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my iphone 5s wont work with the bluetooth in my ford

my iphone 5s wont work with the bluetooth in my ford

iphone unlocked

my bluetooth wont work after update

since updating my iphone 4s to ios 7.0.3, i no longer have bluetooth connection in my car (bmw 1 series)

iv rebooted, re set network setting alone with any thing else i can think of. the phone wont find any bluetooth devices. iv tried a different car and tried someone elses phone in my car , which works fine (with ios 7.0.1), any ideas anyone, apple dont seem to want to help somone without a warranty, even though its thier latest update that seems to have caused this problemo


iphone unlocked

iPhone 5 and Microsoft Sync Bluetooth in Ford Vehicle

I have an iPhone 5 that I am trying to pair and use with my Microsoft Sync Bluetooth that is built into my Ford vehicle. I am able to connect to my husbands Microsoft Sync (older version) in her Ford, but my iPhone wont work with my Bluetooth in my Ford. I am able to pair with my bluetooth (manually), but am unable to operate the iPhone (like play music) using the controls built into the steering wheel (like I am able to do when using my husbands bluetooth in her Ford). Also my iPhone does not connect automatically to the Bluetooth in the Ford when I get in the car everytime, on rare occassions it does, but for the vast majority of the time it does not, and I have to pair manually (again, my iPhone 5 does connect automatically to my husbands bluetooth when I get into his Ford). The only difference between the 2 Microsoft Sync Bluetooths built into the Fords, is mine is a newer version, while my husbands is a couple years older.


Any troubleshooting suggestions? My iOS software is up to date. Maybe the bluetooth needs an update, though I have not heard of one? I have called the manufacturer, who said it works how its going to work (ha!). Does the issue lie with the bluetooth device in my Ford or with the iPhone?


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

iPhone 4s Ford Sync bluetooth audio streaming

I got my new iPhone 4s to sync to my Ford Escape and had no problems making calls. I did get it to play music from my iphone playlist through the bluetooth right after I got it all synced up and it all worked fine, until I shut my vehicle off. After that, I could still make calls, but when I gave the command bluetooth audio it would search and search for a device, and then tell me no device was detected. Is anyone else having problems? The only mp3 player I have in my car is my phone, and I didnt have it hooked up to my vehicle with the cord. Thanks!

iOS 5 Bluetooth ford problem

I have a 2011 (UK 11 reg) Ford Mondeo with built in Sony radio with sat nav, Bluetooth and CD.  It has been linking fine to my iPhone 4 via Bluetooth both for phone calls and audio as needed running iOS 4.  However since upgrading to iOS 5 it wont keeps saying it cant establish data connection, audio breaks up then the phone disconnects intermittently, and the radio no longer displays my phone signal strength which I relied up to know I had a signal. 


This is a major pain as I need it to be reliable as it was until recently for work support phone calls.  Can anyone please advise how to resolve this?  Please dont say take it to my Ford dealer, 1) they will likely have no clue 2) why the **** should I when its Apples upgrade which has caused the problem - it was fine before I installed iOS 5. 

Pairing with Bluetooth Carkit Ford Focus 2008

I have a problem with pairing my iPhone 3G with my builtin carkit in my Ford Focus 2008
The carkit is a Bluetooth Voice and Control and is Factory builtin.
The Firmware version of the iPhone 3G is 2.1
When i turn on bluetooth on the iPhone it discovers the Ford Audio. Then i tap on the discovered Ford Audio and it tries to connect but after a while the display says that it cannot connect to the Ford Audio. I expected to see an entry for the pairing pin but that doesnt appaer.
Can someone tell me what is going wrong
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My iPhone 4 wont turn on It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help

My iPhone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doesnt work please help!!!!!

I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 with att and my Imessage wont work with my number it only works with my apple id How do i get it to work with my phone number

I need help!!!!!!

my iphone's 3g wont work

my iphone is now just stuck in recoevery mode thought apple was good.

