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rejected delete from server iphone

rejected delete from server iphone

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Why oh why are my emails still being rejected by the server

I receive emails just fine - but when I try to send emails from my phone, the messages were unable to be sent due to the the address being rejected by the server. I checked the troubleshooting guide, and have turned WiFi off, turned my other SMTP servers on, and deleted the original synced account and added it manually. When I added it, I had to authenticate without SSL as my ISP doesnt use SSL for my outgoing mail server (Bigpond ADSL, Im talking to you). I rewrote the message, tried sending again, and got the same rejected message. I know the email is valid as I use it all the time from my MacBook. So - is the lack of SSL the problem - and if, so, will I not be able to send emails from my phone unless I swap ISP? Or have I missed something?
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Sender address rejected by server but only when out and about

My iPhone 3GS has been working fine with sending and receiving emails both via wifi and when Im out and about.
Now it wont allow me to send emails while Im out. Can receive them okay and can access the internet, but when I try to send them I get told that the sender address was rejected by the server.
Yet it still works perfectly fine sending and receiving via wifi when Im home.
Im using an smtp address attached to my work, port 587. I know nothing technical but can try to give other details if asked.
Spent a while in the Orange shop and didnt get anywhere, any help I would gladly accept!

Delete .mac mail from iPhone but leave on server

I have an iPhone and a MBP. When out and about with my iPhone, I check my email (its a .mac account) and after reading the mail I would like to delete it from the iPhone, but still leave the messages on the server so that when I get back to my laptop, the messages are still there.
Is there any way to do this?
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Don't want messages deleted on iphone to delete from server

Hi everyone.
I just set up my work exchange server to work on the iphone. i get a lot of emails, most of which does not need me to respond immediately or at all, but i would like to have for reference later. Is there a setting or something i can change on the phone so that i can delete messages from my phone but have them stay on my exchange server.

Delete email on phone and keep on server

Is there a setting to not delete an email on the server when I delete it from my 3G iphone?
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delete from phone but leave on server

hey there:
i dont think this is doable, but it cant hurt to ask, right? one of my users wants to be able to delete items from his 3gs inbox (on exchange 2007), but delete it from the phone only. he wants the mail to stay on the server until he gets back in to the office. dont ask me why, he just does.
like i said, i dont think this is possible, but thought id ask.
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Mail Settings - Delete from Server

My office manager (Original 2G/Edge w/ 3.0) doesnt like getting e-mails twice. She checks mail on her iMac all day - reads, deletes junk, etc. but, then at home she checks the mail on the phone (no push- Manual check only) and gets the same mails again. Her settings on the iMac are: Delete retrieved mail after 1 Day . I know that I can change that setting (in Apple Mail on the iMac) to Delete retrieved mail immediately and that will stop her from getting these already read e-mails on the phone.
The problem - since that is the setup on the imac (the sync machine) when she checks mail on the weekend (on iPhone) and finds a mail that she will want to see on her imac on Monday. Is there a setting on the phone to NOT Delete immediately?
Sorry if this is unclear but it hard to describe - Thanks for any help.....
Edit: This is a POP mail account....
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how to rejected incoming call iphone conditition locked

I want to ask something
How to rejected incoming call in condition locked.
I only find a menu slide to answer and I can`t rejected
how to rejected the incoming call
Can you help me
Thank you for the help
iOS 4

your payment method was rejected Why

When I am creating my Apple ID i get the answer above..

sender address rejected by service

I have many times sent images I take on my iphone to myself at home to import into iphoto with no problem. Today I try to do this and I get a message A copy has been placed in your outbox. The sender address (mine) was rejected by the server. I phoned my server shaw.ca and they say it is a problem with the phone. Why would this work a few days ago and not now. Any comments would be appreciated.
PS new phone at Christmas
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E-mail address rejected - seems to differ on location

For two days running, new mail and reply mail to correct addresses have hung for hours, with a periodic message saying one of the addresses ... rejected bu the server (well, words to that effect)
One account sent ok, the other two would not.
Repeated attempts to send - including test messages to one of my three accounts - also fail with the same message.
Both days, I have been approaching home and woosh all the hung messages depart.
No impediment to incoming mail, incidentally.
Settings fault or local server fault? I suspect the server but ...
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I updated my iphone 4S with iOS 6.1.3 and now my e-mails say This message has not been downloaded from the server We have an Exchange server at work

I updated my iphone 4S with iOS 6.1.3 and now I cannot retreive or send my e-mails.  We have an Exchange server at work.  I still receive the e-mails on all my devices just fine and I can see the subject headings & a small portion of the body of the e-mail, but when I open the e-mails there is no body and it reads, This message has not been downloaded from the server.  Very aggrevating and is not helping my business at ALL!!  Same has happened with both iPads we own now. 

