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music won t sync after ios 7.04 update

music won t sync after ios 7.04 update

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HT1386 iTunes won't sync all of my music to my iPhone after software update yesterday

I updated my iPhone software yesterday and it wont sync about 90% of my music... I tried restoring from the backup but it hasnt worked. I tried manually selecting songs and that didnt work either. If I try to restore it to factory settings, will I lose my contacts?


This is INCREDIBLY annoying. Every time I update my phone or itunes, this is what happens.

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I can't get my iPhone to sync everything on it to iTunes which in turn won't let me update my software to iOS 5

I connected my iPhone 4 to update software and synced the phone first, but once the sync was done and I went to update it and it said that not everything on my phone had transfered. Then I went to the file drop down menu in iTunes and selected transfer purchases and it would transfer maybe 10 things and stopped completely. I reset my phone, my computer, reinstalled iTunes, and even tried to restore my phone but cant because not everything from my phone has been transfered to my computer.


Can anybody help me?

iphone dropped all music on recent sync and won't sync music

I recently purchased a new ipod nano and uploaded some music and movies to it. When I finished I synced my iphone to the same computer as I always have with the iphone. The music previously on my iphone vanished from the iphone but the computer would allow me to install in on the nano. It seems like there is a limit of some kind as to how many devices I can have the music on. What should I do to take off a device so I can have my iphone synced again with my music in itunes?
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TS3694 Hi I have just bought a 3G and i can't update to ios 4 It comes up as error -1 Have tried on various computers but it won't update Can anyone help me please

Can anyone help me please. I have just bought an Iphone 3g.  slightly gutted because I was told it was a 3gs, but its not. Tried to update it as its currently running on ios 2 but it keeps coming up with error code -1.

I have tried it on varous computers but it still wont update. I have been told it is possible to do it but i havent got a clue.

Can anyone help please?

iTunes won't allow me to update from iOS 3.1.3 to iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

So I know that when it comes to an iPhone 3G, it is better to keep it at iOS 3.1.3 however I really want to update it to the latest iOS. Thing is, it wont allow me to. Everytime I would click on update it would end up saying that my iPhone isnt eligible for the requested field. Its quite annoying and I have no idea what to do anymore. Ive tried restoring my phone and Ive looked online EVERYWHERE but nothing comes up so I have decided to go on here and see if anyone can help me out. It would be greatly appreciated as I dont know what else to do.

Music won't play outloud after iOS 5.0.1

I have an iPhone 3GS and this morning before I updated I could play music outloud. Now when I try the only option I have within the small rectangle with a triangle on the bottom (in the bottom right hand corner in Music) is Apple TV and Dock Connector. It has lost the iPhone option it used to have! If I plug in head phones it plays through the Headphones option. I have done a restore and that hasnt fixed it.


I dont know why this Dock Connector has appeared and how I might be able to get it replaced with the normal iPhones option so I can play outloud. Any ideas anyone?



iphone won't sync music

I recently moved my iphone from a leopard laptop to a leopard desktop. I reset the iphone on the desktop and now unable to put any music/movie on it. Ive tried simply dragging the file over, and syncing playlists, none this seems to work.
Thanks in advance!
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ITunes won't download the iOS 4.3 update that it says is available

I have an iPhone 3Gs and was notified today that there is an update to ios4.3 available. In the iTunes device summary, the button says update; there is a newer version available (4.3), but when I push the button it says, This version of iTunes (9.2.1) is the current version. What is going on? Is there an alternate method of downloading/installing the update?
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Why won't itunes recognize I need update to ios 5

I have updated Itunes to 10.5 but when I plug my iphone 3 in, to update to ios 5 version it says its up to date & doesnt recognize I need new update?

YouTube won't connect after ios 5 update

I updated my 3G to ios 5 and now I keep getting the cannot connect to YouTube error. I have tried everything. Any suggestions?

iPhone won't sync music unless it's in a playlist

Hi All,
When I first got my iPhone 3G I could drag music onto the iPhone icon in iTunes to put music on the phone. Now it wont do that for any of the music in my library. The only thing I can do is make a playlist for the iPhone and sync it. Any insight on what that problem might be and how to fix it?
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Itunes won't sync music to my iPhone5

I just updated to OSX Mavericks and I have the latest update for iTunes, but when i sync my phone to my macbook pro and try to put my music on it, nothing happens. When it gets to part 4 or 5 (whichever one is the part where the music gets syncd) it just skips over it and finishes. I have been stuck for so long, I have tried looking at support sites etc... but nothing is working. I tried downloading songs from itunes, and from the internet and nothing will sync. Advice would be greatly appreciated!! i am so frustrated, i have tried syncing over wifi and thru the cord but it doesnt make a difference. its like this happened out of nowhere. thanks in advance!

iPhone 4 won't sync music after osx 6.0.1



Every time I sync my iPhone to iTunes after the recent update, everything syncs perfectly well apart from the music. I have all the necessary options selected, eg sync entire library and I also have every song checked.


