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the itunes store isnt working on my iphone.

the itunes store isnt working on my iphone.

iphone unlocked

I tried to update my phone to ios 6.x and when i updated my screen tells me to connect to itunes to allow my phone to open ive connected it to itunes but it still isnt working

When i updated my phones iOS to 6.1.1 i got screen when i looked at my phone after the update finished and its teling me to connect to itunes.

Even when i connect to itunes its still showing the screen. i use my phone for everything can someone please help me fix my problem.


The connect to itunes is the picture that takes up my screen with the USB cord below the itunes symbol.


Please help.

Thank you for your help.

iphone unlocked

iphone backlight isnt working

my iphone backlight will not work how do I fix this

My camera isnt working

I have a iPhone 4, out of nowhere it stopped working. When I open the app its just black and doesnt show previous photos on the bottom left. I have already tried clicking the home button and clearing it from opened apps and I have restarted my phone multiple times by holding the home and lock button, but nothing seems to work Is there anything I can do myself or do I go to a apple store to get it fixed?

my head phone jack isnt working on my iphone 4

why is it not working :

Home Button on 3G isnt working properly

the button works when you reset it and also if you simply want to exit from an app. It will not however let you completely exit out of an application by holding the home button down for a few seconds. I hold it down and nothing will happen even after I let go after 15 seconds for example I can use the app like normal. does anyone have any idea why this is the case?
This is actually a phone I just replaced as a result of my previous Iphone malfunctioning. Got this with the applecare program.
Dell Windows XP Iphone White 16GB 3G Nano 4GB

OMG i just dropped my iPhone 3GS and now the home button isnt working i need help

i dropped my iPhone 3GS whilst playing out and now the home button doesnt work, i even had the protective case on, please can someone suggest what to do, i am 12 years old and cant afford to pay the £150 to repair it :( i really need my phone and i need to repair it

my iphone 3 hasnt been coming up in my itunes so updated my software on both phone and itunes and i dont have a device button on the left side in my itunes why isnt it there and why iphone not showing up for a sync

My Iphone 3 g hasnt been coming up in my itunes so i updated all software and isnt is. and i dont have a device button on left hand side in itunes where did it go ? why wont my phone come up or sync with itunes ?

My iphone 4's lock button stopped working and my warrinty isnt up yet but my phone is cracked will apple still be able to replace it

the whole back side of my phone is cracked but i dont know how  i never drop my phone and i always have a case on it. but now i cant use my lock button and i really dont like assistive touch. will apple be able to replace my phone even if the back side of the phone is cracked?

iTunes Store isn't working after iOS7 update

dear community,


since i updated my iphone5 to iOS7 a couple of hours ago

ive noticed a strange thing/issue..

while my app store is working as usual, my itunes store isnt showing up anything than a white/blank screen!

no selections possible and it seems as nothing is going to change that!

updated my phone with and without a following backup, was changing my apple id password aaand refreshing the

phone for a couple of times!!

is anyone out there having the same problem? maybe a solution already?


kind regards,



looks like that --

Safari Youtube iTunes App Store All Not Working

I have an iPhone 3GS and today all of the software that required the use of the internet just stopped working.
Safari, YouTube, iTunes, and the AppStore all do not work. I click on one of these four icons, it pops up for about five seconds, then it goes right back to the home screen.
I tried shutting off my phone. Didnt work.
I tried reconnecting it to iTunes itself. Didnt work.
I reset my network connections. Didnt work.
I erased my History, Cache, and Cookies. All that did was make it so that when I click on Safari, my Bookmarks come up. The internet still doesnt work.
A friend of mine has a theory that these apps arent working because of the snow/rain/ice storm Im currently in the middle of and that once it blows over, my internet should work again.
My WiFi and 3G work.
Id like to avoid resetting my phone to its orginal settings if thats possible.
My most recent update is the 4.2.1 update.
To any and all who can help or offer some suggestions, thank you very much.
iPhone OS 3.1

iTunes Wi-Fi App Store & Yahoo Mail not working over home Wi-Fi

I am unable to use iTunes WiFi, App Store and Yahoo Mail from my iPhone when connected to my home WiFi. Safari works just fine. Yahoo Mail works fine when connected to 3G or Edge.
Is there a port I need to open on my router/modem? I have an Actiontec from Qwest.
Any help would be appreciated.
iMac Mac OS X (10.5.4)

