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My time disappears on my iPhone 4

My time disappears on my iPhone 4

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Iphone 4s - 3G connection disappears after using wi-fi



I have an odd problem with my Iphone 4s. After using a wi-fi connection at home and going out Ive noticed that the phone doesnt switch automatically to 3g connection. Instead it states that theres no internet connection available at all. But if Im restarting the phone (shut down, new start) then I get a 3g connection back immediately. This looks really annoying. Any ideas how to solve it?



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iphone icon disappears on itunes

I can open tunes, connect my phone. when I click iphone icon in upper right, iphone icon disappears.  The only window that opens when I connect phone is the one that operates like a camera that you can download pix.


I have: hp windows 7, comcast norton anitvirus, iphone 4s.


Whats wrong?

Recently three days ago My iphone 3G changed over one hour the time automatic settings forward than the central local time with no reason so now I have to set manually the time instead of using automatic How can I fix this problem I already syncron

My iphone three days ago has changed the time settings forward 1 hour!

So I have had turn off and turn on, to prevent that the automatic date and time settings, reset the real actual central local time (Mexico city)!

There was no fixed using this procedure, so I have had reset the phone with the same no success!

The latest procedure I have had done was to syncronize it and no results where done!  Still with the 1 hour advanced in my local time..Now instead of watch it with 10.30 local time for my iphone is 11:30!!! AM.

So the only but no permanent and logical solution I have had done is to set the iphone with manually time settings!

During 4 years always my phone had use the automatic time and date settings no matter the summer and winter time settings with no problem!!

Could you please send me some suggestions into my email address please.

Kind regards.

Armando Aguirre.


Verizon IPhone - Personal Hotspot Disappears from Settings

I was using the personal hotspot feature and received a phone call. Upon answering it the data connection dropped (as expected).
After the call was complete, I could still see the blue Personal Hotpot bar across the top of the phone for a few seconds. After it disappeared, I went into the settings to turn it back on, but it is no longer listed as a feature.
I tried turning the phone on/off, but it did not resolve the issue. Has anyone else run into this?
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iPhone mail app - inbox disappears once i go into message

Not sure whats going on here, but suddenly this morning on my iPhone 3G running latest software as soon as I go into an email message to read it, all access to my inbox is suddenly shut off. Theres no next/previous message buttons nor a back to inbox option. There is just the message. All I can do is move it to a diff folder or trash it and then it still just brings me back to the next message (older, not even newer). I got back to my inbox by turning off mail in settings then turning account back on again. But as soon as I was back in inbox and opened up a message I was right back in the bad loop.
Has this happened to anyone? Did I finger swipe an option off by accident?
Thanks in advance for any ideas...
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eMail Disappears

Have a 3G 16GB iPhone. Several weeks ago a problem started. When I start my mail app, I get the normal connecting, checking for mail, and downloading. My email appears for one or two seconds on the screen, then they disappear from the Inbox. I notice that if I quickly touch one to open it, they all stay and work fine. If Im too slow, they all disappear. Sometimes I can go back to the main screen and relaunch the app but in most cases I have to power off and on. Anyone coming across this?
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My movie disappears

Hello, I rented a movie and i have not watched it. I upgraded to 2.1 today and the movie was gone. I came back home and resynced, it showed up for a second then goes away before i can do anything with it. I can not make it show up after that. I want to watch the movie. HELP
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Body of Email Disappears

I recently upgraded to 4.0.1 on my iPhone 3GS. Twice now without warning when typing an email on my iPhone, the text in the body of the email has disappeared from my screen. When I have gone to open any other email in my inbox I find that there is no body to any email. So, I did the factory restore settings and restore (taking about an hour each time). The email worked again for a few days and then again mysteriously disappeared.
AppleCare so far has not explanation other than just to keep doing the factory restore (annoying). Anyone else have this problem?
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Camera app disappears

I tried to configure the Microsoft Exchange account, on successful configuration the camera app icon disappears. After deleting the account again it appeared on my iphone home screen.
I dont know why there is conflict with a Microsoft Exchange account and a camera app. and settings0>restrictions do not work in this case.
Please help
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my iphone is not turning on properly The apple sign comes on and disappears after a minute Help I am charging it too

Help ! My iphone is not turning on, I tried charging it, and the apple sign comes on then disappears...