I wiped and restored my iPhone to try and fix the issue, but now I have NO MUSIC and nothing fro my library will sync. When I hit sync, It says determining tracks to sync and then just says sync complete within about a second. No music is trasferred to my phone.


The capacity bar at the bottom also looks strange, as it says only 5.3gb of data on my phone is being used by other. I know there is a lot more being used in the form of apps/photos/videos but none of those are showing. They are still on my phone however.


I am updated to the mst recent version of iTunes and am running Snow Leopard 10.6.8



Thanks in advance, id love to get this sorted before tomorrow!

iPhone won't sync new purchased music

Today I bought a new song through iTunes on my computer and when I went to sync it to my iPhone it just did not put that one song onto my iPhone. All of my other songs are on there but not this one song that I bought today. It did not give me an error message or anything it just did not sync. I tried searching the support section and the forums but I could not find anything that worked for me. Please anything that can fix this would be great. Thanks!
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Since last update music won't play through car bluetooth and dock

Since the last ios update, my iphone music does not sync properly anymore.


When using it via bluetooth in my car, the phone pairs to it fine, but the music can not be controlled by the car controls anymore. I have to manually press play or skip track on my phone instead.


Also, a Sony digital alarm clock/dock no longer wakes me up with my iphone music. It just stays silent, whilst displaying that music should be playing.


Is there a fix for this? I just got the car, with the bluetooth being a nice feature that Id hate to lose.

iPhone 4 won't hold charge after iOS 7 update



Im hoping I can get some help with this issue. I updated my iPhone 4 to the new iOS 7 software and now it will not hold a charge. The update was completed just fine last night. I left the phone on the charger all night, but when I awoke this morning I noticed the battery percentage was showing 20%. I was confused and checked the charger; unplugged it and plugged it back in. The phone recognizes that a charger is in the port (audio feedback as well as visual), but the percentage slowly decreases. I also tried using two other chargers to see if it was in fact my charger that was at fault. Same results. Inevitably, the phone reached 0% and shut down. I never had this issue before upgrading to iOS 7. I had iOS 6.1.3 before upgrading and I routinely charged my iPhone 4 daily without any issues. Ive tried everything I know to do; any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you.

iPhone won't play some videos since iOS 4.1 update

A week ago I updated my iPhone 3G to the latest 4.1 iOS. Everything went fine (well, theres less signal bars in my cellphone provider), but besides that, all fine. Two days ago I realized that some of my music videos (all bought from the iTunes store) wont play and the iPhone will skip to the next music video.
After trying many times to play the same video, eventually the video will play fine (without problems).
I tried playing the same videos in my MacBook and they all play fine. So I dont think is an iTunes store problem. Could this be an issue regarding iOS 4?
Please advide and help. Thanks.
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Camera shutter won't open since last iOS update

iOS 4 - photos won't sync

Im not sure if this is a coincidence, but after I installed os4 I tried to sync pictures from files on my computer. My phone has been syncing for nearly 4 hours and still nothing... Whenever I turn photo syncing off and sync my phone, everything is fine. Ive already checked, and the problem is not insufficient memory, and I have tried it with the include videos box checked as well as unchecked. I havent synced my photos in a while, so it could simply be moving slowly, but 4 hours of sync time still seems a bit unreasonable. Even when I got a brand new phone and had to load all of my music, pictures, and apps back onto it, it did not take this long to sync. I have tried everything I can think of. Any ideas?
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iTunes won't sync my new music in my iPhone 5 Please help ASAP

This is what shows when i click On This iPhone The music with the circles next to it are the ones thart arnt on my phone. Please help?

iPhone 5 won't sync music from my iTunes library

Its saying it has synced all the music on my iTunes library but when I eject my phone it hasnt

There also those little circles next to the songs that havent been put onto my phone


IPhone 4 won't load music library on Sync

Hello. Ive been having this problem for over a month now. My iphone 4 wont sync any of my music from my itunes library. I have tried a HUGE number of things. It does not seem to be related to itunes match issues.

