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shrink pictures to how to make your picture fit as background on ios 7

shrink pictures to how to make your picture fit as background on ios 7

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IOS 7 wallpaper resizing will not shrink photo to fit screen

After update, wallpaper stretchs larger than image.  Unable to resize smaller to fit screen.  My photo only measures 24k @ 261x231 and is HUGE; bigger than the screen can accommodatem (shrink).  Cannot resize smaller to fit screen.  Any ideas/suggestions?   I have tried resizing my photo (smaller crop in size and dimensions) and photos render too large for screen.   Cannot resize smaller to fit.   I know I am repeating myself.  Just to be clear.  Am I doing something incorrectly in IOS 7?   Any ideas/suggestions or similar problems solving input would be appreciated. 

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Why is it that with iOS 7 pictures do not fit the screen

When I try to set pictures as the background on my iPhone 5, they do not scale to the screen. Although a little problem that I have tried to ignore, its become very annoying. It only started doing this after I updated to iOS 7 and had carried on through the updates. Help!!

I want to change my Whatsapp picture but most pictures turn out either upside down or sidewards; I even have auto rotation but it works on certain pictures only what do I do

I turned auto rotation on and I want to change my profile picture on Whatsapp. On certain pictures they turn out correct, however on most of them, they turn out sidewards or even upside down. I want to calibrate my phone but it doesnt say anything in settings about calibrating it, what do I do?

Hey I make a lot pictures with my new iphone 4s camera I transfer these pictures in iPhoto Since I have the new iPhone 4s I have trouble to submit the iPhone4s Pictures via iPhoto to my iPad I had no issues with the iPhone4 oder 3s What is different

Hey, I make a lot pictures with my new iphone 4s camera. I transfer these pictures in iPhoto. Since I have the new iPhone 4s, I have trouble to submit the iPhone4s Pictures via iPhoto to my iPad. I had no issues with the iPhone4 oder 3s. What is different?

How make sure no Prgrs in background recently quick battery drain

Hi all
Usually my 4 month old 3GS (on OS 3.0.1) lasted for about 6h usage and something like 30h standby, which I consider quite normal. During the night (no usage in 7 hours) the percentage went down only 2-4%.
For the last about 1 week I am getting much worse stats: 3h usage and something like 20h standby - and during the last night the phone goes form 12% to 0% without usage in about 6 hours.
How can I make sure there are no Programs running in the backround or anything like that?
Cheers, ter111
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Pro.Fit MiCradle Car Mount - Really Thin Case That Would Fit

Hey Everyone,
My first post, btw...
I decided to buy a Pro.Fit car mount for my iPhone, but was torn between the miCradle (the iPhone-specific mount) and the iGrip (a spring-loaded mount for various small electronic devices).
I was leaning towards the iGrip because my iPhone is in a case (Showcase), and lets just say I, my own personal grip while holding my phone isnt the best.
I was leaning towards the miCradle because I dont really want a spring-loaded car mount. I used to have one, and after a while, it started to give...eventually not providing any grip on my phone. The one thing about the miCradle is that it was designed for iPhones that are not in a case. The dimensions were based exactly on that of the iPhone.
I ordered both mounts and decided to look at em and explore my options, then Ill decide which one I want to use, and return the other.
There must be some extra room on the miCradle for the iPhone to be mounted to it. A little room to move around. There must be an extremely thin case out there somewhere that could fit into it.
Does anyone know of any really thin cases out there that only minimally impact the dimensions of the iPhone? I just want some sort of protection out there somewhere.
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When taking pictures with camera can I set it to number the picture

When taking a picture is there a way I can number them

pictures saved from iphone to picture roll don't look good

why is it when my wifes sends me a pictures from her iphone to my iphone trough email it shows good in the email but when i save it to my camera roll the quilty is down grades. very ugly when saved to the camera roll. is it suppose to do this?
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Is there away to display the picture in album and removed from camera roll Please make it happen in ios8

My camera roll is a mess. so many photos over each other. I need categories to organize them. I created albums, but its still mess! And it takes so much time to find that one picture.

Am asking if there is away to move the photo to albums and be removed from camera roll? If not can anyone make it easier in ios8?

I am an organized girl:( and this really drives me crazy sometimes!

iOS 4 homescreen background on iPhone 3G

Anyone able to change their homescreen background on your iPhone 3G after the iOS 4 update?
I seem to not have that feature. Anyone else having that issue?
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iOS 6 background audio bug

Anyone else find that when trying to play audio in the background From any browser it wont work such as when playing a YouTube video and them wanting to go on Facebook and have the audio playing in the background it just will not work, anyone know a fix for this?

IOS 6 - Listening to Videos with the screen off or in the background

Is there any way to play a video or a music video on iphone 5 so that the audio plays in the background but you can multitask and do other things on the phone while listening? This is critical to how I use the phone. I was able to do this with IOS 5 but functionality was removed on IOS 6.


Please reply if you have found any work-arounds or know if Apple has plans to include this in the next update. Its very silly that I cant even listen to a music video or video while Im walking about (turns off the second the screen shuts off or the phone is locked).



Will accessories that fit 3G fit 3GS

So will cases, docks, etc be the same?
This may be a redundant question, but I can not find an answer. looking at specs, they look the same. Thank You

Can't shrink screen

The screen has zoomed in on my phone and wont move around so I cant see the slide to open bar or view the key pad to enter my pin.
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Using large photos for backgrounds With iOS7 they won't shrink

Since upgrading to iOS 7, I cant shrink photos when using them for backgrounds. I have an iPhone 4s, iOS 7.0.4. How do I fix this

Help I synced my iPhone 4 with iTunes and it synced EVERY single picture that's on my PC I don't want all those pictures on my phone My first question is HOW do I prevent that from happening again

I plugged my iPhone into my PC and iTunes automatically synced all my digital camera pictures that were saved on the PC to my iPhone.  I definitely DONT want all those pics on my phone!


