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notes duplicating on iphone

notes duplicating on iphone

iphone unlocked

Is it possible to sync notes from the iPhone notes app with notes in Mail

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iphone unlocked

Fix photo duplicating on iPhone Help

Whenever i transfer my photos from my computer to my iPhone 3G, it replaces every other photo with a duplicate of the one before. ive tried removing them all, and re-doing it, but it made no difference.
I just want the whole folder of photos, with only one copy of every photo!
Please help!
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duplicating contacts from Outlook to iPhone 3G

I would like to duplicate my contacts from Outlook on my i phone.
I have a large number of contact in Outlook and no contacts on my i phone.
When I sync with i tunes I get a msg box that informs me that all my Outlook contacts will be deleted. Is ther a way to avoid the deleting of my outlook contacts and create my Outlook contacts on my i phone?
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contacts on iphone 4 arbitrarily duplicating

For some reason my iphone 4 is arbitrarily duplicating some contacts
The duplicates are there but have no information inside.
I am syncing contacts with an ipad and several macs and there are no duplicates on any of them, just the iphone 4.
I tried deleting them and they came back
I deleted all contacts and then synced up from mobile me and the iphone duplicated them again.
There are 3-6 duplicates of nearly 20% of all contacts?
What gives? What can I do?
thanks in advance
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how can i back up my iPhone to a new computer without duplicating diary

How can I back up my i phone to a new laptop without duplicating my diary yet again?

Picture Duplicating

I wonder if you can help me with something. I have started to put iPhoto Albums onto my iPhone. If I sync an Event, it all works fine and I end up with the camera roll and the new Event I just synced onto iPhone.
The problem I have is when I do this with an Album, rather than an Event. I tried this last night and for some really strange reason, when I sync only the new Photo Album to my iPhone, when the sync is finished and I look at the photos section on the iPhone, I end up with my camera roll (as it should), the new Album I have synced (as it should) but then I also get a mirrored Album which is named Photo Album
Any idea why its duplicating the Album I am syncing and naming it Photo Album? Its useless to me having 2 of the same Albums on my iPhone, one being the one I synced and the other being a duplicaton with a different name.
Any ideas at all on this? It could just be a bug that needs fixing, as I said above, it doesnt happen when I sync an Event, only happens when I sync an Album I have created in iPhoto.
Thanks very much for reading this and I look forward to a reply.
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Album Coverflow moving right to left duplicating for some songs

When I press a song to play, the album artwork moves left to right so that it appears twice. After removing all of the songs artwork that was affected the blank page that has the notes on it appears twice. Im not sure how to fix this. I know that after redoing the album artwork once already that I did it correctly. What could be causing it to show the same picture of an artist twice, like a skip in a record? Thanks for any help.

shared ICal calendars duplicating in sync list

I used shared calendars in ical and often need to reset them to start working again (a problem in its self but..). Each time I do this it seems itunes sync keeps re-adding these calendars to the calendar sync list so I have many duplicate shared calendars in the sync list (and subsequently my phone). How can I delete these. I assume there are some files lurking on my system. Thanks
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Can't sync iPhone notes with Entourage 2008 notes

Ive updated my iPhone and cannot seem to sync to Entourage 2008 notes. Ive tried a few of the ideas from others in discussions and it doesnt seem to work for Entourage.
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Notes does the iPhone back up Notes during synch

Does the iPhone back up the Notes during Synch? I cant see any notes on iTunes. Is there a way to see the Notes on the computer? I would like to keep track of my Notes; or some sort of text file/database with secure back up.
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3.0 Spotlight search no scan Contacts address notes nor Calendar notes

Am I missing a configuration option? It appears that the new Spotlight search tool does not scan the address or notes fields in Contacts nor the notes field in Calendar. This is a very valuable feature I was hoping to get with Spotlight. Sure, I understand that doing this could greatly slow down a search, but it should be an option.
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A Notes rant and a question on backing up the Notes application

