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the flashlight app on iphone is stuck on

the flashlight app on iphone is stuck on

iphone unlocked

Best Flashlight App

Anyone have an opinion on the best flashlight app?
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iphone unlocked

why does my iphone flashlight turn on when i receive a call

Everytime I get a call or an SMS my LED light turns on and starts going crazy. Why is that and how can I turn it off?

The flashlight turns on by itself even if the phone is not being used HELP

My phones flash light keeps turning on by itself. i can only turn it off temporarely by pressing on the upper sides of my phone. has anyone suffered from this problem? can anyone give me another solution?

The flashlight turns on by itself even if the phone is not being used

My phones flash light keeps turning on by itself. i can only turn it off temporarely by pressing on the upper sides of my phone. has anyone suffered from this problem? what could be a solution?

dear sir i have a problem with my iphone the camera flashlight not work what i do

dear sir ,

i have a problem with my iphone , the camera flashlight not work what i do

I Need your help please

I'm stuck in an app description in the app store - no back button

Hey folks,I clicked on the National Underground Railroad Freedom Centers app from the Featured page over a week ago and every time I click on the featured button now, it takes me directly to the app description.Ive tried logging out and back in as well as turning off my phone but nothing seems to fix it. Theres simply no back button - no way of getting back to the main featured page.If someone could help me out Id really appreciate it - this is starting to drive me nuts.Thanks, GB

HT5622 I just got my iphone I pushed the app button and it's stuck on the regulations I can't do anything to bring the app page up I set up my apple id but it just stays on that page

Just got my iphone.  It wont let me get off the regulations page.  I thought I remembered that I pushed I agree.  It seems to be stuck on there.

My APP Store is stuck on USA site How do I put it back into Australia site so I can make APP purchases

My App Sore is stuck on the USA site for some reason and I cannot find a way to get it back to the Australian site. The icon on my phone goes automatically to USA help !!

iTunes on iPhone stuck on App Store

Ive got an original iPhone and never had any trouble except this one little annoying thing: if I select iTunes on the iPhone, it seems to change screens and shows me the App Store instead. I cant seem to get back to actual iTunes on the phone. Ive got both iTunes and App Store icons and end up on same App Store every time I click iTunes. For just a moment Ill see Featured Top Ten Search and Downloads and then the screen appears to close and reopen to App Store. Couldnt seem to find this actual problem on the discussion boards, so am I the only one experiencing it?
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App Stuck Loading

iphone 3G and was trying to install street fighter but the download/install process seems to be stuck on loading. It has been like this for over 5 hours. My question is, how do i start over when an app is stuck either downloading or installing? Cant delete from phone and cant delete from itunes. What to do?
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App is stuck on waiting



     I recently tried to update the instagram app as well as a few others. Every other app successfully updated except for instagram which has been stuck on waiting. Ive tried everything but the app is still says waiting..

Any suggestions?

iPhone 5 music app won't play Stuck in infinite shuffle

I recently received my iPhone 5 and everything went smoothly setting it up from backup. However, the music.app opens but is continuously shuffling. Music wont play. It will just cycle through songs without playing anything. My question is am I going to have to restore it or am I going to have to wait on an update? And yes I have already done a hard reset. Thanks!

App updates stuck loading - 12 hours now

Is there a solution to this? Usually they load and install in less than a minute, but now they are taking close to days. Restarting the phone made no difference other than requiring me to sign in to iTunes again. Unfortunatly while the apps are stuck like this they arent functional. iPhone 3G, 2.2.
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Found New Bug - App Installl stuck

I currently have the senario where I have tried to install an App from the App Store and it has put the Icon on the iPhone with the Loading... But nothing happens after that, no download/install kicks off.
Last night I downloaded a large video clip, and it was not done when I got up, via iTunes in iPhone (podcast), so I have paused it so, I can resume when I get home via wifi.
Now what I think it happening is because I have paused the podcast download in iTunes (iphone), the App I have selected to be installed is waiting in the queue for the podcast to be done first. Although its not obvious. BUG!, or as designed.
Can someone else try this and see if they get the same and post a reply.
ie, download a podcast, pause the download, then install a app, see if it just sits there.
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Podcast downloads stuck in iTunes app help

I have two podcast downloads that are stuck in my iPhone iTunes app. Theyre already downloaded on my iPhone and are constantly trying to download, so Im getting a message saying theyre over 10mb and need a wifi connection to download. Its annoying me to no end, and I need to know how to get them out of there.
Can anyone help?
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Updating Instagram app and it's been stuck saying Waiting

I tried to update my Instagram app and its been stuck saying Waiting for several days now. Ive tried powering on and off the phone, I cant delete the app on the phone or when its plugged into iTunes on my macbook. So I cant update or delete the app, I can still update all of my other apps so this one is just stuck! Any advice?

