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my Iphone 5 keeps telling me passwords are incorrect

my Iphone 5 keeps telling me passwords are incorrect

iphone unlocked

memorize passwords on iphone

Is there a way to memorize passwords and logins within apps?
I use Roboform on the computer and tried the iphone app but that only works within the browser.
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iphone unlocked

Replacement iPhone way of telling if they are refurbished

I am currently on my 2nd iPhone 4. The first one was exchanged at an Apple Genius Bar, and the replacement iPhone was behind the counter in a black iPhone Box fully sealed. The Genius then opened it from the box and activated it using is laptop.

The phone was replaced July 8th due to bad battery problems. I am wondering if there is a way to check if the iPhone is a refurbished unit or a brand new one. Because I had the iPhone on launch and think its a bit cheeky if it is a refurbished one as it is due to manufactures fault that the iPhone was replaced in the first place.

On second thought due to the unit being quite new at the time do you think Apple would have not received many iPhones to refurbish?
Sorry for the lame question but just curious. And by the way this new replaced iPhone seems just as bad as the first one, if not worse. I think it is due to the software as other people have pointed out in other threads.
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How can I remove wireless passwords from my iPhone 4

I have an iPhone 4 and need to remove a couple of the cached (remembered) passwords from the iPhone memory. In other words, I would like to get to the point where the phone asks me for the network password instead of using the one saved to the phone. Is there a way to do this?
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iphone 4 and wireless network passwords

My iphone4 has decided not to recognize my homes wireless network password and wont connect.  I know the password is correct, as my ipad is using it.  And I know my iphones wireless capability is there, as it connects into my offices wireless network (and others).  Help?!



iphone forgets wifi passwords

Ive read a whole lot about this problem but no solutions. Anybody find one? I have a iPhone 3GS (O.S. 3.1) and all Apple routers and I have to re-enter the password for access every time I leave the area. It does not remember them. I tried re-setting everything but no luck.
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trying to charge iphone and it keeps telling me to plug it into itunes

yesterday all of a sudden the home button stopped working then the battery dropped immediately and started saying no service in the top left corner, now its plugged into the charger and is telling me to plug it into itunes and when i do it says that the iphone is in recovery mode and is not recognized.  My phone wont even turn on now! HELP PLEASE!

Does the iPhone has security lock for storing passwords

I am a formal owner of BlackBerry iphone and it has a security lock app for storing passwords or things I want to keep private. Is there such thing in iPhone where I can keep all my passwords?

auto fill for passwords in iphone safari

in ff and safai, 1P is very helpful, ur bring up a URL and it shows you your saved passwords to log in.
I cannot find the equivalent for iphone.
Option 1 - it would be fine with me if browser simply saved password for common web sites, like FF can do (not sure if safari does this on mac).
Option 2 - something that worked like 1P on the mac, where u open safari, type in a url (or via bookmark or icon) and u have the option of clicking on the logon.
There is a 1P for Iphone, but it works nothing like on the Mac or as described above.
Is there any such animal?
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10 Passwords

When the Erase Data is turned on (Settings,General,Passcode Lock) it functions to erase all data if 10 passwords tries fail. Does anyone know if 10 means TOTAL failures or sequential failures? There is a difference.
Thanks, Bob
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I was just wondering what format people use for passwords once they started using an iPhone.
Usually I set up passwords with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols but that is a little annoying when typing on the iPhone and switching back and forth between keyboards.

iPhone browser loses passwords after hands-free use

My iPhone 5 pairs quickly and efficiently with my 2012 Peugeot 207 SWs Connect audio system. I can make and receive calls, access my music including playlists, and it functions just fine.


But after using it in that way Safari appears to have lost a number of passwords that normally would still be there. Its quite annoying, but of course not a fatal flaw. Using the same phone with a Garmins Sat Nav in hands-free mode works fine. Can anyone help me pinpoint the problem please?

i have a new iphone 4s but it is not giving me all available memory its a 16GB only 11.9 used and its telling me i have 1.7 free

i have a new iphone 4s but it is not giving me all available memory. its a 16GB. only 11.9 used and telling me i have 1.7 free ?

Passwords App

I recently downloaded the Passwords app, but I cannot get it to insert passwords for the websites I use and set it up for. Has anyone gotten this app to work, and if so, how?
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e-mail passwords

Recently I have been getting frequent pop-ups requesting my passwords for my e-mail accounts. Sometimes its just for one account, other times for all my accounts. If I ignore it, my account goes off-line. Does anyone know what the problem is? Should I be worried about it?
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Not getting anything telling me I have new mail

I am using GMAIL as my default. I dont get any notification that I have new mail. I have to actually click on the mail ICON for the mail to D/L and THEN I get the ding. is this normal ? Thanks very much!

Erased Passwords

Odd thing happened today. A few hours ago, without anything happening (at least nothing I was aware of), all of my email passwords had been deleted. I had synced earlier in the morning, and my iPhone was able to send and receive emails. Then, then I was sitting in a meeting, and noticed I had no new emails. I went to each of my accounts (I have 3 mobile me and 2 IMAP accounts), and they were blank. I went into setup, and each accounts passwords were deleted.
I dont believe I did anything wrong, but who knows, maybe I looked at my iPhone crosseyed or something. I havent played around with any of the settings since Friday when I got my beautiful black iPhone 3G S (32 GB version).
any ideas? The problem hasnt repeated, so Im not sure what the cause might be.
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my iphone 4 keeps telling me to restore i have tried all the suggestions in the archive and the apple store is no help

My iphone 4 keeps telling me to restore, i have tried removing the sim, I have removed all the apps and i have taken it to the milton keynes store, who were less than helpfull and I still get restore coming up.