I have a MobileMe family pack, and we all use our individual accounts for email and iDisk, but we also use a common account to sync against a common AddressBook and Calendar. I also want a common set of Notes for things like car details, fuse box settings, answering machine commands etc. etc. For reasons I cant fathom, Apple chose to tether Notes to the Mail program.
Even though the AddressBook and Calendar belong to the common account (thats where they sync to), the home screen Contacts and Calendar applications on my iPod Touch nicely access and sync all of that corresponding data. However,when I invoke the Notes application, there are no notes - its empty. I have to go into Mail, change accounts to the common account, and then access the notes that way. Its royally cumbersome. So I figured Id try to copy the Mail notes into the Notes application, but how do you do that without copy and paste? I spoke with a MobileMe support agent, a Mac support agent, and an iPod Touch support agent - nobody knew! Even if I MANUALLY entered all the notes text into the Notes application, none of those three could confirm that the Notes database was ever backed up (let alone tell me where the back up file might be on the Mac). Thats pretty messed up! Sigh, am I ever going to see an iPhone or iPod Touch come anywhere close to totally assimilating my Palm Pilot...
Does anybody out there know if the Notes application is backed up or synced? I certainly tried creating a couple notes in the Notes application on my iPod Touch, and noticed nothing corresponding to that data on my Mac after a sync. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Sort notes alphabetically in Notes app

I like to see my notes alphabetically, but the Notes app seems to only sort by most recent access date on top. Does anyone know how to change the sort parameter.
I would appreciate any inputs. Thanks.
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Notes sorting notes alphabetically

Is it possible to sort my Notes on the iPhone alphabetically, instead of by the time/date created? (iPhone 3G, latest software I think thats 2.2)
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Sorting the notes in Notes

Is there a way to sort notes other than by date in the Apple Notes app? I can do it within Mail on my laptop but when it syncs with my iPhone 3GS iOS 4.01 theyre all back in date order.

Where do iPhone Notes go

Im a Mac user since 1980s Mac Plus so Im not a complete monkey, but Im no software writer either, just a user... Having got iPhone 3G, I was advised by Apple to do a complete Restore to fix potential bluetooth problem (still investigating). In doing this I lost all my notes completely, and cant find them backed up anywhere. Notes, the App, isnt even listed in iTunes. Where on earth are they, or do they ever actually hit my Powerbook when I sync with iTunes at all?
Only workaround I can find is to email them all to myself (and only then on my .mac account!) I thought theyd at least appear in Notes in Mail in the Powerbook, or even somewhere in iCal (whichi would be more preferable) but they seem to be completely unrelated. Nothing in Mail, or iCal from Notes in iPhone. Is this normal behaviour?
Thanks in advance to any kind soul who has any thoughts or wisdom to share.
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Iphone Notes

My note completely disappeared.  Ive looked on icloud and it is not there.  I set up an icloud email and it is still not there.  I have 5 notes and only one disappeared.  There was important information on that note.  Is there anyway to retrieve my note?



iPhone notes help

Hello, Im new to the board and have a question that may have already been answered somewhere under the katrillion post listed, but I will ask anyway. With the iPhone, why dont they give you the option to auto-lock your notes page? I have my general auto lock on but it would be nice to have my notes page with the auto lock option when its open or incase I no longer want my phone on general auto lock. Any answers? Thanks!
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Retrieving iPhone Notes

Some quick context
I have ~20 notes on my iPhone, which were originally stored/backed up and accessible in Mail. Though, I dont use Mail and only created a Mail account/profile to test MobileMe.
The issue
I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, but want to store/backup my notes.
Is it possible to retrieve notes from an iPhone without using Mail?
Thank you.
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Syncing Notes on iPhone

Hi - for the first time since upgrading my iPhone to 3.0, my Mac G5 asked me today if I wanted to sync my Notes. I clicked OK, and my iPhone Notes were synced with the notes in my Mail program. Great. I think. So, since I had some duplicates, I cleaned up the Notes in my Mail program and then did a MobileMe Sync Data. Then checked the iPhone. No such luck. All the new and old notes are still all thrown together in the Notes app. I know that the sync process worked, because when I log onto MobileMe on the web, all the new, cleaned-up notes are there in Mail. Anyone know how I can force the iPhone to sync the Notes app again?
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Lost all my iPhone Notes