TS3281 iTunes says my iPhone's SIM card isnt supported but can receive calls and texts


I have restored a 1st generation iPhone, but I keep getting a message from iTunes that the SIM card in the phone is not supported, and can only access the phone to nake emergency calls.  Curiously enough the phone was unlocked before restoring it and I get signal from my carrier (Tmobile) and can receive both texts and calls!

HT4623 Anyone having trouble with App Store install and cloud store buttons not working after 6.1 update

Anyone having trouble with App Store install and cloud store buttons not working after 6.1 update? I go to install an app. I hit install and nothing happens. About a minute later it asks me for my password and then it does nothing. The install button goes back to saying install. However the app shows up in my installed list and in cloud but no app installed.

iphone- App store- check update -iTunes store is unavaiable Please try

I am getting message iTunes store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later when I try to check if update to any app is available.
However I can install a new app and also go to iTunes on iphone.
Also, all apps (other than original) are crashing. I have restarted phone, and installed a new app bu tdid not help.
Any thoughts?
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SOLVED App store in iPhone 3g showing Cannot connect to iTunes store

Just something I experience and thought of sharing.
When I was on 3G; the App Store app would give me the error message.
I switched to WiFi, then tried again, and it worked.
When I switched back to 3G, its working now. Yaay.
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App store on iPhone Cannot connect to iTunes Store

Hi everytime I start App store on iPhone, it work well for first 5 mins but then it displays the above message. What should I do. I really like using App store in the iPhone but this is bugging me. Please give suggestions as to how to resolve this problem.
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TS1368 how can connet apps store itunes store icloud & other services

how can setup app store, itunes store, icloud, and other services, help me

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store App Store Updates after moving to new Mac

I just moved to a new MacBook Pro, uploaded all my Apps from my iPhone to the new computer (after Authorizing it through iTunes), and now the Updates function does not work on either iTunes or the iPhone. I have no trouble connecting to the App Store from any of the other tabs on the phone -- Featured, Categories, Top 25, and Search -- but Updates just says Loading... for a while, and then I get a window that says Cannot Connect to iTunes Store. I trying resetting the iPhone, and resetting the network settings on the phone, but it still cant connect for Updates.
In iTunes on the new computer, I have it set to sync selected apps with my iPhone. When I first applied that, it warned me that all my Apps would be overwritten, since I had been synching with a different computer before. I expected that, and thought everything would be ok after the first Sync.
What else should I try?
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Apple standard apps like YouTube App Store and iTunes Store won't work

They wont rotate to landscape on my iPhone 4. Naturally I thought that Apple standard apps like these would just support such things like rotating to landscape, just like they do on the iPad. Is this normal, or...?
MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone 3gs Mac OS X (10.6.4) Its very cool

HT4623 Hey you guys can you suggest me as my App Store is getting opened an error says can't connect to iTunes Store

Hey you guys can you suggest me as my App Store is getting opened, an error says cant connect to iTunes Store

Apple store accepts payment but iTunes Store declines

After successfully purchasing some items from the Apple Store, I subsequently logged into the iTunes Store to buy an application to download into my iPhone. I was prompted to sign in again and then prompted to update my billing info. I entered the exact same info/account/credit card details that I had used on the Apple Store but this time my payment was declined. Im extremely sure my credit limits are healthy. So how is it that I can make successful purchases on Apple Store but not on iTunes Store using the exact same ID account and credit card details? By the way, Im located in hong kong. thks
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App Store Account only valid in US iTunes Store in US

