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no cellular data settings iphone 4

no cellular data settings iphone 4

iphone unlocked

Cellular Data Network settings

Cellular Data Network settings
I have an unlocked 3G, which I use with 2 different carriers, 2 different SIM cards.
Calls, SMS etc work fine with both SIM cards. But Internet, data, mail, GPS etc works only with one SIM
With my main carrier (Telstra post paid), I am able to connect on data, browse web, download email etc. In Settings -> General -> Network, I can see the Cellular Data Network button and can edit the APN if I need to.
With my second carrier (Optus prepaid), the Cellular Data Network button does not appear under Settings -> General -> Network, therefore I do not have access to the APN setting to edit, yet Ive been told by Optus that I have data available with this SIM.
Anyone have any ideas why I am not getting access to the Cellular Data Network button and APN settings) when I use the Optus SIM?
Ive spent more than 45 minutes speaking with the iPhone support of Optus. In the end, they suggested Restoring the phone, which I did; no success. Yes, I am connected to 3G on both carriers. Turning on Data Roaming makes no difference. In fact, Data Roaming is off with the Telstra SIM, yet I still have access to all the data services.
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iphone unlocked

Cellular Data settings needed

I have in the UK an unlocked 3G iPhone with a T-mobile sim card. Does anyone know what should go in the Cellular Data and MMS setting areas - where it shows APN, Username, and Password. In effect the equivalent settings to those of O2.
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cellular data settings question

My iPhone works properly using wi-fi and cellular data. However normally I leave my cellular data off and only turn it on as needed since I have a plan that charges me as I use it. The negatives to doing it this way is I always receive an error telling me I need to be on a wi-fi/data network in order to use the internet if im away from a wi-fi network and my data is off which can be a bit annoying, and whenever I just want to send/receive an mms I have to turn my data on. My question is would it be better to leave my data on and just leave the setting for cellular data (the internet part) blank and if I need it I can just fill it in quickly and hopefully I can avoid these few negatives. Would that work for me?
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Cellular Data Network settings

Recently purchased my iPhone 3GS and love it. Up until about 2 days ago I have been able to do what this page says.
But for some reason now there is no Cellular Data Network button in my General - Network tab in settings. I have tried resetting network settings and all settings on my phone but its not below the Enable 3G button anymore. I have been on Telstra this entire time so I havent changed providers or anything.
Whats happened?
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What is the function of Settings General Network Enable 3G & Cellular Data

Can someone please explain me the use of these 2 settings under Settings>General>Network
1.Enable 3G : What is I disable it will this use Wifi every time ?
2.Cellular Data: if I disable this, No data will be sent and received. Am I right ?
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Does using iMessage use more cellular data than regular text messages Will turning off cellular data fix this issue

Im always running over my data plan. Will turning off iMessage or my cellular data help me stay low on my usage? I close out apps in the background. What else can I do?

iPhone 5 uses cellular data even when cellular is turned off

Well yesterday I got a bit data-happy on my iPhone and decided to watch some videos on YouTube. Bad idea, used nearly 1gb in a day!


So I turned my cellular off and hoped that it wouldnt use any data, but I was wrong. iPhone is slowly taking a MB nearly every hour!


Could someone help? Thanks!

iPhone and data use charges - WiFi vs cellular data links - update from AT&T

AT&T and iPhone data use charges - WiFi and cellular link options


Many people have complained about unusual data usage charges on their AT&T iPhone bills -- often 10s of megabytes in one transaction, posted in the middle of the night.  Here are a couple of updates based on the AT&T support portal:


WiFi vs cellular link:  Connecting to a local WiFi hotspot and turning off your cellular data connection will block cellular data transmission and related charges.  (Except for SMS messages, which are very small.)  There are some gotchas, however:  (a) If your iPhone goes to sleep (the screen goes black), it will revert to the cellular data  link, unless it is plugged into a charger.  (b) Even if your iPhone is plugged into a charger, it will revert to a cellular data connection if the WiFi link drops, e.g. due to a momentary glitch with your internet provider or electric power supply, so.... (c) The only way to completely ensure that your iPhone will not revert to a cellular data connection is to turn it completely off.  You (obviously) will not be able to receive calls, however.


