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pandora stopped working on iphone

pandora stopped working on iphone

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Pandora stopped working in background

Yesterday I had my phone on and running Pandora. While it was playing I was able to keep it in the background and do other things, such as check e-mail. Out of the blue it stopped working. Now everytime I send pandora into the background it stops playing and disconnects from the pandora server. When I boot it back on, it has to load the station all over again and starts playing different songs, in many cases songs that already played before the application stopped working. Any idea what caused this or how to fix it? I have the most updated Pandora application and most updated OS for iphone.
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Pandora Radio no longer working

I installed Pandora Radio on Friday. The application worked great until last night. I received streaming music early in the evening, turned off the phone. Later I turned the phone back on and Pandora did not work, it still doesnt work this morning.
The application comes up when selected. I received the grey screen that states Pandora, but after 2-3 seconds the application closes. I used to get the loading circle but dont get that either. I am not sure what changed. Is Pandora a service that I need to pay for? I am still able to get into itunes and app store.
Let me know.
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iphone 3g just stopped working

My iphone 3g- about 2 1/2 yrs old- just stopped working. My son was playing a game on it until the battery died. I charged it overnight but the next day it wouldnt turn on. I tried restoring it but my computer wont recognize it. It has been working fine, so I cant think of any reason why it stopped working now.

IPhone 3G stopped working

Does anyone know if the Iphone has any type of reset button? My phone just went dead. I have not abused this phone, the battery was almost fully charged and now I cannot get any response from it. I have held down the power button, but no response whatsoever.
Any helpful hints?
Thank you
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Hi My Iphone 3G has completely stopped working

I can not get it to turn on or connect to a charger. When i hold the home and power key on together all i get is the Apple icon. Can anyone help

My wifi just stopped working on my iPhone 4 I need help

My wifi just randomly stopped working. Its working for my Xbox and other stuff so I know theres something wrong with my iPhone.. Please help

WiFi on my iPhone 3G stopped working

about a week ago. I have tried resetting the network settings and rebooting but my iPhone will not pick up any WiFi signals. Interestingly my 32 GB iPod Touch (first version) picks up the WiFi signals fine.
Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there an easy solution?
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iPhone 4 Email stopped working

From yesterday, my email on iPhone 4 stopped working. I deleted the account and reset the account many times. Still just spinning and showing Checking for Mail.. In box is blank. Need help. Thanks in advance!
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my vibrate feature on my iphone 4 stopped working

i got my iphone 4 a few days ago and today the vibrate has stopped working completely. Is there anyway to make it work again?
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My iPhone 5 just stopped working now not visible with iTunes

I have had the iPhone 5 for a few weeks, tonight I was recieving a call, as I went to answer it the slide bar locked half way accross and the phone locked up. It then turned its self off and now wont start up again, I have connected it to my iMac to see if iTunes can resotre it but iTunes doesnt even recogonise anything is plugged in.


Whats my best steps from here?


Things to try...


Or is it back to the store when they open tomorrow?

Iphone 3gs Audio stopped working

Hello Everyone,
I was just playing tap tap revenge when suddenly in the middle of a song the audio stopped working. I have since then tried resetting my phone and am currently restoring it through Itunes. Ive also tried putting my headphones in which work just fine. Any ideas would be helpful Im hoping my speakers didnt just break for now reason just because of playing tap tap and my volume wasnt even on the highest level.
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Sync of contacts to iPhone stopped working

Changes to my Mac contacts are not getting synced to my iPhone. I have selected sync of contacts but when I make an edit on the Mac the change does not get updated on the iPhone. The only way I can get it to work is to go into the info/advanced option in iTunes and select Replace information on this iPhone. Can anyone help me here please.
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iPhone 3G WiFi stopped working after last sync

Resets not working.  WAPs connect momentarily and then disconnect. Work, home, Starbucks. WiFi just dies not work after the last sync with the latest version of iTunes on Windows7.

iPhone 3gs wi-fi stopped working right after OS 4.2.1 update

Today i updated to the latest OS version 4.2.1, and right after that the phones wi-fi stopped working (it turned grey in the settings menu). Is anyone else experiencing these problem? i tried restoring backup, reseting network options in the settings menu and nothing worked...
Any ideas?
Please help...
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I have an IPHONE 4 the voice in the maps has stopped working can anyone help

