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stop apple ios7.1 update

stop apple ios7.1 update

iphone unlocked

Why can't Apple fix the ios7 update to restore the speed of I phones

Why cant apple repair the iOS 7 update?  It is causing a lot of unhappy customers !!!

iphone unlocked

HT1222 When i am downloading the ios7 update they telling me that there is an error occurs in the updating of ios7 what is this error

Hi, i have an iphone4, while i am downloading the ios7,they tell me that there is an error in downloading the new software, what would be this error

I wanted to update my 3gs to IOS7 but its not there I am using this phone for the last 3 years nd atleast you can release the update for it

I wanted to update my 3gs to IOS7 but its not there. I am using this phone for the last 3 years nd atleast you can release the update for it

When will apple fix hotspot problem on ios7.1

Please hurry you are running out of time.....

My iphone 5 backup battery case not working after the ios7 update and it says it is not certified and may not work reliably with iphone 5 while it worked properly before the update Please fix this issue as soon as possible

My iPhone 5s backup battery case is not working after the iOS 7 update and it states that this case is not certified and may not work reliably with the iPhone but his this same case worked perfectly fine before the iOS 7 update . Could you please fix this problem as soon possible .

will the iphone 3g take the latest ios7 update

I am trying to get iCloud on my iPhone 3G so that I can move my information over from the 3G to the 5S.  How can I do it?

Can I update iPhone 4s to iOS 6 NOT iOS7

I have an iPhone 4s that still runs iOS 5.xx. I would like to upgrade to iOS 6, but NOT to iOS7. Is this possible? Btw, I did noot download iOS6 to my computer, so would need to download and install.

wifi greyed out after update to ios7

After upgrading from a 100% functional iphone 4s from ios 6 to ios 7.


wifi stopped working. after reboot, wifi setting is greyed out. bluetooth button is shown as busy circle...


done: network reset, backup restore, dfu mode with fresh ios7 file....


turning wlan on in new config bar is available, but does not turn on wifi....


apple diagnostic tool said that I have a charging problem, but everything is fine with charging batteries.


I can not believe that there a so many coincidences with hardwareproblems?

I lost my galaxy and got a brand new iphone 4s 3 months ago Wifi is greyed out after ios7 I called Apple whom denies responsibility because it's a hardware problem Why is Apple refusing to understand that a software problem caused a hardware prob

Has anyone with wifi problems tried downgrading back to ios 6? If so, did it fix the wifi problem?

iPhone 5 Speaker not working after iOS7 update

After updating to iOS7, the speakers stopped working. i tried almost everything with no success.

I can only hear incoming calls or any sound if i have the earphones on.

Is Apple looking at this? can someone from Apple advise what to do?

iPhone 4 barely works after ios7 update

I recently updated to ios7 and boy do i regret it. I now am unable to speak or be spoken to, load videos, or hear any sound whatsoever. The mute button is constantly toggled in calls and is unable to be deselected. The record button in voice memos is greyed out. Videos of any sort just will not load. No ring tones, no keyboard clicks, nothing but vibrations. Right now my phone is just a texting and facebook machine. I went to the apple store today and they did the third full restore and finally I could use calls again. Then randomly...say...4 hours later I try to make a call and the problem is right back to how it was. Im really quite fed up with Apple right now. I know that if I go in for a genius bar appointment theyre going to claim my iPhone (which has been kept in a water resistant case and never goes near water as it is only maybe 4 months old) has gotten wet and I will have to pay to get it replaced. Just like the last few times Ive gone through this. What the **** apple? I would hope there would be more testing involved before releasing such a buggy and vicious OS...


After the IOS7 update, contacts now have a new feature at the bottom of a contact card to BLOCK.  Now, how do I unblock that same contact?

Video within app is displayed black after update to iOS7

We have a customer in Germany that can no longer see video in our app after updating to i0S7. Audio plays fine, but the screen is black. I installed the app on my iOS7 iPhone here in the states, and it works fine.


Weve tried a couple things with no success:


Uninstall/Re-install both from the phone and iTunes.Restrictions are set to Off


He has the same problem with his iPad2. Any suggestions?

iTunes Store isn't working after iOS7 update

dear community,


since i updated my iphone5 to iOS7 a couple of hours ago

ive noticed a strange thing/issue..

while my app store is working as usual, my itunes store isnt showing up anything than a white/blank screen!

no selections possible and it seems as nothing is going to change that!

updated my phone with and without a following backup, was changing my apple id password aaand refreshing the

phone for a couple of times!!

is anyone out there having the same problem? maybe a solution already?


kind regards,



looks like that --

HT4623 How to update IOS6 on a Iphone 4 when i updated it to IOS7

I want to update IOS6 on my Iphone 4 because IOS7 makes it slow. Any suggestions to get IOS6 again?

