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new yahoo calendar not syncing to iPhone

new yahoo calendar not syncing to iPhone

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Yahoo Calendar Not Syncing

I have a yahoo calendar configured in both my iPhone and iPad.  I have three calendars within the Yahoo account.  They show up in the iPhone/iPad calendar and I can add new events on the iphone in any of the Yahoo calendars.  However, events that I create in iCal on a computer dont sync to the iPhone/iPad and events I create on the iPhone/iPad dont sync to iCal.


When I go to my Yahoo calendar online, the events from iCal are on the online Yahoo calendar but the iPhone/iPad events are not.


Any ideas?


Running the latest version of IOS.

iphone unlocked

So how do I sync the Iphone calendar with Yahoo Calendar

Were supposed to be able to do that now, right?
Windows XP Pro

IPHONE calendar won't synch with yahoo outlook

as of yesterday Ive noticed that when I add a new calendar listing on my iphone it wont sync with my yahoo-outlook calendar when I sync it. Did I inadvertently do something wrong. Im a pc user

Yahoo Calendar Problem

Hi All,
New member, and looking at the posts below it looks as if Im having the same problems as a few others, but instead of Google Calendars, Yahoo Calendars.
Before I got the new 4.0 firmware, I had three calendars synced wirelessly to my iphone and mac, via the yahoo calendar compatibility. Since upgrading, I can now only sync the main yahoo calendar, and not the two others... very unhelpful!
I have tried deleting and re-entering the CALDAV information on my phone, but to no avail. I saw somebody else said it may be to do with the number of people trying at the moment, I hope this is the case.
I have successfully managed to sync all the calendars directly to the mac, but this takes away the whole point of it being via a cloud, and wireless, as both me and my work colleagues use the same system. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Outlook Calendar stopped syncing with iPhone Calendar

I deleted a recurrent event on my iPhone and this action appears to have confused the sync capability between my iPhone and MS Outlook Calendar.
Outlook still tries to find the recurrent event on start-up even though it is not shown in Outlook Calendar.
More concerning is that new events and changes in Outlook Calendar are no longer syncing with iPhone Calendar. The time to complete the Calendar sync activity is noticeably longer than any of the other sync actions, which suggests that there is a problem.
I have been through the restore routine in iTunes and also attempted to replace all the Outlook Calendar data on the iPhone using the Advanced facility on the iTunes Info tab.
I appreciate that this may be an Outlook issue but are there any other things that I can try to restore the sync capability between the 2 Calendars.
All other sync functions appear to work ok - I have created and deleted Contact data from both Outlook and iPhone and this works fine.
Grateful for any help!
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calendar on iPhone not syncing with calendar on computer or mobileme

I was just chatting with one of the mac support people and we were cut off. Lee had just made me do a manual sync of my calendar to have my computer calendar up to date (my Mobile Me calendar was the same as my computer one, so all was well there...).
How do I now get my iPhone to sync with my computer/mobile me? And vice versa?
This is very frustrating. I feel like it has to do with my iPhone upgrade, but I dont know for sure. All help is appreciated.
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To do task lists in calendar syncing to iphone calendar

Is there a way to sync my to do list or task list that I created in the calendar on my desktop, to the calendar on my iphone?


If not, does it show up in another app?


Or, do I need a whole new app to do thi?


Thanks ( Iphone 4S)

iPhone calendar not syncing with iMac calendar

Hi ;
Just got a new iPhone 4.Everything works OK.except the iPhone calendar wont sync with the desktop calendar.
I did a complete restore on the iPhone.However that didns solve the problem.
If anyone knows what could be the reason.I would be very grateful. John Basso.
iMac Mac OS X (10.6.1)

Syncing iPhone Calendar and iCal Calendar

When my iPhone is connected to the computer to sync, the iCal information remains but I lose every date on my iPhone except for repeating events i.e. birthdays, etc. I also tend to enter my appointments on my iPhone and not my iCal so when the information is lost I have no backup. I do remember a time when I got conflict messages but they no longer appear.
Barbara Allen
iMac Mac OS X (10.6.6)

Yahoo Calendars entries created on Yahoo do not sync on iphone after upgrad

After upgrading to IOS4, any previous or new calendar entries that have been created on the web in Yahoo calendars do not appear on the iphone. However, if you create a new yahoo calendar entry on the iphone then it appears without any problem in yahoo calendars (and also is removed if you delete from the iphone).
The calendar is turned on correctly in Mail, Contacts, Calendars for the Yahoo accounts I have and I have even deleted and re-created the accounts on the iphone to see if that makes a difference and it does not.
Prior to the upgrade to iOS4, the yahoo calendars all worked fine.
Any ideas
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deleting yahoo email in iphone deletes yahoo mail messages

