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resize iphone photos for wallpaper

resize iphone photos for wallpaper

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Pinch gesture to resize wallpaper

So, Im trying to set an image as wallpaper. When I try to do the pinch gesture to resize (smaller in this case) the photo to get it set how I want, when I let go it just springs back to the original photo size. Am I missing something? How do I get it to stay the size I want it?
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How can I resize my photos in my iphone to make more space

I have had iPhones since the 3g and love to keep all my photos on there to go through now and then. So far I have around 3100 and thats costing me around 8 and a half gig of space.


Is there a nice easy way to back up the origionals and then reimport all the photos as a smaller size? I still want to veiw my photos in decent quality but i dont need it to be as detailed as it is now.


I have a Mac aswell is that helps.


Thanks for your help

Apps to resize photos

I know the iPhone doesnt resize the photos from the camera for you and it will email photos of different sizes, if you want. I need an app that will resize my photos for me. Im using them to upload on a webpage and the site requires a max. 1 MB file size. The photos from the camera are either too big or two small. Any good apps out there that will help?
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Getting back the original iPhone wallpaper photos

Sorry if this question has been asked before - I couldnt find an answer. Does anyone know where to find the nice pictures that original came with iPhone when it was activated? I accidentally deleted them after syncing. Thanks for any help!
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Wallpaper Question - move or copy wallpaper back to photo album

Okay so I took a great pic of the kids and set it as my wallpaper. When I downloaded the pics to my imac, the wallpaper pic came across looking like the wallpaper (with date/time stamp and slider on top) I really want just the pic again, and I didnt see it in my iphoto as just the photo. Is there anyway I can copy or move the image back to my photo library on the phone?
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Display Icon Resize

Iam using IPhone 3GS and by mistake the display size is too big. Could some one help how to set it back in original shape. Thanks
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Picture set as wallpaper deleted pic wallpaper remains

I took a photo and used it as wallpaper on my phone, then managed to delete the photo from the camera roll. However, it still shows as wallpaper.
I actually like the image, and would want to recover it if I could, even in the low res format it will now have. Does anyone know how I can access the image? It isnt in the wallpapers, nor the camera roll, and downloading all images to my laptop (using Image Capture) doesnt bring it in either. I guess it must be lodged internally somewhere!
I also upgraded to 3G, expecting to lose the image but it has transferred over to the new handset too. It *must* be in the phone somewhere!
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My iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 only lets me take 50 photos before it fills up My Photo Stream album has 1000 photos in it Is that preventing me taking more photos

The iCloud FAQ seems to say iCloud does NOT automatically physically download and store all its photos back on all your devices, yet Im sure the reason I cant take very many photos is because iCloud is doing just that....sending photos I already deleted from the phones (non-photo-stream) standard photo library back to the phone and thereby filling up my phones hard drive. I thought PhotoStream and iCloud held your photos in the cloud so you could view them THERE; but it looks like when the cloud is full, the phone is full too (the FAQ says photos dont affect the 5GB free storage on the cloud, yet it sure seems the cloud affects the storage on my phone).


Is there a way to tell iCloud to NOT use my phone as its hard drive?


I like the concept of having every photo automatically uploaded to the cloud...but shouldnt I be able to take more pictures when the cloud is full with 1000 photos?


If I delete the photos from my photo stream album, it says all the photos will be deleted from everywhere, including the cloud. And, the only way to save them is to manually save them to the phone (theyre already there....as described above) or manually save them to iPhoto (my Mac is an older MacMini that cant use any OS above 10.6.8, so iCloud isnt available to my desktop Mac).


Here are the options as I see them:

1. Turn off PhotoStream and give up on using the cloud or iCloud entirely. Make sure to back up those photos I want to keep regularly in iPhoto when I back up my phone. (I had this naive idea iCloud was intended to simplify this....)

2. Manually go through the 1000 photos that are apparently now back on my phone in the Photostream album and decide, viewing them ON the tiny phone screen, which ones should be manually deleted and which to keep, hoping that frees up enough space on the phone to be able to use the camera.

3. Just delete the entire photostream album, and therefore all the photos on my iPad and in iCloud, and accept that I didnt really want them anyway?


