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my iphone is ringing only sometimes

my iphone is ringing only sometimes

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Iphone not ringing

Hey guys. My iphone 4 is my first iphone so Im new to this. My iphone will be sitting right next to me (with full bars) and it wont ring when someone calls. I will see that I missed a call but my phone never rang. Also Ive noticed that texts will be delayed sometimes. Basically my phone is exhibiting symptoms of low reception when it is untouched on my desk with full bars. Any ideas?
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iPhone not ringing

I know I have a phonecall because the phone vibrates BUT it doesnt ring, it seems all the settings are OK - any ideas why the ring doesnt work anyone?
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iphone 4s not ringing

I recently purchased an iphone 4s and my phone does not ring when I have an incoming call.  It did for about the 1st week I had it, and now all I get is the on screen alert.  I have checked the following in Settings Sounds

- Volume is set to highest level

- Ring tone is set to Old Phone

- Vibrate is off

- Change with Buttons is off

- Vibrate is off

- Lock Sounds is on

- Keyboard Clicks is on


Please help, today I missed an important business call because of this issue and it was very embarassing. 



My iPhone stopped ringing

I cant get my ringer to make any sound. It is not in Silent Mode and I tried to reset. Help!

My new iPhone is not ringing when i get calls

Hi; i realized after missing several calls that my iPhone never rings, only vibrates if at all or the answering machine intercepts calls.
To get to the point, every ringtone i choose and volume setting work when i select and test it, but never when i get a call, any advise appreciated.
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Problem with iphone 5 not ringing

My iphone 5 doesnt ring when I receive a call. It worked fine until I turned the sound down the other day. Later, I moved the sound back to a louder setting. But it only vibrates with incoming calls and texts.  Ive tried powering the phone off and on, and Ive tried choosing a different ring tone. When I select a different ringtone, the phone plays the sound. But incoming calls do not ring. Can anyone help?

iPhone not ringing since iOS4 installed

I have an iPhone 3Gs and since downloading the iOS4 my phone does not ring. I get the message of a missed called.
Any help or suggestions?
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iPhone 5 not ringing when people call

I have an iPhone 5.  People are calling but its not ringing on my end.  No missed calls. Later I get voicemails.  Ive been on the phone with AT&T for hours 4 times yesterday.  Sometimes the phone will receive calls other times it wont.  They did a reset on ATTs side.  Sent signals to the phone etc.  I can send and receive text messages.  Is anyone else having this problem   I have an appointment with the Genius Bar tonight.  Before I go, Im going to do a restore on the computer and go to ATT and get a new sim card.  This is FRUSTRATING.

iPhone 3G not ringing custom ringtones

Since I updated the software to 3.0.1, my phone will not ring using my custom ringtones. It will either go into silent mode, vibrate or only ring using the tones that are already on the phone. Any ideas
iPhone OS 3.0.1

iPhone 4 not ringing after upgrading to iOS5

Hi all,

Since upgrading my iPhone 4 to ios 5 it no longer rings, but still vibrates. The rining volume is turned right up, I have tried changing ring tones (which I can hear after changing), and tried rebooting, and checked all the settings.


Does anyone know how to get over this problem.


Many thanks,



Iphone - no sound when ringing or sending texts

Ive recently just got an iphone 4, and ive several times slided the bars for the sound controls for my messages onto off. however, each time ive slided it onto On they have made sounds almost to confirm the sound is on.
However, this time around, ive slid them all onto On, no sound was made and no sound is being emitted from my phone when calls or text messages come. it only vibrates! please let me know what i can do!!!
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Voice calls straight to voicemail no iPhone ringing

Hi all,
Is anyone else having a problem where voice calls go straight to voicemail, without the phone actually ringing. I am getting more voicemails than phone calls at the moment, and its looking like a phone problem (ip4).
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How long when ringing

.....do you see the name calling? Is it normal just for 2 rings? Than the display become black .
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No voice ringing

I have lost my voice ringing for incoming calls.
I used to have a vibrate of the iPhone 3Gs with system 4.2 and then a music starts.
recently, for unknown reason I lost the voice ringing. The iPhone vibrate when incoming calls come, but no music ringing.
I attach the configuration as it is in my iPhone.
Any idea to repair the situation.
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iPhone 4S not ringing no music nothing i.e no audio through speakers after ios 5.1.1 update