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but the problem evertime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have already new apple id

I change my apple id because i forget my password to my previous apple id but everytime i update my app store my previous apple id still existing even i have new apple id already

iPhone 3GS icons turn white after App update for iOS7 UI

I recently updated a few Apps on my iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.1.1 that had upgrades for iOS 7 UI.


But after installing them, their icon turned white.


Someone said to re-install the app but I dont want to do that as I will loose data from the apps.


Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

When will apple stop selling the 3GS

When are apple set to stop selling the 3GS as Ive got one with apple care and am wondering what will happen if it goes wrong before the apple care runs out.

How do you stop unwanted Apple Store updates

I have just noticed an apples store update waiting for me on my iPhone on closer inspection I noticed it was a sky mobile update, which is free but for 3 months only .. I do not want this update so how can I remove it as a pending update?
and more importantly how can I control which updates I want to take in or just ignore i.e remove the pending file from my iphone
Many thanks
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Apple discarded iphone 3g by stop upgrading

, I was a great apple product fan. But the way Apple stop the compaitibilty of iphone 3G and all other older iphone firmware support, this clearly means you discard your old phone and buy the iphone 5.

Whatsapp is not working, facebook is not working becasue of compatibility issue

This is a wrong marketing and an unfair practice. What will happen when apple launch iphone 6 and discard iphone 5, then users have to buy another phone, with in few months.

Now a days people are enjoying iphone 5 , but what will happen after apple will discard this phone also, as the practice shows Apple will do that. Even with new phone the charger is different, which you cannot use on any iphone , this is a wrong practice, and like me people will leave apple, I still like apple products, but not its policy , and will not submit myself to its unfair policies.... I feel like moving to some other product ... I wish Apple will do something to it

Why does apple stop giving updates To phones like iphone 4

Why does apple stop giving updates? To phones like iphone 4?

Should I stop update apps because I'm on OS 3.1.3

I searched for an answer to this, but just cant quite find it:
I have an original iPhone running 3.1.3. As of this moment, the App Store tells me there are 56 apps that have updates. All of those updates seem to have been created to make the app compatible with OS 4.0. So am I correct in assuming that I should NOT update my apps because I dont have OS4.0? Or are most apps written to be downward-compatible as well?
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Nach dem Update auf ios7 gibt es kein WLAN und Bluetooth mehr.wer kann helfen

Wer kann mir Tipps geben ,damit dieser Makel  beseitigt wird.Das iPhone 4s ist knapp 2jahre alt.

Did Bluetooth stop working after the update

I cant get Bluetooth to work on my iPhone 3GS - 4.0 (8A293)
I can get my MabBok Pro to link to other phones - BlackBeery - Old Treo
but I cant link to my iPhone...
Is everyone having this problem ?
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2.1 caused official Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset to stop working

After going through a thousand issues just trying to get the 2.1 update finally installed and having the phone need a complete restore because iTunes somehow screwed it up, my official Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset doesnt connect anymore. The charging icon appears and it shows the battery life, but when not plugged into the phone, the icon disappears, and does not reappear no matter what I do. Thus, I cant use it at all. I desperately need a fix for this problem soon. Does anyone else have a similar issue or any information whatsoever which could help me?



After 3.0 update ALL 3rd party apps stop working

After taking an ungodly 10 hours to back-up my phone last night, the 3.0 install makes all my apps crash immediately upon opening them. I tried everything I could short of a restore to fix it and nothing has worked. Worst of all, only about 5 of my apps are showing up in my itunes account, which leads me to believe if I do attempt a restore, Ill lose most of my apps (I had 7 pages of them). I havent seen anyone else out there asking about this problem. Is it common and is there a fix out there? Please help.

TS2755 My husband and I have separate Apple Ids and yet as of today he can access all of my text messages How do we stop this

My husband and I have separate Apple Ids and yet as of today he can access all of my text messages.  How do we stop this?

I changed my Apple ID online and in my iphone but when I go to the app store and try to install apps it asks for the password to my old ID How do I get this to stop

Just like the description above. Changed my Apple ID online and in the phone, but when I go to the App Store it asks for the password to the old ID. Then when I put the password in it says that its incorrect.

TS3694 my iphone 4 does the restore in itunes but then the phone as its booting up and the apple symbol with the status bar is going under it will then stop and the the screen will fade out please help

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