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setting up voicemail ios 7 problems

setting up voicemail ios 7 problems

iphone unlocked

Visual Voicemail Problems

Back when we were able to download the visual voicemail on our phones, I followed the steps it said, which including restoring my phone. I did that but I had the problem where people would leave me voicemails and it would not show up. The only way I would know if their was voicemails was by holding down 1 and checking it that way. I hadnt resolved the issue. And now last night I had downloaded the new iso4 software and it is all installed correctly I thot, but when I try access my visual voicemail it says voicemail unavailable - could not authorize access. If I got into my settings and change voicemail password it does the same thing. Why am I getting this message? I am confuzed. Please help.
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Visual Voicemail Problems

Hi. I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to 0S 4. It all works fine apart from visual voicemai. Every time I restart the phone I lose my greeting and have to set up a new pin for visual voicemail. This happens every single time I try. It also happens if I close the phone application from the multi-tasking bar.
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problems with iphone 5 voicemail and microcell

We have the iphone 5 and recently installed an AT&T microcell in our home.  Until we installed the microcell, we had one to two bars max. Now our phone reception is perfect.

PROBLEM:  When someone calls, and we miss the call, it shows a missed call. On occasion (not always) it shows on our phone there is a voicemail (on the banner). However, when we go to the voicemail box there are no messages.  Missed calls are logged. 

As soon as we leave our home, and are no longer connected to the microcell, and get enough reception, voicemails will then show up and be accessible via our iphone voicemail box. 


We did figure out a way to check for voicemails from home (while on microcell) without using the iphone voicemail box, by simply calling our own phone number, using a password and seeing if there are messages from there (like you would on a landline).


AT&T has been trying to work out this problem, and I spent an hour on an on-line chat with a technician who tried numerous things to remedy the problem. He then forwarded my case to another higher up. I was contacted this AM, but missed the call. Luckily, I heard his message because I was able to listen to it because I wasnt at home using my microcell. 


Now I sit, waiting to hear from a technician in Atlanta, who asked me to call him back and Ive tried three times only to get his voicemail (wonder if he has a microcell voicemail problem--joke intended). 


Is there anyone here who has experienced this problem and can help me. Its so frustrating to miss important voicemails and have to use a guess and check method every time I miss a call to determine if there is a voicemail on my new phone. 


Thanks for your help and consideration.


New iPhone 5 does not have visual voicemail When I tap the voicemail icon it just calls voicemail and prompts for the password

My new iPhone 5 does not show visual voicemail. When I tap the voicemail icon it calls voicemail and prompts me for the password. Im able to access voicemail this way I just dont get visual voicemail.

Problems with voicemail - can't retrieve new ones before old skipped ones along with message Icon still saying I have messages when I have already heard all of them

I just bought my Iphone over Labor Day weekend so I am still learning, but very confused by the voicemail system. Despite me checking and deleting, saving, and/or skippng messages it still shows messages on the phone Icon. The most annoying problem is when I go to listen to new voicemails it goes to the skipped voicemails before going to the new ones. I have already tried some options I saw on various forums such as hold down home button and power button at the same time, along with going to settings, general, reset then reset again. Since the Icon is always stating I have a certain number of voicemails even though they are old, it is becoming a major headache.

This has to be the most annoying problem I have ever encountered in any phone I have owned since 1994.......please help!

IOS 4.1 Voicemail problem

Since updating my iphone 3GS to 4.1, the visual voice mail keeps retrieving old, deleted voice messages.
Today, for the first time since the original iphone, I received a warning that my voice mailbox was 90% full. Until now, the messages would just delete themselves after a few days. So I called the voice mail and manually deleted the old messages. Waiting to see if the phone now retrieves newly deleted messages. Anyone else encounter this?
Thank you
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What happened to Visual Voicemail in iOS 4.2.1

I upgraded to the new iOS 4.2.1 over the weekend and when I went to change my voicemail outgoing message discovered Visual Voicemail has been removed in favor of a 8-10 step automated voice and number punching process to access that feature. PLEASE tell me this is a fluke and not an improvement in the new iOS. If I wanted that kind of voicemail set up I could have kept my ubiquitous phone and not opted for an iPhone/Smartphone. Am I missing something? Is my upgrade/installation incorrect? Or is this indeed how things are going to be in 4.2 and going forward?
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Setting up Iphone 4 with iOS 4.1 - Exchange Server