My Old New Iphone wont work

My friend recently got a new IPhone3GS, because of that, he gave me his old IPhone3G. I immediately went to settings, reset, and I reset the whole Iphone, and all the data. It was taking a while, but what I didnt know was that it had a low battery. Around the half way mark of the format the battery died, I plugged it in, and I-Tunes wont recognize it. I try turning it on, and it brings up the Apple Logo, for about 15-30 seconds, and it flashes and turns off. I have been keeping it plugged in, so it is not a battery issue. How would I fix this?
IPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0 NOT WORKING

Help I restored my Iphone 3gs not it wont work

I tried to restore all settings of my iphone 3gs not it wont work, so i did a little bit of research and i did the DFU mode but when im going to restore and update it it doesnt work its saying that there was a problem downloading the software for the iphone. the network connection timed out. Please help! Thanks!

iPhone internet wont work over WiFI

Hey, Safari, Weather Updates, You Tube all dont seem to work when im connected to my WiFi Network. However when I dont connect and leave it just on AT&Ts service it works. Any ideas? I have a WRT54G LinkSys Router.

My Iphone sound wont work without headphones Help

My IPhone sound wont work without headphones, the volume slider disappers and no sound comes from it but i can still make calls Help

ive already tried rebooting aswell still dosent work

Computer at work wont recognize Iphone

Hello, I have 1.9Ghz Power PC G5 at work with the latest Itunes and all available updates as of 9/16/09. (OS = 10.4.11).
My iphone 3gs works fine otherwise but when I try to plug it in via USB/Synch cable at work, the computer just doesnt recognize. It used to work until recently. I tried restarting the computer with the iphone plugged in and there was a quick vibrate/recognition when it first turned on but then back to the unrecognizable status. Im not trying to synch, just trying to charge the phone. It used to work and sometimes when I disconnect the usb I get the device removal warning (which leads me to believe there is some recognition.
Any ideas...Ive tried the cable on another mac in my office and I know its working.
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iPhone 5 bluetooth wont pair

Hey everyone, I called the stereo manufacturer and apple support and they kept giving me the story to call the other guys so no help to me

I did however get it going!


Problem is iPhone 5 wont pair to multiple radios, specifically pioneer head units. My iPhone 3gs paired fine but not the iPhone 5.


Tried restore factory settings and both bluetooth firmwares, no change.

The fix is you need to go to settings turn OFF LTE.

Then pair the phone as normal, phone will pair, then turn ON LTE, then restart stereo.


Phone will automatically pair with stereo now. Initial pairing needs to have LTE turned off while pairing.



Hopefully Apple will read this and correct the problem.


This isint just happening to me, multiple forumns say the same problem with no fix, this fix helped everyone with the iphone 5 so far.

Same for IOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 same issue and same fix

my iphone 4 home button wont work but still clicks

My IPhone 4 home button doesnt work anymore. It still clicks but it work exit the page.

drag and drop Iphotos to Iphone wont work

before I reformatted my iphone, i synced all the pictures into Iphoto from it.
Now, im trying to drag all those photos from Iphoto back onto my Iphone, but Im getting an error saying These files cannot be copied to Iphone because Iphone cannot play them. How is this possible Iphone TOOK the pictures and now they wont go back on They are just .jpg files.
I was able to just drag and drop pics from Iphoto before...but not now. Any ideas what I can do
Thanks for your help everyone!!
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iPhone 3G wont work with AT&T Locked to Rogers Wireless

I recently bought a USED iPhone 3G from ebay. I got it for a very cheap price, because it was from Canada and it was locked to Rogers. When It arrived, I inserted my AT&T SIM card into the iPhone and it said something like this: The SIM card inserted into this iPhone does not appear to be supported. And then it says to put in the SIM card that came with the phone to activate it, etc...
I then Jailbroke it and unlocked it so that I could use it for myself with AT&T, but it does not work. It give me the this SIM card is not compatible message every time I put my sim card in. I think I may have upgraded the baseband and permanently lock my iPhone.
Is there any way I can HARD-Restore it or something to get it to work with AT&T and unlock it from rogers wireless? I have called Rogers and they said it needs to be unlocked. I think Apple should be able to wipe it clean somehow and restore it to be used with AT&T.
Thanks in advance
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TS2802 My sleep button doesnt work I cannot screenshot anymore and it doesnt lock my phone I can never reaet my phone now as it wont back on Any ideas what i can do It still clicks down as normal it just doesnt work

My sleep button doesnt work. I cannot screenshot anymore and it doesnt lock my phone. I can never reaet my phone now as it wont *** back on. Any ideas what i can do. It still clicks down as normal it just doesnt work

Imessage still wont work WHY

I got an Iphone 5 about 5 months ago and have had nothing but issues since day 1 with Imessage.

