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tfw facetime

tfw facetime

iphone unlocked

HT4528 does facetime work when in Italy with users in the US are there charges for using facetime internationally

does facetime work when in Italy with users in the US, are there charges for using facetime internationally

iphone unlocked

Verizon iPhone FaceTime AT&T FaceTime minutes

If I first initiate a call from my Verizon iPhone to a friend who has an AT&T iPhone, and then initiate FaceTime during the call, does it consume my daytime minutes?
If I just choose their name in my contact list, and then tap FaceTime, it should ONLY use data over WiFi, correct? Does this also use daytime minutes if Im on Verizon and theyre on AT&T?
I would imagine that it wouldnt use daytime minutes if I just FaceTime rather than call the person first.
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Ever time I make a call on my iPhone 4 my FaceTime icon has a question mark in the middle of it I can not figure out how to make it go away Nor can I make a FaceTime call

Ever time I make a call on my iPhone 4 my FaceTime icon has a question mark in the middle of it. I can not figure out how to make it go away. Nor can I make a FaceTime call. Do I need to install a FaceTime App on my phone?

Facetime with a contact; remove Facetime without removing contact

Somehow, I got a Facetime contact with a regular contact. How do I remove Facetime version without removing the contact?
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Where is my FaceTime

Got a new iPhone 4. Cannot find FaceTime or even its icon. However, clicking on Adjustments Phone there is the FaceTime slider. Any sugestion is welcome, with my thanks.

Will FaceTime be available on 3G

I want to know if apple is working on an update so you can use FaceTime on 3G soon..the wifi only is a problem for alot of iPhone4 users including myself and as most know you can run apps to enable the FaceTime on 3G for example tango app... So why is it so hard for apple to update the software so we can use it without the 3rd party apps... Not to mention that other carriers are offering this feature on all bands as well ie sprint and t mobile . So does anyone know if apple us working on this issue ?
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I downloaded FaceTime on my Mac and it works fine going from my Mac to any iPhone4, its great. How do I place a FaceTime call from my iPhone 4 back to my Mac, every time I try using the email address in my contact list it just sets up a new email and will not place the FaceTime call, whats up.
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when i try connect to facetime on my ipod touch 4g it says FaceTime Activation
Could not sign in. please check your network connection and try again i can connect to safari fine, also i have other problems like mobile me wont register my device.
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How do I get FaceTime

I bought my iPhone 4 abroad and it didnt have FaceTime installed. Ive looked in the app store, but its not there. What can I do?


Just got my iPhone4 today. A friend and I are both connected on iPhones via wifi at our respective homes. When I select his contact, I dont even have an icon for FaceTime. He shows one on his side, but it doesnt come through to me when he selects it. What am I missing?
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facetime gone

am on second iphone 4 now, the face-time function seems to have disappeared from the phone,have restored ,updated carrier settings etc. also when phone is used the screen becomes active either the speaker or mute functions are activated is this a problem with os4 or the phone itself O2 dont seem to know im not holding phone any different to previous versions any help would be great
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Could somebody please tell me how to get FaceTime to work. I got my new iPhone 4 yesterday (after a mere 2 hours waiting on line to pick up my pre-ordered phone) and I havent been able to figure out how to use it. According to the FaceTime info on Apples website, you simply go to your contact information on the phone and hit the facetime button. But no such button exists on my phone (at least as far as I can tell.) My wife also has a new iPhone and I cant locate it on her phone either. I tried calling her and then looking for the button then too, but no luck. What an I doing wrong?
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How I can have FaceTime on my phone


I may be stupid, but having just received my IPhone4, I cant find the FaceTime button. Ive looked in the options when making and in the middle of a call. Nothing.
Any help please.
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Why can't I use facetime on 3G

Hello guys,
U know, facetime is really amzaing...
But only wifi....
Why cant I use that on 3G ?
Anybody knows that ?
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Can FaceTime work when you dont have network coverage, and only have connectivity to Internet via wifi?
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Facetime is not appear

I send the sms to activate facetime but say waitting to actovate and icon of facetime is not appear.Please help me!

Facetime over AT&T 3G

I just did a Facetime video chat via AT&T 3G and it worked very nicely. The network is definitely not too slow for it and 3G has definitely enough bandwidth to support it.
How I did it? I turned my Nokia N97 into a mobile hotspot using JoikuSpot software.
What do you guys think? When will this be turned on to go over 3G officially?
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Can't FaceTime myself

I have a problem connecting to myself from my iPhone to my Mac Book Pro. I installed FaceTime app on my mac and sign in using my me.com account. Then I created an entry in my address book (which is synced with iphone over MobileMe) with my name and email address. But when I select myself from the address book on my iphone, it doesnt give me FaceTime option. Im doing something wrong here... Any idea?
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Im wondering if anyone has actually used facetime yet? i dont know anyone else with an iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4 so I havent been able to test it out! so if anyone want to do the same your welcome to try it out with me jamesfenian<at>talk21<dot>com
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Ok, the main thing I hate about the 4 is the factime. My cheek hits it and somehow turns it on, turn the speaker phone. It is annoying. Is thee a way to disable facetime? I dont know anyone else with a 4 to talk to anyway.
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Facetime not available