Hi All,
I have Iphone 4 with iOS 4.1. I have tried for hours now and can not get the phone to see Exchange server. I get :
Unable to Verify account information.
I used a DNS tool for Iphone and I can see the server. I have tried with and without SSL and no luck. I have with and without specifying Domain no luck.
Is there a bug in iOS4.1 and Exchange servers ? Friend of mine at work had 4.0.1 and he ha no issues, same server same settings as mine. Do I need to install SSL cert from web server on my Iphone.
Any one else out there with this problem? please help apple.
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IOS 7 visual voicemail greeting cannot be accessed

Just loaded IOS 7 and noticed I can no longer access the greeting from my visual voicemail.  No changes can be made as it cannot be accessed and it hangs the phone app.


Phone - Voicemail - Greeting (upper left corner)


Have tried restarting the phone as well as calling my voicemail manually (thinking maybe something would be triggered or set) to no avail.


iPhone : 4s with IOS 7

Carrier : Sprint US

iphone 5 IOS 6.1.4 all sounds only play when setting up not when calls etc come in

my iphone5 about 1 year old running IOS 6.1.4 doesn not activate any (email, voice call, messenger, etc)  notification tones, occassionally it will vibrate. I have only default ringtones on the phone. All ringtones always work fine when selecting which to use. They function loud and clear when selecting. No sound is generated for incomoing calls, emails, or messages. I am running 6.1.4 as this is a work phone and some apps are required that are not ready for IOS 7.

lost my sms notes mail accounts alarm setting weather setting

hi ..
after the 3.0 upgrade i lost all the sms that i had for 2 years on my iphone , notes , mail accounts , alarm setting and weather setting and probebly much more which i did not notice yet , please anyone tell me how to get them back ? i dont have them on my iphone but i am sure i got them on my mac but dont know how to find them ..please help me .. thanks and have a good day
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HT3743 HT4623 We're sorry we are unable to continue with your activation at this time Please try again later or contact customer care How to fix this issue while setting up the iphone for the new ios

HT4623 Were sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. Please try again later, or contact customer care.----How to fix this issue while setting up the iphone for the new ios?

I have done restore earse all setting and content setting and now the phone is not getting on only apple logo is loading on the screen plss hepl

I have done restore ( earse all setting and content ) setting and now the phone is not getting on only  apple logo is loading on the screen...............plss hlep

ios 6 problems

i have a problems with my iphone 3GS. because i update it . and i he dont work and i receive this message :

your iphone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarity unavailable. Try connecting your iphone to itunes to activate it,

or try again in a couple of munites .


if this problem persists, contact apple support at apple.com/support

iOS 7 Bluetooth problems

I have a Prius  and the a steering wheel controls stopped working after updating to iOS 7. I cant play the next or previous song which is pretty annoying because I have to grab my phone and look for the next/previous button while driving! It was working fine with iOS 6.

I believe this is a bug. Anyone else having the same issue?

IOS 4 and problems sync

Since Ive upgraded my 3GS to the new platform 4 my photos do not sync anymore. Every other application does, but not my photos.....the error message is cant find the necessary file. I already tried reinstalling an earlier backup. Did not work.
Who can help me? What must I do?
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IOS 5.0.1 upgrade problems

HI there


I need some help after trying to upgrade my iphone 3gs to 5.0.1. I am unable to activate my iphone.


Went through all downloads / upgrades / restores etc. but when the phone started up I could get no service, although the wireless connection can be obtained. On Itunes the message no sim card inserted is received, (but there is, and have reseated this several times) the phone says the activation server is temporarily unavailable.


To summarise, I have gone from a fully working handset on 4.3.3 to one that is completely unusable now ! Before attempting this I managed to upgrade my Ipad  successfully, so am not sure what has happened here.


Please could anyone suggest anything ?





