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the text alert on m iphone iphone 4s has stopped working

the text alert on m iphone iphone 4s has stopped working

iphone unlocked

new text message alert not working

when i have a new text come iphone will not give me a sound or a vibration. i have already gone to sounds under settings and this has not fixed the problem. it seems like a simple fix but i havent been able to solve it. my phone is not on silent so i am at a loss. help help please!
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New double vibration text alert and shorter text tones 4.3

the new double vibration text alert for 4.3 is awful.. i just had to shut mine off.. and the text alerts are shorter.. we should at least have an option.. anyway this can be looked at in future updates..
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iPhone Text Message Alert

Hi. I have an iPhone 3GS and I was wondering if I could add a custom text message alert to it. I know you can add ringtones, but can you add custom text alerts and if so, how?
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when I am on Bluetooth sync in my car I do not have text sound Whether I am sitting parked or driving no sound alert when text mesg recd

when I am using bluetooth (sync) in my car when a text comes in there is no alert sound. is there a way to have the alert sound back. at times I sit parked and I also would like to know if I receive a text regardless thanks

Text alert

Text alert... Is there a way to stop text messages from showing up on the screen. Its strange that even when I have password enabled text messages show up on the screen for all to see ! Thanks
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iPhone 4s makes a short alert sound but no text msg and no missed call

Sometimes my iphone 4s will make a brief, 1 pulse alert sound and when I slide the lock button over, I see no missed calls, no text messages, no voice mails, battery life shows good...Cant figure out why the phone does this periodically.  Any thoughts?

Text Alert Sounds

With the update of the OS to 4.0 will they be adding a feature to allow us to customize the sounds we here when we receive a text message or email alert? Or will this feature still only be available to jailbroken phones?
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Not Seeing New Text Alert Sounds

I am looking for the 17 new text alerts under settings then sounds then Text Tone. I am going to the wrong area? Thanks
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Text Alert Sound

There is no way to change the tone for text alerts, correct?
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Text Alert Sound

Hello, New Iphone 3G user and very happy with my phone. The text alert sound selection is oddly few and none of the options are really to my liking. Since ive discovered that adding tones is not possible (although you can add ringtones - non jailbreak) will apple be comming out with updated software that will allow you to do so (fingers crossed)? TIA
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No Alert for Text Messages Please Help

Ive been having problems with my iPhones text alerts. I have jailbroken (firmware 2.2.1) and the phone is 3G. Recently, however, I have received neither sound nor vibration alert about new text messages. When I click the top power button, I see that the icons at the top of the screen have turned grey, and once I slide to unlock there is a notification box. However, with the loss of sound or vibration, it has become a hassle since I have to periodically check my phone for messages (causing more problems if its urgent).
Vibration works for everything else, including phone calls. Whats eerie is that when I receive a text while on the New Message screen for sending text messages, it DOES vibrate. Does anyone have any idea what may be a solution to the problem? Any and all help is much appreciated =)
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Not getting an alert at all when I get a text message

Hi, when I get a text message and my flush switch is on, I dont hear any sound alert or anything - something only shows up on the screen. Likewise, when the flush switch is off and I get a message, my phone doesnt even vibrate. However, it does make a sound or vibrate (depending on the flush switch setting) when I get an e-mail alert via push notifications, but I cant seem to figure out how to use even the default stock tones for text message alerts. Can anyone help?
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Text alert telegraph

Why is my telegraph text alert just a short beep, beep beep now? Before I installed 4.3 it lasted about 3 to 4 seconds.
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Can I change text alert ringtone

Easy question...
Can I change the ringtone alert for my text messages? I know how to change my ringtone for my contacts and default ring, but I want to change the sound my hone makes when I receive a new text message.
Thanks, cheers
oh... I have a new iPhone 3G 8gb
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why do i get two or three alert sounds for the same text message

it didnt happen originally.
a few months ago i noticed that i was getting two alerts (a few minutes apart from each other) for the same text. now i began to get THREE alert sounds for the same text-- make it stop! thank you.
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Alert for New Text Message - How to Turn Off

When the iPhone is locked, how do you turn off the alert that pops up every time a new text message comes in?
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Text Message and New Mail alert tone

