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should iphone 4s upgrade to ios 7.04

should iphone 4s upgrade to ios 7.04

iphone unlocked

I have an iPhone 4 and I want to upgrade it to iOS 5 Is there any way that I can upgrade the iOS and keep my data and apps

I have an iPhone 4 and I want to upgrade it to iOS 5. Is there any way that I can upgrade the iOS and keep my data and apps?

iphone unlocked

HT4623 How do I upgrade to iOS 5 on my apple iPhone 3 When I go into my settings and then go into general there is no upgrade button

How do I upgrade my Iphone 3 to iOS 5?I followed the directions of going into my setting.Then go into general and then hit the update button.But the iPhone does not have an update button

HT4972 I am using iphone 3g and it is having currently IOS 4.1 version till what IOS version can i upgrade please help me many of my apps are not working esp whatsapp

am using iphone 3g and it is having currently IOS 4.1 version,till what IOS version can i upgrade ? please help me many of my apps are not working esp whatsapp.

iPhone 3G with IOS 4.2.1 Cannot upgrade to IOS 6

Hi,  my iPhone will not update it to IOS 6. Ive connected to iTunes and tried to update ad it says its a current version. I have no clue what to do anymore I cant have any apps other than Wattpad, Emoticions, and Tap Tap revenge 4 Please help

how to upgrade iphone 3g to IOS 4.3



I just recently got a Iphone 3G but in the market i cant buy anything because i dont have IOS 4.3 or 5.0 or it says This app doesnt work at Iphone ?

Please help me out how i can upgrade it to a higher IOS or give me another app market where i can download them asswell... tnx.

How do I upgrade iPhone 4 with IOS 4.3.5

Just got an iPhone 4 with IOS 4.3.5 . How to I upgrade to IOS 7 ? Is it possible to upgrade to IOS 6 ? Please advise how. Thanks

upgrade my 3G iPhone to IOS 4.3

So there is no way I can upgrade my 3G iPhone to IOS 4.3? I am left out on great apps like #tripview which is like oxygen for me to check train timetables

DO NOT UPGRADE TO IOS 7 if you have an iphone 4

My phone is now super slow and my wifi keeps dropping out meaning iv used all my data and its apparently my problem because the iphone is now too old for apple support. Thanks apple (buying htc one next month)

How can I upgrade the iOS on my iPhone 3GS

I need help with my device. Each time i try to download some apps, the message i always get is that the app requires a higher OS. The last time i tried to upgrade my OS, my phone was reset and in factory mode. I had to take it to some tech-guy to jail-break it. But i still need to upgrade, and i dont know how to do it without resetting the whole thing. Is there a way?

Should I upgrade my iPhone 3gs to ios 6

My iphone 3Gs 32 Gb has 4.1 running on it smoothly. The phone is quite fast and I havent faced any problem so far. Do you thinnk I should upgrade my phone to ios6? Will it become laggy and slow?Thanks inadvance.:)

Iphone 4 upgrade to IOS 7 crashes

Hi, my wife upgraded today her iphone to the latest software ios7  (was on 5.1) - it downloaded ok and as it displayed software updated on Iphone 4 - it crashed.  Itunes warns the iphone is in recovery mode and needs to be restore but when it tries to do it, it comes up with another error meessage that it cannot be restored as device isnt elligible for rebuild.  PLEASE help


All I have now is a blue screen!

Cannot backup iPhone or upgrade iOS

This started happening after I upgraded to iOS 4. I can no longer back up my iPhone, and Ive been unable to upgrade to iOS 4.01.
The problem is that the backup fails with the error, iTunes could not back up the iPhone phone because the backup could not be saved on the computer.
Ive tried different USB cables and two different Macbooks. Ive tried creating a new admin user account. Ive completely deleted the backup directory so that iTunes could recreate it. Ive tried removing all of the photos from the phone, and the iPod Photo Cache directory from the Macbook.
At this point, the only thing I havent tried is a full restore, but given some of the other forum discussions Ive seen, Id wager that will fail also if I cannot back up the phone first.
Any advice would be most appreciated!
iPhone 3G iOS 4

my 3GS iphone has ios 4.1 How do I upgrade to 5 or 7

my 3GS iphone has ios 4.1. How do I upgrade to 5  or 7.

iPhone locked after interrupted IoS upgrade

My iPhone 3GS is locked after an interrupted update to the latest IoS update (6.01?).  I tried to reset using the home and off buttons: the phone turns off, but then when it starts to boot it displays the apple logo on and off at 5 second intervals.  I tried connecting it iTunes, but doesnt get recognised.


