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reinstall iphone 5 built-in app

reinstall iphone 5 built-in app

iphone unlocked

Reinstall the built-in camera application for iphone 3gs

I might accidentally delete the original built-in camera application for 3GS. Anyone know how to re-install or restore the application?
iphone 3gs iOS 4

iphone unlocked

iPhone app reinstall

I recently had an issue with my AT&T account, where my data plan was removed. (Long story!) Before the problem was solved I was told by my local AT&T salesperson to restore my iPhone via iTunes. When I did that my phone, of course, was back to factory settings, so I lost all my applications(all free thank goodness) including my favorite, Tris-the free version of Tretris. Tris is no longer available in the App store.
Is there any way I can get that application back. I really like that game. Thanks.
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

How do I reinstall a deleted app

Howdy - I am new to the iPhone and am starting to get the hang of it, but I deleted an app I bought and now I want to reinstall it. How do I do that without having to repurchase the app
iMac 24" iPhone OS 3.0.1

Reinstall YouTube app

My son deleted the YouTube app from my iPhone 3Gs. Cannot re-install with iTune and cannot find it on App Store. Minor issue but would like to have it back on the phone. Suggestions? Thank you.
Intel iMac Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Password Corrupted- Need to Reinstall App

Hi everyone. Heres the deal, in point form:
--I was using my app this morning as normal
--I was multi-tasking with my iPod
--When I switched back to my app, my password no longer worked, and still doesnt work.
So, I have a full backup of my data in iTunes, so data loss is not a concern. My question is this: how do I reinstall ONE app on my iPhone (assuming that the app is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled) and reinstall the data that is currently saved in my iTunes backup?
Thanks for your help!
iPhone 3GS iOS 4

Deleted a paid for App not want to reinstall

I downloaded and instralled WhatsApp Messenger through my ihpone. I was emailed the reciept to show that I had paid for it.
I accidentally deleted the app from my iphone, but had not plugged it in to my computer to back it up.
I want to reinstall it, but when I go to the app store on my phone, it says I have to pay for it. Is there another way to download this without paying again?
iPhone 3Gs iPhone OS 3.1.3

HT4061 Need to Reinstall an App named KitCam

I am going to have to uninstall my software on my IPHONE which means I will probably lose this APP KitCam when the Apple Store Re installs the software back into my cell, this App is no longer available and might be wiped out when my  cell is reset today (09-12-13). I LOVE this KitCam APP and since it is  not available anymore how will Ibe able to get The App back on my cell ? Next question, How can I install KitCam on my desktop at home and My IPAD ? Can the App or Link be sent to my email address so that I can reinstall it back into my cell and home desktop and IPAD ? I have Windows Desktop, IPHONE and IPAD, please help me so that I do not lose this Great KitCam App you all created. My name is Dan

Reinstall deleted factory Notes app

Notes in 2.1 and earlier really sucked. I found some better app (MagicPad) and somehow sucesssfully deleted the original factory-installed Notes app from my machine (Dont ask me how... Through sheer genius or totally idiocy).
Now that 3.0 has come along, I now want Notes back to try the Mail syncing function (the FAIL point of the earlier versions) but this app is nowhere to be found. Cant find it on my iPhone (via Spotlight), in iTunes, nor any trace on my 10.5.7 laptop. Only sign of it is via iPhone Spotlight which shows path to some old notes I took with the application, but is unable to open them (due to path failure).
Questions: How to re-install a factory app? (Unlike 3rd party apps this is not available in iTunes Store to re-download.).
If I do a Restore Factory Settings on the whole phone, will it be there? (Seems a bit extreme for just one app.)
(Curiously, Ive often had the same problem with accidental deletion of factory apps like Mail and Safari from my laptop OS... Real pain to find/reinstall without actually re-installing system software.)
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0

Mail.app corrupt How do i reinstall mail.app

after my last sync with the computer the blue statusbar with the answer, foward, move-to-trash and write-new-buttoms is missing! there is only a black area at the bottom. how can i fix the mail.app?
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.2

Does an iPhone have a firewall built in

This may be a very basic question, but I am reluctant to access unknown wifi networks that pop up when I am using safari or checking email -- is there any kind of firewall on an iPhone? I dont have much to hide anyway, but I am curious, and of course EDGE is slow... Thanks
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iphone 4 built in speaker s

If I play music on my Verizon iPhone, it only seems to be coming out of one of the build in speakers at the bottom of the phone. The headphones put out a stereo signal, but the built in speakers seem to only be one channel. This may be a dumb question, but is this normal?
intel iMac Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Does the iPhone have a built in loudspeaker

Like the Sony Walkman 995? I dont mean so you have to plug in headphones, I mean an actual loudspeaker so you can hit play put it on the toilet seat and boogie away whilst in the shower, albeit to a limited quality I appreciate.
macbook core duo Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Upgraded to Xcode 3.1.3 and now cannot built to iPhone

At first I was getting this error:
a valid signing identify matching this profile could not be found in your keychain
So I removed by Cert and Provisions and rebuilt them all following apples instructions.
Now Im getting this error:
Code Sign error: a valid provisioning profile matching the applications Identifier com.yourcompany.AppName could not be found
Which I cannot find a solution for ...
Heres more information -
+ I upgraded to 3.1.3 and Itunes 8.2
+ Everything has been working fine
+ Did a reboot - BAM, everything broke.
I can only build in the simulator, I cannot build to the device when selecting Device 2.2.1 Debug.
Total PITA apple.
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Sound from iPhone built in speakers

Why do I only get one of the speakers working when on the rare occasions when I use them?
Its the RH speaker as you look at the phone.?
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How to recover iphone 4S built-in apps


I just bought an iphone 4s and without realizing restored the backup from my old iphone 3GS.  Now the default apps that came with iphone 4S (Siri, facetime etc) have gone. Is there a way to get them installed into the new phone? Searching in iTunes app store does not help to retrieve these apps.


iPhone Built in Speakers 1 Works

At the bottom of the iphone there are 2 what look likes speakers, only one of them produces any sound when i play music though, would i be right in guessing the other is the mike for the phone?

regaining iphone 4s built-in apps



I recently bought an iPhone 4S to replace an iPhone 3GS to theft.

