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my son locked himself out on iphone

my son locked himself out on iphone

iphone unlocked

iPhone locked by my Son

hy there, could anyone tell me how to unlock my iPhone. My Son locked it (dont ask me how, but he did) and now i have to type in the four digit code, which I dont know. And please dont tell me to ask my son. Did that many times. Could any body help? PLEASE
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iphone unlocked

my son locked himself out of his iPhone 4 now the phone is disabled I went into iTunes and it sent me back to the phone to enter code The only key pad available is for emergency calls only How do I restore usage of this phone

Please help!

My son locked himself out of his Iphone.  Now the phone is disabled and the only ablitlty on the phone is to call emergency.

The screen instructs to go to Itunes; however, in doing so, Itunes sent me back to the phone to enter the passcode. The phone doesnt give an option for that.  Again, all I can do is call emergency if I needed to.

I got an iphone 4 from cousin in the uk so its locked factory locked to a carrier that l dont know how do l unlock it

I got an iphone 4 from a cousin in the uk so its locked factory locked to a carrier that l dont know how do l unlock it

Lookng to give my son my original 8g iphone

He is currently using a att black berry. How does he go about activating the iphone? Can he pop in his sim card and activate it online? thx
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Son's iPhone 3GS keeps showing Charging not Supported

Over the weekend, my sons iphone 3gs started showing a warning Charging not supported by this device on the home screen but the phone is not plugged into any chargers. Best we can tell, it started after I connected and synced his iPhone to his iTunes on his PC. I was using the Apple cable that came with the phone.


I have restored the phone to the factory setting but the message is still appearing. I have plugged the phone into several PCs and wall outlets using several different cables but the message still apprears.


Any thoughts on the issue or how to remove the warning message?



Need serious help from Windows person to install Son's iPhone with iTunes

I gave my Son my 2G iPhone which served me well for over two years. He has signed up with AT&T and has the phone working with his number. Now, my Son wants me to show him how to use the Phone and iTunes. My problem is my Son has a Dell desktop Windows computer and I know little or nothing about Windows. I need to go over tomorrow at noon and act like I can help. I need step-by-step help please with these questions:
1.) How do I tell which system he has (about 1 year old) so I can download the correct version of iTunes for him? Where do I look on a Windows computer to find that information?
2.) After downloading the right version of iTunes, how do I locate the file that iTunes downloads to his computer and then get that file to install?
Whew, If I could just have instructions on how to accomplish just that much, just those two major questions, I think the iPhone will automatically hook up with iTunes when we plug it in and we will be 90% home free.
The only other question I can think of is that the phone I gave him still has all of my address books and everything I had on it. How do I re-authorize this phone on his computer so it will be like a new phone for my Son, registered for him, with my stuff cleaned off and ready to go for the way he wants to make it be?
Thank you so much, I do not want to fall down on the job tomorrow in front of my Son.
Thank You,
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TS3694 I have been given an old iPhone 3s from my son-in-law but he doesn't remember the passcode

He doesnt remember the passcode he put in.  I have tried to retore, but I keep getting the message that it is locked with a passcode.  Now what? I have searched for the information, and it downloads the software, but it stops with this message.  How can I wipe it clean and reformat it? 

Son screwed up my 3GS - Please Help

My 6 yr old likes to spell words on note pad. Anyway he was punching away at letters and screwed it up. Everything is zoomed WAY in. You can somewhat navigate to the different icons. I tried restarting the phone and as it gets to the desktop it will show everything for a split second at the normal size then immediately zooms back in. Not sure how to fix this. Was about to connect to itunes to restore settings but it says I will lose all data on the phone. I dont want to lose an extensive address book. Any help is appreciated.
By zoomed I mean 4 icons take up the entire screen
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The son of WiFi vs EDGE

This has been partly touched upon somewhere else, but then again - not every country/provider gives you EDGE for free, so my question is this:
I am in an area where I am connected to WiFi, and my internet connection via EGDE is active as well. I hit Safari. What does my iPhone do (which I cant really tell by looking at the icons)? Does it choose WiFi or EDGE?
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My son's Iphone 3GS is stuck with the apple logo on the screen Can't restore

A reset does nothing.    I tried to restore it, but it will not show up under Devices in Itunes so I cant do the restore.     Ran dianostic and it can find the phone in the Device Connetivity Test, but failed the sync test.  I reinstalled Itunes to make sure I had the most current version - no luck.  


Thanks in advance

Why does my son's cell phone come thru as blocked

When my son calls me on my iphone, he comes up as a blocked call. But his texts always show his name. Is there a way that I can fix that? Ive looked on his phone (a pantec impact) and I dont appear to be blocked.

Son deleted Notes app by accident

My son accidently deleted my Notes app. I can search for the app and it will still pull up, so how can I get my Notes icon back?
Thank you in advance.
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My son deleted an App I paid for How do I retrieve it

My son deleted one of my Apps. How do I get it back?