Large data transactions in the middle of the night: Unusually large chunks of data that are apparently sent around midnight are a related issue.  You may think that you could avoid these mystery charges by making sure you have a WiFi connection running at night.  A number of czars on AT&Ts site stated, however, that this is are simply an artifact of AT&Ts billing system, which aggregates transactions that occur throughout the day into one summary charge, which is posted in the middle of the night.  If this is accurate, the data connection(s) you use throughout the day will determine how large this summary transaction will be.


Note:  Our bill does not appear to square with AT&Ts explanation.  For example:


39   04/06/2012    09:36PM   phone   Data Transfer   7 KB    0.0040   04/06/2012    10:35PM   phone   Data Transfer   7 KB    0.0041   04/06/2012    10:41PM   phone   Data Transfer   369,759 KB    30.00


If all of the data from 6 April was rolled up into the massive 369.8 megabyte transaction at 10:41pm, why are there two small transactions at 9:36pm and 10:35?  We installed Onavo to try to get to the bottom of this;; I will post the results at the end of the current billing cycle.


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iPhone5 with ios 6.1.2 uses cellular data when connected to wifi Every hour to the minute even when no apps are running iCloud is off Ads are off Diagnostics are off Running on AT&T cellular network

I have 3 iPhone5s with ios 6.1.2 that user cellular data when connected to wifi.  Every hour to the minute even when no apps are running, iCloud is off, Ads are off, Diagnostics are off.  Running on AT&T cellular network. 



Date Time To/From Type Direction Msg/KB 03/1401:30 PM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent78 KB03/1401:02 PM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent



4397 KB

03/1412:48 PM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent19520 KB03/1412:30 PM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent19503 KB03/1411:30 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent2427 KB03/1410:30 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent359 KB03/1409:30 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent1396 KB03/1409:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent1 KB03/1408:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent30 KB03/1407:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent16 KB03/1406:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent45 KB03/1405:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent15 KB03/1404:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent14 KB03/1403:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent21 KB03/1402:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent23 KB03/1401:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent16 KB03/1412:25 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent23 KB



Why does the cellular signal go down to one bar when the LTE data is active Is this a service issue or an iPhone glitch When 3G is active the cellular signal is full

I have a Sprint iPhone 5. When the 3G data is in use the cell signal is full, when it switches to LTE the cellular signal is only 1 or 2 bars. Its happening in NYC in Manhattan. Is this a Sprint issue or some glitch in the iPhone 5? Im running iOS 6.1.3.

Data roaming Off but usage still shows cellular network data - help

I have an iPhone 3GS in the UK with T-Mobile (an unlocked import from Italy).
I recently visited Guernsey, which has its own providers, not including T-Mobile. I therefore ensured that Data Roaming was set to Off within Network Settings (as it is configured by default). I also reset my Usage Statistics to zero within the General Settings.
By the end of the one week holiday the Cellular Network Data Usage was showing that I had received over 2MB of data.
I had assumed that having Data Roaming turned off would prevent this.
I am going to Egypt in 3 weeks and wish to ensure that I do not incur large charges whilst there.
Can anyone help?
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Cellular data counter not counting data sent received via MobileMe

Gday people
I restored my iPhone on Thursday evening. After doing so I activated my MobileMe which downloaded contacts, calendars, bookmarks, emails, etc.
I just checked my data usage online and it shows 9.9mb of data was sent/received to my iPhone about the same I reactivated MobileMe after the restore. Thats fine as I have a lot of contacts and calendar entries.
What I noticed today after checking my data usage on the phone, under cellular data, it does not seem to have counted the data that comes down to the phone via MobileMe. Yes, I did NOT have Wi-Fi on at the time and the syncing was done through 3G.
If this is indeed the case that the cellular data counter on the iPhone does not include data sent and received through MobileMe, it would explain why the data count on the phone and online with my Telco never comes anywhere near being close.
Anybody else noticed this?
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Settings Mail Autocheck replaced by Settings Fetch New Data on 3g