App Store stuck on Lightsaber update

On my iPhone 3G v2.1, I installed Lightsaber for the first time yesterday. It worked fine.
Later I noticed a red-circle 1 on the App store icon on the iPhone 3G home page.
When pushing the App Store icon, it goes to a screen titled Updates, and shows Lightsaber Unleashed Version 2.0 9/24/08, and Loading with the spinning circle. It never stops spinning or saying Loading. I cannot access anything in the App Store because it always goes to this never-ending screen.
I tried WiFi, 2G, 3G networks, same thing.
I deleted Lightsaber from my iPhone. I unchecked the application from iTunes so it would not sync. I still go to the same update screen whenever I enter the App Store on my iPhone.
Any tips to help me escape this? Thank you.
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My iPhone 4S hangs gets stuck or unresponsive when deleting photos from the camera roll or use Messages app

I am now on my third replacement phone from Apple because of this issue.  My iPhone 4S frequently hangs (gets stuck), without response, when I click on the trash icon to delete a photo, for about 20-30 seconds before becoming responsive again. I notice that this problem of freezing happens also when I use my Messages app for texts. There is no crash that occurs because the app responds after hanging for some time, therefore does not create a crash report to be sent to Apple.  I never had this problem on my iPhone 4, and truly regret upgrading to the new device. I bought this phone for the faster processor, however I ended up with a device that is much slower and unresponsive. At the instruction of the multiple geniuses at the Apple store, Ive restored the phone numerous times and set it up as a new device to no avail, and have lost app data every time.  Ive had three different phones now, and the genius cannot resolve my issue. theyve even done whats called a DFU mode restore to restore the device firmware, yet no fix.  Is anyone having similar issues? Im starting to think its a software issue, although the apple store kept replacing my phone with a remanufactured phone even though I was within the 30 day return period. When I asked to get a new phone from the box, they told me it couldnt be done since I had my device replaced with a repair model already. 

Apple Store App Stuck in Error Loop

I recently changed the email address for my Apple ID and now the Apple Store app is stuck in an infinite loop of errors saying, Sorry, we couldnt find the logged in customer.



Photo.app crashes Can not delete or sync photos Stuck

On my iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.1:
Photo.app crashes whenever i try to delete certain photos from my camera roll. It freezes and I have to exit the app with the front botton. I have the crash logs on my computer.
The iPhone appears in iTunes, however photos do not sync.
The iPhone does NOT appear in Image Capture, iPhoto, or other photo importing programs.
Now I am really stuck - ! I have no way to delete the (presumably corrupted) photos from my iPhone!
If I Erase all content and settings from the iPhone, it once again appears (empty) in Image Capture. However, if I then restore the iPhone from a backup, the photo roll is restored and it has the same problem. If I do not restore the iPhone, I lose all my apps, contact info, etc.
I am an Apple developer (MacOS, iOS) so I have expert skills tackling problems like this, but now Im stumped!
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mail app stuck on an open email - can't get it to go back to mail account

My mail (using microsoft exchange) is stuck on an open email, and the buttons for back etc have dissapeared. I am recieving new mail, as on the home screen it shows mail coming in however when i select the mail icon it just goes straight to the stuck email. Ive tried syncing, and turning it off and on. Any ideas?
3gs 32g

HT4623 i have iPhone 3g and i was reset it all content and setting after this i was stuck in apple logo my phone cant start then i update it by i tunes and now it was stuck at recovery mode and i restor many time nut it not started pls help me

i have i phone 3g and i was reset it all content and setting.. after this i was stuck in apple logo... my phone cant start. then i update it by i tunes and now it was stuck at recovery mode... and i restor many time nut it not started .. pls help me...

TS3281 my 3gs iphone is stuck - I cannot slide to unlock when I restart it gets stuck on the enter passcode screen and is still frozen I cannot enter my password I have precious photos on the camera roll I'm desperate to retrieve Help

my 3gs iphone is stuck - I cannot slide to unlock. when I restart it gets stuck on the enter passcode screen and is still frozen, I cannot enter my password. I have precious photos on the camera roll Im desperate to retrieve. Help!

The whole headphone jack is stuck in my iPhone 4 it just snapped off when I puller it out how do i get it out seem as the whole jack is stuck in there

The whole of my headphone jack snapped off and when I mean the whole thing I literally mean the whole jack how do I get it out as I dont really want to pay hinder of pounds to get it fixed , thanks a lot

something is stuck in stuck in my headphone jack

a headphone piece is stuck inside my headphone jack on my iphone 3g..what should i do?

Help Why cant i access my app store app ipod app safari app or email Crashes immediately upon opening these 4 apps

Started happening 2 days ago.I dropped my original iphone 4 about 3 weeks ago and the screen cracked,but i was still able to use the phone with no problems.Then about 2 days ago,these apps wouldnt open anymore I was having trouble with my facebook app freezing up too,so i deleted it and was going to go to the app store app and redownload it again,but now i cant even get in the app.


