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samsung galaxy how to recieve iphone message

samsung galaxy how to recieve iphone message

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My friend upgraded his phone last night from an older version of the Samsung galaxy to the Samsung s4 galaxy I'm an iphone user and now he can't receive any of my text messages HELP

So last night my boyfriend upgraded his old Samsung galaxy to the Samsung Galaxy s4. He was able to receive a few of my text messages, but then they randomly started saying not delivered. I turned on and turned off my phone, and tried the turning off and on imessage and facetime but nothing has worked and I still cant text him. I am receiving his messages just fine, I just cant send any to him. I looked onlne at Apple Support for help but I noticed a majority of the problems were coming from people that switched from iphone to an android, but he has always had an android and Ive been using the same iphone 4s the whole time. It is really bugging me, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

iphone unlocked

Transferring songs from iphone to Samsung Galaxy

I traded in my iphone 3 for a Samsung Galaxy 4. When I went to transfer my music most of of my songs would not transfer itunes because of copyright issues. So most of my music is stuck on itunes, but not my phone.


Ive tried Double-Twist and Samsung Kies (which stinks, BTW) and had no luck.


Anyone have this problem? Know how to fix it?




TS2756 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 used to connect perfectly to iPhone PersHotspot but has suddenly lost that ability

Im not positive, but I am fairly sure it was the update to the Tab that caused the tethering function to become inoperative. Unfortunately I updated the iPhone soon after...and I acknowledge that it might have been that. In any case, it used to work perfectly - I used it alot - then it wouldnt work. It connects immediately...with a strong signal...and it *appears* to be assigned an IP address by the iPhone...but it wont surf.


The iPhone can surf fine by itself.

The Tab can surf fine by itself (when using home or public Wi-Fi)

I reset the network settings in the iPhone (which to my immense annoyance did not help)

Ive tried many times to forget and re-connect to no avail.

I renamed my iPhone to remove spaces & punctuation marks (no difference - and was not a problem before)

Have tried to tether via BT; devices *will* pair, but iPhone says they are incompatible and aborts the connection.


Ideas please?

I had an iPhone and I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Mega and I no longer receive text messages from iPhone users How can I stop this

I had an iPhone and I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Mega, and I no longer receive text messages from iPhone users. How can I stop this?

Importing Picture Folder and Recieve a Message

I get this message (http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/4483/itunesshotfu6.jpg). This is the first time I wanted to import any pictures. If I click yes, will iTunes delete the pictures Ive taken with my iPhone?
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How much data does siri send recieve when sending a text message

I am seriously thinking of upgrading my iphone 4 to the 4s, simply for Siri and its available talk to text feature and I know that siri uses either the available wi-fi connection or uses your data plan when you use it....


However my question is simply that of how much data does it use in order to do something simple that would not normally require using your data plan or wifi

I can recieve mail but I cannot open mail message search scroll or create

I am recieving mail messages, however, I cannot open a mail message scroll up or down through messages, create a new message or search inbox. The screen is frozen. It does periodically retrieve messages from Exchange though. Anyone seen this kind of a problem. Any solution?
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HT1430 I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails .they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

I am not able to send emails via new email or responding to emails....they remain in my outbox and I recieve the error an error occurred while delivering this message

Switched from Iphone 4 to Galaxy S4 and cannot receive texts from iPhones

Yesterday, I switched from the Iphone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S4.  However, I cannot receive texts from friends with iphones.  For some reason, when they enter my number in their phone, it assumes it is an iphone number and sends an imessage.  We have manually changed the contact info to say mobile instead of iphone.  We have deleted and made myself a new contact.  We have restarted phones.  They can see the messages I send them from my new phone, but I cannot get messages back unless they turn imessage off.  This is troublesome because I cannot ask every contact with an iphone to turn off imessage just to contact me.  We traded in our old phones (my iphone 4), and it was completely wiped and restored to factory settings, so I do not know why this would assume my phone is an iphone.  I talked to a Samsung representative and they said to talk with apple now.

iphone 5 or samsung gs3

help me plz

Iphone not compatible with Samsung LCD TV

Hi, I have an Iphone4 and a Samsung 6000 series LCD TV. Ive tried tv out through an Iphone dock to the tvs AV input .... ie the three phonos into a single jack av lead. The iphone says playing to tv but the tv says no device found. I rang Samsung and they say that the iphone is totally incompatible with Samsung tvs and will not play even through a different device. Does anyone know different please ?
I was thinking of getting a Zepellin, but seems this will have the same issue !
Any help greatly appreciated.
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bluetooth photos samsung to iphone

trying to bluetooth pics etc from samsung toccolite to new iphone - samsung recognises iphone but even tho iphne bluetooth is switched on wont accept files, just says devices...searching....now discoverable. So what am I doing wrong?!

How do I transfer my contacts to my new iPhone 4 from a samsung phone

How do I transfer my contacts to my new iPhone 4 from a samsung phone?

