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my iphone 5s cant receive mms messages how to upload pictures

my iphone 5s cant receive mms messages how to upload pictures

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Why won't my iphone 5s send or receive SMS or MMS messages

I just upgraded from an old pantech phone to an iphone 5s. Im familiar with running it for the most part because I have the ipod touch 5th generation. However, I cannot get my iphone to send or receive sms or mms messages no matter what I do. Ive gone through all the settings and forums and nothing has worked for me. Ive got the latest ios update but I still cant get it to work. PLEASE help. This is really frustrating.

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Can't send or receive mms messages since ios 4 upgrade 3gs

Since upgrading my iPhone 3GS to 4.0 software I have been unable to send or receive mms messages. Carrier is o2, thy have tried to enable their end and I have also restored to factory settings but still no joy. Can anybody help please ?
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can you send or receive text messages with pictures attached

a friend is trying to send me a text message with a picture included. i never heard of that, but he claims his phone, a treo, can do that.
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My iPhone 4 won't receive or send text messages although I can receive call n make calls N I'm also connected to the wifi just can send or receive text or iMessage Please help I've tried everything

My iPhone 4 wont send or receive any message text or iMessage and my wifi is connected and I can recite and make calls still n fb still works as well. My phone was working fine until about 2pm yesterday.

I receive calls but can't place a call I send and receive messages and mails I drop some water on top of the phone

Accidentally I drop couple drops of water on the phone.

The phone still works perfect.

I send and receive mails, text messages, and I also can receive calls hear and talk.

But when I want to place a call i automatically receive error message.

I change my chip to other phone and worked perfect.

I try using a different sim on iPhone and has the same problem, just cant make a call.

I updated ios.

I restore to factory.

And still the same problem.

Can someone help me ?

Telephone company says they just cant help because is not line problem and it seems they cant solve the hardware problem.

Why I can't upload pictures from my iphone 3g to fb gmail


How do you upload your pictures to the internet

I tried uploading to photobucket and tinypic, but it doesnt work..
How do I get my pictures off my iPhone and on the internet

Why can't I upload my pictures to my facebook

How do I upload my photos to facebook from my iphone4?

Messages -1 error - can't send or receive messages

Havent been able to send or receive messages since last night. Error shown in link below. Really strange. Dont remember doing anything in particular that might have caused it.
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Why Does the iPhone not send receive MMS

Why Does the iPhone not send/receive MMS? this in the works?
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Why can't I receive MMS

I can send, but not receive.
Ive done the update, restarted the phone, etc. I can send but not receive.
Thank you!
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Not able to Receive MMS

Hey all, I know the iPhone doesnt have mms but you know when someone sends you one you get a text with the link and pass-code? Well i dont get neither of that. I dont have a text package though. I have another phone Sidekick LX lol and i use that for texting but sometimes the mms dont come threw or are either delayed. Is there a way to enable that to receive the text with the code?
Thank You!
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Can't receive MMS message

After updating I can send MMS messages but cannot receive them. Any ideas? My daughter has Verizon and has sent me three pictures in a text message that I havent gotten, not even just the text part of the message came through. I have searched the manual with no luck and couldnt find anyone on this site having the same problem. Would appreciate any help.

Still can't send receive MMS

Ok so I have updated to 3.1, gotten carrier update, and then restart phone. I get the little cammera but will not send. I have restored the phone 4 times and reinstalled all updates. I have also talked with AT&T and Apple for over two hours and no one can figure out why am I am having this problem. It can not be that it is overloaded here because I am standing next to three people who are having no problem! Very irritating!!!
I was an original 2g iPhone owner and updated to the 3G in march. Could this be a contributing factor?
Help! Please. I have tried everything.
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Is there anyway to receive an MMS message pic

I know that with my iPhone I can send a pic not just via email, but supposedly also to a Verizon customer by using the #@vzwpix.com so it arrives as an MMS.
But is there any similar way to receive an MMS sent from another cell phone to my iPhone? How would a Verizon user send one to me?
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Won't send or receive MMS

My new iPhone 4 fails to send or receive MMS messages. Is this a hardware problem or a carrier problem? (Also, the battery life is awful. Barely lasts a day. But it seems thats another story...). This is my first iPhone. So far, a bit of a disappointment.
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can't send receive photos in mms

im hoping this is just a setting i dont know about. when in the messaging screen the camera icon is not next to the messsage box.
it was there a couple of weeks ago.
ive been to the at&t store and the apple store. after messing with the phone they both sent me home to do a restore.
i did a restore to as a new phone and the icon returned, great!
but then i did a restore from back up to get all my info back and the camera icon disappeared again.
i cant just make it as new and start over. id rather live without mms photos. but the best solution would be if i can just get that function back.
any suggestions on what to check?
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How do u receive pictures without viewmymessage.com