In Maps or Google maps the voice stopped speaking to me on my IPHONE4   Can anyone help?



iPhone Push Email Stopped Working

Ok. A few days ago I noticed that I was not receiving push email to my iPhone. It was working fine and now it just seems to have stopped. When I open mail.app it will check and find all my messages, but I simply love push and hate having to check it manually. Anyway. Here are my options I have selected.
1) I use a Gmail account
2) Fetch new data is set to push
3) The fetch underneath is set to manually
4) Advance is fetch
Now I did a complete restore about half an hour ago. I completely wiped the phone, restored to factory settings and set it up as a new phone. If anyone can please help I really would appreciate it. Thanks.
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btinternet email on iphone stopped working

hi wonder if anyone can help, cannot get my btinternet email on iphone it stopped after 2.0 update, tried everything reset, restore, delete account , reinstall account, also got in touch with o2 customer care who said it was fault with phone, but i am sure there must be something i can do so that i do not have to send it away for repair, ....or should i wait for the 3.0 update that may cure the problem...hoping someone can help...
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My IPhone 4's audio recently stopped working help

My iPhone 4 audio/sound recently stopped working. The silent switch is off and when I go to the settings and check the ringer sound (scrolling higher and lower) it plays through the speakers as if it is working, but when I get a phone call or text message, it isnt working. My music still plays through the speakers, but the rest of the audio sounds are not working, the clicking when locking and unlocking your home screen, text message notifications, incoming calls. Any ideas on what would help would be greatly appreciated!

Caller ID stopped working on Sprint iPhone 5

I have had the iPhone 5 since day one. No problems with the phone at all until the last couple of days. The caller ID function worked great, until recently. Now, I have searched through the Forums, and other sources online, to no avail.

When a call comes in, no matter if it is in my contacts or not, all I get on the screen is Unknown. I have done a hard reset, I even wiped the phone and restored from iCloud. No difference. I called AppleCare, they could not answer the problem either. If anyone knows a solution, I would love to hear it. Thanks.

iPhone 3gs Digitizer stopped working

So my iPhone 3gs stopped responding to my touch. I want to purchase a new one, so while im on ebay i searched iphone 3gs Digitizer but in the process there was also iPhone 3gs digitizer assembly What is the difference. All i need is the scree. I have the lcd and the metal frame with it.

iPhone 4 stopped working for half an hour

Hello! Ive had my iPhone 4 since Jul. 30th and today it just stopped working. It was fine one minute (I had been sending/receiving text messages) and the next was completely unresponsive. As if it went into sleep mode and doesnt want to wake up. It looks like its shut off; pressing the power button or home button doesnt accomplish anything. Ive tried pressing and holding the power button, Ive tried pressing and holding power + home to restart, plugging the charger in, but nothing is working.Im worried what this implies! Its not jailbroken and I dont know what else could have caused it to just stop working. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Edit: After about 25 minutes, it suddenly came back on. Does anyone know what could have caused this so I can prevent it in the future? Or at least know whats going on?Message was edited by: brownjawa

Wi-Fi stopped working

My iPhone has been working well in all respects since I got it a month ago. Today, it stopped identifying my home Wi-Fi network.
I followed several suggestions from earlier posts here:
reset iPhone using the off button and the home button. restored iPhone using iTunes.rebooted my router (a Linksys wireless G) and cable modem and restarted my computer (iMac G5 PowerPC.)
No joy on any. Meanwhile, two computers in the house -- my Mac and a PC -- are getting Wi-Fi just fine, as always.
The iPhone is not showing any Wi-Fi signal reception. When I enter my network info under Choose another network and hit Join... the display says cannot recognize network name.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Wi-Fi Stopped working and yes I have tried everything