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can confirm that the 3g iPhone no longer has the Auto-Check function listed in Settings>Mail (above the Show, Preview etc fields; I dont see Auto-Check here like some user guides I have seen have indicated).
Assuming this isnt a problem with my phone, is this function now replaced by Settings>Fetch New Data? If I disable the Push function and set the Fetch to Manual, is this the equivalent of a Manual setting in the old Auto-Check?
Im trying to set this up so I can resolve the mailbox conflicts I get between my iPhone mail and my MacBook Pro Mail app for two POP accounts (this has been discussed elsewhere; setting up my Pop accounts has been a nightmare!). Would opening an iPhone mailbox app automatically consitute a manual check?
Basically I just want to be able to have my iPhone on while Im using my Macbook Pro Mail app.
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What settings to surf web via cellular network - ie when no wi fi available

I pride myself on being a Mac head but my boyfriends new 3g phone has me stumped. Cant work out what settings need to be on for him to get mail, surf web etc when no wi-fi available
please please someone feel free to point out the obvious
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Cellular Data ON iPhone OFF

I have an iPhone 3GS (out of warranty, of course) and over the past few months the phone will turn off randomly, regardless of how much charge the battery has. I dealt with it until yesterday, when the phone turned off repeatedly. It stays on when it is plugged in.Ive done a full Restore (in both Recovery and DFU modes)... didnt matter. I did another full Restore yesterday, didnt install any apps, and kept the phone in Airplane mode all day. It didnt turn off at all. Today, I turned off Airplane mode and also turned off Cellular Data, and it stayed on. I installed some apps, and the phone still worked fine. I was able to run the battery to 0%. I did another full charge, then unplugged the phone. As soon as I turn on Cellular Data, the phone turns off after a few seconds. It will restart when I hold the power button, but if I do anything on the phone, it will turn off again. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

How do I disable cellular data and allow my iPhone to use Wi-Fi

I wonder how i can switch off 3g and only use wireless?
Tried the airplane mode and that switches off both 3G and WIFI.
Example when you are in a hospital they want you to switch off GSM but you can use their free WiFI connection. But I dont find anywhere to only switch off GSM but let the WIFI on
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iPhone 5 confusing Wi-Fi data with Cellular

I bought my iPhone 5 just a few hours ago. When it was set-up, naturally it used 4G to access the Internet. Once I got home, I connected to my home Wi-Fi.


It is my understanding that the iPhone will always prefer Wi-Fi to 3G or 4G. Plus, the entire night while I used it, I never saw anything other than the WiFi symbol in the corner.


I got a text message from Verizon saying that I had used 75% of my allowed data. (2GB on the plan, but it is prorated) I checked MyVerizon, and it said I had used 427 MB of Cellular Data!! I clicked a link to open a detailed chart, which informed me of only four instances of Cellular data, which totaled up at 1.8 MB. This is a number that makes sense.


So I turned off Cell Data entirely, but left the Wi-Fi on, and continued to download videos from YouTube. Moments later, I got another text from Verizon saying I had used all my prorated data! I checked and Cellular Data was still off! The note even said With this turned off, all data will be restricted to Wi-Fi! So I clearly didnt use Cell data, but Verizon thought that I did! Now Im over my limit and possibly in huge trouble.


The figures given seem consistent with my overall usage, though 99% of this usage was on Wi-Fi. I would stake my life on that fact. No joke. Is it possible that my Wi-Fi data is somehow being confused with Cell Data, even though its turned off?


In the morning, Im going to visit the store that I bought it from. However, any info that you guys can give me would really help.



iPhone 4 - cellular data problems



I have an iPhone 4 (few months old; officially unlocked version) that I am using with a local carrier who provides 3G services. The iOS version is 4.3.2.


The problem I have is that the cellular data on my phone stops working quite often. It would show full signal strength and also would show 3G (and sometimes Edge) but data wouldnt work. When I go into any app that needs data connection, it would keep spinning but will not be able to download any data. It does not give any error; but data simply wouldnt work. Voice works all the time. Only solution I have found is to go into the network preferences and turn the Cellular Data off and on again. Everything will start working properly. It would go off again after a few minutes. I think it happens whenever the phone switches towers (like when you are on the road) or when it loses and reestablishes connection (like when you get into an elevator with no signal and when you come it it gets signal again).


Does anyone have this problem? The local carrier is suggesting that it is a handset problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.




iPhone 5 and Cellular Data Options

I have iPhone5 (iOS 6.1.3) and previously iPhone 4S, the 3G network in the country is not so good, you are able to browse the internet but the strength of the network is low (goes down to 1 or no bars), the best way in 4S was to switch 3G off (use 2G instead) and the strength of the network goes full again with no issues at all.


