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this iphone has been lost please call

this iphone has been lost please call

iphone unlocked

Upgraded an iPhone and lost SMS messages favorites and call history

I upgraded an iPhone today by backing up the old one to iTunes and restoring the new one but lost data as above. I also upgraded two other phones at the same time (on different Macs) with no problem. Where is this data kept and is it backed up to the Mac on syncing ?
Unibody Macbook Mac OS X (10.6.2)

iphone unlocked

Updated to iOS 5.1.1 and lost all contacts messages and photos specific to this iPhone Is there anything to retrieve the lost info

Updated software to iOS 5.1.1 and lost all contacts, messages, and photos specific to this iPhone.  Is there any way to retrieve the lost info?

When placing a call to any particular person they can't hear me Second time I call the same person the call is successful

When placing a call on my iphone 4s to any particular person, they cant hear me. Second time, I call the same person, the call is successful. How do I stop this from happening?

is there any means to restore all my lost notes on iphone which were lost when crashed accidentally with no updated backup done on my personal computer

Hi, wonder if anyone can assist me?  2 days ago, on using iphone notes, my 3Gs iphone suddenly crashed with  lack screen and I need to reboot with the on off button.  When it was rebooted, gosh!! I found my notes content page reflected No Notes.  Goodness, I have not been diligently backing up my datas using itune on my pc.  I badly need the datas from my notes.  I read and learnt there are means to recover from the harddrive of the iphone directly.  meanwhile, i have done backup and sync the iphone onto my pc after the incident, for fear that it may happen to my other stuff in the phone.  so, I need advice how could I recover the notes with self help or any available download of recovery of notes software.  Thank you for all inputs

TS2802 iPhone 3GS screen goes black while making call or during call

My iPhone 3GS screen often goes blank immediately after hitting the home button, and does not respond when touching screen.  Very frustrating when trying to make a call, or trying to end a call

TS4430 I am not able to make any call or receive any phone call on my iPhone 4 It connects to no but can't hear any voice on both sides

I am not able to make or receive any call on my iPhone 4. It can dial or receive but no body on both sides is able to hear any voice. Is problem with speakers?

my iphone screen does not lock while on a call and therefore I end up losing my call by muting or some other function that my face activates

Verizon has tried to fix this problem and cannot.  98% of the time when I am on a call my screen does not lock and go black.  Therefore I often mute people by mistake of some other function takes over that my face has activated.  Very frustrating.  Doesnt repair by turning phone off and then on again.

iPhone 4 clicks off during incoming call drops call within 10 seconds

so ive had zero issues with my iPhone 4 until now; no antenna nonsense, no proximity sensor problems. last nite a friend called me, and i barely got to say how are you when the phone made the clicking sound, clicked like when youre putting the screen to sleep from being awake, and the call was dropped. same thing happened today. as far as i can tell, it only happens on incoming calls, i cant get the issue to replicate on an outgoing call.
anyone else with this problem or know of a fix? AT&T reception isnt fantastic where i live, but i typically get 2-3 bars in my room. thanks in advance.
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Any app to delete single call from iphone call logs

Hi -
Ive factory unlocked iphone 4 with IOS 4.1 on it.
Is there any app from AppStore that takes care of deleting single call from the call history?
I understand that one can delete all the calls from the history but I want to delete specific calls one-by-one.
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Call fails and have to call back on every call

Hey, Ive had my iphone 3gs for almost a year now and its worked flawlessly since I got it.

About a week or two ago I upgraded it from 4.0 software to 4.3.2 so I could download an app I wanted

Now every time I make a call, the call instantly fails and I have to hit call back and it will connect.

Very annoying and its definitely from the update because it worked awesome until then.

Upgraded the software again to 4.3.3 and it still does it.


Why ?

Iphone 3GS keeps saying call failed everytime i try to call someone

My Iphone 3GS which i have for five months i believe keeps saying call failed when i try to call anyone on my phone, after about three trys it finally connects. I have it fully updated and i am not sure what is going on.
If anyone could assist me that would be awesome
Iphone 3GS iOS 4

HT4623 my iphone can not make a call or recieve call what should i do

Dear apple support



i have a problem with my iphone 3gs 32g ,now it can not make or recieve call.then  when i open it just 5 minutes it go shut down automatic and after 2 minute it open a gain .my iphone said that restore needed ,restore from itune .so what should i do now?

iPhone screen disappears during call then drops call

Upgraded to 2.2 on 3G 16gig . When on call and I move the phone away from my ear, screen disappears and drops calls and I have to reset. Tried rebooting, reseting, deleting all applications to no avail. I even had AT&T replace with new phone and I have same issues. Anyone else having this problem?
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how do i end one call while in conference call on iphone 4

i have the iphone 4 from sprint and i was wondering how do you end one call while in a conference call ? after i merge the two calls together how do i end one call with out having to end all calls at once ? PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!