I am trying to sync with my phone connected via USB. I cannot seem to get the wifi connection between my computer and device.

I am at a loss, and extremely angered that I cannot listen to my music. What should I try next? Am I missing something? What do I try next?

iTunes won't sync music video to my iPhone 3G

I purchased a music video from the iTunes store and it wont sync to my iPhone. What gives?
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Jailbroken phone won't turn on after trying to install ios update

I have an iphone3 that was jailbroken but I decided I wanted to updated my apple software on it (no longer interested in having my phone being jailbroken) and now the phone wont turn on. The apple logo just flashes on the screen constantly. I tried to restore the phone through Itunes but itunes doesnt even recognize my device. Any advice would be much appreciated.

iPhone 4S not ringing no music nothing i.e no audio through speakers after ios 5.1.1 update

Hello Support Community,

I have an iPhone 4S 32GB Black that stopped sending audio through speakers i.e. phone not ringing, music, video, youtube and all Apps which output sound are not sending audio through the iPhones speakers. It seems nothing heard through speakers but if I plug in my headset jack everything can be heard through the headset. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps listed in the community i.e. restart, hard reboot, reset network settings, reset all settings, erase all content and settings, restore from backup, restore as new phone, backup,update and software using both iphone and through iTunes and the final step which I did was plug/unplug headphone jack several times to the iphone then tried a cotton inserted in the jack to clean but nothing worked for me. I have gone through the Apple Support Community and Goolge search but not much help received. Anyone of you had the same issue which you were able to fix it? Appreciate your comments/suggestions to solve my problem! Thanks.


It might be software issue I guess, probably the next ios updated should be able to fix this if Apple really take this seriously as I have seen hundreds of people are complaining the same issue.

iOS 7 Music Sync Problems with iPhone 4

This problem started before the upgrade to iOS 7, but the problem has only grown worse since the uprade. When I try to play songs on iTunes, iTunes will freeze up, play very short snippets of the song, change the time of the song to about 3 seconds, and will not change back. When I check the file where I store my music, it says the file is fine. I decided to just go ahead and try putting the files on my phone, but the sync froze up and came back as an error. Now my phone is randomly taking music off, wont let me take music that Ive purchased through iTunes off, and is even giving me issues when I try to put any music on. My phone is my primary music player and wold very much like to get this problem fixed soon.

music bought from itunes on iphone won't sync with my mac

Ive recently bought some albums from itunes on my iphone, but I cant copy them onto my mac. I have manually manage music and videos checked, and it allows copying the other way. I know you cant just copy any music from your iphone/ipod, but I thought the itunes ones would be ok? Any suggestions?
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Exchange Calendar & Contacts won't sync w ios 4.1

Since I upgraded my iphone 4 to ios 4.1, the calendar and contacts for my Exchange account wont sync. Email works fine. Ive tried un-syncing and re-syncing, deleting and re-adding the account.
When I open the calendar or contacts, the progress wheel spins for an eternity with no results. My battery went from 100% to turning off within an 8 hour period with limited use, which I attribute to the attempted syncing.
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MobileMe won't sync calendar contacts or bookmarks on iOS 4

Bookmarks, Contacts, and Calendars all missing after resetting MobileMe settings on iPhone. When opening Safari, Contacts, or Calendar, the wheel spins in the menu bar and doesnt load anything. A similar thread in the MobileMe thread (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=11718366) states that even a restore from scratch wont fix the issue.
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Can't sync music or podcasts after update to iOS4

Just upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4. Since doing this, iTunes can no longer sync music or podcasts to the iPhone. Only the apps will sync. iTunes claims the files cannot be found - despite the fact that they are all listed correctly in iTunes and all play fine if I double-click on them in iTunes. Ive done a complete reset of the iPhone and configured it from scratch and the problem remains. Im at a total loss as to what to do. Everything worked fine before the update. The only possible oddity in my set-up is that the music files in iTunes are stored on another Mac in the house, mounted as a shared drive - but this hasnt caused any issues previously.
All my computers are Macs running 10.6.4 and all latest updates. Help!!
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