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Is it possible to edit screenshot of a facebook message and send via message to someone's iPhone

Someone sent me a picture of a message she received on facebook. The supposed author of the message denies ever sending the message. I wonder, is it possible that person wanted me to believe the message and had altered to make it sound like someone else sent it? Is it even possible to edit screenshots?

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Text message SMS keyboard used to auto hide after sent message

So Im a long time iPhone user and I could have SWORN that a while back in an old iPhone OS after you sent a text or SMS message, that the keyboard would go away or auto hide itself.
So heres an example, I get a text from a friend and read it. The keyboard isnt up yet because I havent started typing. I tap the box or field to enter text, type my message and hit send. Ok I swear the keyboard USED to hide or minimize itself after you sent a text message and NOT stay up. For the longest time I remember it NOT doing that and remembering like man it used to hide and that was so nice..
So am I going crazy fellow iPhone users Or do you guys remember this too
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iOS 6 iPhone message tone rings but no message

Hi. Since updating to iOS 6, Ive noticed problems re receiving messages on my iPhone (4S). Sometimes my phone will vibrate/ring, the screen lighting up, but wont display the message. About 3-5 seconds later it will ring again and this time the message appears. Also, sometimes for some odd reason, I actually wont receive any messages until I wake my phone up myself or unlock it. This is evident in that the message was received some 10-20 minutes prior to it appearing on my phone. I have full reception, so this isnt my problem, but still... No offence to Apple, but shouldnt things be getting better?


I really dont want to have to restore or anything like that for an issue which isnt really that troublesome (compared to other issues), but it would be nice to know whether it is just me or a common issue.



Text message alerts when in message center

After updating my iPhone 4S to iOS 6, it has started showing alerts for text messages when Im already in the message center. Before I updated, if I was texting someone, a number next to the messages arrow in the top left corner would pop up to tell me I have another text from someone else and my phone would make the text alert sound, but the alert itself wouldnt pop up. Now, if Im texting someone and I recieve a text from another person the number next to messages pops up, but so does the alert. Is there anyway I can fix this? I still want the text alerts when Im anywhere else on my iPhone other than the message center, just not while Im already there.

Mail shows message summary but not message

Since the update in iTunes, the Mail app on my iPhone only shows the summary list of messages. It does NOT show the individual messages. Instead, all I get is the header info, and a checkerboard-type pattern.
The iMac version shows the mail messages, but not the iPhone.
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Unable to Create New Message or Reply Message

Unable to create a new message to send. When I click on the icon (bottom right of screen) it is highlighted but nothing happens. No message even opens to begin typing the message in. The same thing happens when I try to reply to a message. I can click on Reply or Reply All or Forward, but nothing happens. Are receiving email just fine, but unable to create new or reply messages. This is happening in both accounts that are set up on the iPhone. All SMTP server settings and login information appear to be correct for the SBCGlobal account being accessed through Yahoo. (Not sure if this is related or not...my calendar is set up to sync with Google Calendar as an exchange server and it has been working fine. However, it has started working only one direction...items entered on the Google calendar web page appear in the iPhone Calendar, but items entered in the iPhone do not make their way to the Google Calendar.)
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How to return to message list when deleting a message

When I read a message and delete it, it brings me to the next message (marking it as read). I would prefer if it would bring me back to the listing of messages so the message that I may not have time to deal with is not marked as read. Is there a way to do that?
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HT2188 I have an iphone 3GS that keeps getting the message charging not supported by this device Dismiss I have tried other usb adapters car chargers and directly hooked to the computer and still get the error message Software is up to date as well H

I have an IPhone 3GS that keeps getting the message charging not supported by this device Dismiss. I have tried several different ac adaptors, car chargers and even directly connected to USB on computer and still get the same message. Software is up to date as well. Help!

When someone calls me and has to leave a message is there a way I can have my voice just say my name and please leave a message after the beep I don't need the phone to mention a fax etc It takes so long listening to all that stuff

When someone calls me and has to leave a message is there a way I can have my phone just say my name and please leave a message after the beep? I dont need all the other stuff about faxes and lines.

Mail says '1 unsent message' though there is no message to be sent

iPhone 3GS, 3.1.2 installed and all else working properly at the moment.
Mail program (Mobile Me) says 1 unsent message though there is no message waiting to be sent.
Am concerned and wanting to fix this because it is draining my battery 1% a minute it seems.
What do I need to do?
Have tried removing and re-installing. Unsure what else to try?
It is my understanding it works in sync with Mobile Me as well as my macbook mail app. I have no mail that needs to be sent on either.
Any help anyone can offer would be so greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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HT4972 I just tried to upgrade my 3gs to ios.5 and have a message saying the iphone cant be activated because the server is temporarily unavailable also although the sim card is inserted a message says it is not inserted no idea what to get working

I just tried to upgrade my 3gs to ios.5 and have a message saying the iphone cant be activated because the server is temporarily unavailable... also, although the sim card is inserted a message says it is not inserted ? no idea what to get phone working again. help needed.

