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my iphone 5 keeps going off for no reason

my iphone 5 keeps going off for no reason

iphone unlocked

HELP My iPhone 3G shut down for no reason

I got my iPhone 3G last thursday and there were no problems at all, then I went to Buffalo, NY on saturday and once I was in the Buffalo I was watching a movie I had uploaded into it, and suddenly my iPhone shuts down and reboots. I thought nothing of it, so I started watching my movie again, and again it shut off and rebooted. So I left my iPhone on the Home Screen without touching it, and yet again it shut off and rebooted, it did that about 5 times. When I returned to Canada that night it has never happened since. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be a hardware problem? I would greatly appreciate someones help!
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iPhone just died for no reason

Okay, heres my scenario.
Ive got a 3rd Gen 32GB iPhone that I just purchased about 5-6 months ago. Ive dowloaded all the most recent software updates (though I havent checked for updates this week, so I might have missed one if it JUST came out) and up until today it was working absolutely swimmingly.
Ive never had anykind of problems with it and it never seemed to so much as hiccup on me for any reason. Today around the middle of the day, after listening to some music and playing a quick game of Tetris, the screen goes black.
Its acting like the power just ran out. It doesnt vibrate when I swith the sound off/on, nothing happens when I hit the hone button or do a hard reset (of either one quick press or holding down the button for ten seconds.)
I simply put the phone in my pocket for about 15 minutes, tried to open it ack up to do something and there were no signs of life.
I havent been particularly rough to my iPhone and it hasnt been exposed to any kind of water or environmental damage, so Im really stumped as to what could be causing this sudden blackout. Its been like this for about an hour now and there is still no change.
Anny ideas? Suggestions?
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possible reason for battery drain in iphone 4S

my view could be bizzare but i would like the guys working at apple to check / find out whether  the possible reason for the battery drain  is - leakage of power through some internal metal earthing or any metal area near the battery touching the metal body part which is killing the battery when in i phone is being used. this could be a problem in some or all phones. earthing causes the battery to leak power there by resulting in battery charge getting used up.


i am saying this bcoz some times  i feel a kind of jews on my fingers when a little sweaty.


would like to know whether others using iphone 4S have experienced  this  kind of feeling  of jews on their fingers

iPhone 4 .completely mute .reason



i have at&t iphone 4 factory unlocked and gsm.....there is a strang problem with my phone....there is no sound while watching videos or playing games....but there is sound while ringing the phone or attending the calls. please advice.....i dont want to loose my phone......please help to fix the problem.

iPhone 3G Quit working for no Reason

Today I went to check my e-mail on my phone and my phone was off. I didnt remember turning it off so I tried to turn it back on and it didnt come on. I know it is fully charged because I just left it plugged in all night last night. I plugged it in my computer and no response. This phone is actually a refurbished phone because my original one broke from it not connecting to my cell provider. But now I dont have warrantee on it since its been over a year from buying the first one. I didnt even drop it or any thing. I hope Apple will give me a new one for free because its not my fault that it doesnt work any more.
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iphone was talking to me for no reason what apps can it speak from

I did not get any new texts, cant figure out what it was reading from. Anyone else experience this?

All contacts lost for no reason on iPhone 4S How do I get them back

I have lost my contacts on my iPhone 4S. I was in my home using it for a game, when I went to make a call and realized all of my favorites didnt have names, only listed them by their numbers. I went into all my contacts and nothing was listed. I have my phone backed up. However Id rather not just fix the issue but also know why this happened. Thank you in advance.

Cannot sign in for some reason

I put in my username and password I used for Thunderbird (my gmail account) and it keeps saying the username or password is incorrect..this is frustrating Im putting in the same username and password why isnt it working?

Possible reason for RMA

I bought an iphone on the 1st of march, been using it since.
Love the phone but just a few minutes ago I found the top left corner (where the sensors are) is a bit... how to say - springy? I.e. the corner can be pressed and then released to where it bounces back up with little force.
Any idea why this might be happening, if its normal, if im making a mountain out of a molehill, ooor if it really is worthy of RMA request?
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Any reason to use Manually manage music over creating an iPhone playlist

My new iPhone is my first iPod thats not big enough to hold all 319 of my albums. In fact, the limited capacity is the only reason it took me so long to buy one -- its always seemed that the whole point of having an iPod is the ability to take it all with you.
Anyway, I just assumed that the way to choose 14GB or so worth of music was to create a playlist containing the albums I want to copy over, then sync that playlist with the new iPhone. It worked fine. But then I noticed the checkbox marked Manually manage music and videos, and after some sleuthing it appears that it does the same thing.
Does it do anything that creating a playlist doesnt? If I switched to doing it that way, would the only upside be one fewer playlist?
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HT1222 Not opening download app on my iphone kindly tell me what's the reason what to do

I Have Iphone Version : 3.1.3.


