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respond with text iphone turn off

respond with text iphone turn off

iphone unlocked

I installed Iphone 3.0 and since then cant respond to text messages

I installed the new 3.0 OS and since then I cant respond to text messages when I hit the send key nothing happens--- no key board pops up
I also restored and same problem
anyone else with tis problem or any ideas to solve
Original Iphone iPhone OS 3.0

iphone unlocked

my iphone has locked up and wont respond i can turn it on and off but all i can get is the logo screen.anyone know how to fix this

my iphone 3g has locked up and is not responding.i can turn it on and off but all i can get is the logo screen.can anyone help

Can I turn off text messaging

I do not subscribe to this service yet i get them. i have to open them to delete them and i get charged .20 a pop. Is there a way to turn this feature off?
I have to pay for something i dont want. TIA
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Turn text off but keep phone on

Any way besides going into settings to turn texting off and allow for incoming calls, ie an application. Want to turn texting off at night so not be disturbed by noise but still allow for emergent calls. Thanks

My light blinks on my iPhone 4S anytime it rings or I get a text how do I turn that off

Any time I get a text or a phone call the light for the flash on the camera blinks. I remember turning it on, but now I cant remember how to turn it off. Can someone tell me how?

iPhone International usage Turn Phone off but still get Text & Wifi

Im traveling from the USA to France/Italy this week. I signed up for the World Traveler plan via AT&T to save a little money. As I understand it, I can use wifi for free (since its not through AT&T) and voice calls cost me $.99. Incoming texts are free since I have a domestic text plan.
I want to turn OFF my iPhone to phone calls and data, but still keep it ON for texts and Wifi. Is there anyway to have my cake and eat it too?
iPhone 3G

How can I turn the voice off on Predictive Text

When using MMS messenging, since updating to iPhone 4 software, i get a lovely sounding woman saying the word she thinks I am trying to type.
Whilst this is occasionally useful it is generally quite embarrasing - does anyone know how to turn off? I cant see in settings
iPhone3Gs iPhone OS 3.1.3

Alert for New Text Message - How to Turn Off

When the iPhone is locked, how do you turn off the alert that pops up every time a new text message comes in?
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Turn off send text message sound

I have set the text tone to none in the sound settings. Yet when I send text messages it still makes a sound if I dont have my phone completely on silent. It also continues to make a sound when I receive a message if I have the messaging window open. I want to be able to hear phone calls, but not to hear when I send or receive text messages.

iPhone4 how do you turn off spell check in text messages

how do you turn off spell check in text messages on iPhone 4 ?

Chinese text messages turn into random codes

Is there a reason why everytime I send a text message in chinese to my friends they would receive it as random codes?

They all have iphones, and when they send me messages in Chinese I could read it perfectly.

It only changes into random codes when they receive it from me.

Help please?

Do you have to turn cellular data on to receive photo attachments by text

Do you have to turn on cellular data on iPhone 5 in order to receive photo attachments sent by text? 

Text Messaging and calendar Alerts are silent Don't know how to turn them back on

My phone has suddenly stopped making sounds for texts or calendar reminders.  I checked the settings and it says it should be making a sound. I get vibrating. The only sound I get is the phone ringing for calls.  Im missing lots of text and reminders.

Iphone dosen't respond

My iphone just switched off on its own. Now it dosent start. I tried connecting it to the charger and also holding down the home button and the power for long didnt help. It just displays a back screen. Even itunes couldnt recognize my device. Someone please help.

My new iPhone 3G is slow to respond

When I touch Contacts it takes about 5-7 seconds to display the list (I only have 47 contacts). Then at least that long to be able to scroll. And when Im done and press the Home button, it takes several seconds to display the home page. Is this normal?
As I remember, it responded quickly before I added my iTunes, but I cant be sure. I only have a little over 2 Gig so the memory is nowhere near full.
Any thoughts before I go back to the AT&T store?
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HELP iPhone Won't respond

My iPhone wont respond. It has been sluggish for several weeks. Then today, it was working one minute and then when I went to send an email a few minutes later it was dead. No response to the power button on the top or the main circle button. I plugged the charger in and no response. Is it just dead?
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my iphone doesnt respond to anything

hi comunity, i was using mi iphone 4 yesterday and suddenly it turned off.  I tried everything: reset and home bottom at the same time, charging, plug to the computer... nothing worked.