Why is the mail and the text message alert tone the same? Its really annoying. Sometimes if I get new email I dont care right away; but, if I get a new text message I want to see what it is. When I hear the house I think I got a new text message but I didnt; I got a new email.
I know there is a way to change the text message alert tone; but, the ones they give you suck. Is there a way to instal new ones; or, is there a way to change the mail alert tone to something different?
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Change text message alert sound

I just bought an iPhone 4, and Im trying to figure out how to change the text message alert sound on it. It seems everyone at work has the same one no matter which one i pick, so when someone gets a text at least 2 people are reaching for their cells. heh.
anyway, i guess im pretty dense but i just cant seem to figure it out.
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Text Alert tone and Music issue

My 4S decided to stop playing text tones the other night. As I dug deeper, I found that I could no longer play music thru the phones speaker, nor could I hear anything from vids. Volume bar disappeared from iTunes, slacker, and control center altogether. Volume display shows up without bars underneath it when I try to adjust ringtone using side buttons. When I go into settings to change the ringtone, it plays it perfectly fine, however, when I try to change the text tone or any alert tones, I get nothing but a vibration. Headphone jack still works for music, ringtones, text and alert tones, and vids. Another iOS 7.0.3 glitch?

iphone 3g just stopped working

My iphone 3g- about 2 1/2 yrs old- just stopped working. My son was playing a game on it until the battery died. I charged it overnight but the next day it wouldnt turn on. I tried restoring it but my computer wont recognize it. It has been working fine, so I cant think of any reason why it stopped working now.

IPhone 3G stopped working

Does anyone know if the Iphone has any type of reset button? My phone just went dead. I have not abused this phone, the battery was almost fully charged and now I cannot get any response from it. I have held down the power button, but no response whatsoever.
Any helpful hints?
Thank you
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why will text not alert when vibrate is active but none is selected for tone

I receive a lot of text from my family and is usually not a problem except when I’m in meetings. the dilemma is I can’t turn it completely off because in my line of work our computer systems also sent faults via text alerts and if I put the phone on vibrate I will receive ZERO text alert notifications.... I have noticed this is a pretty common problem with the 4s but have not seen a fix or am I overlooking it?

My wifi just stopped working on my iPhone 4 I need help

My wifi just randomly stopped working. Its working for my Xbox and other stuff so I know theres something wrong with my iPhone.. Please help

iPhone 4 Email stopped working

From yesterday, my email on iPhone 4 stopped working. I deleted the account and reset the account many times. Still just spinning and showing Checking for Mail.. In box is blank. Need help. Thanks in advance!
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WiFi on my iPhone 3G stopped working

about a week ago. I have tried resetting the network settings and rebooting but my iPhone will not pick up any WiFi signals. Interestingly my 32 GB iPod Touch (first version) picks up the WiFi signals fine.
Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there an easy solution?
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Hi My Iphone 3G has completely stopped working

I can not get it to turn on or connect to a charger. When i hold the home and power key on together all i get is the Apple icon. Can anyone help

Text iMessage alert tone problem since ios5 update

Since I updated my 3gs to ios5 last week, when I recieve a text message or iMessage, the tone stutters before playing.  At first it was quite funny, after I had switched the handset off and on again, it stopped doing it for a few hours, but then started again. Its now quite annoying.  Has anyone else had the same issue or can advise me on what to do to fix it?  Many thanks in advance

Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages

Saw this in the update list and got excited, something ive been missing since my old samsung phones.
Im assuming by the use of the term up to two additional that its an option you can select somewhere. Just cant find where.... anyone?
Other than that no problems with 2.1 at all, but then didnt have any on 2.05 either.
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Voicemail alert not working properly

After updating my Iphone 3G with the new update after the 3Gs came out I have been having issues with my voicemail alert. I have rebooted my phone and reset my voicemail account by changing the password on it. Whenever I receive a missed call the phone no longer alerts me to the number of voicemails I have waiting in my box, ie., the little number on top of the phone icon. I have to dial my own phone number and go through the entire process of pressing buttons in order to retrieve voicemails and this is only if I think someone left a message; I have no way of knowing if I received a voicemail except by calling my own number at random times throughout the day. Help.
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btinternet email on iphone stopped working

hi wonder if anyone can help, cannot get my btinternet email on iphone it stopped after 2.0 update, tried everything reset, restore, delete account , reinstall account, also got in touch with o2 customer care who said it was fault with phone, but i am sure there must be something i can do so that i do not have to send it away for repair, ....or should i wait for the 3.0 update that may cure the problem...hoping someone can help...
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