Is there any other option? Do I have to choose between PhotoStream and storage space on my phone, if I want to use the phones camera after 1000 photos reside in iCloud? The way it seems to be going, I will ALWAYS be fighting for storage on my phone as long as iCloud is on...no sooner than I delete photos from Photostream, every new photo will just be downloaded BACK to the phone anyway.


Im almost at my wits end.....is iCloud/PhotoStream ALL OR NOTHING?

Want to back up my photos I can't synch my iPhone photos to iTunes without replacing iPhone photos iCloud not synching either

Hello- seeing a lot of info around this but cant find my specific answer.  I would like to synch up all of my iPhone photos to iTunes to keep from ever losing, however when I start the process iTunes tells me that my phone contains photos synched with another photo library or folder- and that if I continue, all of the photos on my iPhone will be replaced by photos on my computer?  Is there a better way to back up your photos for someone who is new to the whole Apple system?  I just set up the iCloud but am not currently connected to WiFi so my photos will not synch, it also appears that these only store for 30 days or so and only the most recent 1,000 photos.

Rotating iPhone Wallpaper

Is there a way to hand select a number of personal photos and have them rotate as wallpaper each time you turn on your iPhone, the same way you can rotate desktop images each time your Mac comes out of sleep mode? If this isnt possible internally from iPhone, is there an App available that will allow you to do this?
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iPhone missing wallpaper

Greetings all,
I had a photo sent from a friend and had that set as the photo wallpaper for my iPhone. It was held in a photo album called Wallpaper photos.
Recently, I upgraded to the new firmware but there was an error and I had to restore my phone. Unfortunately this meant that this album was deleted.
However, when I switch the phone on, the photo still acts as my wallpaper but I cannot find it anywhere on the phone.
It is a photo precious to me and was wondering if anybody could help me recover this photo.
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Create ID wallpaper for iPhone

I enabled password access to the iPhone. If the phone were ever mislaid and someone wanted to contact the owner (me), they would never know who that is. How do I create a nice wallpaper or message so that the finder could return the phone to me. Please spell out the steps to create this wallpaper as it may not be elementary for me.
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Iphone wallpaper issue

Not a major issue but...
My wallpaper is not showing up on the lock screen. I just get the big battery life indicator. Ive tried to reset the phone but this doesnt work. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Using 3GS with latest software
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How to recover iPhone wallpaper photo

OK, I took a photo with my iPhone and then used it as my Wallpaper. I now cannot find the original photo. How do I access the location where the Wallpaper photo is stored so that I might retrieve it?
Going to Settings ==> Wallpaper ==> Wallpaper does not reveal the photo, nor is the photo in Camera Roll or Photo Library or any of my Synched Photo Folders. And finally, it is not in my iPhoto Library.
So this is the problem; I have one copy of the photo, it appears as my Wallpaper (I hate that PC terminology!) and I need to access it so I can keep a backup.
I tried several of the Access you iPod/iPhone apps but none of them can go to that mysterious secret location where your active wallpaper photo is hidden. Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
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iPhone won't change my wallpaper

got this iPhone in mid January, (new from the aspen grove apple store in Littleton, colorado) and recently it has stopped changing wallpaper. It is stuck with the Xbox 360 logo! I have restored on itunes and even got the 2.0 update but it is still stuck on the Xbox logo! I bought the extended warranty if that helps. Will they give me a 3G because this is a software problem?
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Can't get wallpaper to show up in the background on my iPhone 3G

Cant get wallpaper to show up in the background on my iPhone 3G
I have tried everything I can think of. But for some reason Apple has not made this easy to do. I just cant seem to get a Wallpaper to show up in the background. I can get it to show up on the lock screen, but thats it. Am I missing something? Has any one fond this simple feature hard to figure out?
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Trying to recover wallpaper photo - where is it hidden on my iphone

My normal iphone wallpaper is a photo I took with the iphone itself. I was looking at some other wallpapers, installed one to see how it looked, and when I tried to go back to my original wallpaper it was gone.
I think the photo is still there somehome. On my Iphone camera roll it shows (1), but when I open the roll it says there are no photos.
How can I search my Iphone to find the old photo to re-use it as wallpaper? Ive looked and looked and cant find any way to search my iphone for images.
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adding text to iphone 4 wallpaper image

Is it possible to add text to iphone wallpaper. I want to add a message like:
if found phone to return to owner
This way if I lost my phone and it is found, hopefully an honest person would see the contact information text on the wallpaper and do the right thing.
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Question about default wallpaper settings on new iPhone

The default wallpaper for the iPhone 3GS is planet Earth. I was wondering if the option for camera roll (to use as wallpaper) is there by default...or is it added there after you take your first photo or only after you use a photo as wallpaper the first time.
Strange question, I know.
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Hello All,


Im desperately looking for an old iphone 3gs wet pink stemmed rose with water drops wallpaper which got deleted from my phone and now I see that the wallpaper is no longer in the wallpaper gallery of my phone either.