I have spoken to Vodafone numerous times now though they claim this is not them.

I even spoke with the Tech Supervisor and he was convinced it was the phone, I went to Apple last week who replaced the phone and it only worked for about a day and now continues to not work.

My phone also has the most recent software and updates.

I went back to Vodafone who replaced the sim card, it worked for about an hour and now it STILL WONT WORK.

I have 5gb of internet and connect to my works wireless though still nothing.

I have team group messages going on with work so this is a major issue for me because I am missing out on important info relating to work.

I reset my network settings numerous times a day, and continually reset my entire phone which is a massive inconvenience.

Vodafone dont know what to tell me anymore either....

Please someone help me

why wont facetime work

Why wont facetime work?

MMS wont work

I cant figure out how to send MMS. I followed the instructions on this video:
Connected to iTunes, and checked for available software, and it tells me I have the latest version. I power down the phone. When I turn back on there is no MMS setting in the message settings.
How do I get it to work?
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iphone 3g stuck on white logo USB wont work what to da

Hello every1 i have an iphone 3g whose USB doesnt work with Pc i mean doesnt charge nor cync with pc but charges with Charger Now my Iphone is stuck on Apple Logo and not going ahead i have had search on many websites but only solution is with connecting to itunes via Datacable but i unfortunately cannot take help of it so is there any solution on how to get it started without iTunes or What will be the cost for repairing it or what kind of problem is this Charges with Charger but doesnt charge and Sync with PC .Thanks in Advance

Iphone 4 new Carrier At&t Wont pair with bluetooth on my iMac8 1

This seems to be an issue after reading the forum, But with no resolve to people like me who use bluetooth a lot in my Honda and on my Imac.. can some one please answer why the iphone 4 will not pair with my bluetooth on my imac, and why it disappears from hands free link when I turn of the engine, I have paired it on my hands free link, and have called out on the hands free link...but have to keep pairing. I am considering taking it back & getting another phone.
Thank you any help is really appreciated.
Dolores Belser.
Iphone ver 4.2.1 iOS 4 Imac 10.6.5

Why some apps wont work on wifi

why do some apps not work while connected via wifi? While on my carrier 3G network all work fine, but at home i always get error messages . This happens with amazon app, movies app and bloomberg app
any ideas?
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volume wont work on iphone4s

Volume iphone 4s wont work , i can hear people once i answer phone , i cant hear music or ringing, but if i plug in earphones i can hear music and ringing tones

Upgrading wont work on iTunes

I have a 3GS and Im trying to upgrade to OS4.2 via iTunes. When I hit upgrade next to the restore button it comes up with a message telling me Im currently using iTunes 9.2 and that its up-to-date. So clearly the upgrade is getting confused between iTunes and iPhone. Anyone else had this problem or know what to do about it?
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IOS4 and now wont work on headunit

i have a pioneer touch screen headunit in my vehicle, and now that i upgraded to IOS4 it will play a song and then disconnect and then reconnect and play next song. has anyone else had problems after they updated on a headunit mine plays through the USB cord. i already contacted pioneer for help
iOS 4

some videos and pics wont work

i updated to 5.1 a few months ago and about 15 pictures and videos quit working properly. my pics stay blurry and if i try to play a video it says the requested url was not found on this server. these are videos i recorded with phone. does anyone know how to get them working again? its an iPhone 4 on 5.1.1 and the backup that was made when i updated to 5.1 made the camera roll empty somehow luckily i had iCloud and got them all back

TS3367 why wont my iphone 4 camera work with facetime and why does it freeze everytime i go to use it

hello  wont my iphone 4 camera work back and front , front camera blank screen , back camera fine but torch doesnt work on it and it doesnt work with Facetime .. PLEASE HELP ?

Apps wont connect on work wifi

Have searched for an answer but so far no luck although there seems to be many having wifi issues i cant find my specific case.
mine is a strange one (well i think so). i am able to connect to wifi here at work and use the mail app as well as safari but when i try to use an app that needs to access the network it is unable to connect or collect data.
is there some setting that i need to change to allow apps to access the network at work? it is a bit of a nuisance to constantly change from wifi to cellular and back to make use of the apps
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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