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trouble receiving texts galaxy s4

trouble receiving texts galaxy s4

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Switched from Iphone 4 to Galaxy S4 and cannot receive texts from iPhones

Yesterday, I switched from the Iphone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S4.  However, I cannot receive texts from friends with iphones.  For some reason, when they enter my number in their phone, it assumes it is an iphone number and sends an imessage.  We have manually changed the contact info to say mobile instead of iphone.  We have deleted and made myself a new contact.  We have restarted phones.  They can see the messages I send them from my new phone, but I cannot get messages back unless they turn imessage off.  This is troublesome because I cannot ask every contact with an iphone to turn off imessage just to contact me.  We traded in our old phones (my iphone 4), and it was completely wiped and restored to factory settings, so I do not know why this would assume my phone is an iphone.  I talked to a Samsung representative and they said to talk with apple now.

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Texts appear to be going out but no one is receiving them

Im sending texts and they are leaving my iPhone 4, but no one is receiving them. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Receiving only partial texts

I just bought a new iPhone 4G a couple of days ago and absolutely love it except for the fact that I cant seem to receive full texts from my boyfriend.  Our texts are never more than 2 pages long.  He uses a company blackberry and has no problem receiving my texts; however, I get either just the first page (01/02) or just the second page (02/02) and its always labelled which part I get. 


Its so frustrating especially since I never had any issues on my old phone (a 5-year old Motorola razor).  It took me this long to finally splurge and update my cell phone and now I cant enjoy his texts like I used to.  Not sure if it makes a difference - hes with Telus and Im with Bell?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Receiving Picture Texts

How come I have had two people send me picture texts and I have not received them? I have signed up and am paying for the multimedia services. Anyone else having this problem?
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not receiving texts from certain people

Is it possible that I have somehow blocked texts from certain people? When I send texts to that person they never get them and when she sends them to me I never get them....whats the deal with that?
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Trouble receiving emails

At about 7 PM tonight (EDT), my brand new iPhone finally synced with my MME contacts. Unfortunately, at the same time, email stopped arriving on my POP3 accounts. The email Inbox screens displayed existing messages and gave a perpetual checking mail message. I am not sure 100% how I reset the device, but I think it was by connecting to my Mac (iTunes). Any ideas what happened?
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Receiving texts from South Africa

Since updating to IOS 4.1 I have been unable to receive text messages from family in South Africa, with South African phone providers. They can text anybody else they know in the UK and there is no problem; I was able to text my parents who recently went there to their UK phones and no problem.
I know my texts are getting to the recipients, but its frustrating that I cant read or am even aware of their replies.
Ive contacted my provider and been told there is no problem with my account or any issues they are aware of.
Any help please?
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iPhone 4 is not receiving regular texts

I get calls and email fine.  When I send texts out people see my gmail account instead of my phone information.  If they respond to a text I send that is marked under the gmail account name I will receive it but if they try to send a new text then I wont recive.  It happened somewhat out of the blue I dont remember making any changes except signing up for openfeint.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Receiving texts from South Africa

Ive already posted this in the phone forum but not had any luck, so apologies if youve read it - Im still having difficulties, so any suggestions would be very helpful.
Since updating to IOS 4.1 I have been unable to receive text messages from family in South Africa, with South African phone providers. They can text anybody else they know in the UK and there is no problem; I was able to text my parents who recently went there to their UK phones and no problem.
I know my texts are getting to the recipients, but its frustrating that I cant read or am even aware of their replies.
Ive contacted my provider and been told there is no problem with my account or any issues they are aware of.
Any help please?
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Making Calls and Receiving Texts Glitches

Since I initially installed the 2.1 update on my iPhone 3G (I am currently running 2.2) I have been noticing several glitches:

1. At least 2 or 3 times a day when I attempt to place a call, there will be no sound coming out of the earpiece when I place the call, but I have been told by several different people that the call does go through and they can hear me, but I cant here them. I end the call and re-dial, but still it wont work. I have to exit the phone app and go to the home screen, re-launch, and place the call again for me to be able to hear anything. They can call me and I can hear them fine when this happens though as well.
2. Again several times a day, when I receive a text message, several minutes later my phone will ring again notifying me that I have another text, but I only have the one original.
3. Several people that I text on Verizon and AT&T in our conversations texts are not going through until sometimes literally hours after the fact and some messages are sent/received in twos. A person will text me something and within a few seconds, I get the same exact thing again. Also when I text someone or they text me, the message is delayed significantly as I said sometimes upwards of 1-2 hours.
I have tried hard and soft resets and multiple complete restores of the phone, but it hasnt helped. Has anyone else noticed any of these things happening to them?
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iPhone 4 for Verizon some people are not receiving my texts



I just had a quick question. Sometimes when I send texts with my Verizon iPhone...some people do not receive my texts? Its kind of annoying to be honest. I have checked and done everything, I have updated the roaming capabilites, I have updated the software itself and I have hard reset the phone. Is there anything else I can do to possibly help fix or resolve this issue? Any ideas or suggestions are more then welcome, thank you for your time.


