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restored iphone now cannot get past apple id password page

restored iphone now cannot get past apple id password page

iphone unlocked

My IPhone 4S accepts my Apple ID and password but imessage insists that my apple ID password is incorrect when I try to activate it what do I do about that

I am trying to activate imessage on my phone.


I was having some trouble with it so I turned it off but when I tried to activate it it started insisting that my Apple ID/Username is incorrect.


What is strange is that the my phone accepts the apple id/password combo and so does my apple id account online when i login...the issue is that the imessage software refuses it for some reason.


Appreciate your help.



iphone unlocked

After factory reset my Iphone tells me to hook it up to iTunes On iTunes its says select carrier page I cant get past that

Although I have Wifi in my house, my iPhone would say no wifi.  So I searched the internet for the answer, one website told me to reset my iPhone to factory settings.  After doing so through my iPhone, it would tell me to pick my language, select my country or region, and then to hook it up to itunes.  When i hook my phone up to my iTunes, when the iPhone is selected, there is a blank white page with the words, Select Carrier Page written in the top left corner. I honestly dont care about wifi or my carrier right now. I just want to use it for music since I will be out of the country.



HT5622 I just got my iphone I pushed the app button and it's stuck on the regulations I can't do anything to bring the app page up I set up my apple id but it just stays on that page

Just got my iphone.  It wont let me get off the regulations page.  I thought I remembered that I pushed I agree.  It seems to be stuck on there.

iPhone will not turn on past Apple logo help

I recently restored my iPhone 3G and it died during the restore to factory settings. I let it charge overnight and then tried to power it on and it comes to the Apple logo on the screen for 10 seconds and then just shuts off again. I tried to connected to computer and still the same outcome. The computer does not even know its there. iTunes and everything else works fine because i hooked my 3GS up and it knows its there. What do i do next, take it to apple? Please help
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0.1

Iphone 3G wont turn on past apple logo Please help

It froze after attempting to delete my facebook app and I turned it off, tried to turn it back on and it wont boot past the apple logo screen. Ive googled the problem and I found that I needed to reset my phone by holding down the power and the home button (which I did) and plug into my computer while holding down the home button then a connect to itunes screen would pop up. Well, I did this successfully and Itunes said it had to download a new update for the phone. while downloading, the apple screen went off and the screen went black, Im assuming it turned off and when I tried to get it to the connect to Itunes screen again it wouldnt. I continued the process again and now it still wont get to the connect to Itunes screen and will only show the apple logo screen. I tried calling apple support and they want $30 just to talk to them. No thanks. Please help me. I have no idea what else to do.
PS...I am not tech-savvy and Im not great on understanding computer talk.
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iPhone won't boot past white apple

I have quite a few (over 30) applications installed on my iphone. I deleted a bunch of useless ones on the phone yesterday, and then went into settings and noticed the phone seemed to be stalled (settings screen was blank for a long time). After awhile, I reset the phone by holding down the home button and the standby until the white apple appeared.
The problem is that the phone never got past the white apple. Even after waiting an extremely long time. And even after trying numerous hard resets. Furthermore, the phone does not show up in iTunes when connected to my mac, but iPhoto does launch automatically to pull in photos. But since I cant get the phone to show up in itunes, I can not even restore it.
I am running an original iPhone, with firmware 2.0 (havent upgraded to 2.0.1 yet).
does anyone know of a way to snap my phone out of this? Some special key combination that goes beyond the standard hard reset i have been trying? Is there some way to force it into a recovery mode or something like that?
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I dropped my iPhone 3G and now it won't past the apple logo screen

I was listening music this morning and I accidentally dropped my iPhone 3G and hit the floor, it turned off in

that moment, and I tried to turn it on and didnt work, when I got home I connected to thecomputer with the USB cable and the apple logo screen showed up but after aprox. 15-20 secondsturns off, and iTunes doesnt recognizes it, is there any solution or do I need to take it to repair?

my iphone wont boot past the apple logo with the loading circle

my iPhone wont boot past the apple logo with the loading circle Ive been trying all day to resolve this. Ive reset it, restored it, and everything i can think of if you could help me out that would be fantastic. Thanks.
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iPhone Stuck in Reboot Loop Won't Get Past White Apple

Hi all,
I was taking photos with my iPhone and suddenly a message came up that I needed to Restore my phone. I did a hard reset (home and sleep button) to see what would happen after it started up, and it is now stuck on the start-up screen with the apple and one of those spiral-hold on icons. No matter how long I wait, nothing happens, and when I hard reset it again, it just gets stuck on that start-up screen. iTunes doesnt pick up on it when I plug it in, so I cant even get it to restore. Its relatively new (Apple replaced it a little over a month ago) and its not jailbroken or anything. Anyone have any tips?
MacBook Pro iPhone OS 3.1.2

my iphone 3gs 16gb doesn't boot past apple logo plz help

my iphone 3gs 16gb doesnt boot past apple logo and not even charging just showing the red battery and a bolt icon when plugged, plzz help?