Hi I am using Yahoo as my second account therefore rarely used.
I am wondering how do I set my iPhone whereby when I delete the message on my iPhone it will delete the message on the server
Thank you in advance.
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i was able to always get my yahoo email up until the last hr it says that apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com is not responding what does that mean

hi there, I was woundering what this means i have never seen it before and now my phone is not reconizing my emails

apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com is not responding

yahoo mail just stopped working - iphone 3GS iPad -apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com

just started 3-4 days ago. I made no changes. keep getting this message, incorrect username/password apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com


i can get to yahoo on my laptop but not on iPhone or Ipad. I have tried everything possible, all the suggestion out on the web.Deleting account, resetting, changing passwrod, removing non-alphanumeric characters, Wifi, no Wifi,.... No luck.

Calendar data stopped syncing with iPhone and all calendar data gone

Ive got an original iPhone that Ive been syncing successfully with my Mac for the past 18 months. I could never get the wireless cloud syncing with MobileMe to work so I have that turned off, I just sync via USB with my Mac.
A couple of months ago, I added syncing to a Google calendar via CalDav to my iCal, and that was also syncing properly (I think) with my phone.
Suddenly in the past couple of weeks, all of the calendar data on my phone has disappeared - there is not one entry. Syncing repeatedly doesnt change anything. Everything is still in iCal as it should be. Ive reset the Sync history (multiple times), told iTunes to replace the iPhones calendar data with iCals data, and tried every other hint I can find in these forums and in Apples knowledge base, all to no avail. My iPhone is now completely useless as a calendar device. Appointments I enter on the phone get erased the next time I sync.
I had similar problems about a year ago, which were solved by resetting sync services, et al, but none of that works now.
This is extremely frustrating -- if synchronization doesnt work all the time, its basically useless. So Id appreciate any hints. Im using the latest version of Mac OS (10.5.6) and latest iPhone firmware, latest everything. Help!
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Calendar not Syncing with iPhone 3G

I have set up calendars on my computer but they do not sync properly with my iPhone. The Google calendar to which I have subscribed to shows up, but other calendars only do so randomly, and currently not at all. In iTunes, the sync page for info shows old calendars listed and not the newly created or renamed ones. How can I make iTunes show the current calendars so that it will sync?
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iPhone calendar not syncing

My iPhone calendar is not syncing with Mobile Me or iCal. This behaviour is sudden because it has been working flawlessly. I changed an appointment today in iCal. Mobile Me picked up the change but not my iPhone. Is anyone else having this problem? The only thing that has changed recently on my Mac and iPhone is the year.
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syncing calendar from macbook to iphone

I have a similar problem to plenty of others on this forum: my syncing has always worked but decided to stop today.
Most of the forum answers suggest something my iTunes does not have, which is to go to Edit - Preferences - Devices and select reset sync history (or close enough). I dont have that option.
Other answers suggest I have a dialogue box open - but I dont.
Please help, I was about to do a full phone restore but there has to be a better way than phone-suicide!
macBook Mac OS X (10.4.11) unknown

syncing calendar events from iphone

Help! When I post new calendar events to my iphone it never syncs to outlook. How do I fix this?
Windows XP

iPhone has stopped syncing with Calendar

I have a Powerbook G4 running OS X v10.4.11 and have been syncing my iPhone with this computer since August 2008 without problems. When I updated to iTunes v9.0 last month the calendar stopped syncing but everything else sync’d as normal. Since then iTunes has upgraded again to v 9.0.1 (9) and my phone software was updated a couple of weeks ago to v3.1 but the calendar will still not sync.
I have been to the Apple Genius Bar in my local store and we tried everything they could think of including restoring the phone to factory settings and restoring the iPhone backup, that didn’t work and neither did setting it up as a new phone. They told me they are unable to resolve it. Has anyone any ideas please?
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Mac calendar and iPhone syncing

Hey –
I did a search and found no help (the others werent using the Mac calendar). Events I enter on my iPhone do NOT come up on the calendar on my computer. The events entered on my MacBook Pro do appear in the Calendar on my iPhone. This problem is not new. Paying for a Mobile Me account and having this kind of problem is ridiculous. Have I set something up incorrectly?
Thanks ahead of time for ideas and help.
Miss Julia
MacBook Pro + Dual 2.5 G5 + iPhone 3GS Mac OS X (10.6.3)

3G iphone not syncing Outlook calendar from PC

Discovered today that my Outlook calendar and notes are not syncing on my iPhone. I am getting error message iTunes could not sync calendars because the sync server failed to sync the phone.
Tried re-booting my computer which usually clears up most problems I have, but not this time. Also tried going online and found Reset Sync History (from Edit, Preferences, Devices) but am nervous about implementing it.
Any suggestions, ideas?
Many thanks...
Windows 7 Outlook 2007, iPhone 4.2, itunes 10.1