Me and my sister both have an iPhone 4.
I tried calling her via Facetime by pressing the Facetime button beneath her Contact details.
Nothing happened and she did not hear anything.
She says that in her Contacts under my name there is no Facetime button.
We were both connected to Wi-fi.
What are we doing wrong?
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Hey Guys & Gals,
Ok I know that if I Jailbreak my IP4 then I can have Facetime over 3G but I do not want to Jailbreak it, does anyone have any idea when APPLE will allow FT over 3G....
Comeon its got to be a no-brainer for the cellular networks.....

Where do I go to FaceTime

I got my iPhone 4 & it is GORGEOUS.
One stupid question: How would I initiate a FaceTime chat with a friend? Where do I go?
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FaceTime Problem

Maybe someone here can help me.
My son and I both got new iPhone 4s last week and we can FaceTime with other iPhones but not with ourselves (!!! ?) This was apparent right from the start, we tried it in the AT&T store when we picked them up, and we could each FaceTime with AT&T employees but not each other! We had several employees look at it and they were clueless. The AT&T manager was dumbfounded too, and suggested we call Apple. I called but I guess they are closed over the holiday; any one have any ideas on this?
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FaceTime iChatr on 3G D

Im not sure if anyone else stumbled on this, but Ive been able to replicate this on more than a couple occasions.
FaceTime as well as the iChatr application require you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network when initiating the call or app. However, Ive found a way to get around this and use the 3G connection (sort of).
For iChatr app:
You first need to start off with a Wi-Fi connection, open the app and let it run like normal. Then, begin moving away from the WiFi connection and leave the area where you are not able to get any signal. But, dont exit the app, leave it running, then come back into your Wi-Fi area (either yours or another open one) and it will continue the next chat session. Leave the Wi-Fi area once again but this time leave far enough away from the Wi-Fi network(s) that it loses connection from it yet again. Your iPhone will now convert back to the 3G connection AND continue to use it for iChatr!
and yes, this works for FaceTime too!
Start off with a Wi-Fi connection and CALL the iPhone 4 friend, (do not press the FaceTime button in the contacts details, you have to actually call the person & press the phone number) After he/she picks up and you see the FaceTime button light up, go ahead and press it to connect. After you see him/her start moving away from the Wi-Fi network to the point where you begin to lose signal. Then, quickly come back into the Wi-Fi area to keep the connection alive. Continue talking/watching and then do this again, this time you do not come back into the Wi-Fi network. Keep leaving the network area until you know your on 3G. The FaceTime call will continue!
(This is a bit harder than the iChatr app trick because FaceTime is prone to simply drop the FaceTime connection altogether unlike iChatr continually checking for a connection)
Just to confirm, I know I am not on a neighbors Wi-Fi network or anything of the sort because I have used this method a few times for long distances, (driving from home to work 30miles through streets and freeways) while staying connected the whole time.
Thought Id share this, it seemed interesting to me at least.
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Help setting up FaceTime please

Hi all, Just got my new iPhone 4. It is a cool machine, indeed! I havent had any reception issues except for the normal AT&T stuff but I am having a serious issue. I cant get the Facetime button to show up. I went into Settings>Phone and turned the Facetime slider to the ON position. I went back to a contact and still no Facetime button. The only buttons I see are Text Message, Share Contact, and Add to Favorites.
I read somewhere that if you backup from your old 3G iPhone that this can cause the problem. So I took the following steps:
1. Made sure Facetime was turned on in the Phone settings (it was off and I turned it on). It still didnt work
2. Reset the phone from the phones settings (Settings>General>Reset). It still didnt work.
I read that a restore (plugging the phone into the computer and doing a Restore from iTunes) might work but I want to avoid this if possible.
Any solutions out there?
Thank you so much!
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No FaceTime icon anywhere

Synced the phone to itunes and restroed to 3GS backup. There is no FaceTime icon in Contacts or anywhere in a voicecall, and yes Im connected to WiFi.
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Facetime questions

So, I set up Facetime on my iPhone 4, hoping to try it out. I know I can call Apples 1-800 number to test it, but Id like to use it with friends. So, does my iPhone broadcast to my contacts that Im available? Or can I see if someone is available? Or do you have to call, text, email, or jump up and down to tell them to start a session?
My contact list is bereft of information as to whether someone is around or not. And I must have 2000 people on it (most business contacts, but even many of them now have the iPhone 4). I wish it just jumped out and told me who was Facetime available. Yes, I know how to provide feedback to Apple, but if Im missing a setup icon somewhere.
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Using Bluetooth with Facetime

Is it possible to use my bluetooth headset during a Facetime chat?
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