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me vendieron un iphone que me pide cuenta apple de otro due o

me vendieron un iphone que me pide cuenta apple de otro due o

iphone unlocked



iphone unlocked

I have an iPhone 4 and I had to get a new one due to a defect with my old one and I left the apple store's wifi before iCloud was done restoring unknowingly So it is still stuck in a restore Help please

I left the apple store fast due to the fact i was in a bad car accudent and i am in a wheelchair and cant stay seated like that long due to a broken leg. It randomly will pop up message saying something like it needs wifi but I have wifi at my house. It also pops up another message something like it needs to finish restoring it and asks if I want to download it all and I click on it it to but it goes away after that and nothing pops back up. I also cant install the new update it says I have I finish the retire then do it. My photo album is also stuck at whatever number of photos I have taken in the new phone that number of 300 something. It just says its downloading it. I have no clue what to do. Also my iCloud backup I looked and it says I have 2.2 gb left then that the  backup is 2.7 gb. Im very confused what options I have and cant find an answer anywhere please help me!

Will Apple replace my iPhone 3GS out of warranty due to accidental liquid exposure and a broken sim card tray

Like many people, my iPhone 3GS was recently exposed to liquid and the phone immediately died. The sim card was not exposed to direct liquid and I was able to get it out; however, the sim card tray was siezed up and would not eject, so when removing the sim card, the tray broke. I have filed an out of warranty claim to get it replaced; however, upon reading some of their disclaimers, I noticed that Apple has a section where they wont replace a phone exposed to liquid damage.


I have read various posts on these forums that say they will however. I am curious if I should send my phone off to get replaced...or if doing so would be a waste of money and time. There is a clause that says they can choose to not replace the phone and still bill you for time to examine the phone.


Please help.

HT1665 My charger is not working due to loose wires can I take it to my local Apple store to get a replacement

Ive had problems with my charger for the last few months now, having to sit it in certain positions just to charge. If I take the charger to my local Apple store (downtown Chicago) will they give me a replacement charger? And will I have to pay for it or will it be free?

tengo un iphone 3gs unloked me pide actualizacion del ios lo puedo actualizar sin que se bloquee en mi pais

Hola buenas noches...


tengo un iphone 3gs unloked y me pide actualizacion del software , será qu lo puedo actualziar sin que se bloquee en mi pais...

Is my iPhone 3G's battery due for replacement

My iPhone 3G is running firmware 2.1. Last night when I went to bed I plugged my iPhone into my laptop because the battery was running low, but when I woke up 9 hours later I noticed something troubling. The battery was not charged! The charge indicator is a lightening bolt while iTunes goes through the sync process but after that it changes to a plug icon which usually means it thinks the battery is fully charged: http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/6636/photo8dv4.jpg. Do I need to have my iPhones battery replaced? If so how do I go about doing this, how much does it cost, and how long does it take? Thanks!
UPDATE: Rebooting my iPhone resolved the issue
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iPhone problem due to 2nd hand

Right, my dad has an iPhone, which he bough of one of his friends.
Now i know the phone has previously been jailbroken.
One of my mates has told me that, it will be blocked when he updates the software?
could anyone shed some light on this?
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Am I safe until say 7 13 if I decided to cancel my iPhone 4 due 7 14

I cannot decide yet if I will cancel my iPhone 4 due to ship 7/14. Id like to wait as long as possible to see how the issues discussed here work themselves out. With either fixes or much more information.
Another question: If I did not have an iPhone 4 on order already, what might be the current availability, or soonest available I wonder.
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when an iPhone shuts itself down due to low battery does it

when an iPhone shuts itself down due to low battery, does it turn itself back on automatically when you plug it into a charger? i know that i probably should just test it on my iPhone, but i need to answer this question immediately to a friend, so i hope i can find someone who can tell me the answer here. thanks in advance.
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My Iphone Is Overheating But Not Due To Updating Can Someone Help Explain Why

ok, heres the problem.


i recently opened up my IPhone 3gs to figure out how to replace the Speakers. once i found out how i put the iphone back together.

a some hours later it starts getting hot on me, so i stuck it on its charger in front of a small fan to cool it off. next morning i take it off the charger and start playing Sonic Dash. midway through the game it starts getting really hot so i stopped playing.


can anyone explain to me why its getting hot and charging slowly.


thank you for your help and support

iphone 3g map unusable due to location service 4.2.1

Even though 4.2.1 did help increase my phone speed in some areas, my maps became unusable over the 3G network. I turned off the location service for my maps and that solved the problem. Wishfully hoping that they fix this in the next update.Anyone else have this problem?