Syncing outlook calendar to iphone 4

HI Just new to the forums.
I have an odd problem syncing my calendar to my iPhone via itunes. Not all apointments will sync. They all appear to be birthdays or anniversaries. They are all recurrent but recurrent work appointments even far into the future will sync without issue. I have deleted and re-created some of the appointments that wont sync in outlook but they wont sync to my iphone (or ipod touch). Any ideas from you fine folk on the forum would be most appreciated.
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Solution to IPhone Calendar Not Syncing

My Iphone would not sync my Outlook calendars at all. After hours on the phone with Apple, they decided it was a Microsoft problem, because a new user account would properly sync. After many more hours of trying every solution I could find from Googling, I discovered the simple solution.
In Outlook, I listed all my recurring appointments in the Current View. Most of the appointments had a Recurrence Range Start and an Recurrence Range End of No end. However one appointment had nothing in either the Start Date or the End Date, they were simply blank. I deleted this appointment and suddenly, all my calendars were listed in ITunes and now synced properly.
Dell Windows Vista

Calendar in MobileMe is not syncing with iphone

A couple of days ago my iphone stopped syncing its calendar with MobileMe. I followed the suggested steps to fix the problem (provided by Apple). I turned sync on and off, reinstalled the iphone software with and without the backup, turned phone on/off between the steps, waited for an hour each time - but nothing. The calendar view is completely empty.
Sync of calendar to my iMac, iPad and MacBook Air work excellent.
If I connect the iphone with my MB Air by USB then sync works fine but this solution is less then optimal since I use all four units seperately and thus need to sync only with MobileMe.
Please give a clue of what I can do to resolve the problem!
Iphone 3G S iPhone OS 3.1.3

problem syncing calendar iphone to ical

Hello everyone,
ive a problem with my iphone. I dont exactly know if the problem arises with the 2.1 upgrade or the 10.5.5. But the point is that when i create an event on my iphone and then i sync it with my mac, the event still remain on the phone but isnt appearing in the mac. The reverse, of course, still works.
I didnt change anything, any suggestion?
PMB 2,0GHz 2Gb Ram 250Gb HD Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Calendar event time changes when syncing to iPhone

This problem effects my husband and myself (each with our own iPhone and computers). When syncing our calendars from Outlook 2007 to the iPhone, the iPhone event time is 1 hour later than the actual appointment time. I have tried unchecking the DST feature in Outlook, I have chosen the same time zone for both the phone and the computer. We live in Luxembourg in Europe and I have selected the correct time zone for our location. Does anyone have a solution?
HP iPhone OS 3.1.3 OS Vista

Problem syncing iphone with outlook calendar

For some reason my 1st generation iphone has stopped syncing with my outlook calendar. I now get the following message displayed...itunes could not sync calendars to the iphone xx iphone because the sync server failed to sync the iphone
Any ideas how this can be fixed?
Acer Windows 7

Problems with syncing iPhone and Calendar with iTunes 8.1

I just updated to the new iTunes version 8.1. I just tried to sync my iPhone, and got the Sync Alert:
Syncing with your iPhone will change more than 5% of your Calendars on this computer.
Under the Modify section, it lists all of the birthdays found in my address book. For some reason, it wants to update the location information of all of those birthdays from my address book to an empty location. There are also a few random calendar events that I have updated within the past week(?) that iTunes also suddenly wants to modify.
Is this an error, or is it a new way that Apple is synchronizing birthdays? I chose to Cancel the sync operation instead of modifying all of the birthday information. Unfortunately, now none of my added calendar events can be updated to my iPhone without also modifying ALL of what I described.
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.6) 2.53 GHz, 4 GB

update iphone 3G to 4.0.1 stops calendar syncing

i updated my iphone 3G last night and the phone no longer syncs the calendars. it works ok but changes that sync neatly between my macs do not sync to phone and any change to calendar on phone does not appear on macs
this problem only appeared immediately after update
can i get 3G back to original state?
mb air (1.86), mb pro 15"( 2.66), imac 24" (3.06), imac 24" (2.6) iPhone 3G Mac OS X (10.6.4)

iPhone iCal Calendar Syncing Problem

This is a bizarre one. Syncing has been working without a hitch since the start, but it just stopped one day!! Maybe when I switched to 2.0.1? Not sure. When I sync phone and computer, no calendar data is being transfered either way. Moreso, there is a calendar subscription showing up as a choice in the calendar info tab in iTunes that I deleted a long time ago from iCal. I tried deleting iTunes and iCal preferences, restoring my iPhone, resetting my iPhone settings, and anything else I could think of to get this working again. Im stumped now. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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