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starbucks app wont open

starbucks app wont open

iphone unlocked

meseage app wont open

today i got 3 text mesages so i did the common thing and went to go open the app. when i click it starts normal and 2 secs later back to homescreen. all the other apps work.
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iphone unlocked

App Store wont open

Since the first of the year my phone has been unable to open the app store. When I click on the icon it just sits at loading and the icon spins. Ive let it sit there overnight and it doesnt move. Here are some things Ive tried:
-Restarted phone
-Disconnected from wifi connection
-turned off 3g and used edge
-turned off 3g and edge and used wifi
In between each attempt I restarted the phone. I can sync the phone with itunes, buy new apps and sync those, even delete an app through itunes. I called and talked with someone at my local apple store and they said to restore the phone to factory default settings and not restore. Im looking for other suggestions first because this will be the 5th time Ive had to do that in the 10 months Ive owned the phone (Its getting just a little old now). Thanks for any help you can give.
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why wont itunes and app store open after factory reset

why wont itunes and app store open after factory reset ? I have an iphone 4 that wont access itunes or app store for a month, hard reset done anthen a factory reset - still wont access? can i do anything else?

Ipod app wont stay open for more than 2 seconds just loaded IOS 4

Hey so last night i downloaded the new IOS 4 for this thing and i was very happy with it, started making a playlist on the phone etc.
This morning I wake up and when i click the ipod app it opens up only to go back to the home screen within about 2 seconds. Just crashes. I tried using the double click feature just to play some kind of music. It starts to play, but within 2 seconds- crashes.
Please Help.

My slide to open bar on my Iphone 3GS wont slide open it seem as if the middle of my phone has lost its sensitivity Please help

I woke up this morning and i couldnt slide my slide to open button. Finally after like 1500 times i got it open but i have a password on my Phone and I my password has a T in it. I cant use the letters T,F,G,C,V but everything else around it is fine. I see that when I try to slide it open it stops at the middle,its like the whole middle section in my phone has lost its sensitivity. Can someone please help?

ok so just got the iphone have it through verizon my apple id works on my computer obviously i'm here but when i go to the app store it wont let me use it saying could not connect to app store and wont even let me create a new one please help

i didnt have enough room, but when i try and create a new apple id via my iphone, it says seesion times out right after the first step.

Email wont open at all

I updated my phone recently and now my emails wont open at all. it goes to a blank screen with refresh and new button at the bottom then just shuts down to the home screen.  All of my email accounts are set up correctly and were working fine before, heck they worked up until about a week later.

iphone 3g wont open internet

My iphone isnt opening internet, wi-fi is working but it doesnt connect with the safari or browser. I already restore it anda i also restored settings.

One of my printing apps wont show up in Open in

I have a lot of different PDF apps, but the one I like to use the most is one that Prints to my computer even over 3g. The problem is in order for it to show up in the Open In list from my email or wherever else I want to open a doc from, I have to uninstall all my other PDF apps, otherwise it wont show up as an option for Open In. I guess it is limited to only 10 apps in the list. I read somewhere that you can change the list by uninstalling all the apps that show up in Open In, and reinstalling them with the ones that you want to show up in the list first. I tried it, but it didnt work, as soon as I reinstalled all my other PDF apps, the printer app I want doesnt show up in the list. It makes it useless for me, and I dont want to have to permanently uninstall all the other apps I paid for just to use it...

I was updating an iphone 3gs and it just shut of and now it wont open why is that

I was updating an iphone 3gs and it just shut of and now it wont open. Why is that?

invalid security code apps wont open help help help

I have the iphone 3Gs and up until three days ago it never let me down. Now I am so furious and nor apple or at&t have done anything to help me resolve this problem or talk to someone that can fix this error that is none other then APPLES fault. I understand that at&t just provides us with the services but I am truely dissapointed that they couldnt connect me with the right person to help me out. After getting ahold of a local apple store they connected me to a REAL person. However after the two hour struggle they were no such help! They told me I would need to pay $29.99 for customer support,this is the fee for a 30 DAY support plan. Can you say RIP OFF I have been googling the problem and have become even more furious after reading that a lot of people have the same problem and the fix seems impossible. I updated the phone to see if it would fix it but it made it worst. My apps will not open that I have gotten from the itunes store, only ones that are default to the iphone. WHAT DO I DO? THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZZZZZY!

My iPhone camera will not open up When I press on the icon it open and closes quickly When I open it from my home screen it reboots my phone What should I do

My iPhone camera will not open up. When I press on the icon it open and closes quickly. When I open it from my home screen it reboots my phone. What should I do?