Exchange Server emails stuck in iPhone after deleted from server

I have 32GB 3GS and have emails from January that have been deleted from the Exchange Server but seem to be stuck in the iPhone. Any ideas of how to get rid of these?

Hardware Error - Microphone broken - Warranty Rejected - Who to contact

OK. I have an Apple 16GB iphone bought in July 2008 in AUS.
The INTERNAL microphone has stopped working and no one can hear the user speaking. This is a common mobile fault where there is a loose or bad connection of the microphone inside the unit.
The phone or screen is not cracked or broken anywhere, but the plastic back has scratches as a cover has never been used and the phone is with you 24 hours a day everywhere you go.
Anyway, took it back to the Optus Shop to send it back through Boomerang. It has come back REJECTED as aan assessment performed on your handset has found signs of physical damage to the casing. The manufacturers warranty has been voided.
They are normal wear and tear, no dropping, no cracking just scratches on the bad. How the **** can this void warranty ?
Anyway, I am not satisfied with the response and I think that they have charged me $49 for the privilege to reject the claim.
I do have Optus insurance, which as a principal I only want to claim as a last resort plus I think that there is a $100 excess to pay.
My issue is, that I reject their assertion that that superficial marking of the case voids the warranty and they have no responsibility. I would like to talk to someone at Apple about arranging a fix rather than having to start a Department of Fair Trading case on the basis of a lazy technicians assessment.
Is there someone in Apple that I can speak to? I have always thought that Apple Customer Service was top-notch, so I was very surprised that this was an issue.
The phone has never been jail-broken, only has official apps installed, has never been wet, and there are no non-cosmetic scratches, cracks or damage visible.
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Connection to server failed error with Gmail exchange server

I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3 on Friday and now I cant access my Gmail account using the Microsoft Exchange settings, I just get a Connection to server failed error.
I also have a Google Apps email account for my website and I am able to access it using exchange... its just my regular Gmail account that I cant access (and thats where all my contacts are stored).
I can access the account using the regular Gmail email settings but that doesnt sync my contacts over the air, which is the advantage of using Exchange that I love the most.
I dont know if it is related or not, but I had a really hard time upgrading to iOS 4.3. I guess the update file was corrupt and it put my phone into restore mode. I had to use a different computer for the upgrade to finally work. Because I was using a different computer I had to restore it as a new phone rather than restoring from a backup, so maybe that has something to do with my email problem.
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I put iCloud on my iPhone and it did something to my outgoing server I removed the iCloud but I still cannot sent emails even though my server information looks fine Any thoughts

I recently put iCloud on my iPhone and I hated it.  It also disrupted my outgoing mail.  I removed iCloud but I still cannot send mail.  I get a message saying that the device cannot connect with my server.  However, when I look at my settings the server info seems fine.  Any ideas?

Exchange Server Server side changes

Id like to inquire about the Apple iPhone Exchange Sync software that will be with the new update. I understand that it will work with Exchange Server, but I havent been able to fully verify whether this is a iPhone update, Exchange update, or both. Does anything need to be done to the Exchange server? If so, to what extent? I know a lot of details cant be released right now, but I was hoping to at least determine that much?
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how do u complain when an app is rejected by App Store

is there an email address to grip that Apple wont allow Google Voice app onto iphone? My friend has it on Droid, very elegant; but iphone users must get around Apples pettiness by using the Google Voice mobile site.
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Help I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with it's data plan I want to delete my iCloud account on this phone will delete my iCloud account too And what about deleting my personal datas on iPhone will it delete my data on iTunes

Help! I am giving away my iPhone 3Gs to my sister along with its data plan. I want to delete all of my personal data on my phone, will it delete my data on iTunes too? And same goes for iCloud; I want to delete my acount on my phone because, I guess this is a more convenient way to delete my personal data but Im not sure if it will delete my iCloud account too or not because Im getting an iPhone 4S and Im hoping, the back up data like games & apps and music on my 3Gs will be transfered to 4S.Thanks!

I accidentally synced my iPhoto photos onto my iphone and now I can't delete them how do I delete them

i synced my dads photos to my iphoto library and when i plugged my iphone into my macbook it synced my dads photos from my iphoto stream onto my iphone into an album that doesnt have a delete option. how do i delete these off of my iphone?