How to fix could not restore iPhone due to an unknown error

My Spring board crashed due to an outdatted ios version so I figured I had to upgrade to ios 5.1.  I restored it but then it said could not restore iPhone due to an unknown error.  I tried everything.  I put it in DFU mode and got the lattest version of itunes but it still wont restore.  I NEED HELP!!

How to move photos from iphone back to iphoto due to loss of HD

Recently my Mac Mini walked out the door of our house. My nice insurance company replaced it and I did a restore successfully. The backup drive was not really current (it is now!). I have hundreds of photos on my iphone that were in iphoto but are not now. I want to move pictures from the iphone photo library to the iphoto library on my new Mac Mini.
The forums say that Apple only gives us a one way ticket from iphone to iphoto. I can take all the photos I want from the Mac to the iphone, but not the other direction. If I sync with itunes, it will remove my pics from the phone. If I import into iphoto, it only sees the photos in my camera roll. What a problem!
Any ideas?
I will post this message on the iphoto forum too.
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How do you retrieve your data that you have lost due to the update from 4.3.3 to a 6.1.3 on the Iphone 3GS

Okay, I updated my cell from the 4.3.3 so it will be like the rest of families that have 6.1.3 software on their cellphones. But why has all my information and photos vanished from the device?!?!?

Why can we not pre-order the Iphone 4 due to tech problems The US seams ok

I have been trying to pre-Oreder the new Iphone and I have had no joy. For over an hour now the uk web page has had problems.
I do not think is fair how other webpages on other countries like the US have no problem on making orders but the uk for some reason can not make any orders yet! Convenience?
I can not even make it over the phone, why?
I feel like the US is getting priority on this like the Ipad, although we are meant to be able to pre order on the same day.
If you are not able to pre-order in a certain country, no one should be able to pre-order elsewhere. I am not happy the way this is being done, I understand Apple has technical problems, so stop pre orders deal with it and then start again.
Like everybody who wants an Iphone 4 I can not waist all day trying to acces the website as I have work to do.
But I also do not want to come to pre-order and havbing to wait longer than the 24th June becouse too many people have been ordering this while the uk site has been down.

cannot sync to PC due to mobile me

Hi there, I have an iPhone that Id like to sync to my work PC to get my contacts and calender. I have iTunes installed on my work PC now but when I go to sync, iTunes will no let me saying that my calender and contacts are syncd with mobileme. This is true, but Id like to turn this setting off for now so I can sync. I have changed the settings to manual rather than push in the contacts and calender settings on iPhone but still doesnt work. Any other solutions? Thanks.
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update not possible due to capacity


I must to update my Iphone4 from IOS 4.3 to 6.0.1.

I changed the path for ITunes to an external hard drive -- 100GB free.

ITunes says that back cannot be completed due to capacity of computer. Thats correct if ITunes considered the internal drives, but not for external.

Is there another area I have to change the path specifically for backups or any idea how I can update?


Thanks, Katie

Help needed Restoring iPhone backup made with another system due to crash

Hi All,
Im having a serious problem at the moment.
Three days ago I submitted my iPhone for repair due to some hairline fractures on the back. I made a nice backup through iTunes and submitted my iPhone for repair.
The backup was made on my laptop, which runs Windows Vista Business x64 SP1 (Unfortunately MS is company policy here). Yesterday a few updates came available and I updated my OS. After rebooting it displayed the infamous bsod stating windowssystem32ntoskrnl.exe was missing or corrupt. I tried the repair function and everything else i could think of, but in the end the system registry was messed up beyond repair and will require a reinstall of the complete operating system.
Now this poses a problem. Since my iPhone has not yet returned from repair, I still need the backup contained on the harddrive. Ive verified that i can access the laptop harddrive by removing it from the laptop, putting it into a usb case and connecting it to another system.
My question is: Is there a way to use the iTunes data contained on the harddrive of the broken laptop and restore my iPhone/iTunes on another system?
Thanks very much in advance for your time and effort!
P.S. That Vista laptop has got to go in the near future :P
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Iphone won't connect to wifi due to incorrect password even though it is correct Help

So my Iphone 4s has been having problems with the no service error now and again so I decided to reset the network settings to try and fix it. Now since this reset,my iphone refuses to connect to wifi even though the password Im entering is 100% correct!  I keep getting the Incorrect password error.


Ive resetted the router and reset the wifi network, rebooted my phone,performed a hard reset but there is still no fix


I have many other devices connected to my wifi without any problems. 3 computers, an ipad, android tablet and other iphone.


My phone is jailbroken on 6.1.2 so I dont want to have to restore my phone.


My phone will connect to wifi with wifiFoFum but as soon as my phone goes to sleep it disconnects so its rather annoying!


