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my iphone 5 won t charge

my iphone 5 won t charge

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Phone won't charge - won't hold charge - and getting hot

I hope there is someone who can help with this. I have been noticing recently, that when I plug in my phone to sync/charge, sometimes it gives me the full battery indicator even though it is nowhere near full. I can leave it on charge like this for hours and it will not charge. I have found that if I hard reboot (switching the mute button twice followed by normal hard reset), it will cure the issue and begin charging again.
Since updating to ios4 I had not noticed any issues with the phone until this morning when it wouldnt charge. I have tried resets and still it does not want to charge.
It is getting hot too and the battery indicator is shrinking really fast under average use (3G on, but no wi-fi and no blue-tooth) and not even going online other than checking e-mail.
Any help would be appreciated. I only have to nurse it until Thursday, but I wold like to keep it around to use as an itouch.
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The charge on my iphone 3g has completely gone and now it won't charge.How can I turn it on

my charge has gone and now the phone will not charge now. What can I do? please can someone help. Mick from the UK.

I dropped my iPhone4 briefly in the toilet dried it out wouldn't charge Replaced the battery phone works but still won't charge Will replacing the charging port help

I dropped my iPhone 4 down the toilet (clean water) briefly, but it was on. It worked for a while, but wouldnt charge. I dried it out, replaced the battery. It works, but now the battery wont charge. Could I have damamged the charging port, and is it worth puttting in a new port? Thanks for any suggestions...

My iPhone won't charge

I just had my 2 month old iPhone replaced because of a number of cracks on the rear casing, despite the phone living in a case, and never receiving any knocks or rough treatment. Apple were happy to do this.
However the replacement wont charge, the battery seems to think its charging, then the plugged in icon on the battery shows, presumably because its receiving mains power, on disconnecting, the battery reverts to low battery.
I have so far managed to get it to about 20% charged, but this doesnt last.
I have hard reset, and restored the phone, used USB and mains power through more than one cable/power adaptor, and even ran the battery flat and attempted to recharge, still not fixed.
Other posts say that the battery will not charge if its exposed to temperatures exceeding normal operating temperatures, but it doesnt even get remotely warm.
Any ideas?
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iPhone 3G won't charge

This is very confusing ..


My iPhone 3G fell 2 days ago and the home button wont click, I was going to buy a new phone already so I didnt really wanted to fix it. The problem is when I wwas going to download the pictures to my computer I synced the pictures and movies and it said they were saved to the computer now that I went back to my iPhone it wont even charge from the computer or the charge itself. I didnt worry much until I realized the pictures are not in my computer. Do you have any idea where could they be ? Or how to fix the phone I just need the pictures in it I dont even have videos ! Pretty please the pictures are so important !!

iPhone 4 won't charge

For some reason my iPhone 4 wont charge in my hardwired BMW iPhone/iPod connector. My original iPhone(2g) had no problem doing so.
I get an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle saying, Accessory not compatible for charging or something to that degree...
Any ideas?
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New iPhone Won't Charge

Plugged my charger into the computer to sync something. It normally brings up iTunes when I connect them. iTunes didnt pop up like usual. Put the charger in a wall socket and connected the phone and the green charger prompt does not come on the screen. What am I doing wrong? I have made sure everything is in the correct sockets. I have not dropped the phone, never use it near water... 3 day old phone and it is already malfunctioning.
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iPhone won't charge

I was in town today and noticed i had a low battery, i came home and plugged it in but was suprised when it didnt start charging. When the phone finally dies, it starts charging and the image of a red battery with a lightening bolt appears. After there is enough power to turn on - the icon in the top corner shows i have low battery but isnt charging and it pretty much continues in this cycle. I have tried plugging it into 2 plugs, 2 wires and 2 computers - nothing happens. The device doesnt appear on my computer either. Ive tried restarting it and turning it off/on about twenty times but nothing seems to work. The thing is, i had it on charge before i went into town (about 8 hours ago) and it was charging - i dont understand why its stopped working. :S I didnt install the latest update onto my phone, as i thought it would take too long, and i would try and install it to see if thats the problem but it doesnt show up in iTunes.
Has any one else had this problem?
Or can offer suggestions to fix this; ill try anything.
Also, if the phones covered under the Limited Warranty until December, do you think they would replace it if i cant figure out how to fix it or will they sendit off?
Thanks, replies greatly appreciated (:
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iPhone won't charge

I have the iPhone bought 3 years ago. The last 2 nights it has not charged. It is still in the low red zone. I do have an appointment with an Apple Rep but wanted to know if anyone has had the same problem. Plus, if you have bought the latest phone 4 how is it? Should I purchase this newest phone? Thx. If you can post it ASAP as I am heading out fairly soon. Thx again.
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Why won't my IPhone 5C charge

When i got the Phone on contract it came with a fake charger cable (apparently) so i then had to fork out £15 for a proper Apple product which is fair enough, the phone was charging fine until today and now i keep getting a message on the phone saying the phone wont connect with the cable. It wont charge at all, i have tried charging it with the plug thing and also putting it in the computer through USB.


