and get the next error message...
The iPhoneJeffrey XXXXs iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-6999).
Any suggestions?
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.6.1) iPhone 3G, 12" PowerBook, iMac, HP Notebook

When I Restore My iPhone with itunes gives error -1 will end of the Installing firmware

When I Restore My iPhone with itunes gives error -1 will end of the Installing  firmware

error 12 itunes restore

I got a iphone used but it is stuck at screen saying connect to itunes. When I go to itunes it says its in recovery mode and to restore. Every time I try though the iphone will get to screen with apple and loading bar then just restart. Itunes says The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (12). This happens in regular recovery and dfu mode. Ideas on how to fix or did I just buy a fancy paperweight?

iTunes Error 11556

I am getting this error when trying to activate my new iPhone. It wont let me connect to iTunes and instead gives me this error? Anyway to fix this?
3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

iTunes download error

I have been trying to download a song and it had almost finished downloading when it told me Download error. Tap to retry. Well, I have tapped several times with no success. I have also restarted my phone and still no luck. I have been connected to just the network and also a wireless, but that doesnt matter. Has anyone else had this problem? If you have, was it resolved and how? Thanks.
iPhone iPhone OS 3.1.2

Conecting to iTunes error

After I charged my iPhone something apeared on the screen , to connect to iTunes . When i do that i got conection problems (when i connect the iphone to the comp it disconects after 2sec) . Why is the happening all of the suden and what should i do?
Windows XP

iTunes music error

I bought a song from iTunes today and when I try and sync it, I get a message saying song not copied because you are not authorized to play it on this computer
Any help?

iTunes Error 11556

I have downloaded some iTunes music to convert to ringtone and keep getting error message.
The Error Message is: 11556
I cant find what this error is and would like to combat this problem. I also purchased a new song to try and see if it works and still doesnt.
Can anybody help
Many thanks
PC Windows XP Wish i could use it right!! :-)

2.0.2 Update itunes error -13

Hello im getting and error -13 on itunes whenever i try and update my iphone from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2....
anyone know what causes that?
Powerbook g4, Powermac G3 mt and 2 pcs with win xp sp2

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