My problem with iPhone 5 is that there is no switch to turn off 3G, it is set as default and you can switch on LTE.


Can someone advise if there is a possibility to switch off 3G and use 2G only on iPhone5? if not, will apple add this feature?

I am getting frustrated because of this and will through my new iPhone 5.. calls are dropping, battery is consuming so fast.. I hate it already.



iPhone cellular data problem

since i updated to 3.0 i cant use my 3g.i keep getting a message saying could not activate cellular data network:you are not subscribed to a cellular data service.what can i do?.any help would be appreciated
iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone 3G -3G Cellular Data Network problem

After over a year of flawless performance, I awoke this morning to cellular data network problems at home where I had full coverage and 3G connection the night before. It cycles from 5 bars with 3G signal to searching... and back every five minutes and will not let me send or recieve texts or outgoing/incoming calls.
Also: I was running on iOS 4.0.1 when the problems started and updated to 4.2.1 an hour or so ago. The problem still persists.

Iphone 3gs Cellular data usage

I recently purchased iphone 3gs with 200 MB data plan. 98% of my data usage was performed using wifi but i still see in the usage section that Data sent is around 225 KB and Data received is around 550 KB. My question is
1. Whether the usage in the phone matches the cingular.com records
2. Whether wifi adds to the usage and why
3. Is there any hidden app/ acct setting which is accumulating data during the sleep mode?
4. How to stop it
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i have iphone 5 i cant find the cellular data network

where i can find the cellular data network on iphone 5 !!plz help me

What is 3G vs Cellular Data

Hi guys,
I am confused with this. I am located in Canada and with my carrier, I have signed up with a data plan. Now since its limited to 500MB, I want to find a way to turn off the mobile network option. When I went to networks, I saw 3G and Cellular data. I disabled both and now it says I have no service. I re-enabled 3G and now I have reception. By doing so, will this be using my data plan or not?
What is the difference between the two?
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Cellular Data vs Wi-Fi - Which will be used

If I have both wi-fi and cellular data turned on, and Im in a wi-fi area, which will the phone use? Is there a way to tell which is in use?

No Cellular Data

I can make calls and check voicemail but when i try to acces the web or check email it says can not activate cellular data network. i live in Union, NJ. anyone who can offer any help or any way that i can check if there is a data outage. please any help would be much appreciated!
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cellular data being used - need help

Hi all,


I could use some help pinpointing whats happening with my phone right now. Its an iPhone 4, 4.3.3, not jailbroken, on AT&T.


Typically, I only use around 40-50mb of cellular data per month, because I have a wifi connection almost constantly. Because of that, Ive always been fine with the smaller 200mb AT&T plan. Im very aware of my data use when not on wifi.


This morning, I received an AT&T warning saying Ive used 65% (actually 135mb) so far, and Im less than halfway into the billing cycle. Nothing has changed on my end that could explain this. I havent done anything differently in any way, no new apps, no changed wifi networks, etc.


Ive closed all apps, reset the phone, network settings and usage statistics. Now, literally five minutes later, it says Ive used another 100kb of cell data (in just those five minutes). I was on wifi the entire time, as well - doesnt wifi override network? What is going on?


Can anyone offer any advice or shed some light here? Im aware I can turn off cell data altogether, but that seems like a poor solution and itd annoy me.



I erased data from iphone 3gs thru the General Reset Erase All Data and Settings option However it has been 2 days and all I see is the apple logo and the occassional frozen spinning wheel What do I do next

I erased all data on my iphone 3gs via the GeneralResetErase All Data and Settings option.  However, it has been two days now and all I see is the apple logo with the occassional frozen spinning wheel.  What do I do next?

iphone could not activate cellular data network firmware 3.1

Hi all,
Since i updated to firmware 3.1 i cannot get on the internet via anything but wifi
in the same places i have been before 3.1 i was fine
where i am right now, i have full strength signal and 3g yet i open google and get
could not activate cellular data network
you are not subscribed o a cellular data service
anyone know whats happened or what to do, ive tried everything even a restore!

iPhone 4 using Cellular Data when on standby and connected to wifi

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