Iam trying to download the app. its downloading. but the app are not opening on my iphone....


I Dont no why. kindly tell me. Whats the problem. show the solution.

'No Sim' Possible Reason of the problem

Has anyone notice that when you put the sim in the tray of the iphone 4 the chip located on the bottom does not sit in the middle of the tray?
i seem to get the no sim message every 2days at the same time. So what in my iphone is causing it to do it at this particular time? god knows!
If you also notice that due to the fact the sim is not centered. a tiny piece of the chip is cover by the sim tray. which also i noticed that when i call out on my phone i stand a good 90% chance of the phone cutting me off to the person im talking to then the No Sim Shows. Maybe this part of the chip is used when making calls but it cant read it as its covered by the sim tray, which tells the phone the sim is not inserted because it cant read data of the hidden bit.
Its definitely not a software problem. If the sim card tray was the problem i hope that too all people who have an iphone apple or the iphone carrier you bought from would send the new tray out.
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iphone´s vibrator gone for no reason

I bought an iphone and a week after the vibrator stopped working. I took it to movistar company, who´s the authorised distributor for Colombia, and they told me that I have to leave it for ten days... I picked it back yesterday and it worked in the shop but when I arrived to my home the vibrator stopped working again.
Today movistar people told me that I have to leave the iphone again for 15 days in order to fix it. I am concerned not only because Apple is delivering these defective phones, but also because iphone´s prices in Colombia are twice as expensive as they are in the US (650 USD for the 16 GB model), the warranty in my country is aefully bad (I used my phone only one week since I bought it in September 24) and I will be without it who knows for how long more.
I wish movistar and apple would improve this in the future...
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iPhone4 dying no reason

Hi, Just this morning my wifes iPhone4 completely died, it would not respond to any touches such as the hold or home button, nor would it respond to any USB or wall outlet charge it was just a black screen. Finally, we decided to reset it via (Home + Hold Button for 10 secs), and it turned on and rebooted. We also discovered that it had 60% battery life still so it wasnt a dead battery issue. Why would the iPhone4 do this? Its only less than a month in use, and she had it on sleep mode before we went to bed. Is this a recurring issue for others, if so is there a way to fix it? Could it be hardware issues? My wife remembers reading or hearing somewhere that if you put 2 iPhone4s next to each other issues will start to develop, could this have been the issue? My phone was fine this morning though. Please let us know of any suggestions or answers.

All apps are on the fritz and not working for some reason

Reason behind early shipping dates

You all remember last year with the 3Gs and how it came out the same day as OS 3? Remember how they had to schedule appointments for everybody to come back and get their phone activated because their servers crashed? That is why many people got their iPhone today, so the activation could be spread a day earlier for a lesser chance of a server crash tomorrow. Also, because this way they can get some people their iPhones tomorrow like promised instead of having to wait until July 2nd.
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Push stopped working with no reason

Battery draining for unknown reason

Ive had my iPhone for a little over a month now, and from time to time the battery drains -very- quickly: for instance, Ill have it fully charged just before going to sleep at night, and Ill waken up with the 20% battery warning.
It -seems- as though this only happens if I dont do a full charge - if I know Im going to be needing it all day, and its only at 50% battery the night before, Ill stick it on to charge overnight. Im careful to make sure I discharge fully then perform a full charge a couple of times a week though.
I dont understand what can be causing it. I dont leave any apps permanently open, I dont have any push accounts, and I turn fetch off when I dont need it. As far as I can tell, the iPhone is entirely asleep while the fast draining occurs. This may sound like a bit of a stupid question, but I take it hitting the Home button is enough to close an app youre in? Id laugh if its just happening because every app Ive ever opened is still running!
I find it very strange. Im hoping Ive just done something daft thats using up a lot of battery, unbeknownst to me. Ive looked up Apples pages about their batteries, and it doesnt mention anything about the batteries draining more quickly when its not a full charge. It almost seems to drain -more- quickly than if I had just left the battery as it was, and the phone asleep.
Any pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

HT1414 keypad nonfunctional for no apparent reason

My phone is up to date, yet periodically my keypad will be nonfunctional for no apparent reason. screen is clean as are my bare hands.