Odd problem. All my apps from the app store are crashing at startup. I didnt do anything other than connect to a new wi-fi hotspot.
I tried shutting down the booting up again. No luck. Then I tried to delete an app and re-install to see if that helped. When I got to the app store, the content of the featured page for example was different. Then I noticed that the prices were in Euros (a c with two horizontal line through it). Of course, when I tried to re-download the free app with my US AppleID it failed. The error message:
Your account is only valid for purchases in the US iTunes Store.
NO WAY! Had no idea. Its not my fault that its not letting me browse the right store.
Any ideas? Ive seen this three times on other peoples phones.
(iPhone 3G 16GB, OS: 2.1 (5F136))
HP Pavilion A630n (heavily upgraded) Windows Vista Nvidia 8600 256MB

apps store link just leads me to the itunes store

i want to view the downloadable applications-list and i keep ending up in the stupid itunes store! i dont want itunes, i want apps. where can i see them?
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iTunes Wi-FI music store not use store credit

Ive recently added some money to my iTunes account with a gift card. I then used the Wi-Fi music store to buy a song. I then noticed that on my computer it still says the initial amount I added from the card. Does the Wi-Fi music store use store credit or just the credit card on your account?
Also, how would you change the account management stuff on the Wi-Fi music store instead of iPhone using the information in the real iTunes app on your computer for account activation on your iPhone such as the user name. Is there a settings panel in the Wi-Fi music store app to change these settings?
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iPhone 4S Genius in App Store not working

Hi all


A couple of days ago, my Genius tab in the App Store - Featured section stopped working. It was working fine, but now it says You do not currently have any recommendations. and To start seeing recommendations, teach Genius about your tastes by downloading apps.


I have loads of apps, say around 50-80 installed right now, and Genius was working fine last week but all of a sudden it doesnt work.


Ive checked my Apple ID in Settings - Store and confirmed that Genius is on under Settings - Store - View Apple ID.


Ive switched Genius off and on again and it said Id successfully turned Genius on for Apps, but its made no difference.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I like Genius recommendations and would really prefer to have this resource back.


Thanks in advance!!

Why is the iTunes Store iTunes Mobile Icon missing from my iPhone 3GS

I got an iPhone 3GS a couple of weeks ago and decided that see what the iTunes Store would be like on my phone. But I have looked everywhere, and I cant find the icon.
I looked on the Apple How To page and searched Google, but couldnt find anything on this. The Apple How To page did say that the iTunes Store is not available in some regions, but Im in the US on AT&T, so Im pretty sure that its supported here.
I do have the Apps Store Icon, and havent noticed anything else missing.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
iPhone 3 GS iPhone OS 3.0

Update to iOS 6 - iPhone 4S - App Store and Facebook not working

I have just last night upgraded my iphone 4S to iOS6, so far out of few of the things i have tested are not working namely:


1. App Store, as soon as i click on App Store icon, it opens with a white background and thats it... no further movement,


2. Facebook. Same story with the facebook. WHite background and no response.


I have tried downing a soft restart as well as reset by holding home and power button for more than 15Seconds.


Anyone facing the same problem or has a solution please suggest asap.


At the moment struggling with the new iOS.


Anyhow, Maps are working fine ...

my iphone 4 isnt going to landscape even when i move my phone

i tilted, or moved my phone to the side and it wont go to landscape. can someone please help me out

App store featured page not working

Hi I recently logged out of iTunes store account from settings page and then I relogged back. (no idea why I did that). Ever since I havent been able to access the app store featured page and it gives me a message: your request could not be completed. Ive tried relogging into my account several times but this does not seem to help at all. Any help would be grateful thanks.

i accidentally dropped my iphone 4 in water in the chance of it not working is it possible to exchange it into the apple store for a new one and if so how much would it cost

i accidentally dropped my iphone 4 in water, in the chance of it not working is it possible to exchange it into the apple store for a new one? and if so how much would it cost?

  • the itunes store isnt working on my iphone.

  • iphone unlocked