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but the problem evertime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have already new apple id

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but everytime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have new apple id already

HT5014 I can't unlock my old iPhone 3GS I forget the password and it isn't updated and it can't be restored

Help me unlock this please

I received an email from appleid id.apple.com requesting that I verify my Apple ID and password Is it legitmate

I received an email from appleid@id.apple.com requesting that I verify my Apple ID and password.  Is it legitmate?

My apps froze from loading again after getting my iPhone restored at the apple store what do I do

My apps froze from loading again after getting my iPhone restored at the apple store, what do I do?

what to do when your iphone is frozen on the apple screen Have restored several times and no change

what to do when your iphone is frozen on the apple screen. i have tried restoring several times. no change

Apple Home Page

Does anyone else find it funny that Apples home page does not work on their own iPhone?
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Is there a Mobile Version of the Apple Discussions page

Is there a Mobile Version of the Apple Discussions page/forum? Or is there an app, preferably by Apple, that has been released that does that?
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Is there anyway to find out from your apple account if a lost phone has been restored by someone who stole it

I lost my phone last night and its either off, has no signal or has been stolen. When i use find my iphone it says all devices are offline, will anything say if the iphone is no longer set up to my apple ID or will it always just say its offline? Thanks 

TS2529 itunes is asking for password to restore new iphone from backup I didn't set a password when I backed up the phone How can I restore the new phone from the backup I made just before giving my old phone to Apple

I had to take my phone in because the camera was broken.  I backed up the data on itunes and took the phone into the Apple store.  They gave me a new phone and said to just restore it from my latest backup.  When I select the restore point to use, itunes asks me for a password.  I didnt set a password when I backed up the old phone and iTunes doesnt accept my iTunes account password.  How can I get my new phone restored with the backup I did just prior to giving my phone to Apple?

Can you set a web page as a 'home page' on the iPhone safari as you would

Can you set a home page or will the safari button always take you to the last web site you were on?
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Iphone 3GS keeps popping up with enter apple password

my mum has had this phone for 2 years now and everytime she unlocks the phone it comes up with enter apple password so she does and then it pops back up at least 3 times.

She then goes to play one of her games and the game loads to the menu and pops up with enter your apple ID & Password she writes it in and then it throws her out of the game.


Ive restored the phone

checked for updates and 6.01 is the current version

deleted the game and re-downloaded it

Ive made a completely new Apple ID

and none of it seems to work


Any suggestions?

Apple ID & Password

Why Does my I-Phone 4 want Apple ID & Password now when I try to do anything on Phone.

Just started about week ago when I was having A problem with not recieving credit on an app.

cannot download app update as iphone does not recognize my apple password

my iphone 4 does not recognize my itunes apple ID. I have been through the reset process several times.

I am unable to figure out my apple ID password

I have been trying to either make or find my apple id and cannot find it. help?

prompt for enter apple id password

I keep getting prompt to enter my apple id and password

keep getting message to enter apple id and password

Home page and Settings page will not rotate to landscape

I understand some apps support landscape and some do not. But doesnt the phone itself support landscape like the iPad?

The We're sorry we are unable screen keeps popping up after I restored my phone and updated to the new software the space bar the button for numbers and the button to the right of the space bar doesn't work so I put in my Wifi password on eit

I really need help!

HT4557 I have gone into itunes advanced turn on home sharing- put in apple password and to enable home sharing however took picture and nothing was pushed to my device- can anyone tell me what else I have to do Device is not Apple but Genuis told me

I have iphone 4s- my laptop is not Apple.  The apple Genius told me I could download app so that pictures would be pushed to my device.  Cant see anything obvious for this.  Was then told to go to itunes, advanced and turn on home sharing - I have done this but picures not being pushed.  Any suggestions?

I changed my Apple ID online and in my iphone but when I go to the app store and try to install apps it asks for the password to my old ID How do I get this to stop

Just like the description above. Changed my Apple ID online and in the phone, but when I go to the App Store it asks for the password to the old ID. Then when I put the password in it says that its incorrect.

HT5622 I changed my apple ID password and account number after I can't update any things why

Hi , I was change my ID password and bank account then I cant update any more WHY? , help me please

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