TS1702 How do you delete an app when the original way wont allow you I.E the little X does not appear after holding down on the app and it begins to wiggle

Need Help!

iphone drivers wont let itunes open or find my iphone 3GS

my windows 7 dell wont open my iphone 3GS in Itunes. It shows up under my computers divices as Apple Mobile Device USB Driver . I am currently running 3.1.3 on my iphone and have never updated the phone since i first got it in 2009. I have Itunes 10.5 and I was trying to instal the new OS 5 software on it but cant because of this problem

HT4623 my iphone 3g is locked wont open it shows only the usb icon and itunes icon

my 3g iphone locked accidentally how can i restore it? i tried many times still the same keeps locking

Does EVERY app need to remain open

Multitasking can be pretty cool on the iPhone - but is there any way to close an app completely rather then be forced to have EVERY app remain open?
For example, I may check a text message.
I press the home button to exit, but then need to click the home button twice to actually close the app from the multitasking bar.
Why cant I just close the app for good?
Would it be that difficult to have an option where you have the choice to either keep the app open, or terminate it completely?!
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I can't open my bought app

I cant seem to open my apps. I restarted by iPhone 4. By resetting it but now I can seem to open any of the apps I bought.
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I cannot open the messages app to text

I cannot open the messages app. I have reset the iphone, I have tried texting myself from different numbers and have done a complete reset. The app starts to load and then just shuts down. Is there anything else you can suggest for me to try?

pandora shuts off when I open another app

If I start playing music on Pandora on my iPhone 4 and then double click home and select another app, the music automatically shuts off. How can I get Pandora to play music in the background while I use other apps?
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Is there some way to close all app open in just one time

Is there some way to close all app open in just one time?

Unable to open Reminder App

Unable to open the Reminder App.


I have the Reminder app.

I loaded all the birthdays I have to remember.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that the icon has a red circle with a 1 in in it.

I touched the icon and it sorta blinks but does not open.

If I hold it, all the icons start to jiggle and I do NOT want to delete the app after all the time I spent inputing.


I tried the suggestion of holding home and power until black with white apple showed up.

But the app is still not working.

Please help email app doesn't open

Last night when I was playing angry birds my battery ran out and the phone switched itself off. I charged it immediately and restarted my phone and went to sleep. When I woke up this morning I couldnt open my email app. I restarted the phone few times and syncd with itunes but no luck
There is 60 unread emails warning on top right corner of the email icon so obviously the emails are there somewhere but I just cant get email app to open. It opens for 1-2 seconds as a blank white screen (only with send/receive and new email icons on the bottom) but then switches off
I tried to inactivate my email accounts and I also tried adding a new email to see if thatd work but it doesnt.
How can I fix this? I would prefer not to change the phone back to its factory state as I have it set-up just the way I like it and too many things to change/reconfigure etc.
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In the photo app cannot open camera roll

In the photo app cannot open camera roll as it is hidden behind the word Album toolbar at the top. How can I resolve this ?
iphone 4 iOS 4

web-app icons always open a new page

Is there any way to prevent homescreen webapp shortcut icons from always opening a new page in the browser? It sort of defeats the purpose of keeping cool little webapp shortcuts on the home screen if Im constantly closing extra browser pages all the time. Might as well just use bookmarks within safari. I use certain apps several times a day, and end up with a bunch of instances of the same app all open in safari each time I return (counterintuitive). Is there a setting that Im missing, or am I better off using bookmarks?
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iphone won't ring if app is open

Anytime Im in an app or other program (contacts, etc) my phone wont ring. It goes straight to voicemail and I hear the new voicemail sound. I cannot find a setting that allows a call to interrupt the app. How do I get my calls to come through while Im in an app? Thanks!

Can't open App Store links in Safari

The problem is, basically, whenever I (using my iPhone/Safari) try to click a link to the App store; I get:
Cannot Open Page
Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred.
How to solve it?
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Staying connected to AIM while app is NOT open Possible

So I just got my iPhone today after having the touch for awhile. My only complaint with AIM on the two systems is that the application logs you off your screen name the moment you hit the home key and open up safari, or any other application for that matter. Is there any program, or service (preferably free but I would be willing to pay for this feature) that will keep me connected to my AIM (msn wouldnt hurt too but not priority) while I do not have the application open at that time?
Thanks in advance folks.
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I cant open Itunes or the app store on my Iphone 4s

It starts to open then goes black and back to the lock screen.  All my other apps work fine.  Have done a full shut down several times and still nothing has changed.

Starbucks AT&T access

AT&T WiFi access is now available at my Starbucks, and since I have DSL with AT&T it should be free to me on my Touch. Tried it and it rejects my User ID/password, but it works on the MacBook Pro. AT&T says they are sure it works on the iPhone, which doesnt really make sense.
Anyone have an iPhone and AT&T DSL/U-Verse account that can try this at a Starbucks and see if it works for them?
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Music from Starbucks no more

Ive read that in the US you can use your iPhone to dial into the WiFi at Startbucks & hear music then have the opportunity to buy it there as well.
That option would have been good here, BUT, Startbucks today announced that theyre closing 61 of their 85 stores in this country. Are they going belly up in the US as well or just here? It seems a strange move as theres a new coffee shop opening up every 5 minutes these days, I guess the competition was too much.
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