Hello Support Community,

I have an iPhone 4S 32GB Black that stopped sending audio through speakers i.e. phone not ringing, music, video, youtube and all Apps which output sound are not sending audio through the iPhones speakers. It seems nothing heard through speakers but if I plug in my headset jack everything can be heard through the headset. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps listed in the community i.e. restart, hard reboot, reset network settings, reset all settings, erase all content and settings, restore from backup, restore as new phone, backup,update and software using both iphone and through iTunes and the final step which I did was plug/unplug headphone jack several times to the iphone then tried a cotton inserted in the jack to clean but nothing worked for me. I have gone through the Apple Support Community and Goolge search but not much help received. Anyone of you had the same issue which you were able to fix it? Appreciate your comments/suggestions to solve my problem! Thanks.


It might be software issue I guess, probably the next ios updated should be able to fix this if Apple really take this seriously as I have seen hundreds of people are complaining the same issue.

iphone my number keeps coming up blocked when im ringing but it wont let me set my id to on is there another way of doing it

iphone my number keeps coming up blocked when im ringing but it wont let me set my id to on is there another way of doing it

How do I stop the iPhone ringing on speaker when I am using my blu-tooth headset

I have a Plantronics Voyager legend headset working with my iPhone 5.


When I am using the headset and someone calls me, the phone speaker AND the headset both ring.  How can I stop th espeaker from ringing, so that I only hear the ring on my headset?

Ringing and vibrating at the same time

Is there a way to set my iPhone 3 so that it will ring and vibrate at the same time with an incoming call?
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Intermittent lack of ringing

Recently my phone 3G has intermittently not ringing. I have checked volume settings both on the side rocker as well as under settings. The silent switch is not set to silent. I have missed calls and some I have seen them coming in on the screen but no ring. I have tried calling myself and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I have updated my software. Any other suggestions?
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Not Ringing on Incoming Calls

When I get incoming calls now, after the 3.1.2 update...suddenly my IPhone 3gs is not ringing.
It shows the pic of the incoming caller and functions as usual, but the ring tone does not activate.
I checked both my sound settings and ring tone and it comes thru loud and clear so the volumes up.
But I confirmed if I call my phone thru my home line...it activates the pic but never rings.
What am I missing...aside from all my incoming calls?
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Addition of ringing for sms

Good evening ;
I would like to put the following question :
Its possible to added a ringing for the sms as one can do it for the ringings calls ?
Thank you very much.
P.S : Afflicted for my English whom is not perfect
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I installed FaceTime on my Mac now video calls aren't ringing on my iPhone

I just installed Face Time on my Mac.
Now when I receive a Face Time call it only rings on my Mac, not my iPhone.
Does anyone know if BOTH the Mac and iPhone should ring when a call is received.
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My phone stopped ringing ip5

Switching profiles - vibrate only to ringing also

Is there a simple and easy way to switch between a silent and a ringing profile?

TS2802 My iPhone4 has stopped ringing



My iPhone has recently stopped audibly ringing on incoming calls and also does not provide any of the normal appointment tones or sounds and also the loudspeaker does not work. I have had to set it to vibrate just so that I can tell if I am receiving an incoming call or for an appoinment notification. Otherwise the phone works perfectly as per normal except for the ringer.

This problem seems to have started after I upgraded the software to the latest version


I have struggled for a long time not being able to make the ringing tone loud enough. I have tried making various tones but nothing seems to be very loud.
Is this a common fault or does anyone have a solution to this annoying problem?
== Barry
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My iPhone 4 volume works when it is ringing but isn't working for texts emails and all other sounds Can anyone help

My iPhone 4 volume works perfectly when I receive a call but it is completely mute for texts, emails etc coming in. Also there is no sound when using the keyboard. Help please?

How to extend ringing time before voicemail is activated

I would like to setup the phone such that voicemail is not activated for 10 or 15 seconds, but I cant figure out how to do it. This was pretty easy to do on some previous phones I used.
Any ideas how to do this?
Thank you for your time.
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length of ringing time for incoming calls

My phone only rings 4 times before some message is played to the caller. I never get it in time........ How can I change the length of the ringing?
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How to have address book pictures show when ringing

I have a photo assigned to almost every contact in my address book on my imac which has synced with my contacts on my iphone. When they call me, why doesnt their picture show up on my iphone?
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