I had noticed that after synching the iPhone to my computer a number of times, my iPhone notes were distributed among my several mail boxes in Apple Mail. I then looked at Mail Preferences and noticed that that the Preference for new notes and to dos was selected to be in the Account of selected mailbox. Since that is not where I wanted them to be, I changed the Preference to be On My Mac. I then I deleted them from Apple Mail, and re-synced with my iPhone, thinking that the new location for my notes within Apple Mail would be changed. What actually happened was that all of my Notes within my iPhone were deleted.
I then used my Time Machine backup and went back one generation to restore the Notes.mbox folder to ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes. The notes now appear in the Messages folder within Notes.mbox but when I launched Mail, they still dont appear in Mail.
I considered restoring my from my iPhone Backup but the first Dialog Box says: do you want to back up the settings for the iPhone ... before restoring the software? and clicking on either button produces another Dialog that says: Are you sure you want to restore the iPhone to its factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased.
At this point, I decided that I was in way over my head and needed help.
How do I get my notes back into my iPhone? (I could care less whether they are on my Mac at all)
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Duplicate Notes on iPhone 3G

I recently updated my software to iOS 4, and did not do a restore from backup, but rather did a fresh install of all apps etc. I now have duplicate Notes on my phone, but not in Mail. Im concerned that if I start deleting duplicates from the phone that theyll be erased altogether from Mail. In iTunes, on the Info page, I have everything set to sync via the MobileMe cloud, except for Other, where Ive checked off sync Notes. Any suggestions? Should I try a replace Notes in the Advanced section?
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iPhone 'Notes' on MacBook

Hi there, i love the notes option on the iPhone but Im sad to see there is no equvalent to sync with on my MacBook. Is this normal?
Id love to have the same notes on my MacBook.
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Syncing notes from the iPhone

Is there a third party application for doing this? At my job I often take notes on my iPhone and therefore it would be very useful to be able to sync them to my Mac.
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notes on computer and on iphone

Is there a way I can make a note on my computer and sync it with the iphone without involving mail ?
thank you joanlvh
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iPhone Notes Keyboard

How do you get the keyboard to appear, while in the Notes app to create a new note or make changes to an existing note. Theres got to be a routine step Im not getting. I dont have a problem making the keyboard appear in other apps.
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.2

Can't sync iPhone Notes

What could be my problem: Im trying to sync Notes on my new iPhone 3GS to my iMac, and it doesnt seem to work ...
After I enter 2 new Notes on the iPhone, I put the iPhone in its dock and do a sync in iTunes via USB. At that time I get a Sync Alert message on the iMac screen that says, Syncing with Erics iPhone will change more than 5% of your notes on this computer. Below that I see Information that says I am adding 2 Notes, modifying 0, and deleting 0. That is absolutely correct. When I click on Show Details in that alert window on the iMac, I see the contents of my new Notes. So I click on the Sync Notes button and it looks as if the syncing of Notes is actually happening: iTunes duly says, Syncing notes with Erics iPhone ... . Yet when I look at Notes (under REMINDERS in the Mail sidebar) in the Mail application on the iMac, I do not see any of the Notes from the iPhone.
Nor do I see, on the iPhone, any of the Notes I have created in Mail on the iMac. The behavior I am seeing makes it look like Notes syncing is in fact taking place, but Notes in Mail on the iMac is not the place to/from which Notes on the iPhone are being synced. Yet I dont know where else on the iMac to look for my synced notes. Anyone know what Im missing here? Thanks.
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Deleting Notes on the iPhone

Is there any way to delete all of the notes on my iPhone, other than deleting the one by one?
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Sync Notes with iPhone 3G 2.2.1

Hello 2 all,
How can I sync my notes with iPhone 3G which runs 2.2.1 firmware? I had the 3.0 version for 10 days and I dont like it, it lags too much, a lot of bugs, but anyways.....with 3.0 I was able to sync my notes.
And I want to know if there any way to sync my notes with 2.2.1
Thank you!
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Sync Notes to iPhone

How do I sync my Outlook notes to my iPhone?
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