Any way of resetting?





iPhone 3GS No Service after upgrade to iOS 4.3.4

My problem started when I upgraded from iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3.4. As soon as I did this, my 3G service went flakey. It gives me weak signal strength and often gives me No Service, it drops calls, etc. I tried everything, hard reset on the phone, resetting the network to factory defaults, restoring from backup. My wifes 3GS (same as mine but still on iOS 4.2.1) is sitting right next to mine and has 4 bars of 3G and mine has No Service. She can call my phone (again sitting right next to each other) and it goes to voice mail.  Swapping SIM cards between the phones, I can tell you the problem is with the phone (or iOS) and not the SIM card.


I did find that if I turn off the 3G radio, I get excellent 2G (Edge) reception and everything works consistently and without issue (just slow). I am willing to live with 2G for now, but I really need Apple to fix this iOS issue ASAP!


I see lots of posts with people having this problem starting with iOS 4.3.  Apple, what are your doing to solve this problem.  When can we expect an update or at least an acknowledgement of the problem.  Better still, how about fixing it!


Help me!!!

IOS 4 upgrade incomplete - iphone frozen - HELP

Im running OSXv10.6.5 & iTunes 10.1 (both latest versions). I tried to update my 3GS to IOS 4.? (the latest version). Downloaded ok & began updating the phone, then something (possibly internet connection failure) prevented the process from completing. Now the phone is unresponsive, with screen on & displaying the apple symbol & progress bar hollow. Ive tried disconnecting the phone & quitting and re-starting iTunes, but it wont recognise the phone connection. What can I do?
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iPhone 3GS problem after iOS 6 upgrade

I have an iPhone 3GS which was working totally fine until I upgraded it to iOS 6....


Everything was OK for a couple of days, then I went to make a call and the phone had shut off. Switching it on, I found it had gone to recovery mode (namely the connect to iTunes screen). I restored it through iTunes and it seemed fine until a couple of days later, when I discovered itd once again gone to recovery mode.


Ive done another two restores since then, and the phone will only run for two days before ending up in recovery mode and needing another restore.


Taking it to an Apple store is out of the question - its a 300 mile journey and would probably cost more than the phones worth....

iPhone photo problems after IOS 5 upgrade

Updated iPhone 4 to IOS 5 a couple of weeks ago and now my photos are no longer recognized in iPhoto or images and I cant import them. Had a 1 to 1 @ Apple Store and couldnt resolve the issue. Went on vacation, took more pictures, many more to upload. Still cannot.

Genius Bar appointment today, tried plugging my iPhone into another laptop AND iMac and still couldnt import.

Specialist suggests emailing them (130 from vacation!) to myself and then restoring the phone.


This problem didnt happen until after I upgraded to IOS 5.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

My iPhone 5 won't charge after iOS 7 upgrade

I have a iPhone 5 and this morning i upgraded it from iOS 6 to iOS 7. When the battery was low, i had to put it on charge. After 2 hours i checked bu it was still switched off. Before my battery died, i put the charger in and it said This cable is not certified.

How do I fix this?

I just upgrade iphone 3gs with ios 5.1.1 and now its not working

Hi, I just upgrade iphone 3gs with ios 5.1.1 and now its not working, its says only compatiable SIM cards from a supported carier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with ur iphone or visit a supported carriers store to receive a replacement SIM card..i took it from a friend, m not sure weather it was unlocked, but when i took it from him i was able to use it untill i upgraded it. It was bought in UK nd m in Mumbai (India). thanks

after upgrade my iPhone 4S to iOS 7.1 I have no Wifi after wake up from sleep



after upgrade my iPhone 4S to iOS 7.1 I have no Wifi, after wake up from sleep!! It takes several minutes until it workes proberly again. I was yesterday already in the Apple store and they made a service install of iOS 7.1, where the complete iOS was installed new instead of just updating it. Also the settings menu is not reacting during this time. somtimes the complete iOS is not reacting. If this occures only a hard rest is solving and then the Wifi stack is working well until is sleeps again. Then the problem starts again.