TS1275 Im trying to restore my son's phone and it is giving me an -1 error

Im trying to restore my sons phone and it is giving me an(-1) error

I downloaded the USC fight song from app store It is on my iPhone and I would like it as my son's ringtone Don't know how any suggestions

I downloaded the USC fight song free from the app store and now would like to make it as ringtone for my son.  How do I get it from my phone to his ringtone?  Thanks.  Lynnefromco

Turn wiped of data iPhone3 without SIM into iTouch for son

I have a new iPhone 4G & have transferred all data from the old iPhone 3G. Wiped the iPhone 3G and want to rebuild it for my son from my own iTunes account. So he can use all the games I downloaded. He only is 9 so I dont want to give him a phone SIM yet. Now the 3G is wiped clean the message on the iPhone is Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPhone. iTunes says the SIM is locked.
I dont want to put in SIM. My old SIM is no longer working. Ported mobile number from carrier.
How do I tell iTunes to forget about asking for a SIM?
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My son's iPhone 4S has changed to only use Spanish in his voicemail His iPhone did not start out this way How do we reset Verizon was not helpful

Callers into my sons voicemail get receive Spansih instructions.  This just started up a few days ago.  Carrier or phone problem?  Verizon was not helpful.

TS1702 My IPhone 4S is locked in the bluetooth search mode this is the stage before you can switch the mode on off the mode is currently of WIFI is also locked in the off mode soft restart did not solve the problem can anybody help

My IPhone 4S is locked in the bluetooth search mode ( this is the stage before you can switch the mode on/off) the mode is currently of WIFI is also locked in the off mode)  soft restart  did not solve the problem can anybody help?

HT3406 Can it be any SIM card I don't have access to the original card My sister gave her old iPhone 3G to my son

Can it be any SIM card?  I dont have access to the original card.  My sister gave her old iPhone 3G to my son.

MC318LL is locked or no locked

Dear Support


Please let me know that MC318LL 16GB Black boughtin Singapore is factory locked or not locked? So far it looks like not locked.I want to update firmware. And need to keep current not locked condition. Thank you.

My son sync'd my iphone4 to his itunes account which his ipod touch is jailbroken with Ever since then my iphone4 will not usb hook up to any computer PLEASE HELP ME

Hello, My son had borrowed my iphone4 to play a game. As he had my cell he tried syncing it to his itunes account. His ipod touch 5th gen is jailbroken and he synd his of course to his itunes account all the time. After him trying to sync my iphone and me getting it back. Now it will charge on the wall charge block slowly but the sound when plugged in does not sound and the battery symbol on the display will not show or lightning bolt its like it is not plugged in but still charges. Then when you plug it into the usb on any computer it will not sound or show its connected and can not be found on the hard drive or itunes it will not sync, be noticed, like its not plugged in at all. If I turn the iphone4 off at night and plug into the computer or wall charger it will charge 100% but even though the computer charges the cell it still can not be found by me in the hard drive or itunes...PLEASE HELP


I have cleaned the connections, restarted, deleted and re-installed itunes & email accts, complete delete of all and started from freash, Lots more I have done anything you can do without being able to connect it to a computer.


I would not mind the slow battery re-charge I really just want to be able to connect to a computer again PLEASE HELP ME!!!

How do you recover deleted photos and video from iPhone My son deleted a video of himself falling asleep in a restaurant at Disney

How do you recover deleted photos and video from an iPhone 4. My son deleted the video of him falling asleep at a Disney restaurant.  No chance to backup data

iPhone is locked

my iPhone is locked and requires me to enter in a passcode to unlock it. I have never told it to use a passcode at all and am not sure what code to enter. I cant find anywhere whether there is a basic passcode set up to begin with. I cannot even unlock my phone to call customer services...
Can anyone help?
Many Thanks,
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Locked iphone

Hello, i bought my iphone from ebay.com... and when i received my phone, the device was locked on vodafone UK, how can i unlock my iphone for use him in my country? scuse my english please

Locked my iphone need some help

Hi, i locked my iphone 4 and forgot my password so now I am unable to get into it. Is there anyway I can reset it back to original? I was looking up how to do it online and it says you can do it with itunes, but require the same computer where you registered your iphone. I dont have that computer so is it possible to do still reset it without using the same computer?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. If this is in the wrong section, im sorry, its my first time in these forums.
Thank you!
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iphone locked

i have a iphone 2G
recently i made update on iphone os 3.1.3
after the update the divice did a restart
and was asking me to activate
i conected it with itunes but itunes writting that i must take a sim card from valid carrier what that mean?
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What is a locked iphone

I see these and dont understand what it is. ? please explain.

Iphone 3g locked

Peace be upon you
I love Apple products and I was dreaming to have Iphone 3g. And that has been achieved, but with wrong way i did not know it:
I am residing in Saudi Arabia and I bought Iphone 3G-16GB and a vendor assured me that an open system from Apple company and the lack of knowledge of good Iphone discovered that its open with program, I am saddened I do not like this way. Is there any way to open it and how much it cost. Please help me I well pay for that
Iphone 3G-16GB Model: MB500B/A
Sorry For my bad language
Abu Ahmed
In saudia Arabia
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iPhone locked - Help

Somehow my iphone is now locked and I did not lock it. Two things happened, I installed iTunes software update, iphone software update, and a carrier software update. And now Im locked out. My 2 yr old was also playing with the phone but i dont see how he could have successfully navigated to the right option and entered a passcode twice. What are my options
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iphone is locked

After hanging up from a phone call, another came in but I could not answer it. It showed the contact picture so I knew who it was but I was unable to answer. I turned the phone off and then I removed the sim card. I returned the sim card less than a minute later and turned the phone back on. It has been locked since then. I can still receive phone calls and texts but I cannot answer. This might sound strange but it has now happened 3 times since Ive had this phone and each time it was on a Saturday evening. Pattern
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