I hope you can help

a remedy for slow response time on my iPad iPhone due to 4.2 update

has anyone heard of a way to resolve the new found slow lag time due to the 4.2 update? I noticed this on both devices.
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My wife's iphone 3G maybe S fails to restore due to error 29 We are about to take a trip and need two phones

her App Store kept failing after updating to IOS 6.0. So, I tried to install 6.01 using wifi. It never came back and shows a picture to connect to iTunes. Well, that doesnt work and now her phone is a brick. Any suggestions?


iTunes says error 29, which the help says is due to security software. The only security software Im running is OS X, mountain lion, with the most recent updates. So, if  there is anything interferring with it, its Apples OS.


Any suggestions. We have about 30 hours before we leave on a trip, and having two cell phones is kind of important, since Ill be in a conference half of the time.

i recived a refurbished iphone due to my old one was faulty do i get 12 months warrenty for that phone

last year april i recevied a refurbished iphone 3gs due to my old was faulty just before the warranty expired.. i just want to know if u get 12months warranty if u recieve a refurbished phone cause now my home button is becoming faulty and i want to fix the proble before it gets worse!!!


Out of sync due to Time Zones

My wife and I share the same MobileMe account so that our calendars and contacts between Macs and iPhones will always be synched. If she makes an appt on her iPhone while out, Ill know not to double book the time slot because MobileMe updates my iPhone.
On a recent trip to the next time zone I updated the Time Zone on her MacBook Pro and then upon our return home changed it back to Pacific. Since then existing and new appts on her iPhone and Mac have been randomly an hour different from mine. This morning, for example, she got a reminder for a 7:15am appt and I saw that it was at 8:15.
What can I do to get everyone back on track again? Do I turn off synching to MobileMe on three of the four devices and then turn them on again or what? Do I pick one source as the most correct and then somehow erase the data on the other three things?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Missing 3G Due to Dummy AT&T Staff

just wanted to share that after not being able to access the internet and realizing i wasnt receiving any messages (i could see if someone called), i took the phone into att&t. i had recently upgraded my program and in that process, the clerk had accidentally removed the 3g. its standard, so not like i could get a credit or anything (even tho i use the phone for business). they supposedly reset my connection at the store but it has yet to appear on the phone. i was told to call at&t tech support (dial 611) if it didnt eventually show up. lesson learned.
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Replace 3G with 3Gs due to damage

Suppose in 6 months time when original 3G stocks have run out and my 3G iPhone had broken due to no fault of my own - do you think they would replace it with a new 3Gs ?
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Can't Sync my phone due to problems with aSleep

Hi guys
I have just bought myself an iPhone a few days ago. And last night i decided to buy the App: aSleep
The problem is, iTunes cant sync it. It goes some of the way, and then iTunes just stalls. And i have tried rebooting both devices.
What can i do to transfer the app to iTunes so i wont loose it, and so i can sync like i use to?
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Can't sync new and even old applications due to a transfer issue

I sort of have two problems with iTunes syncing of applications that Ive downloaded. I (stupidly) forgot to back up my iTunes settings when reinstalling Vista (64 bit this time around), and my iPhone obviously retained all the applications Id downloaded before. I attempted to transfer these to iTunes (as per its recommendation), but they were all reported as unauthorized, despite my repeated computer authorization attempts. Since none of my apps were paid to begin with (aside from one, which I didnt mind paying for because it was initially free), I just went ahead and re-downloaded them all to iTunes and synced again. The problem with this was the fact that my computer still refused to sync apps to my iPhone, telling me repeatedly to transfer my applications before I deleted them all, even when I told iTunes to delete them anyway. Is there any way to get around this?
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Lost paid applicatiions due to 4.0.1 error

Is there a way to recover those applications that have not been saved via sync, that have been paid via the iphone, and that have been lost due to an error during the update to 4.0.1 (forcing a full recover)?
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Camera flash disabled due to heat issue

I left my iPhone 4 charging for about 3 hours until it was fully charged. I went to take a picture and the camera flash switch had a warning symbol. When I clicked it, it stated that my flash was disabled due to excessive heat. I quit the camera app and reopened it and the flash was working fine afterwards.( note the phone did not feel hot whatsoever.) Should I be worried about this. There was no overheating warning on the lock screen just in the camera app.
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Photos.app black thumbnails due to multitasking

What possible need is there for photos.app to multitask? Ive noticed that if I transfer pics to my computer and photos is still running, it doesnt notice the deletions and freaks out about the missing thumbnails by replacing them with black icons. I have to quit it forcibly before it behaves. Can anyone else verify this?
Im quite dismayed at the indiscriminate usage of multitasking. Not everything needs it dammit.
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