Iphone-bluetooth-samsung wep 410

I am having a painful experience with my Samsung Headset.
My bluetooth setting says that the device is paired.
My bluetooth icon in the top bar is grey.
I have tried pressing on the call button....
the headset does work with another phone I have.
Anyone have an idea to help me ?
Thanks alot !
IPHONE Choose Samsung WEP410 Bluetooth Headset

HT3647 So I need a special bluetooth with my Iphone I have a samsung and it does not seem to connect

Do I need a special bluetooth for I-phone 4?  I am trying to connect it with my Samsung Bluetooth and it is not picking up the signal.

My iPhone 3Gs can't discover my Samsung SBH170 BLUETOOTH headset

A friend sent me a Bluetooth headset by Samsung, SBH 170.

I have followed the instructions, charged the headset and turned it on.
Went into settings and turned the Bluetooth ON in the iPhone...
The iPhone is trying to discover it...but cant.
Are they incompatible?
I was on the phone with a Samsung rep who had no idea.
The person at Apple told me to call Samsung!!
My friend has these headphones and they work with his iPhone in New York...but I dont think he has the 3GS. I also live in Canada...could that be an issue lol
Thanks for any help you can give me!!
iPhone 3Gs

cannot pair samsung headset

Cannot pair samsung b.t headset. It gets discovered. But just hangs trying to pair ! Any thoughts
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Can ios 5.1 support SAMSUNG ml 2165w AIRPRINT

Can ios 5.1 support SAMSUNG mono laser printer ml 2165w by using AIRPRINT?

why wont my iphone recieve and call out

why wont my iphone recieve and call out

i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather 'imessage' on the old iphone how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather imessage on the old iphone. how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

Iphone wont recieve ALL texts very annoying

Hey, i have recently noticed that my iphone 3g 4.1 wont receive every single sms people send to me, this is becoming more and more annoying as i have no idea whos text me or not!
i dont know whether its a hardware problem or just the software. but its not like it will only receive from certain phones because it will receive some and then randomly stop receiving from that person but receive from another person!
hope you can help
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New iPhone 3G Unable to recieve SMS Messages

Can anyone help me? I got a new iPhone recently, and im unable to receive text messages from most everybody, yet i can from other AT&T users... i wanted to know if its just because my service is new with AT&T and if i will soon be able to receive messages from everyone in my area, thanks.
iPhone 3G

My iphone 3gs doesn't allow me to make or recieve calls

it gives me call failed message. What can I do?

iPhone cannot make or recieve calls - Can't restore from Itunes

After recent upgrade to new OS, the phone stopped working within a day.. it just displays the message as Restore Needed.  iPhone cannot make or receive calls.  Restore from iTunes .  www.apple.com/support


But when I connect it to the iTunes, it asks me to enter my passcode for the phone.  When I try to enter, it allows me only to make emergency calls and no way I can enter this password and restore from my backup?   really a painful user experience which I never expected out of an Apple product...


Any help would be highly appreciated.

Cannot Recieve SMS

Please help,
i bought a new i phone 4 from Kuwait, and now im in Switzerland
Therefore i bought a new swisscom sim card for my i phone, but the problem that i can send sms only and i cannot recieve sms from people abroad.
As per swisscom it is not related to their sim card since i can send sms abroad and the only problem is that i cannot recieve sms from kuwait.
what i should do to recieve sms from kuwait.
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Can Recieve But Can Send Emails On iPhone 3GS Through Hotmail Account

I recently purchased a iPhone 3GS.
I have a Hotmail account
Ive followed the instructions on how to set up a Hotmail account and am finding that I can recieve emails no problem, but I cannot send a email.
after writing the email i hit send at which point a message pops up saying:
Cannot Send Mail
The connection to the outgoing smtp.live.com failed
additional outgoing mail servers can be configured in Settings> Mail> Contacts and Calenders
what am I doing wrong and what do I need to do to get it working ?
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how do i restore my iphone to an earlier version so i can send and recieve pictures

i have an iphone 3gs and im using the prepaid att so once i updateddmy phone i can no longer send pictures an stuff how do i restore an earlier version allowing me to send and recieve pictures

iPhone isn't able to make recieve phone calls Software 3.1.2

Hey all, As above i cant make or recieve calls on my iPhone!
I updated the software yesterday so obviously it has something to do with this!
Can anybody give me a hand.. I receive 15 or so calls a day so its kind of important haha
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do not recieve notification of mms

I have AT@T When i am sent a mms i do not even recieve a notification that i have got a mms. I thought i would recieve a text telling me to go to viewmymessage.com with a password or some thing but i dont get anything and i have tried lots of times.
apple iPhone OS 3.0

I can recieve emails but cannot send them

I recieve emails fine on my iphone 4 but have problems when sending them.
At home I can send emails but as soon as I am away from home I cannot and this continues even when I return home. My husband then switches my smtp server off and back on and they resend. Everything works fine until I leave the house when I get the same problems.
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