So today i went to the apple store and they gave me a new phone(refurbished,im sure) but its still doing it on this new phone What the heck is happening here?Is this a software issue? It cant be a hardware issue,as its happening on both phones.I even deleted and reinstalled itunes to see if that might do something.


I dont want to have to drive back to the apple store for a meeting with the genius bar people.The store is 45 minutes away.Any help asap will be greatly appreciated                                        






Is developing app for App Store easy cos I don't have any knowledge in it but want to learn and develop an app What to do

Is developing app for App Store easy cos I dont have any knowledge in it but want to learn and develop an app . What to do?

Accidentally deleted app Recovering an App no longer in the App Store

So last week, I downloaded the Camera+ application from the App Store. I absolutely loved it. But then the next day I was rearranging apps in to folders and whatever and I accidentally deleted it, like a total moron. And I know you can redownload an app without being charged, but the only problem is, is that Camera+ is no longer available in the App Store.
Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to back up my phone when I purchased the app, so its not on my computer. And that option is down the drain.
I also reported a problem on iTunes and someone got back to me saying to just redownload the app, so that didnt help me at all.
What I was wondering was if there was a way to recover a deleted app on the iPhone? Like somehow go search the files in the phone, and try and retrieve it.
Or my other theory was that if someone else out there had a legit copy of Camera+, they could try and send it to me. I know its a long shot, but I was thinking that if I got the legit .ipa from someone who purchased the appllication, I can load it into iTunes, and since I DID purchase it, I would be able to use it. It might work, it might now. I really want to try it out though.
I really want the Camera+ app back. I loved it, and I cant believe that I deleted it. So if anyone could help me out with any kind of information, Id greatly appreciate it.
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What is the license for an App Store App In-App Purchase Re-downloads

Hello All!
I purchased an iPhone 3G when they initially came out. My wife bought one (and uses my iTunes account on it exclusively) about six months later. I couldnt find and understand what the licensing agreement was about installing the same app on multiple devices. I wanted to be legal and do it right, but I knew I could download the same app on both phones (with a single purchase) since they both use the same iTunes account.
I asked the iTunes store support via e-mail for a clarification of the policy since I couldnt find or understand the legal version of application licensing through the iTunes store on the Apple website. I got the run-around and no simple yes or no answer after several back and forth replies. So, I posted a message here and received a number of replies telling me that it was legal (not just possible, but LEGAL according to the EULA and the iTunes Stores licensing agreement -- which does vary considerably with each type of product sold). I proceeded accordingly since then based on that information, since I couldnt get a simple yes or no answer from iTunes Support about the really simple question I asked them. I was just attacked about my total ignorance on a different website by a user when I questioned the change in In-App purchase policies. I know Apple has seen a spike in these purchases, but its been driven (quite literally) by the GPS app subscriptions, not true in-app product purchases.
Up until now, Ive avoided in-app purchaes because I just didnt like the fact that if it was lost due to some failure in hardware (or backups not working correctly, as that was a real problem with the iTunes software for some time for me), I had no ability to re-download it again, like the app itself. Now, with the policy change allowing for developers to avoid having to make a Lite version and make buying the full version an in-app purchase, this will make it unavoidable for certain applications if I want the full version.
So, Ive got several questions, and would appreciate an Apple employee response, in addition to others who really know (and arent just doing what is possible). Is it legal for a purchased app to be installed on multiple devices concurrently? If that is legal, can an in-app purchase be installed on multiple devices concurrently (and is possible to make this download without additional charges)? And finally, can in-app purchaes be downloaded again if there is a hardware failure (and no valid backup to restore from) or do I have to buy it all over? If that last question has an answer of no, its going to help me determine who I buy from.
Im not a fan of these in-app purchases since they werent re-downloadable when problems occurred (as least thats what I was told), so as I said, Ive avoided them. Obviously, Im going to have to change that policy, but I want to know that my purchases will be safe. I like seeing the app on my computers hard drive as a real file (and in iTunes as a listed application).
Id appreciate someone clearing this up for me as I took the first time I asked as a basis for my decisions since then and now Im being told that was all wrong. I wish there was a simple link, in non-legal terminology, that would explain the licensing rights for each type of product being sold in the iTunes store on the Apple website itself. If there is such a place, iTunes Support should have told me about that when I contacted them in the first place when my wife first got her phone (but instead, I had to get answers here because it seemed like Apples support is just automated computers guessing at appropriate responses to questions). It was such a simple question and I couldnt get an answer, even after 2 or 3 back and forth replies. It was rediculous!
Would someone please clear this up for me?
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I recently tried to re-install my Facebook app And when it did it said that I needed to check my billing information My billing information was all right And it won't let me download any app it update an app on my iphone What's the problem He

I would just like some help on this cause this has happened for two days now and I want to know how to fix it. So whoever can help that would be great. Thanks so much!

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