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locked apple id on phone just bought

locked apple id on phone just bought

iphone unlocked

iphone 3g bought direct from Apple's website .is it locked to a provider

I have been given an iphone 3g that was bought direct from the Apple website several years ago, and I would like to know if its locked to any particular provider.
It was back in the days when only O2 were offering iphone contracts, but the phone was never registered to O2 - it was unlocked with some third party software. Im now looking to upgrade the software to the latest version through iTunes but dont want the phone to become locked (and I dont really know what Im doing to try and unlock it with third party tools).
Someone told me that iphones bought direct from Apples website are not locked to any provider, but I want to know if this is true of my old 3G that was bought back when O2 had exclusive rights.
Im looking to use it with a UK Vodafone SIM.
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iphone unlocked

I bought att-locked but contract-free iPhone 4 from the Apple Store in the mall

Over 9 months ago i bought att-locked but contract-free iPhone 4 from the Apple Store in the mall.

Now i live in Costa Rica so my question is can it be unlocked?

i have an iphone 4 orange uk locked i contact to orange uk they said my phone is removed from their network so plz apple support team unlock my phone tell me now what should i do now to unlock it



i bought an iphone 4 orange uk locked.. i conacted orange uk to unlock my phone ... they said ur phone is removed from our network,but my phone says invalid sim .. and my phones status is wild card activated...  plz help me now what should i do


waiting for your kind reply


thanks  apple team

I just bought used Iphone 46 today but in really good condition how do i change the apple id so its under my apple id account

I just bought a used Iphone 46 today off of craigslist and i cant figure out how to change the Apple ID over to mine like for example i dont know how to add the facebook app or any apps cause its saying the other persons Apple ID is still programmed on there i dont know how to change it! can anyone help me...

my son locked himself out of his iPhone 4 now the phone is disabled I went into iTunes and it sent me back to the phone to enter code The only key pad available is for emergency calls only How do I restore usage of this phone

Please help!

My son locked himself out of his Iphone.  Now the phone is disabled and the only ablitlty on the phone is to call emergency.

The screen instructs to go to Itunes; however, in doing so, Itunes sent me back to the phone to enter the passcode. The phone doesnt give an option for that.  Again, all I can do is call emergency if I needed to.

I bought an iphone 3g from amazon its unlocked i need to update my phone to i05 will it relock my phone

I bought an iphone 3g from amazon its unlocked i need to update my phone to i05 will it relock my phone?

TS1275 i connected my iphone 3 to my mac book and tried to sync my contacts to my phone and i got locked out of my phone how do i get it back to normal

i connected my iphone 3 to my mac book and tried to sync my contacts to my phone and i got locked out of my phone, how do i get it back to normal?

How do I get my phone unblocked I've bought a new phone and want to use the old one with any SIM card

How do I get my phone unblocked? Ive brought a new phone and want to use my old one as stand by with any SIM card.

Apple ID locked post changing it

I had posted earlier a question which was resolved quickly and accurately http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2670578&tstart=0 and later on I was able to change my ID to the correct email address.
One of the App Sores, I think on the iPad and the iTunes on the Mac Book Pro was still using the other session with the incorrect ID.. it kept functioning till I think it refreshed and was kicked out of the server.
Now I tried to re-enter into iTunes with the correct ID and it took me to the payment information for me to verify that information before making purchases as was written.
When I continue through that process, it comes back with a popup window saying Your request is temporarily unable to be processed. Please try again later..
Is this temporary and because of perhaps scheduled maintenance, or have I caused my account to be locked? I tried it from two iPhones, 3GS and a 4, still same error.
Looking forward to be helped.
Thank you.
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Does Apple sell never locked Iphones

I am planning to buy an iphone 4. Does Apple in any country sell Iphones that is never locked.
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My phone was jailbroken but connected through Bell after I bought it Recently today I upgraded to 4.3.4 and now have no date or phone - SIM card not recognized Any ideas

Not really sure how this works, but here  goes.

I bought an IPhone on EBay over a year ago.


I found out I had to have it jailbroken since it had already been connected to AT&T.

I did that and hooked up to Bell and it has beens working fine ever since.