This is rather irriatating now and i dont know what to do. I am not paying anymore money on a brand new phone for it to keep messing up with the charger!

My 3g iphone won't take any charge

I had to go out early this morning but my iphone had 20% charge. So I turned it off with the intention of turn it on my way home. On my way home I turned it but it was stuck on the apple logo so I turned it off by pressing the home botton and power botton. Tired turning it on after 30 secs and icon to attach a charger came on. When I got home and attached my plugged my iphone with my USB into the computer the ligthening bolt icon came on. Few mintues later the apple icon came up and its there for a while and then it goes off without turning off. I thought it was my charger because its a bit shabby so I got a new one and I am getting the same results.


Please help me. I have exams soon and all my study materials are saved on my phone.

iPhone - Won't Turn On - First charge

Got my iPhone yesterday. I let it get down to 1% battery about 10min ago, then plugged it in. Since then, the screen has gone black with a picture of a battery and a lightning symbol under it. The thing is, it wont turn on and iTunes isnt recognising it.
Whats going on?

Iphone won't charge completly


ive got a question about charging the battery.

I just bought the iphone 5s and as a daily routine i plug my device every night.

The last days i just realised that the battery isnt at full capacity in the morning

The battery indicator just shows something between 96% and 98%.

Now my question is, if thats normal or should i call the support, because i never

saw anything like that with previous phones?


Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance.

iPhone 4 won't charge enough to turn on



My iPhone 4 is approximately 4 months old and when tried on numerous chargers for at least a day/night each still wont charge enough to turn on. I have the latest update for the iPhone and I have also tried holding both buttons for at least a minute, still nothing happens. Please help.


Thanks in advance.

Iphone 4 won't charge just connects

I know there are lots of threads about the iphone 4 charging issues, but I havent seen any like this. My iPhone doesnt charge, it shows that its coneccted, but instead of the lightening bolt it shows the plug in.



That is what it shows.


Any idea what is wrong? Ive tried restoring it, backing up, restoring as a new iphone, changing chargers, even batteries. Nothing has worked.


Thank you,


iPhone won't sync or charge Help

I take the USB cord, connect it to my MacBook, and nothing happens- iTunes doesnt open and my battery doesnt charge. I use the USB cord with an outlet- still no battery charge. By the way, this is with two cords. Then I used my sisters iPhone charger- still nothing. I dont know what to do.
Please Help!
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iPhone 4 Won't Charge or Turn On

My iphone 4 battery died like it normally does a bit ago but when I plug it in, it doesnt register that its charging- the battery symbol and the apple never come on like it normally does when it starts to recharge.  I tried to hold down the power button while it was plugged in and it didnt do anything.  I tried different cords and plugging it into my computer and still nothing- it doesnt respond at all. 


Any suggestions (aside from taking it into an Apple store, we dont have one here) is appreciated!!   

Iphone 3G not recognized in PC Won't charge

3G using factory cable is not recognized and wont charge when plugged into PC USB port. Charges fine with wall charger. I can plug in my 3GS to the same computer using the same cable and windows recognizes it and charges. I have 2 other computers running the same operating systems here so I take the 3G that is not being recognized and the cable to each of those computers and it works fine.
So here is what I have determined
A. The USB port and cable are fine because my 3Gs is recognized when I plug it in.
B. The 3G phone is fine because it charges with the wall charger and in 2 other computers via USB. No problems.
Anyone have any ideas? This is just not making sense.
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My iPhone 3G won't charge How can this be fixed

I have tried charging from mt iMac, and two different chargers using two different cables. No success with any of the combinations.

Iphone won't charge - new battery

Recently my iPhone 4 stopped accepting charge.  I tried two wall chargers as well as my docking station, and none of them cause the battery to gain any charge.  Thinking it was the battery (which was 2+ years old), I ordered a replacement however after installing the new battery the symptom remains, I still cant get the phone to gain any charge. 