Before you EVEN jump at me with all the existing methods of attempting to fix this. Please read my post first.
Okay, Ive done the following:
Reset iPhone
Forgotten Network settings (and never been able to get them back)
Cleared network settings
Cleared ALL settings and content
Restored iPhone from Backup
Attempted to connect to several wireless networks
There IS a MAC address in the about page
Attempted to connect to a wireless network with WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA2 Enterprise and NO encryption
Attempted entering the connection information manually
There is NO mac filtering on my router
Obviously I cannot debug this any further. I intend as my next step to get a hold of a cisco router and run debug on that to see if I can find anything out.
Any new suggestions would be much appreciated, but I have literally tried everything.
Also my iPhone is running OS 2.2.1
Edit: I would appear to be an idiot, in missing the huge topic at the bottom dedicated to this issue. My bad. However from what Ive gathered, I am not putting my iPhone in a freezer just to get wifi working. If it is a chip fault Ill be wanting my money back.
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iPhone 3GS earphone jack stopped working

Suddenly my iPhones earphone jack stopped working. Plugging in earphones or stereo jack does not cause the sound to switch. The sound continues through the iPhone speaker. Ive searched for similar posts and tried the mentioned solutions:
plug and unplug the jack several times. didnt fix it.
checked for lint. none.
checked the moisture detector. still white.
rebooted. didnt fix it.
did a complete restore. didnt fix it.
Prior to this happening, I had been listening to Stitcher quite a lot. The last app I listened to was AOL Radio. I had stopped the app to take care of something. When I tried to come back I had the issue.
So Im wondering what to do next. Anyone else have any ideas?
Any help greatly appreciated.
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TS2634 my iphone 3GS stopped working completely

My phone hadnt seemed like anything was wrong with this prior to this occurence. While in the car I sent a text message, locked my phone then set it on my lap. About thirty seconds later, I pickedmyphone up to check for a text,but my phone was turned off. When i attempted to turn iton, it wouldnt respond. I triedto restart it byholding the lock and middle button but that gave no response. I decided to let it be andput it on the charger when I got home. However, when i plugged my phone in, there was still no response. I leftit on the charger for about 10 minutes before attepmting to turn it on again, but still no response. So i left it on the charger the entirenight without touching it but when i woke up the next morning still no change. Any ideas? Please help.

Mic-button on iPhone 3G headset stopped working

Hi all!
The button on my 3G headset has stopped working (a good while ago) but its only a few months old. I asked the provider (Orange Austria) for a warranty replacement but they said they only handle the phone, not the accessories.
Apple Warranty states that they charge €70 for a warranty investigation -- but at that price Im better off buying a new (better!) headset.
--> Is the headset button a common defect?
--> How can I get a warranty replacement for less than €70?
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iPhone 3GS Stopped Working Won't Turn On

Hi Guys
My iPhone 3GS was working fine for the last three months and all of a sudden stopped working this morning. While trying to open a web page on Safari it died. Unable to turn on or off. Screen is blank and if I try to turn it on the Apple symbol comes on for less than a minute and the screen goes blank again. Tried connecting to iTunes and no luck. My computer wont even recognise the iPhone.
I left it to charge on the mains charger for a few hours and still no luck. I have a lot of important information which I cant afford to loose. Unfortunately I did not backup the phone recently. Any ideas how I can get this problem resolved.
iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone 4 home and lock button stopped working

I have an iPhone 4 and my home and lock button stopped working today randomly at the same time. I have had assistive touch set up for a while but that also wont work. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

iPhone 3GS charger less than a week old has stopped working

I recently purchased a new iPhone 3GS and I just now noticed that the charger has stopped working. I tried it in different outlets in my apartment to no avail. I also made sure the cable worked with a computer, and it did. So the problem is definitely the charger.
Any advice on how I can get a new one?
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Iphone 4 Apps non Apple have suddenly stopped working

I let the battery run completely flat on my iphone 4 last night - fell asleep listening to tune in radio. When I plugged the phone back into the charger the date on my phone had reset to 1 January 1970 and the time was about 8 hours behind UK time. All of the apps icons were still there but when I click on the icon the app title page momentarily flashes on the screen before failing. The apple apps are working fine and the ipod music is all there.
I noticed from other posts that a similar problem occurred last year with the iphone 3gs. Has anyone else experienced this problem with the iphone 4 and can anyone suggest how I can get my apps to work. I really want to avoid having to reset the phone and reload all the apps if possible.
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