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please can i go to restore my whatsapp facebook res

please can i go to restore my whatsapp facebook res

iphone unlocked

unable to get facebook or whatsapp to install on iphone 3 says too old version ios

Iphone 3 g, unable install whatsapp or facebook, too old version of ios, what is the highest version ios for iphone 3?

iphone unlocked

Why do my Facebook email links open up in Safari and not the Facebook App

I recently started having a problem that I cannot seem to diagnose and fix, and was wondering if anyone had a solution that I might not be aware of. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3 and when I would get an email update from Facebook I was able to click on the link in the email and it would open up the Facebook App on my iPhone and take me to the post. Suddenly a few days ago it stopped doing that, and now it opens up Facebook in Safari instead, and then proceeds to tell me the page is not found, or it is temporarily unavailable. However, I can exit Safari and open up the FB app and the post is right there. I know for sure that the links are not viruses, and that my email is not hacked. But, I do not know if this problem is related to Gmail, Facebook, or the iPhone, and I cannot seem to find any settings on the iPhone that would fix it (like give permission for email links to open apps), so Im hoping someone has a suggestion...
Thank you!
iPhone 4 iOS 4 4.3

How to take low-res pictures

Is there a way to set the resolution lower? Because sometimes I just want a quick snapshot and I dont need 2MP for that.
iPhone 3G, Powerbook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.8)

As a Webmaster - Do I have to post higher res photos

I am a webmaster and have traditionally posted photos at 72 pixals per inch. With the higher resolution of the IPhone 4 do I need to save my photos at a higher resolution to take advantage the the higher res screen?
IPhone 4 iOS 4

Front facing camera as Hi Res as rear

I like the idea of front facing camera for self portraits, etc. Is the FF camera as Hi res as rear?
Mac Pro 2.4GHz 8 core, 8GB RAM, 5870, 24" LED ACD, Final Cut Studio 3 Mac OS X (10.6.6) Matrox MXO Mini, LG internal Blu Ray burne

I can't use my line in iPhone and res is not working an seggustion


Very Low Res Photos After IT9.2 and IOS 4.0 Upgrade

After upgrading to iTunes 9.2 and IOS 4.0 on iPhone 3GS, every photo in the iPhone Photo app appears as an incredibly low resolution, unwatchable photo. Every single one. They looked fine yesterday before upgrading, and they look fine in iPhoto on the MacBook Pro. New photos taken via the iPhone camera since the upgrade look fine. Only the old photos have lost their resolution. Any suggestions.
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6)

When I tried to save a photo from my Facebook I accidently pressed Don't access my photos and now it won't let me save any pictures from my Facebook Please can someone advise me how I can change this in my settings etc

When I tried to save a photo from my Facebook I accidently pressed Dont access my photos and now it wont let me save any pictures from my Facebook... Please can someone advise me how I can change this in my settings etc?


how to get whatsapp on your iphone

i just bought an iphone but i want whatsapp but how or where can i get it

how to install Whatsapp in iOS 4.2.1

how to install Whatsapp in iOS 4.2.1?

whatsapp not working on iphone 3G

I am using whatsapp on iphone 3G since one year. Today i couldnt log on to whatsapp, it says the new version cannot support my iOS and is asking me to update the same. However iOS 4.3 can not be updated on iphone 3G. This means i can not use whatsapp on my iphone 3G anymore. Any solutions?

iphone4 v4.3.5 whatsapp not working

hi guys,

i just bought my iphone and downloaded Whatsapp. but when ive type in my phone no. , a message saying Failed to verify your device. This is most likely caused by you upgrading or changing your phone. can any1 help me?=(

whatsapp is not working in iphone 3g what should i do

whatsapp is not working in iphone 3g. what should i do.

whatsapp audio notes

some of my recieved audio notes that i get on whatsapp messenger dont open. when i forward them to another phone other than iphone they open.

Whatsapp on Iphone 3G IOS 4.2.1

Whatsapp is working on iphone 3G with IOS 4.2.1 until it requires and update and then no longer works because the application in Apple Store needs IOS 4.3 or higher. Incredible! If the update can not work why it require this update? Now I can not use Whatsapp. These are the things that tells apart good sofware developers from bad ones. Please any help?