Has anyone had experience with this issue, and are there other things I can try to fix this?  My next attempt will likely be a fresh reinstall of the OS.



Why won't my iPhone 3GS charge anymore

Like, every charger Ive plugged it into, it wont charge. I updated it today and thats when it quit.

Help my iPhone 4 is plugged in but won't turn on or charge

My iPhone is plugged in black screen wont charge.... Just thought it was dead.... Has been on the charge for 3 hrs or so. Help please

iPhone 3GS won't turn on or charge

My Mrs got home from work today and thought her battery was dead so plugged in her iPhone, an hour later and still not turning on!!
Its stuck on the red battery with lightening sign underneath.
Its a 3GS - Optus 3.01 not jailbroken, bought from Telechoice in Westfield Eastgardens, Australia in June just after launch.
Ive tried to hold down home and on/off buttons and it just re-boots into the same mode. I also tried connecting to the Mac and re-booting as i found through google this worked in other cases.
No joy though, looks like ill have to take it back, do you reckon i should take it to the Apple shop in the city or back to the place of purchase? Or do you have any other ideas to get it to work?
Thanks in advance eggs
EDIT: Its just suddenly switched on and beeped in to life whilst whilst attached to the iMac after i posted this, please delete the thread (how strange)
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Iphone won't turn on or charge - I've tried everything Any ideas

Hi guys,
I have the new Iphone 3GS and last night while I was asleep the battery died, so this morning I plugged in with the wall socket and nothing seemed to be happening... swapped plugs, swapped cables, charged it with my car charger and have now got it plugged into the computer. Its responded each time with the apple symbol as if its trying to turn on, but it eventually goes blank after 30secs or so. Ive left it on charge for a few hours and nothing seems to be happening! Really dont want to go through the hassle of sending it to get repaired as I have important things not backed up on it!
Any ideas on how I can get it to work?
Thank you!
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iPhone Won't Charge Fome MBP

I am home recovering from surgery, and have limited mobility - so I have my iPhone attached to my 17 MBP by the iPhones cable. It shows the standard charging icon, but the charge hasnt increased for the past two hours. Ive kept the MBP awake, but the iphone isnt charging.
Any ideas?
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iPhone won't charge - no matter which souce -

My wifes iPhone wont charge, maybe one time out of 4. Never had problems like this with mine. Not an issue with cables or power adapter : tried with both mine and hers, as well as wall-plug of third party (working fine for mine).
Her phone can be completely empty, and indicator wont move even after a complete night. Or like this morning : the indicator (after an entire night) showed just half charged!
This phone is just 2 months old (should not be an issue with old battery...)
Thinking to go to Apple store with it, but before I do : maybe weve missed something ?...
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My iPhone 5 won't charge after iOS 7 upgrade

I have a iPhone 5 and this morning i upgraded it from iOS 6 to iOS 7. When the battery was low, i had to put it on charge. After 2 hours i checked bu it was still switched off. Before my battery died, i put the charger in and it said This cable is not certified.

How do I fix this?

Why won't my iphone 3gs charge even though it is plugged in

Hi guys, so Ive had my 3gs for nearly 2 years. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that charging it wasnt going easy. When my iphone shuts down from no battery life and I plug it in to charge, it charges enough to turn itself back on, but when it eventually turns back on it wont charge anymore? Even though it is still plugged in and switched on by the plug. So I have to take out the USB, turn off the switch to the plug, turn the switch back on, plug the USB back in and it charges again.

BUT, recently not even that does it. Ive tried different plug sockets, ive rebooted it. Ive tried leaving the USB cable in and just turning on and off the plug switch.

So at the moment its just going through a circle of running out of battery, charging and turning itself back on, having 4% battery and dying again and repeating.So I googled my problem and didnt really find a solution. I mean the plug and USB cable are fine. Clearly it charges fine because it charges enough to turn itself back on when its shut down. 

I found out that when the iphone is plugged in but turned off it still charges so I tried this when it started itself up again, and it charges!!

But why wont it charge when the phone is on and plugged in

iPhone won't charge unless connected to a computer

Ive tried everything - cleaning out the port, restoring, and nothing works. I just want to charge my phone without being connected to a computer! Its EXTREMELY incovient! Any help will be appreciated!

mophie won't charge iPhone 5 after iOS

I recently updated my iPhone 5 with iOS7 and now my mophie wont charge the phone.  what up?

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