Today, foolishly, after phoning the Apple Store and being told it was perfectly OK, I upgraded to 4.3.4

Now it does not recognize the SIM card.

Is there anyway to correct this?

My own stupidity.



AT&T bought iphone to Apple Genius Bar

Okay sorry if this has been posted before but I cannot seem to find it using the Search forum.
So if I purchase the iphone 4 via AT&T store, and say I have found some defects, would I have to take it to the AT&T store or can I take it to the Apple Genius Bar and have them take a look at it? What about the iphone 4 that was purchased via AT&T online store?
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Is iPone 4 will be unlocked if I bought it from Apple website

Im sooooo happy because the new news, the hottest news =
So, if anyone know, if I bought iPhone 4 from here Apple Website will be unlocked or not .?!
Please answer me if you know, because I want to buy this dream phone as soon as it will be available.
Waiting for your replay, thank you all .^^
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iPhone bought in US Authorized Apple carrier in Colombia

Hi, I recently bought an iPhone 4 (FW 4.2.1) in the US (last week). I live in Colombia (Latin America), and my mobile phone line is from an authorized Apple carrier here (Movistar - Telefonica).
The problem is: iTunes says my MicroSIM Card is not supported. I called Movistar and they entered my iPhones IMEI in their system and linked to my mobile phone number, and said I had to wait for 2 hours.
After 4 hours, iTunes still doesnt recognize my Movistar MicroSIM as supported. Movistar say theres nothing else they can do, so... Who can? If Movistar is an Apple supported carrier here, why iTunes does not recognize my MicroSIM. What can I do?
Thanks in advance.
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iPhone 4 bought in a retail Apple Store in the UK - is it unlocked

I was in the UK and decided to buy my iPhone 4 there. I later found out that iPhone 4s bought from the Apple UK online store are fully unlocked.
I bought mine in a retail apple store. Therefore, my question is, is it unlocked to use worldwide? Thanks.
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Bought Iphone 4 from apple store How long do I have to cancel

Bought an iphone 4 from the apple store with a new contract on ATT. This was just two weeks ago. Trying to figure out if I can return it and cancel the ATT contract to get the iphone on Verizon? Anyone know how long I have to do this and how I go about doing this?
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IOS 4.2.1 Update Locked Iphone 4 apple replacement

I have just recently updated my iphone 4 which is a replacement phone from apple under the 90 days warranty, So i updated to 4.2 then it came up with a message that it could not be restored, so it was stuck in recovery mode for a while then i restored it then it finally restored but then i noticed when i placed my 02 micro sim back in it said invalid sim card. then when i placed in an orange micro sim card it worked fine. help anyone.. i thought all iphones from the apple store was supposed to be sim free unlocked .
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iphone 3gs from apple store in paris is locked

Heres the problem: i went to France,Paris. Bought two Iphones 3gs at apple store near Louvre (told that I need ONLY UNLOCKED SIM-FREE phones and was assured that my phones are unlocked). Then at home (Moscow) im trying to activate them. First phone - no problems at all - OK. But when I connect the second one to my PC iTunes shows message about my sim card being not proper for activation (just like on locked iphones). Both phones have THE SAME Part No. and were bought at the SAME Apple Store. What is wrong and where i should go/call to fix this problem I really need help
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iPhone 3GS warranty if bought from Apple Store Online

I bought an iPhone 3GS (unlocked) directly from Apple.com.au (the australian apple site) while living i Australia. Recently the on/off button is not working very well, I have tried to restore to no avail...
Now I moved from Australia, taking my iPhone with me to another country (Sweden). Here they only sell the device with special plans and locked to certain operators. I do have the receipt from the purchase from the Apple store in Australia. Does this still mean I have to send it to Australia to get it fixed? After all it is unlocked and bought directly from Apple, ie no purchase ala international-orders.com/ebay etc?
That would def. suck as the device is fairly new and it would cost me a lot in money and time to fix it. What do you think?
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I bought an iPhone 4 in an Apple Store in Paris France to take it with me to England but does not work at all


recently I bought an iPhone 4 in an Apple Store in Paris, France, to take it with me to England and use it.  Bought however it does not work

However, back home, i wanted to activate the phone with a micro SIM card but everytime it says The SIM card in this iPhone does not appear to be supported, and could not activate the phone. But they cant see that there is anything wrong with the SIM cards i buy it is unlocked phone too.