I tried to find this but couldnt. I had an ATT Razor and could easily send and recieve pictures with my phone. I now have an iphone and cant stand having to go to viewmymessage.com to look at a picture someone sends me. Is there a way around this ?
Thank you.
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My 3Gs will not receive or send pix via text I have the MMS on

My 3Gs will not receive or send pix via text, I have the MMS on.

Why do I need Cellular Data turned on to send receive MMS

So after over 3 hours on the phone with Verizon, Apple, then Verizon again trying to figure out why I cant send or receive mms messages unless Cellular Data is on, doing a hundred soft/hard/network/every reset imaginable, a Verizon rep this morning told me you cannot use mms unless the cellular data is switched to on, and there are NO PHONES that will allow you to send mms without it on.

Ok, so how come when I had flip phones that didnt even have data plans, I was able to send MMS? And the biggest question - how come I never ever turned my 3G on on my droid and yet could still send SMS? Why does the iPhone force me to keep cellular data on, eating away at my 150mb data plan that I can barely even afford and would rather only have wifi on?

I can' receive txt messages on my iphone 4

I have my iphone for 2 weeks and today I notice that I cant receive txt messages on it....also I send them but people dont receive them. What can the problem be...is this something to do with the phone or with AT&T?

my iphone 4 cannot receive text messages from the philippines

my iphone 4 cannot receive text messages from the philippines

Sending pictures via mms

What are the other phone company addresses to use in order to send a picture to someone who doesnt have att ( @mms.att.net )?
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Lost pictures in my MMS

I have lost my pictures in my MMS but the message is still there. I want to save the pictures but I can´t now. When I click at the blue arrow the picture is black. Can I find them somewhere?

iPhone MMS messages

I just bought a new iphone 3GS and found out that I cannot send or receive pictures in my text messages as I could do with my previous provider. The website video says that I should be able to send and receive pictures via MMS, but I do not seem to be able to have this option when I open a pic from my phone. It will let me email them, but that is not what I wish to do. Can anyone help me.

Unable To Receive Or Send Picture Messages On iPhone 3G

My wife has an iPhone 3G on a monthly contract with O2 in the UK.
I sent her a picture (MMS) message from my 3GS which she couldnt receive as her phone wasnt set up for MMS.
She sent the required text message to O2 who duly responded by saying that they would set up MMS and let her know when it was available to her.
Then NOTHING! She sent 2 more texts to O2 and got 2 more standard replies but still no picture messaging.
Eventually she sent an email to O2 who asked if she had the latest iPhone software and if MMS was switched on. She replied that she had and it was and O2 said theyd look into it.
There was then a few days silence and now O2 appear to be stumped. Theyve asked my wife to phone them on an 0870 number to try to sort it out.
Before she does that, however, does anyone on this forum have any ideas?
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Why won't my iPhone 3GS receive picture messages

Recently, my phone will not receive picture messages- it is as if the sender didnt send anythignat all. my MMS messaging is turned on, data is turned on, I havent jailbroken or unlocked my phone, and my picture messaging was working fine until three days ago. I use AT&T. Any help?

My iPhone 4 will send messages to an android phone but not receive them

I have an iPhone 4 and my boyfriend has an android, galaxys3, and today at 12:57, after he sent me an emoji from his Hangout app, I was not able to receive any more sms messages from him. He can recieve my messages and text me, but I can only send him messages, not receive them. He stopped using the hangout app and returned to his normal text message app, which always works. The only messages I can receive from him are mms like pictures and such. I turned my iMessage off and can text other iphones with text message instead of imessage. My dad has a galaxy note and Ive been receiving his texts. My boyfriends dad tried texting me from his android and I didnt get his either. Ive turned my phone off and back on, did a hard reset on it, turned on airplane mode and then turned it off.

MMS won't send pictures

I got a text from AT&T saying to check for updates on my iPhone to get the picture mail. I now have it on my phone but the pictures wont send. The sending bar will go about 4/5 of the way but will stop after that. Does anyone know why thats happening?

Why can I receive messages but can't send any

I have a iPhone 3GS I can receive SMS messages but cannot send any please help also why does my screen look like this at the top and why do my keys stick

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