Neither the apple logo appears


I looked for the wet sensor and its white


help me please!!

I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1 now my wife gets CC on on text messages She will send me a text from her phone and it will show up on on her own message queue as a new text really weird how do I fix

I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1 -- now my wife gets CCd on many of text messages.  She will send me a text from her phone and it will show up on on her own message queue as a new text.  I was sending and receiving text messages to co-workers while on a business trip and she was getting the entire conversation on her phone.  Only began to occur after the upgrade.    really weird.  how do I fix?

How do I turn off the auto text I can't talk right now I'll call you later when I cancel an incoming call

When someone rings me and I dont want to talk to them I cancel the call. With the new iOS 6 update my phone now automatically sends the caller a text that says Cant talk right now...Ill call you later.


How do I turn this feature off I dont want it!!


Please help Ive looked everywhere in my settings.

iPhone going black and won't respond

I posted about this earlier but it is happening again! My iPhone 3G (two weeks old, well two week activated at least, not sure the build week) will go black and not respond until plugged in to charge and then it is fine.
When taken off the charger or unplugged from the usb port it will be fine until it locks. After wards the screen will remain black and the iPhone 3G will not respond.
Any ideas? Anyone heard of this?
P.S. when it does respond when plugged back in, it will take a picture of the current screen and then when unplugged it will take a picture of the current screen and the iPod application will pop up before it goes blank again.
Edit: Now it wont respond while plugged in.
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iPhone doesn't respond at all Why How can I fix it

The problem:
My iPhone doesnt respond at all. It is right now in sleep mode, but if I press the Home button, the sleep button, if I toggle the silent mode or if I charge it it doesnt react at all. I tried connecting it with a computer, nothing happened. iTunes didnt detect the device. I even tried playing a song using the earphones remote but no results either. Why is this happening? How can I fix this?
iOS version: 4.2
Apps: about 100
Memory: 16Gb
What I did before it happened:
I set up an alarm, put it on sleep mode and dropped it on a book. Altitude: 2 cm. A couple of seconds, I picked it back up, and it didnt react.
iPhone 4 iOS 4 4.2, 16 G

My iPhone touchscreen will not respond I have tried resetting already and it did not help Now what

How do I fix my iPhone touch screen - it will not respond to touch and I have already tried to reset.

iPhone 3G new touchscreen doesn't respond

I have a new (1 week for me from the AT&T store) iPhone 3G. The touchsreen freezes up with some regularity. It will always come back after the screen saver goes on and will sometimes come back before the screen saver activates. It doesnt seem to matter what application is up.
Any clues? Sorry if this is an oft asked question. I didnt see it on anything recent.

How do I enable text ringer but turn off the phone ringer

How do I enable text ringer, but turn off the phone ringer?
For example, I want to know if a text message comes in, but not a phone call...except my fiance. Is that possible to set a silent ringer for all but her?
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My iphone will only respond to a wall charger and not my computer

My iphone 3g needs to be restored, but when I plug it into the computer, not even the apple logo will come up. When I plug it into the wall I can get the itunes logo and the usb cord to show up, but not when it is plugged into the computer.

iPhone won't respond when connected to iTunes

Whenever I plug my iPhone into my computer, it does not respond when I press the home and sleep buttons. I used to be able to do this. Does this have to do with 1.1.4 update?
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iPhone 3G 3.0 Software Intermittently Doesn't Respond to Touch Input

My iPhone 3G since the v3 software update is intermittently not responding to touch input, e.g. to unlock phone and in text messaging. I never had these problems on the v2 software. Is Apple aware of this problem?
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After updating to ios 5 my home button on my iphone 4 does not respond properly

After updating to ios 5 my home button on my iphone 4 does not respond properly.it takes 2 to 3 clicks to respond, please help?

my iphone has been possessed it won't respond to touch and speaks at every action HELP

my iphone has been possessed! it wont respond to touch and speaks at every action HELP!

My IPhone is frozen on the lock screen and will not restart or respond to ITunes What do I do

I really need help. Its not functioning at all. Its frozen on the home screen, will not respond to Itunes, or its charger, it wont turn off, no matter how many times you hold down the Lock button. What do I do?

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