Does anyone raised already a ticket at apple or has a solution? A downgrade to 6.1.3 is not possible/allowed, but this would help.




iPhone 4 cannot pick up a network properly after iOS 5 upgrade

After I upgraded to iOS 5, my iPhone 4 cannot pick up a network if it loses it. If I switch the phone to the airplane mode and then back, it finds something but I cannot neither hear anyone when I make a call nor send sms. I cannot properly cancel a call either, the phone app freezes once I press the cancel button.

Can I upgrade my jailbroked iPhone 3GS to iOS 5 with no problems

I dont understand nothing about jailbreak, I just did on mine (4.3.5).

When the new iOS 5 comes out will I be able to just click the upgrade button on iTunes with no problems?

Or do I have to unistall Cydia or something?


Sorry if its a noob question, I just wanted to be sure before doing this.


Thank you!

iPhone 4 low earpiece volume after ios 5 upgrade

Hi all.


I have upgraded to ios 5 and biggest gripe i have withit that now my iphone 4 earpiece volume is now lower in volume but further more the quality of sound is worse... Sounds like a low end earpiece speaker the voice that comes through is weak and with lack of natural bass basically nothing like it was on 4.3.1 i had before.


Anyonr noticed deteriorated quality after the upgrade?


Regards S.

could not connect gprs 3G from iphone 3Gs after upgrade iOS 4.2.1

I have some problems here.
After my iphone 3Gs upgrade to iOS 4.2.1, it could not activate cellular data network.
Even i already set the APN , username from my cellular carrier.
But when I tried using wifi in my home, it no problem it can connect to internet.
Anyone has found this problem too?
Any solution to solve this problem?
iPhone 3Gs iOS 4

iTunes hangs up EVERYTIME I try to Upgrade my iPhone 4 from iOS 4.3.5 to 5.1.1

So I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.5. I want to undo the jailbreaking so I downloaded iOS 5.1.1 but EVEYRTIME I try upgrading, iTunes always hang up. iTunes hangs up even when I just connect my iPhone. It hangs up when I click the name of my iPhone. It hangs up when I click sync. It ate all of my available space so I have 0 GB left. Im really frustrated. Please help me resolve this. Thanks!

Still no zoom functionality after iOS 4 upgrade on iPhone 3GS

Still no zoom functionality after iOS 4 upgrade on iPhone 3GS. How to install this functionality?
iPhone 3GS iOS 4

Best way to upgrade to new iOS 4

I have read some people say the best way up upgrade to iOS 4 is to start fresh and set up as a new phone, then sync content back from iTunes. I have also heard other people say to do a backup of the phone, upgrade, then restore from backup.
So far today Ive heard of LOTS of people having problems with the new OS, and some people say they need to set up the phone as new to avoid having problems. But then what about all your data like text messages, contacts, etc? I do not use MS Outlook at home so I dont really have anything to sync my contacts to, other than just doing the normal backup.
How can I be assured that I can upgrade my 16GB 3GS from 3.1.3 to 4.0 and not have tons of problems?
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iOS 4.1 FW Upgrade

Just upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.1 and discover the following good things to share.
1.AVRCP activated - Now the forward and backward buttons of my Sony MW600 BlueTooth earphones are working correctly - they were not working at all. Now iPhone 4 has full BlueTooth earphones support.
2.HDR photo - The photo with much better control of over exposure and under exposure is captured. The photo quality is getting closer to that of the latest DCs. Probably it is a top class of built-in camera of mobile phones.
It is really positive improvement! Well done Steve Jobs!!
MacBook Air, iMac 27", iPhone 4 Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Cannot upgrade to iOS 4.2

I have an iPhone 3G S which is currently running iOS 4.1. I want to upgrade to 4.2, and iTunes shows me that it is available. However, when I click on the Update button, all it does is tell me, This version of iTunes (9.2) is the current version. I know that there is a newer version of iTunes out, iTunes 10, but I cant install it on my computer because I am running Tiger and it requires Leopard or higher. In any case, I dont care about upgrading iTunes so much as I care about upgrading my iPhone, which according to the specifications on Apples website should be compatible with iOS 4.2. I dont know why iTunes is searching for an update for itself when it should be downloading an update for my iPhone, one which it even acknowledges has already been released. Has anyone else encountered this problem before, and if so how were you able to resolve it?
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