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remove photos from iphone ios 7

remove photos from iphone ios 7

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My iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 only lets me take 50 photos before it fills up My Photo Stream album has 1000 photos in it Is that preventing me taking more photos

The iCloud FAQ seems to say iCloud does NOT automatically physically download and store all its photos back on all your devices, yet Im sure the reason I cant take very many photos is because iCloud is doing just that....sending photos I already deleted from the phones (non-photo-stream) standard photo library back to the phone and thereby filling up my phones hard drive. I thought PhotoStream and iCloud held your photos in the cloud so you could view them THERE; but it looks like when the cloud is full, the phone is full too (the FAQ says photos dont affect the 5GB free storage on the cloud, yet it sure seems the cloud affects the storage on my phone).


Is there a way to tell iCloud to NOT use my phone as its hard drive?


I like the concept of having every photo automatically uploaded to the cloud...but shouldnt I be able to take more pictures when the cloud is full with 1000 photos?


If I delete the photos from my photo stream album, it says all the photos will be deleted from everywhere, including the cloud. And, the only way to save them is to manually save them to the phone (theyre already there....as described above) or manually save them to iPhoto (my Mac is an older MacMini that cant use any OS above 10.6.8, so iCloud isnt available to my desktop Mac).


Here are the options as I see them:

1. Turn off PhotoStream and give up on using the cloud or iCloud entirely. Make sure to back up those photos I want to keep regularly in iPhoto when I back up my phone. (I had this naive idea iCloud was intended to simplify this....)

2. Manually go through the 1000 photos that are apparently now back on my phone in the Photostream album and decide, viewing them ON the tiny phone screen, which ones should be manually deleted and which to keep, hoping that frees up enough space on the phone to be able to use the camera.

3. Just delete the entire photostream album, and therefore all the photos on my iPad and in iCloud, and accept that I didnt really want them anyway?


Is there any other option? Do I have to choose between PhotoStream and storage space on my phone, if I want to use the phones camera after 1000 photos reside in iCloud? The way it seems to be going, I will ALWAYS be fighting for storage on my phone as long as iCloud is on...no sooner than I delete photos from Photostream, every new photo will just be downloaded BACK to the phone anyway.


Im almost at my wits end.....is iCloud/PhotoStream ALL OR NOTHING?

iphone unlocked

Another option besides iPhoto to remove iPhone photos

What are some other options Ideally I would like to open the iPhone as a disk mode, select my pics or just do a quick copy/paste if just after one picture.
Im just not into the iPhoto program yet.
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how do i remove my photos from my iphone after I have synced them to iphoto on my computer

how do i remove my photos from my iphone after I have synced them to iphoto on my computer?

How to remove photos from photo library

I am new to the iPhone & use a Mac. In iTunes I have unticked the box sync photos from on my device, however I still have the photos showing on my iPhone. How can I remove them?
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Remove location info from photos and videos

I know that I should put the phone in airplane mode before I shoot, but how do I remove the geotaxis after the fact?
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HT1386 I want to remove all the photos to my PC - Apple 3GS

How do I remove pictures that is on the Iphone 3GS to my PC.  It only allows for the Camera Roll to download, but I have 4000 pictures in my other albums that I need to remove from my phone and nothing is happening..


Please help I am really getting upset as I tried getting it off my phone for the past ytear and have download3ed everyhting I have to and I have all the recent applications downloaded and still nothing workls, not with I Cloud , I tunes, Or any other method or program.. I have spent I lot of money on this piece of crap of yours and you do not maike it user friendly.. I am not stupid either....


So please get your people to start making things more simple in life as everyone is not computer Scietntists or Engineers....


Thank you



How to remove jailbreak after update IOS 5

I bought a used iphone 3gs, and i updated it on itunes and then later i relized that it had a jailbreak, i didnt really know what cydia was so i ingored it, but then later i found out that it was a jailbreak and then i had already downloaded IOS update 5 and now im stuck on this error:                                                                                                                                                 iphone 3gs could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable so i want to remove jailbreak to fix this error, please help! btw i have an Iphone 3gs.

How to remove iOS built-in aplications

I want to remove applications I do not use like Weather and Compass.




Any idea?!