I have come to understand that older wallpapers are probably deleted when the ios is updated or something but that wallpaper was very very special to me - if any of you has the wallpaper, I beg you to e-mail it to me via email or send me a link where I can download it from.


I have seached the web extensively, but Ive had no luck finding it. Ive seen some collages of the wallpaper but not the wallpaper alone in itself in clear good res. It was a very common wallpaper used on most iphones in 2010.


Fortunately, I have a screen snap but it has writing and time over it so I cant use it as a wallpaper, but it will give you an idea of the wallpaper Im looking for.


Here it is:



Waiting in anticipation.

Many thanks.


If you have a picture as your wallpaper, and as you scroll the pages of your apps, you will now see your picture behind your apps, if this is annoying you because you previously had the black background follow these steps. THIS WILL NOT DELETE YOUR PICTURE FROM YOUR MAIN (LOCKED SCREEN)
1.go to settings
2.click wall paper
3.when inside wall paper, you will see about 27 to choose from.
4.select a dark one, im using the 2nd one.
5.click the wallpaper you want, and click set.
6. finally click for HOME SCREEN.
Hope this helps you..........let me know
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Iphone 4 IOS 4.3 Lock screen wallpaper not functioning

Iphone 4, current IOS.
I set the wallpaper, both the wallpaper and the lock screen wallpaper. the Lock screen doesnt take the wallpaper, I get the check mark saying its done, but the wallpaper doesnt show instead I get the stock battery wallpaper.
Every now and then I can get the wallpaper to stick, and its fine for a few hours then all of a sudden im getting the battery wallpaper again.
Any ideas?
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3G Wallpaper

I have a 3g phone and cannot set the wallpaper to the pic that i wish. I know i follow all the steps just fine, but while going through the photo library to select one, it sets but then the screen is just black. Can anyone help?
i phone 3g


When I go to Settings ..Wallpaper.... I see the following under the Wallpaper :
PHOTO LIBRARY ( with 4 photos of people I presume I have somehow downloaded to Iphone 4 )
Under Photo Library
IPHONE PHOTOS ( with the same 4 photos of people )
and last but not least under iphone photos
4 SEPARATE PHOTOS of the 4 people!
Question: How can DELETE all this? ( Not the Wallpaper folder...Just all these extra photos )
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I didnt know if this is the right place to post this, but here it goes:
Ive just bought an iPhone 3G and would like to have that fish (the one that looks like Nemo) that was the wallpaper in the first iPhones as my wallpaper. I went to Settings>Wallpaper but couldnt find it.
Does anyone know if Apple still provides that picture to be used as wallpaper and if so where can I find it?
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Silly question, but other than my own photos, is there any other way to get new wallpaper choices for the iphone?

wallpaper with Os 4 on a 3g

is it not the 3g. I set the pic i want then nothing shows up.
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Wallpaper on iPhone 3GS - Automatic scroll through Photo Library

On my MB I have set as Screen Saver a set of photos that I have installed in System Preferences/Desktop & Screen Saver. I have set the whole thing to toggle through the different photos in the Screen Saver folder.
Now I have synced iPhone to import that Screen Saver folder. I have found no way to have iPhone toggle (automatically as in the MB) through the photos.
Is it possible? How?
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Homescreen Wallpaper

I was setting a photo from my camera roll as wallpaper for the lock screen and hit wallpaper for the home screen by mistake. How do I get rid of the photo on the homescreen and go back to the original black background homescreen?
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Can't set wallpaper

Hi All,
I just had to have my 3G replaced due to a stuck Sleep/Wake button. Im essentially back to where I started after a restore, but I cant set wallpaper. No matter what photo I pick it just stays black. Any ideas?
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