Voice dialing just stopped working for no reason

When I got my iPhone and connected my Bluetooth earpiece to it, I could push the button on my Bluetooth earpiece and it would activate the voice dialing feature on my iPhone. It worked very well for several months and just recently it stopped for no apparent reason.
I now push the button on my Bluetooth and nothing happens. I can still manually dial a number and use my Bluetooth to have the conversation, and when my phone rings the Bluetooth reacts and beeps in my ear as well and I can push the button on it to answer the call and talk, so I dont know what the problem is with voice dialing or how to fix it. Anyone know? I have an iPhone 3Gs 32GB and a Motorola H700C Bluetooth.
I have also tried unpairing and then re-pairing the Bluetooth and the problem persists.
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Any good reason to upgrade 3GS phone to OS 4.0.2

Having read dozens of posts on here, I cannot see any good reason to upgrade my iPhone 3GS to OS 4.0, 4.0.1., or 4.0.2. So far as I can tell, the upgrade process takes well over an hour (assuming it doesnt hang completely) and results in a 3GS phone that has myriad problems that make users wish theyd never upgraded. My takeaway is that if you want OS 4.0 (and its upgrades), you should buy an iPhone 4 -- otherwise, stick with 3GS. Or am I missing something?
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Is there a reason why Maps will work with Edge but not with Wireless

I notice that sometimes calling up maps of locations will only work when I turn off my wifi and use the edge network. The same is also true when accessing iTunes, and the weather. I have full strengh wifi signal and everything works quicker with wifi; but if I want maps to pull up a particular address, for example, I have to go to Edge. Is there a particular reason for this?
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The Audio portion of my 30 pin slot on my iPhone stopped working for no known reason I tried both resetting and reinstalling everything is there anything else I can do

The Audio portion of the 30 pin slot on my iPhone 4 stopped working for no apparent reason. It neither powers on my JAM apogee and Tascam IUS interfaces or  feeds audio in and out of it. I have tried both resetting and reinstalling everything on the iPhone 4. Is there anything I can do to make the 30 pin slot to work again? The interfaces work fine on others devices and they used to work very well on the phone previously.


Thanks for any suggestions and help,



my iphone gets switched off whenever i take click a picture from my camera even though my battery is full wat is the reason can any body help me

my iphone gets switched off whenever i take click a picture from my camera even though my battery is full...? wat is the reason can any body help me ...?

HT1766 my phone turned off for no reason and I can't get it to turn back on what do I do

My phone turned off unexpectedly and it wont turn back on...what to do

Gprs constantly radiating without reason very short battery life

I purchased an iPhone 3GS about a month ago. My mobile carrier does not provide 3G neither GPRS, but the GPRS icon is always on. Actually this is not a problem because the GPRS icon just notify the connection type. My problem is that
the mobile is constantly radiating (I realised when I left it next to a sound amplifier and heard the classic radiation sound) and the result is that the battery goes flat rapidly,just like I am downloading constantly using a network GPRS connection, or like I speak all the time to phone!! The battery power does not last longer that 2 hours on standby!!!!!!!!! The only solution at the moment is to turn on the airoplane mode, but I will not be able to recieve any calls at all! I tried many things to turn the GPRS off, and the funny is that I have entered wrond APN data and it still radiating!Moreover, because of the radiation the pnone is always hot!
Thank you for your attention and pleaaaase help!
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4s' all apps are crashing whenever i'm using any app it always go back to home menu Any reason

Imma 4s user, there are times that my phone is always crashing whenever im using any application (music, message, internet, games, etc) when im opening an app, it always go back to home menu. But there are times its not crashing. Any reason why is it happening to my phone?

I have an iPhone 3gs operating on iOS 6 For some reason I'm unable to custom delete individual photos from my photo library

I have an iPhone 3gs, operating on iOS 6.  For some reason, Im unable to custom delete individual photos from my photo library.  When I select the Edit button to do so, Im only given the 2 options of Share and Add To. My Camera Roll does everything the way I wish my Photo Library would.  Can anyone help?

Battery Drain issues large data usage for no apparent reason

My battery has all the sudden begun to drain extremely quickly as many on here have also recognized. What I have noticed along with that is a large uptick in data usage for no apparent reason. I pay only for the 200MB/month option and 9 times out of 10 that is plenty for me unless Im traveling and away from home a lot. Then last night (one day prior to the end of my billing cycle I get 10+ texts from at&t in the span of 3 hours or so. First they notified me that I had reached 65% of my data plan. 25 minutes later I received consecutive texts stating that I had used 90% and 100% respectively. Note that at no time had I done anything that could remotely account for 50 or so megabytes in that time perior or even in the days prior. Then in the middle of the night I get multiple texts stating that I have used 75% and 100% of my overage amount and am being charged another $15. So essentially in the span of a few hours at&t claims they will be billing me $45 additional. I did absolutely nothing this past month out of the ordinary other than upgrade to iOS 4.3.1Has anyone had anything similar happen? Obviously I am eagerly awaiting my bill so I can look into this and have a conversation with at&t

Hi New to iPhones - I have a 3G and for some reason the apps wont start i did sync it with my computer early today Please help

Hi New to iPhones - I have a 3G and for some reason the apps wont start? i did sync it with my computer early today? Please help

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