IoS 5.1 Issue anyone else having same problems

So ever since I updated to IoS 5.1 my Iphone 4 has been having 2 new issues that I have no clue how to solve.  I never had any issues with this in any previous software update and Have owned and used these products for 10 previous months


1.  I cannot open my camera from the home screen.  The icon is there but when you click on it it shakes and starts to open up but than slides down back to the home screen.  I have tried closing the camera app resetting my phone but nothing seems to fix it.   I can still open up the camera regularly by unlocking the phone first and than going to the camera app.  But the camera button on the home screen just doesnt work for me anymore.  I know with 5.1 they made it where it wont disappearing from the home screen so my guess is the issue must be related to that somehow.


2.  I cannot use my Iphone on Ihome as a alarm clock anymore.  Whenever I plug in the iphone it will start charging the iphone but than I get message saying this accesory is not supported for iphone.  It will still play any music on my ipod through the iphone regularly despite this message.  But the alarm function using a ihome playlist  will not work anymore and I keep getting that stupid beeping alarm waking me up in the morning instead of my music.  The only reason I bought this dock was to use it as a alarm clock. which doesnt seem to be working anymore since the software update.  I think this is related to a new docking isssue with the software update but not postive. 



If anyone else is having the same issues or has found any solutions to these issues please share your thoughts. 



ios 6 sound problems



I listen a lot to podcasts on my iphone. All worked fine up until a recent update. But this is a very werid problem though.

I use 2 headphones

large sony headphone (MDR-XB700)small logitech earbud UE series

And some loudspeakers


Then a friends large headphones worked fine but his earbud had the same issues


A podcast played on the iphone with the logitech earbud gives me:

hardly any spoken (people talking) sound volumemusic during the podcast very often is loud enough, normal I would saywhen starting the podcast I hear a very short popping sound


The same podcast played on 2 other, non apple phones plays very fine, NO problems


I have reset:

All settingsErase All content and Settings

I have from my Macs itunes:

Restore Backup...Restore phone


I have several times:

turn on and off soundturn on aff equalizerslide ringer and alerts volume up -- shut down iphone and bootupslide ringer and alerts down volume -- shut down iphone and bootuphold down home+on/off button for 10 secs so it rebootsturn on and off Vibrate on Ring, Vibrate on Silent and rebootedturned on and off the Music -- EQ setting, and rebootedturned on and off the Music -- Volume Limit, and rebootednumerous other things that I found here and elsewhere.

All to no avail.


To me it sounds as if the iphone has started to measure how much energy is drawn from the mini-jack port and adjusts some settings. And it adjusts it for spoken words only. Voice control related?


Anyone has tips or an idea how to forward this to Apple HQ?

I suppose they read this and I am more than happy to assit to get this sorted out.



wifi problems ios 7.0.3

anyone with problems after the new release?

Anyone still having wifi problems with iOS 6.01 on 4s

I have a iphone 4s, every since the upgrade to ios 6.0 and 6.01 my wifi only works at my home as I have a newer router. If I go anyplace else it does not work. All the free wifi spots I used to go to Starbucks, Dunckin Donuts, and also at my job do not work anymore. It wont hold the wifi connection for more than a few seconds. As soon as I enter a wifi password it holds for a second or two than switches right back to 3g.


Whatever apple did with the ios 6 really screwed things up. I thought 6.01 would fix the problem but no, in fact its worse. I know this does not affect all iphone 4ss as my son just got a new 4s and he doesnt have the problem.


Oh Ive tried all the usual fixes, nothing works. Ive been an apple guy since the company started, this is really pathetic on Apples part. Losing faith in what was once a great company.




Problems Bluetooth iOS 7.0.4

Since I updated my device to version 7.0.4 my bluetooth does not pair with my peripheral devices. But after several attempts he acknowledges, but does not perform connection therewith. Have restored but to no avail.

iOS 5.1 3Gs Problems

Since I updated to 5.1 on my iPhone 3Gs, I keep getting problems with the updated OS. I cant download apps, music or books from the iTunes store, its very hit and miss. It is pointless having a pin upon wake up of the phone as all you have to do to get past the pin is by swiping the camera button up to by-pass it. The battery life has dramatically dropped from lasting a couple of days with everyday use to around 9 hours. The signal from the network has dropped from 3 bars on 3G to 4 bars on GPRS, and finally apps keep crashing and exit themselves to the home screen.