Hi So I updated my mother's iPhone 4 from ios 4.2.1 to ios 6.1.3 and it went out smoothly until I found out everything got erased My Kim's important contacts notes and photos were there Help me recover them please

Pls help me! Or I am screwed!!! The back up files got corrupted and I dont know how to fix them and me and my bffs fave foot was there and my moms job relys on those notes and contacts! Pls :( oh and I literally cried for 2 hrs. 10 pm to 12 am

How to copy ALL photos off of IPhone 4S with IOS 6

Hey Guys,


Heres the issue:


On the IPhone 4S with IOS 6 certain photos end up outside of the sandbox (the MAIN album) and the only way to transfer those is to either jailbreak your IPhone which I do NOT recommend or MANUALLY transfer them picture by picture on IOS 6 for an Iphonne 4S.


SEVERAL of my customers and on my IPhone 4s had that limitation.


Is there ANY other app or COMPLETELY verified procedure to get ALL (please note I said ALL) photos off of an IPhone 4S with IOS 6? Without having to spend hours manually moving them into the main album.


Thanks in advance (smile)

Can not import photos from iphone in Picasa since iOS 4 update

Ever since I updated my iphone 3GS to iOS 4, I cant seem to import pictures anymore into Picasa. I use Mac OS Snow leopard on my MBP, and prefer to use Picasa instead of iPhoto (here import does work).
Since the update of the phone (im pretty sure), every time try to import after it tries to load the thumbnails it gives the error:
An error has occurred while attempting to import. Either the source is unavailable or the destination is full or read only (1).
Not sure if its a Picasa or Iphone error, but either way its quite annoying, I did find a few similar topics online but none with an explanation let stand a solution (maybe an update is first required).
Ive read the error might have something to do with .png files on the phone? I deleted the few screenshots I had, but still. No luck.
Just wondering if some people have the same experience and/or some experts have explanations or answers for this. Its been driving me almost to the point Im switching to iPhoto, but I got so used to Picasa and love the interface.
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HELP Photos taken with iOS 4 GONE

hey guys, ive just updated my 3GS with iOS 4, all the new features are cool! only problem is, the photos that i took after the OS update doesnt appear in the windows explorer(im running XP), but the photos shows up on the phones camera roll. anybody having the same problem? HELP!
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How to remove ghost space on Camera Roll under Usage No photos on camera 545MB shown on Camera Roll and 1.8MB on Photo Stream

How to remove ghost space on Camera Roll under Usage. No photos on camera. 545MB shown on Camera Roll and 1.8MB on Photo Stream?

Trying to clean up space to download updated iOS. Thanks!

Have tried unsuccessfully the left swipe and pressing the red delete. No change.

TS2755 How to text photos with non-data plan iOS 6 iPhone 5

I have a day old iPhone 5, working on a plan without data but am connected to wifi and my cellular network. For some reason, sending photos through Imessage isnt working. It worked on my old iphone 3 with a non-data plan. How can i fix this?

ios 6 not restoring my photos

Okay, before I go on to explain I do not think i have the caerma roll photos on my phone backed up (photos that I took on my phone).


So I updated my iphone with the ios 6 today, everything was there (apps, contacts, etc.) except for my photos. For like the past 30 minutes its been saying restoring 1 of 567 and hasnt changed since. Im guessing 567 is the number of photos that I had on my phone. Im  dont think It should be taking this long to restore my photos. Some of the photos on my phone were from an album on my computer, and some of the them were camera roll photos. Now im starting to get this feeling that they might be gone or something it just wrong with my phone? someone please help? I have so many important pictures saved on my phone and now I dont know if Ill be able to get them back?

Ios 7.0.3 will not delete photos

Im unable to delete photos on my iphone5 with ios7.0.3 the latest release of this poorly designed interface.

The trash can stays grayed out regardless of what i do

iOS 7 duplicated photos



just updated to IOS 7 and imported all my photos before i did i have now updated to IOS 7 and have a duplicate of every photo in my album! Help!


is there a quick fix i can do to resolved this?

Cant transfer photos on iOS 4.3.5

Since we upgraded to iOS 4.3.5 we have been unable to transfer photos in new albums on iphone or ipad. The sync ends with cant tranfer photos as cant be displayed on iphon or ipad. Pics we originally taken on an iphone or ipad so its weird?


Any help?