Lost itunes library Recreated one but lost all applications

I recently lost my itunes library Since I cannot find a backup library I had to erase and reload all of my music from my backed up external drive. Since I cannot find my old itunes library file my iphone cannot find any of the applications that I currently have on it..
The problem is that I keep my library on a network drive. when my wife opens my computer without waiting for the drive to connect and starts itunes my computer automatically creates a new library.. A few weeks go by until i realize that a new one was created. Then I have to consolodate the new one onto my external drive. can anyone that organizes their files in this manner give me advice on how to keep this from happening? ALso, Can anyone tell me where the iphone backup files are stored? Are they stored along with the itunes library?
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Retriving Contact info from recent call list while on phone call

How do I retrive contact info from my recent call list while on a phone call?
iPhone OS 3.0

How do I turn off the auto text I can't talk right now I'll call you later when I cancel an incoming call

When someone rings me and I dont want to talk to them I cancel the call. With the new iOS 6 update my phone now automatically sends the caller a text that says Cant talk right now...Ill call you later.


How do I turn this feature off I dont want it!!


Please help Ive looked everywhere in my settings.

Is there a way that you can hang up on specific contacts in a conference call without ending the call all together

Lost iPhone 3G- need to restore new iPhone 3GS w backup of lost phone

Just lost my I phone 3G today and will be purchasing a new one this evening(3GS). I need to know how to use a back up from my old I phone to restore my new I phone 3GS so I dont lose all of my contacts, SMS messages, calendar etc; using I-Tunes.
Im not very good at this kind of thing, so your help is most appreciated!
Dell iPhone OS 3.1.2 Windows Vista

What does it mean when you call someone and your phone suddenly saids end call

I tried calling a friend but the call didnt go through and instead it said call ended on my phone with 2 beep tones, what does this mean?

Call confirmation without jailbreaking prevent accidental call

I found an app that provides a call confirmation without jailbreaking the phone called Group Contact. in settings, if you turn return to the app after phone call on, you get the message you will be alerted before making the call, and the app will be re-opened after the call. Before every call, a call confirmation is delivered, which solves my problem perfectly!

lost ipod function lost songs

if i restore iphone will i lose songs?
connect to itunes and resolve it there?
x iPhone OS 3.0 x

3 Way Call Conference Call on iPhone

Got a new iPhone 3G to replace my 1st generation iPhone. Old iPhone did 3-Way Calling (Conference Calls) just fine. I tried to do a 3-Way call today, and it would not work... Heres what happens:
I call the first party and they answerI push the Add Call button (which puts the first party on hold)I dial the second party and they answerWhen I push the Merge Calls button, it puts the second party on hold and releases the first partyEvery time I push the Merge Calls button, it swaps callers putting one on hold and the other on line
Now my wifes 1st Generation iPhone works fine and we are on the same account.
Anybody know what is going on here?
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HT4319 How can I make a face time call from one country to another supporsing both parties using iphone 4s What will be the caller charges If there is no charges as we use wifi will there be a charge till connecting the call

How can I make a Face Time call from one country to another( supporsing both parties using iphone 4s). What will be the caller charges. If there is no charges as we use wifi, will there be a charge till connecting the call?

Cant delete one call from the recents call list

It might be a well known issue but you cant delete just one call from the recents sections only the entire list. Ive just found a forum comment from 2007 stating the same thing.
Personally I never noticed but a new iphone owner asked me the question and I was very surprised something so simple cant be done.
Is this coming soon Apple?
Imac 24" Mac OS X (10.6.4)

When I make a call the call goes through but I can not hear the person

What can be wrong with my phone? I suddenly can not hear any of my callers.  Calls are going through but I can not hear them.  The sound on games work just not calls.

call is shown in voicemail but not in the call list

phone calls are usually shown in the call list and if someone leave a message it is shown as well in voicemail
if people leave a message its always shown in voicemail... but it happens that these calls are not shown in the call list...
that confuses me..
any ideas on this..

peopl cant hear me when they call and i cant call people

hey so when someone calls me, i cant hear them, but they can hear me. i have made sure that the mute button isnt on. another weird thing is that when i make phone calls, there is no ringing tone. its just quiet. WHATS GOING ON?! i really need this to be fixed....i have an iphone 2G
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

my iphone 4 can't call out or receive incoming call wifi still working as usual everything ok except incoming

Ive updated my iphone4 to iOS5 , everythings been fine until last night when my iphone had problems is receiving incoming & outgoing call . I cant send nor receive a text message. called my network provider , they said nothing wrong with my microsim card/network.


Please help .. much appreciated :)

  • this iphone has been lost please call

  • iphone unlocked