Text pre-populated in message box when starting a new Text message

Every time I start a new text message there is already a message populated in the message box.  Prior to today, this message box was blank.  Now I have to erase this message before I can start a new one.  This happened after I forwarded a message.  It is the same message that I forwarded that is appearing each time I start a new message.  Any ideas on how to get rid if this without resetting my phone?

Phone died during typing a text message where can I find the message I was typing

How do I recover the text message I was typing when my phone died ? It had battery power but it died in the middle o a text how can I find it or can I ?

Get a message when sending mail to trash get message that says can't move to mailbox trash

I try to send mail to trash after reading it but I get a message saying Unable to Move messagr. The message could not be moved to the mailbox Trash What can I do

i got a text message from someone When i clicked on it there was a totally different message and in it were phrases that were not cohesive as if someone had been having a verbal conversation got a text from her today and same thing when i clicked on

got a text from someone and when i clicked on to read the rest of it, a disjointed message came up as if it recorded a verbal conversation... happened again from this same person. seemed as if she was voice recording a conversation some where else..

Message not sent - Re Try

When sending a text with no signal, it says message failed, and doesnt seen to re try sending like my old Sony Ericsson.
Is there any way of making this happen?

View my message really

I recently switched from Sprint to ATT to have the iPhone.
I had no idea you would not be able to send and receive pictures from other phones.
It seems like a basic function every cel phone has.
I use it with my employees to see something quickly on a job when there is no computer access.
Viewmymessage is like going back to having a dial up.
If...if you had to do it this way, what is up with the login and passwords ?
This is not communicating...
I cant even classify this as low tech.
This is the first time I am not completely WOWED by and Apple product and would not recommend it yet. Dare I say it...I am a little embarassed by my iPhone.....
Come on Apple!!!!!!
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Sounds - New Message

This is my first post so please be gentle with me.
I am trying to add a text alert rather than use the preloaded ones in Sounds.
I purchased two items which were described as text alerts but they turned out to be music & therefore not fit for the purpose. I then purchased two ringtones & they default to calls.
I purchase using my handset.
Can anybody let me know how to add to Setting - General - Sounds - New Message
Many thanks

Text message

Are Apple ever going to amend the program so on receipt of a SMS there is simply a notification of message received (like on any other mobile phone or the same as if you had received an email), instead of just displaying the content. This is what made me return mine as security is something I am very aware of and this niggle is just the one I couldnt live with.
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Message templates

Hi All,
I have just received a new iphone 4 and first impressions are really good. My question is this, is there any facility for creating text message templates? I have occasion to regularly send one of a selection of similar texts and would miss this ability if it were not available.
Hope someone can enlighten me.
Many thanks,
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Can't delete message

I just compossed a mail message with the photo app.
My Iphone couldnt send it.
It keeps trying to do so, but I want to delete it. I cant find the message on any folder to do so.
How can I make my Iphone to stop trying to send it and delete the message.
Thank you.
iphone iPhone OS 3.1.3

Message tones

Is it possible to create SMS message tones in the same way you create ringtones? I thought I could use a ringtone for an SMS message tone, but it appears not.
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Cant see my mail message

I know there is a simple anwser to this but i cant find it . On my mail page I use to see the list of mail to the top and the one I had high lighted I would see on the bottom of the page. Well some thing happen and now I only see the list of mail unless i open in new window can someone tell me how to fix it back so i dont have to open a new window.
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No signal message

Hi, is there a way to disable the no signal message coming out? Thanks a lot!
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So I forgot to pay my bill, and as a result my phone got cut off for 2 days. If someone sent me a text during the time my phone was inactive, will I receive it when the phone gets turned back on?

Text Message

I have owned a iPhone since they first came out, and i love it, but i was wondering if there was a way to cancel a text message when it is being sent.
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Can't reply to message

I have 2 e-mail accounts set up on my iPhone. An account through my internet provider and a mobile me account. I have e-mail forwarding on my internet providers account pointing to my mobile me account.
My problem is when I receive any messages sent to my internet provider account, I get an error message that mail could not be sent due to an invalid sender address when I try to reply to the message, which makes no sense because it allowed the message to be delivered.
If I go to the message that was forwarded to my mobile me account and reply from there, it works fine.
Ive even sent a test message from my mobile me account to my internet account and tried to reply...no luck. There must be a problem somewhere in the settings but I cant seem to find it.....
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Is forwarding a message possible

Ive tried to forward a message, but I cant seem to do it, and I was wondering if I needed an App. or something.
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What is pwr off on message

Hi all,
I just upgrade my phone to iPhone 4 yesterday. I got a message shown:
Pwr off/on
Cancel / Accept
Does anyone know what is Pwr? Thanks.
MBP 2.53GHz, early 2008 Mac OS X (10.6) OS X 10.6.4

message counter

Whenever I receive a message, it comes up with a preview and the option to close/reply. Regardless of which I select, it will decrement the message counter (on the icon) as if I have read the message.
I can understand that it decrements on a reply, but if I hit close I would expect it to stay unread.
The only way I can currently ignore a message, is to have the phone locked when it arrives, and put it back to sleep to change the swipe to view to swipe to unlock again.
Is there any way to ignore a message so that it remains unread?
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