Lost photos after restoring iPhone 3GS from iOS 5 upgrade despite syncing

I have an iPhone 3GS and recently updated to iOS 5. After I updated, I noticed I lost all of my downloaded apps and contacts. I restored my phone to try to get them back but after it was complete, I realized it had restored to the summer of 2010, even though I synced prior to the upgrade and a least a couple of times since 2010. I got all my contacts back, even ones added recently, but lost all my photos/ videos since 2010, and pretty much everything else since 2010 (did not get my apps back). I uploaded my photos from my iPhone about 2 months ago but am devastated because I had videos of my son taking his first steps that I hadnt uploaded yet... are my photos and videos lost forever? Or could they be in cyber space somewhere (Im so ignorant when it comes to this type of technology). I tried downloading iExplorer but could only find the photos from summer 2010 and previous... Can I wise person give me some insight into my options? 

iOS 4 - photos won't sync

Im not sure if this is a coincidence, but after I installed os4 I tried to sync pictures from files on my computer. My phone has been syncing for nearly 4 hours and still nothing... Whenever I turn photo syncing off and sync my phone, everything is fine. Ive already checked, and the problem is not insufficient memory, and I have tried it with the include videos box checked as well as unchecked. I havent synced my photos in a while, so it could simply be moving slowly, but 4 hours of sync time still seems a bit unreasonable. Even when I got a brand new phone and had to load all of my music, pictures, and apps back onto it, it did not take this long to sync. I have tried everything I can think of. Any ideas?
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iOS 5 Grainy or Black photos

All photos under iOS5 show as grainy or black in the Photos app. If I try to edit a photo, it then shows up fine. At first I thought I lost all my photos. I saw others had this issue with early betas, but havent seen it from anyo e else since the release. Is anyone else seeing this?  Is there a solution or work around?


I havent tried syncing yet, hopefully the pictures arent lost!!!!

iOS 4 copy - paste photos not working

In iOS 3 I was able to highlight and copy a photo either from my albums or from MMS messages, and then paste them into different windows.
For example I could highlight and copy a photo someone MMSd me, and then open up Mail and paste it into the text body of an email I was composing. I did this hundreds of times, successfully.
Since I have upgraded to iOS 4, I can highlight and copy photos, but I cannot seem to paste them anywhere. When I click paste after copying a photo, the last text block I had copied is what gets pasted.
I am 100% sure I am not using these features incorrectly, as I have a pretty good handle on iOS 3 and have been using iOS since the first iPhone.
Is there a setting I cannot find? A bug? Is the feature eliminate?
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photos don't turn anymore with iOS 4.2.1

Hi my iPhone4 doesnt turn photos anymore (landscape to portrait) since Ive updated to iOS 4.2.1.
Anybody has the same problem or even better, a solution?
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How to sort photos on iOS device with a PC computer

Im a big apple user, other than the computer. i have a pc . ya i know, im dumb but oh well.

so i know if i had a mac i could use iphoto to sort it, but i dont, so is there a pc software that will do the same thing? or perhaphs a real way to change the date/creation or some setting that will allow me to have my photos sorted in my iphone.

i have noticed that when i make a new folder of photos all from the same batch of photos from my camera. they do stay in that order. but older folders, or if i switch around pics from one folder to another, they get jumbbled.

i need help please.

Missing sort feature for photos on iOS 7

On my 4s phone with iOS 6 I could sort my photos by location.  Either this option is hidden or gone on my 5s.  Can anyone help?

iOS 4 upgrade on 3GS and all photos are blurry

After upgrading to iOS4 I noticed that all the photos in my photo albums are blurry like only low res copies of the images were uploaded. The camera roll appears to be fine so its only synced albums from iPhoto.
I did sync my phone with the latest iTunes before upgrading to iOS4 and the photos looked fine then so I think iTunes is fine and its the OS update thAt caused the problem.
Anyone have a fix for this?
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Very Low Res Photos After IT9.2 and IOS 4.0 Upgrade

After upgrading to iTunes 9.2 and IOS 4.0 on iPhone 3GS, every photo in the iPhone Photo app appears as an incredibly low resolution, unwatchable photo. Every single one. They looked fine yesterday before upgrading, and they look fine in iPhoto on the MacBook Pro. New photos taken via the iPhone camera since the upgrade look fine. Only the old photos have lost their resolution. Any suggestions.
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HT4993 Is anyone else having trouble sending photos to non iOS 6 users

Is anyone else having trouble sending photos to non iOS 6 users?!?

Since iOS 4 all images in Photos are low quality not sharp

All images have lost their resolution in the upgrade. Not one is sharp or of high quality.
Can this be corrected?
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I have an iPhone 3gs operating on iOS 6 For some reason I'm unable to custom delete individual photos from my photo library

I have an iPhone 3gs, operating on iOS 6.  For some reason, Im unable to custom delete individual photos from my photo library.  When I select the Edit button to do so, Im only given the 2 options of Share and Add To. My Camera Roll does everything the way I wish my Photo Library would.  Can anyone help?

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