My iPhone 5 gives a busy tone whenever someone calls the first time The person has to call a second time for the ringtone to be heard How o I tux this issue I have a missed call every time and then a ringtone

My iPhone 5 gives the caller a busy tone the first time when the phone is actually not in use. The caller has to make another call to get the ringtone. I will get the first call as missed with no ringtone and then the second time it will ring. What can be fond to solve this problem ?

Edge symbol disappears during calls

Just noticed that when making or answering calls, the edge symbol E disappears until the call is ended. Its just empty space during a call. It does stay on when I check voicemail though. With 3G enabled, the 3G symbol stays lit throughout the call. I have 2.0.1 software. Cant remember if this also happened with the original 2.0.
Anyone else noticing this little quirk? Seems to be a minor bug.
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Why the clock disappears when you recieve a call

Dear iphoners,
It is really strange why the clock disappears when you receive a call during ringing ..
for me it is really matter to know the time just before I answer .. you can notice that when your phone is ringing , you cant see the time and you are stuck !!
Im sure some of you are sharing the same concern .. how can we send this to the developers to solve this issue !!
just to let you feel my concern .. Imagine yourself sleeping and suddenly someone called you your Boss, you just woke up and you have no idea what is the time .. its bad to answer and ask the caller what is the time !! .. and its annouing to wait till the phone stop ringing to check the time then you call back !!
Please let me know if there is a way to solve this .. or at least let’s ask the developers to solve it
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Twitter app disappears in iTunes

When I download the official Twitter app to iTunes (10.1.1 on OS X), it appears to download correctly, and I can see the file ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/Twitter 3.2.1.ipa. However, it doesnt appear in my iTunes library, and doesnt get synced to the iPhone.
So I tried installing the app on the iPhone. This worked fine, until I synced the iPhone to iTunes, whereupon the Twitter App duly disappeared from the phone.
Im very confused, and the iTunes support people were completely unhelpful, other than to provide the link to this forum and to suggest going to my local Apple store - since I have a Mac Pro, this isnt very practical.
Does anyone have any ideas? Help much appreciated...
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after updating my iPhone 4 doesn't play music sometimes and the volume slide control disappears

ive updated my iphone 4 to the new software and all was going fine, until recently when I’m playing songs in the ipod my volume slide control will disappear and no music will play, this also happens when watching youtube videos, the only way to get it to work again is to restart the phone several times, also the volume bars when adjusting the ringer volume (with the side buttons) have disappeared. However all works fine when I have my headphones in. I have no flaming idea what’s going on =

ipod app icons disappears then reappears

Updated to OS4 no issues after taking advantage of the new folder system, and organising my apps, the ipod app icon keeps disappearing then reappearing? Still able to access the ipod no not a major issue, any fix?
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When i try to open my mail it appears and disappears immediately

Hi Everyone.
I updated my iphone 4 with IOS 4.3.1 and till today everything was working fine but some hours back, i tried to open my mail, but it pop n disappears immediately and am unable to check my inbox.
I can see that there are 3 mails but i dnt even get the time to read it that my mail is closed automatically.
I tried to switch off and on again, i have reinitialize the phone bt it still the same.
Can anyone tell me how to solve it please .
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WiFi icon disappears in landscape mode

On my 32GB iPhone 3G-S running version 3.1.2, while in Safari or Mail, the WiFi icon disappears when I turn the phone from portrait to landscape mode. I am still connected to the WiFi network OK and can use the applications fine, but there is no verification that I am connected. For completeness, I am currently in Europe and have placed the phone in Airplane Mode to avoid international roaming and data charges.
Has anyone else seen this behavior?
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i jz update my version 4.1.3 to 5.1.1 but some of my apps disappears.how can i get it back

i jz update my version 4.1.3 to 5.1.1 but some of my apps disappears.how can i get it back?tq all