Upon getting the new 4S, I hastily connected it to iTunes on my MacBook Pro and it prompted a question that sounded like (cant remember exactly):

(1) see it as a New Device

(2) take it as the old 3GS phone


As I thought I want to have all my backed-up apps, contacts, etc into my new phone I chose (2).

Everything worked fine except I now realized that I dont have some of the built-in apps for iPhone 4S on my phone, specifically the 3 below.

HD Video RecordingFaceTimeFind My iPhone


I can re-intall Find My iPhone through iTunes, but I dont know about the other 2.


Please help.

How can I get these back into my iPhone 4S?




Why my iphone does not have built-in itunes software

please tell me,

Why my iphone does not have built-in itunes software?

Built-in mic failure on my new iPhone 3G

Wondering if any one else has seen this issue:
For about 4 or 5 hours this past saturday, I had a one-way audio issue on all my phone calls; where I can hear them but they cannot hear me!
It occured on all incoming and outgoing calls during this 5 hour period.
BUT, while the phone was in this problem state, I discovered that if I used the headset, people could hear me just fine!
Then later that evening the problem went away without me doing anything special (I did not reset phone or anything).
The problem came back the next day for about an hour.
-So, has anyone else seen this?
-It hasnt been 30days since I purchased the phone, I guess i should be able to just walkin th estore and ask for a replacement...
iPhone 3G with 2.0.2 firmware
MacBookPro3,1 15inch Mac OS X (10.5.2) iPhone 3G 2.0.2

iPhone 4 built in speakers won't work

All media on the phone wont play sounds through the built in speakers but when I plug in the earphones I can hear it. When I connect the phone to the pc and it sync to iTunes and disconnect the sound comes back but after a while it just goes again. The Os is up to date. Could some one help me out. Thanks

Upgraded to new iPhone and built-in apps are missing

I just upgraded to a new iPhone. I restored the data from my old iPhone.
But now the new iPhone is missing the built-in apps it came with. I thought there was supposed to be a compass, but it is nowhere to be found.
Im not referring to iTunes store-bought apps, but the apps that come with the iPhone.
How can I get them back?
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How do I reinstall iPhone OS

I am facing connectivity issues with the app, Ping! and from its FAQ http://www.pingmessaging.com/Ping!/Ping!_FAQ.html, Im asked to reinstall the iPhone OS.
I am currently already on iPhone OS 3.1 - how do I reinstall it? Does it mean I have to restore (which will be a nightmare), since clicking update wouldnt help?
Would appreciate if someone could help me with the steps to do so. Thank you.
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How to send Apple feedback on built-in iPhone apps

How do I send feedback to Apple concerning the built in Voice Memos app? I like this app alot except for one glaring difficulty: it usually requires several taps to activate the buttons. This is particularly irritating if, like me, one uses (or attempts to use) this app while driving. So how do I report the problem to Apple?
On a related note, it would be great if there was a way to write reviews of the built-in iPhone apps just like all the other apps.
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iPhone won't play music through built-in speaker

I updated my iPhone last night and everything went fine, however, when I tried to play music or a movie on the phone there is no sound. The speaker works, since the ringtone will play (like sonar etc.), and it rings when someone calls. Headphones work for all sounds when you plug them in. Ive tried restarting, but not a restore yet.
Has anyone else had a similar problem. Any ideas for solutions?
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iPhone 3GS built-in speaker isn't working

I am getting absolutely no audio out of the built in speaker on my iPhone 3GS since the upgrade to iOS 6. Music, calls, nothing comes though. I have checked, double checked, and triple checked the audio settings, volume, and vibrate button and all are good. I have restored my iphone once already to try to get rid of this. Any ideas? Or should I just go to an Apple Store or AT&T and get it fixed?

Does iphone have both communication standards CMDA GSM built in

I currently have Iphone 5 from sprint which it means its a CDMA phone but im planning on moving out of US so im wondering if this phone will work outside of US using GSM

iPhone and OS reinstall question

i recently, in a moment of extreme stupidity, reinstalled my OS without doing an archive. im wondering if the music on my iPhone purchased through iTunes will get back into my iTunes? i would hate to lose all the albums ive bought legally since i got my phone. please ... any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you
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Built in apps

Hi all,
Ive just purchased my 1st iPhone (3Gs) and all is .... great . One question though, is it possible and, if so, how do you disable/get rid of any of the built in programs that came with it? Im a little surprised that in the suit if apps they included the stock tracker - probably a great app if youre into stocks and shares etc but Im not and so its just taking up space. Can I get rid of it?
iMAC (Intel) Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Iphone Won't rotate anymore in apple built-in application only

Hi there,
after having the cant hear you problem got a new iphone from apple (possibily a refurbished one).
So i went home, open the box and everything was ok.
Good night iphone, thanks apple... And the day after... surprise!
The iphone screen does not rotate in safari, pictures, camera or ipod.
The accelerometer works though, because i can play some games without problems.
Is there any method you guys know to overcome the issue?
I am sick and tired of sending back in holland faulty products...
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is there anti-phishiing spam viral software built into the iPhone 4

Is it possible for hackers to get into ones email account while using it on the iphone?
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