WHATSAPP - has stopped working

Hey all,
Wondering if you can help / confirm my problem.
Ive used a great little app called whatsapp over the last couple of months however, this morning it seems to have stopped working. Those of you who use it will be familiar with its funcionality...
I upgraded to the new version and I thought this was probably the problem but it looks as if it might just be co-incedence as all of my friends are experiencing the same problems.
Push notifications still work however on loading the app the message is not recieved. If youre online then the messages will come through no problem but if the app if closed it simply doesnt work anymore.
Ive tried everything now, restarting phone, restarting app, turning off push and turning back on again, deleting app, reinstalling and all of the above again with no joy.
Is anybody having the same problems?
Thanks in advance...
Iphone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.3 Whatsapp

HT1414 It's about Whatsapp on iPhone

Will I lose my current whatsapp messages if I restore it to retrieve my old messages back?

Imovie videos on whatsapp

I made a video on Imovie and using itunes photos i synced the video to my camera roll(which is the only type of videos i can send on whatsapp) Now whilst the video appears on my camera roll app, if i try to send a video using whatsapp,the video isnt there. All other videos are there, but this one in particular made on Imovie is not there.


I tried using different formats.3GP, MPEG etc. no difference.



iOS4 - Album covers in low res when viewing album contents in portrait

Anyone else noticed that all albums not purchased through itunes now have their album artwork presented in low res? The artwork is fine in cover flow view, but when viewing in portrait mode the small image is now in a really grubby looking low res.
However albums purchased through itunes appear in lovely hi-res.
Anyone else seen this?
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This is NOT a question about retreiving whatsapp msgs

Hey guys,

So after I realized there is no way of retreiving my whatsapp msgs and history from my stolen droid, I have another question, seemignly a more simple one:

If I lost my phone 2.5 months ago and havnt installed whatsapp on my new phone since then (on my friends whatsapp it still says that I was Last seen online on 01/08/13), so is it possible that somehow I will be able to get the messages ppl sent me from that date until now? I mean the messages would all be marked as unread and since I did not sign in from any other phone, I wonder if those msgs (only from the last 2 months) are still availible for me to receive them from a new phone upon signing in.

Again, I am not talking about mesages that were there forever and been read before the phone was stolen, only those which nobody read after it was stolen. Would greatly appriciate if anyone knows if and how to get those precious messages.



HT3677 emoticons & whatsapp

Do you know how to fix the emoticons abscense in the whatsapp iPhone version?

Thank you very much in advance

How I can send Mp3 songs through Whatsapp in iphone 4

Hi Friends,


I am Using iphone 4 from last 3 months. I am facing problem in sending songs to my friends through Whatsapp.

Can any one help me please in this issue..

I have a problem sending pictures with whatsapp after upgrading to version 6.0


I have upgraded my Iphone two days ago to version 6.0 and since then I have trouble sending pictures with whatsapp. I have turned on and off everything possible. If I wait until the following morning it does send them.

First I thought it has something to do with the location, but that does not seem to matter.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you,

Does anybody else have Viber or Whatsapp charges on their AT&T phone bill

I got my phone bill for my iPhone and noticed charges of $79.00 for using Viber and/or Whatsapp texting Apps. I have WiFi in my home and AT&T data processing when Im i.e. in my car driving around and calling my Viber friend. Is that the reason I got charged? I called AT&T and they told me to contact Apple. They said its a FREE CALL so they deducted it but wondering about my next bill. Can somebody help me?

The App store icon has been deleted from the screen on my iphone.I am unable to find it.Seems like my kids managed to delete it somehow.I just updated my phone connected to the PC hoping that the icon will be restored but no luck How can I get it res

The App store icon has been deleted fromm my home screen somehow.My kids managed to delete it. I just restored my iphone 3GS hoping that the app store icon would be restored but no luck. How can I get my app store icon back on my home screen

Hi I have the 3GS with version 4.2.1 and I have just lost a few apps mostly whatsapp How do I update to get it back Preferably by iPhone

Hi, I have the 3GS with version 4.2.1 and I have just lost a few apps mostly whatsapp . How do I update to get it back . Preferably by iPhone

HT6058 No sound on video recorder or FaceTime but whatsapp etc it works fine Any help will be much helpful

As above Im having difficulties with my iPhone 4S but none of these happen on my iphone 4.

How can Apple claim the iPhone has a Super-High res screen when its not even HD From what I understand 1280x720 is basic high definiton and the retina screen only goes up to 1136x640

How can Apple claim the iPhone has a Super-High res screen when its not even HD? From what I understand, 1280x720 is basic high definiton, and the retina screen only goes up to 1136x640.

HT1808 My Iphone says connect to itunes and when i plug it in i can hit restore and it does the whole restore process but then right at the end it says cannot restore What should i do

My iphone says conncect to itunes and when i plug it in i can hit restore and it does the whole restore processs but then right at the end of the restoring process it says cannot restore. What should i do?

  • please can i go to restore my whatsapp facebook res

  • iphone unlocked