Wi-Fi Auto Login & Saved Usernames Passwords Problem in iPhone OS 3.0 GM

I work at a University and we have campus-wide WiFi. It requires you to log-in via a web-browser page (you are automatically redirected when you open your browser), like a commercial hot spot. The new Automatic WiFi Login feature of 3.0 (GM) doesnt work for me. The process is definitely different, but doesnt seem to be totally working. Instead of being redirected to a log-in page when I open Safari, now a window slides up from the bottom of the screen with the log-in page. I type in my username and password, hit go, and it works like normal, only since the log-in page is now on a slide-up page, it just slides down and goes away, and I go about my business.
The way my campus network works, if you are inactive for a long enough time (somewhere between 15-30 minutes, Im not sure exactly) youre logged out so when you start browsing again you have to log-in again. Its a giant pain for iPhone users seeing as most browsing sessions on the iPhone are pretty short. As a result, Im typing my username and password into that log-in page multiple times a day (between 3-10 depending on how much I use the phone). I dont know whats up with it, but in the new version of Safari under 3.0 (GM), when Im logging in to web sites, it doesnt ask to save the password every time. For example, it wont ask to save the password when I go to Twitters mobile site, but it will when I go to Facebooks. Im not sure why it is only remembering information for certain sites. My campus log-in page is one of these sites. When I log-in via the new slide-up window, it doesnt offer to remember the info, so Im assuming it cant pull it back up to do the automatic log-in, which is why I think it isnt working.
Specifically, when I connect to the network now, the phone appears to try to auto-connect (screen dims and shows connecting) but eventually gives up and slides the manual log-in screen up.
Anybody else have experience with this?
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Safari remember passwords

Can I set Safari to remember my passwords on the iPhone 3GS ?
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Question on WEP passwords

I currently have Ethernet connectivity. But will soon get a Airport Extreme for Wifi. My question is this, and please excuse the ignorance, when I setup the Wifi, is the WEP password setup by me or my ISP ?
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Application for storing passwords

I am desperately looking for an application to store passwords. My Blackberry had a very good native application although there was not way to export the entries.
I have tried Lockbox and SplashID. Both programs have a lot of problems and cannot really be used.
Any other hints?
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Viewing wifi passwords

I was wondering if I could view what my stored password is for an iphone wifi account. The situation is this: my iphone has a wifi password account saved (for the wifi at my uncles house) and Id like to add that same account to my wifi-airport for my macbook pro. I could just ask my uncle for the password again, but I was wondering if this is even possible on the iphone.
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Complex WiFi passwords

Just picked up my iPhone today. Im very pleased with it but am having problems with WPA2 passwords. The password I use on my router was generated randomly to give better security. However it is very difficult to enter it into the iPhone because none of the characters are displayed as I enter them. Is there an easy way to do this e.g. configure wifi in iTunes?

Can't update to iOS4 despite it telling me I should

Ive repeatedly tried to update via iTunes but keep getting the following response:
This version of iTunes (9.1.1) is the current version.
Anyone have any idea whats going on?
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Entering very long passwords

I have my wireless networks secured with WPA2. I also use very long, like 50-60 character, passwords with random characters, symbols, and numbers. Here is an example of the type of password I use to protect my wireless networks:
Obviously this is great for security but it makes it virtually impossible to connect my iPhone to my wireless network. The combination of the less than perfect touch screen, having all the characters appear as upper case on the keyboard, and not being able to see the password as it is being entered has made entering this type of long, complex password correctly nearly impossible.
This isnt a problem with laptops etc, as I usually just copy the password to a file on a thumb drive and just cut and paste.
I have tried, several times, carefully entering the password into my iPhone, but it just isnt working. I know Im making a mistake somewhere, but I cant tell where!
Since were missing cut and paste and there doesnt seem to be a way to show the password being entered instead of the blue dots, is there another way of getting the password entered?
Of course, I could change the password on the router and all the wireless devices in my network, but thats really not an option I want to explore for obvious reasons.
Maybe Ill have to wait until the release an update with cut and paste...?
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Is saving passwords safe

Is saving passwords on my iPhone to the Passwords & Autofill feature SAFE?

new to iTunes syncing so you're telling me

..that once I put albums on my iPhone thru iTunes at home...i CANT add more albums to my iPhone from work thru iTunes without losing all the ones I synced from home?!?!? *** is that crap?
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will passwords be supported in ios6

will i still be able to have a password for my iphone in ios6?

Saving Usernames and Passwords

How does one save usernames and passwords to autofill? Presently only one of my bookmarked sites does is and I have no idea how I saved them to autofill, on my 3gs
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Retrieving WiFi passwords

I have a number of WiFi passwords stored in my iPhone and would like to retrieve them so I can use them in other devices.
For example, my inlaws WiFi password is in my iPhone and I would like to have it in my iPad to use when I am there. I can find these in the Keychain in my laptop.
Anyone know of a way to retrieve WiFi passwords from an iPhone?
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