How do you delete one name number at a time on the recent call list without having to delete all

How do you delete one name/number at a time on the recent call list without having to clear all?

how to delete track which won't delete

Ive got an iPod so am used to deleting the odd unwanted musci track, but have just got an iphone 5 and have tracks on it I dont want but try as I may they wont delete. I obviously tried on iphone first without any luck, then via iTunes but the track dont show up at all which has me baffled.

So can anyone shed any light on this please?

Ive very recently updated the firmware to last as iphone and iTunes was asking, but this happened before the update.


Ive got Windows 8

SMS Can I delete one at a time or must I delete all

Can I delete just one part of a chat? or will you update that later?

I have pictures on my phone that I can not delete There is no trashcan These pictures are in albums and not the camera roll itself How can I delete them

My wife and I decided that we needed separate accounts for our two 4s phones.  To do this, the data from her phone needed to be transferred out, then transferred back in under the different account.  The pictures were transferred back in using Itunes.  These appear as separate albums in the photos app.  I would like to delete some (or all) the pictures in these extra albums, but there is no trashcan to put them in.  I can only delete pictures in the camera roll itself.  These pictures are taking up valuable memory and I would like to free up some space.  How can I delete them?

When I select sync iCal Calendars and Safari bookmarks for my iPhone and select Apply there is a message asking me if I want to delete all of my iPhone apps I don't want to delete apps

I would like to sync my iCal Calendars and Safari bookmarks to my iPhone. When I check those boxes on the Info page in iTunes and then select Apply, there is a message Are you sure you want to remove 26 apps from the iPhone “xxx iPhone”? This will delete these apps and their data from the iPhone. I dont want to delete anything, I just want to transfer the calendars and the bookmarks. . .

iPhone 4 Activation Server Down

I have been bending over backwards trying to get my iPhone 4 to restore, because of an issue I was facing with the 3G connection overiding my WiFi connection. In all honesty the other day I jailbroke my iphone, big mistake, it was useless because all the good stuff in there costs more money - but thats a different topic.
I tried to restore my phone to just get it back to the way it was in factory settings, however I cant restore I keep getting the message:
The iPhone cannot be restored at this time because the iPhone software update server could not be contacted
Ive seen this message a million times and it frustrates me, then sometimes I get error code 3004. So I called apple and they said there activation server is down right now, and I should wait a few hours then try again, or try again tomorrow morning. I said okay... but now that I think about it isnt it a little ridiculous that a large corporation like apple would have their activation server down for this long?
Believe me, I hope to god its them and not my computer or my iPhone, but I kinda get the feeling the tech support person just wanted to move onto another caller and be done with my problem. Is anyone else having the same problem? Please let me know.
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Server error message with iPhone

I am getting a server unavailable message when trying to access email on yahoo. My iPhone wont let me add account. It has been working fine so far. Have been having a similar problem recently with my iPad. Have tried deleting an re adding acct and restarting phone. Anyone else had this problem?

Exchange Server E-mail to iPhone

This my be posted... sorry if it has.
I have an IT dept that will not support iPhone.
I have a BB with an Enterprise license. I can access OWA. I can access OWA through my iPhones Safari browser. I can access OWA from... well, any PC or Mac. I cannot get work mail set up on my iPhone.
Knowing the above... is there anything that I could be missing? I enter the exact url (- http:...)
Also, if I were able to get this set up, would my IT dept be able to tell?
Thanks in advance.
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iphone 3g and exchange server 2007

I have an Iphone 3G wich was perfect working also on exchange server 2003. My exchange server company changed now to exchange server 2007, and for me no working anymore on my iphone. Any tip or info is welcome, is my Iphone 3G whith the latest software running on exchange server 2007
Please help me
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Cannot verify server Identity on Iphone 4 on 3G

Hi,I have been using my Iphone 4 for almost 2 months now in my office where there is no Wi-Fi network. So, I use 3G network. Recently, every time I start using my phone (irrespective of If I am using internet or not), I get this error message -Cannot Verify Server IdentityWi-Fi cant verify the identy of Would you like to conitue anyway?The buttons are - Cancel / Details/ Continue.Irrespective of the button I click, I am taken to a log-in screen. I have no idea which login id or password should I enter? Also, my 3G contiue to work. This error message does not affect my internet access. Moreover, when I am at home and using Wi-Fi, this error never crops up.I never had this problem ever before. And Its turning out to be pretty irritating. Even if I click the Photos, this error crops up.Can you let me know what can I do to get over with this error?

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