Camera icon disappears when i setup a mail account

My iphone has 4.2.1 update. every time I set up my work mail the camera disappears. Once i delete the account the camera appears again.
My company mail is hosted in google app so i add my account through exchange to give me full control ( cal,contacts, mail ...etc)
I tried to restore the ios but its the same thing. I cant find any relation between exchange mail account and The camera!!
Iphone 4 iOS 4 4.2.1

App failed t download suggests itunes then disappears

So, I downloaded a fairly large Korean English dictionary on my ipod touch (655 MB) I did it over wifi. After it finished it asked for the password again and then proceeded to fully download the entire thing again. However, after that it was fine and worked fine. My Korean friend just purchased the same dictionary on her Iphone. We were downloading it via wifi, when we lost the wifi. So it was paused. Later we got some more reliable wifi and instead it was insisting that it should be downloaded via itunes. We hit retry but it kept saying it. It was definitely on wifi and not 3G. So I hit okay, and it just removed the app from her page.
1. Was she charged for this app? She hasnt gotten an email receipt yet, but those sometimes take a few days to show up.
2. If she was charged, how can one go about downloading it again in itunes without being charged? I checked the appstore on her phone and the only option was to buy again, it didnt seem to indicate that she already owned it. Ive never deleted an app Ive paid for so Im not sure what it should look like if youre looking at an app youve already paid for.
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I've purchased an app and it shows up in my iTunes But when I download it to my phone it disappears after its installed Why is this

Ive purchased an app and it shows up in my iTunes. But when I download it to my phone, it disappears after its installed. Why is this?

my contacts details disappearing after some time on my iphone 4s after some time pls what can i do or i am doing wrong


Can you change the legth of time or number of rings it takes for on iphone 4 to time out making an outgonig call

Can you change the legth of time (or number of rings) it takes for on iphone 4 to time out making an outgonig call?


Mostly its to call in for radio contests. The Iphone is really good at making a quick call, but it seems to timeout after 15-20 rings. I realise this is a small thing, but free tickets is free tickets.


Most commenst I see is abotu incoling calls, not outging.



iPhone 3g - standby time usage time no more battery life

For the last two days my iPhone 3G has had a dramatically shortened battery life. Checking in the settings, I noticed that the usage time is equal to the standby time. I have not increased my use of the phone or any other apps nor have I altered the settings.
Any solutions?
iPhone 3G firmware 2.1

I want to pre-order the iphone 5 but i am worried that i wont get it on time as i have a plane at the 22nd of sep at mid night will it come in time

I want to pre-order the iphone 5 but i am worried that i wont get it in time as i have a plane at the 22nd of sep at mid night, will it come on time?

HT4993 When I receive a message while my iPhone is off it doesn't say the exact time it was sent or I received it it says the time I powered my phone on how can I change this.so it shows

Exact time on text messages

Why does iPhone time lag network time by 80 seconds

The iPhones time seems to lag that of several other time references by about 80 seconds. Seems it should have ready access to time servers, through either its web or cellular network connections. Is it supposed to take advantage of these, or do I need a 3rd-party app in order to get better time sync?
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iPhone glitch Music disappears from iPhone

For reasons unknown to myself, music has disappeared from my iPhone. I set up iTunes to look for an external hard drive for my music. So, whenever I want to play my music through iTunes, I plugged in my external HD first, and then launched iTunes. This has worked fine for a long time. Then one day, I noticed an iTunes folder on my MacBook Pros local hard drive that contained ALL of my music. The whole point of my putting my music on an ext HD was to free up my laptop hard drive. Simple enough, yes? Common choice? Yes.
I recently changed my preferences in iTunes to NOT copy music from my iTunes Library after noticing that my entire music collection was being copied to my MacBook Pros hard drive. Since then Ive noticed music disappearing from my iPhone. Is this because of my preference change? Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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iPhone screen disappears during call then drops call

Upgraded to 2.2 on 3G 16gig . When on call and I move the phone away from my ear, screen disappears and drops calls and I have to reset. Tried rebooting, reseting, deleting all applications to no avail. I even had AT&T replace with new phone and I have same issues. Anyone else having this problem?
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