I have rang my network (O2UK) and they have said that they have had serveral reports of Apple products having these bugs since the release of 5.1, and saying that nothing has changed in terms of te settings and masts near me, but they advised me to check my network settings and if they are different from what O2s website said (they were the same).


So why are there so many bugs with 5.1? I cant download any apps at all and my battery is worse? Is there any advice that anyone can give me to fix these small bugs or a temp fix until Apple fix them in a future update  :)

Just updated to iOS 6.1.3 Got a few problems

1. The battery drain problem is worse than before. I lost 1% every 5-10 minutes of normal usage


2. I registered my email account on the settings. Yet, when I opened Mail app, it prompt me to the startup mail setup screen (the one with iCloud, Windows Mail, GMail, etc)


3. I downloaded Sparrow, a mail app. But, it doesnt show anywhere on my homescreen. I also didnt find it on Spotlight Search. And when I go to the appstore, the only button available is OPEN, but it doesnt open when I pressed the button.


Any suggestion? I tried hard reset(home button+power button). It didnt work. And this phone is freshly updated to iOS 6.1.3

Problems with Maps in ios 6

Just downloaded the new ios 6 update and cant get the 3D maps to work.  When i click the 3D button and swipe up on the map, it will not make things 3D like its supposed to and you cant zoom in! Is anyone else having problems with this?!

Problems upgrading to iOS 4.1

Yesterday I got the prompt to download iTunes 10 and iOS 4.1. I got iTunes 10 downloaded but I cant get 4.1 to download. I have attempted about 15 times and everytime I get the same error message;
There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone Bens iPhone. The network connection timed out.
Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later.
I cant seem to get it to download. It seems to get all the way downloaded and then while it is processing the file it gives me that error. I have turned my phone off, restarted my computer and I also got some updates for my computer today and it still doesnt work. Somebody please help me
Toshiba Satellite A215 Windows 7

iOS 4.2.1 update problems on iPhone 3G

I have noticed a few problems with the update. My iPhone is now back to being slow and choppy. My battery drains a lot faster. And when I go to the app store, it will only show some of the pictures of the apps, I have to close it and open it again to make it start showing pictures again. Also, my signal strength on both the cell service and WIFI fluctuate more that it did prior to the update. I have never seen my WIFI signal drop inside my house until I updated to this version of the iOS.
Also, about the slow and choppy problem....prior to iOS 4.2.1, a Genius Bar employee told me to re-setup the phone as new and then sync all my info. back on the phone. It was a pain to deal with reseting all of my setting, however it did help the speed of the phone on iOS 4.1 and I was enjoying my iPhone again, however as soon as I updated to iOS 4.2.1, it was back to being slow and choppy as I noted above.
iPhone 3G iOS 4

Battery problems with iPhone 4 after iOS 6.1

Ive updated to iOS 6.1, and Ive been experiencing some really annoying battery problems since I updated. I tried doing the good old iPhone reset, but it still wont charge up to 100%. It stops charging when it reaches 52-56 % battery.


Is there any way of fixing this ?

iOS 6.1 iMessage problems not the usual though

Since I upgraded my iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1, every message that is generated outside of the messages app is being sent as an iMessage, regardless of the recipient. This obviously fails when you try to, for example, send a picture to someone with a non iOS device, because the phone tries to send it as an iMessage and it just fails. I then have to go into the messages app and elect to resend the iMessage as an SMS. The same thing happens when I ask Siri to text someone. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

bluetooth problems ios 7.0.4 iphone 5s

Hy. I have problems with first and my new Iphone 5s.I try to connect it with other 3 cell phones: Nokia, Iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy s3, but my phone doesnt finde anyone. I try to send a poto from other phones but dosent fine my cell phone. That wheel doesnt stop spinning when i activate bluetooth and cant finde anyone.My iphone is discoverbel. I dont know if I made a mistake when I choose a new Iphone and I payed 740 euro...anyway excuse my bad english and please help me

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