How do I prevent that from happening again?


How in the heck to I delete them off my phone?  It wont even let me delete them! 

3GS with IOS 4.3.1 all picture and ringtone had gone Help

Recently I had updated my firmware to 4.3 and I found that all my photos and ringtones had gone... I tried to sync all many times, but still the same... no picture had transferred to my phone...
How can I transfer all my picture to my phone...
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iOS 4.1 and Contact Picture Syncing

I use Gmail Contacts, and sync via Exchange to my iPhone and iPad.
Since upgrading to iOS 4.1 on the iPhone, if I add a contact picture in Google, it no longer comes across to the phone. Other changes to the contact fields do sync properly.
Contact pictures do sync properly on my iPad which is on iOS 3.x
Did iOS 4.1 disable the ability for contact pictures to syncronize through Exchange?
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Full screen caller picture on iOS 7.1

Now that iOS 7.1 is out I successfully upgraded my iPhone 5.

It changes the full screen pictures to a small picture in a circle. It used to be more 

aesthetically pleasing, showed more information at a glance, its totally beyond me while they would change something that looked so good.

Is there any way to restore the full screen caller images?

Can you make iOS 4.3 for iPhone 3G

Hi! I have a problem. My dad buy iphone 3g ang give ti to me. I have iOS 4.2.1 (8C148) and i whant at least iOS 4.3. then i can download more apps. Thank you!

My name is Domagoj, and i am from croatia.

Tnx, bye!

iPhone 4S - iOS 5.0 - Crash occurs on send if Dictation is used in a Picture Message

iPhone 4S - 32GB - White

iOS 5.0


Error: Crash occurs on send if Dictation is used in a Picture Message


Steps to reproduce the crash:


1) Take an HDR photo

2) View the photo

3) Click the icon on the bottom left corner and select Message

4) In the To field, add a contact with a mobile phone number

5) Tap the microphone icon and dictate a few words so they appear below the picture

6) Tap Send (This is where it crashes)


If you repeat steps 1 though 4 and then manually type the same message, there is no crash and the message gets sent successfully.


Try it out.  Does this happen to you?

After updating my iphone3gs and ipod touch 4g to ios 6 the auto lock fuction doesn't work always especially if passbook is left open in the background i have also restored both the devices but the problem still persists and is affecting the batt

After updating my iphone3gs and ipod touch 4g to ios 6, the auto lock fuction doesnt work always , especially if passbook is left open in the background!

i have also restored both the devices but the problem still persists and is affecting the battery life!

Make HDR default on iOS camera

On past versions of IOS the HDR function would remain on or off (whatever setting the user had it set for) even if the app was closed and reopened. In iOS7 Ive noticed that whenever I turn off the app it defaults to the HDR being off even though I like it to always be on. Is there a way to make the HDR default to be on whenever I open the camera app?

Does ios 7 drain iPhone 4 battery and make it slower

Answers from ios 7 iPhone 4 users would be much appreciated.

I cannot delete pictures from my iphone 4S IOS 6.0

I have several albums on my phone that will not allow me to delete.  I know you cannot delete the Camera Roll or Photo Library.  These albums are from my daughter in law and I no longer need them on my phone.  How do I delete them?

Tried updating to iOS 6 but now my iPhone is stuck on the picture of the apple symbol with an empty load bar beneath

Tried downloading iOS 6 on my iPhone 3G. Now my iphone is stuck with the loading thing for the iOS 6 and has been for almost 24 hrs. Ive tried restoring it but it just goes right back to that loading page and now wont even turn off or restore. Whats wrong and how do I get it back to normal I dont understand, Im connected to internet and everything.

I tried to sync up my iphone 4s full of pictures and videos to my macbook pro and everything now has a .ithmb extension and I can not open anything To make matters worse the originals did not work Can you please help me save my pics and videos

I took too a lot of pictures and videos on vacation.  I tried to sync my iphone 4s with my macbook pro.  The software for my Nikon opened.  I hit sync.  Everything moved over to my Pictures folder, but all the files end in .ithmb

I tried to open them, but nothing works.  To make matters worse. The original pictures are gone from my iphone.  Can someone help me save my pictures and videos please?  All the answers on the web seem to be related to PC and not macbook and I am afraid to try them and damage what is left of my vacation.

I have an iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1 and when I make FaceTime calls it won't work This has never happened before

I FaceTime my friend a lot on my iPhone 4, which has iOS 6.1, and today the call wouldnt work. When I tried to FaceTime my friend, it said connecting when they accepted the call, and then after a few seconds would say call ended. Neither my friend or I ended the call. And on my friends phone, it said that I was not available for FaceTime, even though I was not doing anything with my phone. My Wi-Fi is fine, as it worked on my brothers iPhone 5 on iOS 7.1, and he was in the same network as me. I have tried the trouble shorting page and I didnt help me fix my problem.

Please help!

how do u delete pictures from ur iphone iOS 4 without connecting to itunes

There used to be a delete button but it isnt there any more since i upgraded to iOS 4. How do i delete photos with out connecting to itunes now?
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picture messaging to another cell phone recieving picture messages

can i get some help? i dont know how to recieve a picture message or how to send a picture from my i phone to a contact
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