I tried a micro SIM from another carrier but get the same result all the time, nothing seems to help. All I get is The SIM card in this iPhone does not appear to be supported...

The people at the Apple Store Opera in Paris, where I bought the phone, confirm that the phone is supposed to be unlocked and should work with any carrier in any country (as long as they support micro SIM).

HT5622 hello my iphone is locked and don't recognize my Apple User ID please advise

hello, my iphone is locked and dont recognize my Apple User ID, please advise

I just Bought a iphone 4 used the person forgot to get rid of there itunes account on the phone and they accidently went to find my iphone and erased it is there anything i can do to get back into the phone

i need help badly people read the topic

iPhone 4 activation error.Wrong imei showing in settings I bought it recently and the owner said it was locked to UK Vodafone carrier but it seems that it wasn't.I checked two free and paid imei checkers that showed me that this iphone is retail

Hello. iPhone 4 activation error.Wrong imei showing in settings. I bought it recently and the owner said it was locked to UK Vodafone carrier,but it seems that it wasnt.I checked two:free and paid imei checkers,that showed me,that this iphone is retail unlocked. Ill show you the checks:


serialNumber      : 70121EP2DZZ

partDescription   : IPHONE 4 16GB WHITE

imeiNumber        : 012743001570671

initialActivationPolicyDetails : UK Flexibile Apple Channel Default Activation Policy

initialActivationPolicyID : 256

unlocked          : true

unlockDate        : 10/03/13

warrantyStatus    : Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)

coverageStartDate    :

coverageEndDate    :

daysRemaining     : 0

PurchaseDate      : 07/30/11

purchaseCountry   : United Kingdom

registrationDate  : 07/30/11

productDescription: iPhone 4

nextTetherPolicyID: 235

nextTetherPolicyDetails:Retail Unlock.



Retail Unlock.unbricked         : truefirstUnbrickDate  : 07/31/11lastUnbrickDate   : 10/03/13meid              : iccID             : 89370019100010524401productVersion    : 7.1macAddress        : 145A058A2DCDbluetoothMacAddress


And other check:

IMEI: 012743001570671

Serial Number: 70121EP2DZZ

Activated: Yes

Find My iPhone: On

Last Activated SIM: Omnitel (TeliaSonera) - L

Telephone Technical Support: Expired

Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired

Contract: Expired

Carrier: Retail Unlock

SIM Lock: Unlocked



I found real imei on the sim tray. Help me people, I really need this phone to get working

Hi Hope someone can help me I bought an iphone4 from U.S through ebay recently The problem is I am from Malaysia and I have problem on unlocking the phone.Really afraid to use the jailbreak apps from internet it may damage the phone.What should I do

Hi. Hope someone can help me. I bought an iphone4 from U.S through ebay recently. The problem is I am from Malaysia, and I have problem on unlocking the phone.Really afraid to use the jailbreak apps from internet, it may damage the phone.What should I do?

HT1688 My children got a hold of my I-phone and put in the wrong password so many times that it locked my phone down for 22 651 314 minutes Wondering what I can do to get it unlocked My husband erased my i tunes acct off of the computer I used to set

my daughter has locked my phone by putting the wrong password in to many times. it says it has 22,651,294 minutes til we can unlock.

HT4061 I locked myself out of my phone and am out of the country without access to a computer only an iPad to email and access iCloud how can I get into my phone

Phone is locked in phone app

I can only use the phone application and cannot access any other programs and it wont let me power down.
Is there a way to reset the phone, i.e. reboot?
Thank you.
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Phone locked

Buy a iphone 4 of an apple store in Austin,
without a contract and supposedly unlocked but
now I get as locked and I can not use. Anyone can help me
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Locked phone

My phone was low on battery and I kept using it until it went into lock mode with padlock symbol at the top ,and display is super size, not sure how to rectify the problem
now battery is fully charged
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my phone as been locked

my i phone is locked

  • locked apple id on phone just bought

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