Also one last question, kind of off topic, but will the Verizon iPhone be receiving the iOS 5 software update?

I just got a droid MAXX and I'm not receiving texts from iPhones

ok so i just switched from an iphone after having 2 for 4 years and i got a motorola droid maxx 2 days ago. i am not receiving texts from iphone users and i dont know why. i gave verizon my phone and so i cant turn off imessage but i cleared the phone before i gave it to them. i have also changed my apple i.d. and i have deactivated all my products such as my mac book pro and my two previous iphones. this is exactly why i switched because apple has to be a CULT and make everything so complicated. please help me solve apples stupidity.

Phone not receiving calls texts but delayed voicemails

My phone lets calls come through randomly. Outgoing calls work fine. Texts are delayed as well. I am looking at it right now, 3G and 5 bars, but when I call it goes straight to voicemail. AT&T has also verified it goes straight to voicemail. It doesnt make a difference if the phone is sleeping or not. This was also pre 2.2 and post 2.2. I have tried the following:
-AT&T sending updates to it on their end
-New Sim
-Restore w/o backup
-Phone replacement at the Genius Bar
-Edge only
-Wifi off
None of these resulted in allowing all incoming attempts to come through. Im from the Northern-Washtenaw county/Southern-Livingston county in Michigan. Anyone else experiencing issues like this in this area or know if there are service problems in Michigan currently? Has anyone had this happened and know a fix?
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Trouble receiving emails from optonline.net users

Is anyone else having this same trouble. When I receive an email from anyone using optonline.net I receive their email as an mime-attachment that is greyed out and nothing to open. Please help if there is a way to fix this. Thank you
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Work switched to android Now I am not receiving texts from iPhone users

My work recently had us switch to android. Now when my friends text me they send texts as iMessages and the messages go through, but I am unable to receive any of the messages. They do not default to SMS. If the user selects to send as a text the text will go through.


However, this is not an option on group chats... So for example I am in a chat with 2 people and it was previously iMessage they still continue to chat in iMessage with no indication that I do not recieve the text.


I have never used iCloud or any other apple/mac device on my account.


I have deleted the iphone from my apple account.

I have changed my password.

I have deleted my phone number from my apple account.


What else do I need to do in order to get these text messages? I no longer have access to the iPhone.



my iphone 4 stopped making or receiving calls or texts but data fine help

I cannot believe this has happened again! last time for no apparent reason the phone only allowed me to send or receive data. calls and texts via 3G nothing. when I try to call my own number all I get is an engaged signal. Apple last time just said the internal aerial had become damaged and refused to repair it and only by purchassing one of their own reconditioned phones could I sort it out. And now it has happened again. Ive rebooted, reset, checked the SIM, checked coverage where - all the things one would normally consider and nothing. anyone got any ideas? thanks. Oh and no I have not upgraded to IOS7 yet either!

New Android old iOS5 iPhone 4 user not receiving texts from iOS5 users

I got rid of my iPhone, and got an android. My old iPhone was running iOS5. About 4 of my friends use iPhones running iOS5. For some reason their texts to me are still sending as iMessages.


Im curious if there is some way that I can fix this problem? Can I deactivate my Itunes account? or maybe iCloud?


Id appreciate any help.






i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather 'imessage' on the old iphone how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

i have just switched to samsung and i have removed the sim from the iphone however i am still receiving texts rather imessage on the old iphone. how do i make sure all messages only come to my new phone

I keep getting spam texts from this number 200020002001 I just got an iphone 4s and i never used to get these texts on my old phone What can i do to stop these texts

I keep getting spam texts from this number 200020002001. I just got an iphone 4s and i never used to get these texts on my old phone. What can i do to stop these texts

Transferring songs from iphone to Samsung Galaxy

I traded in my iphone 3 for a Samsung Galaxy 4. When I went to transfer my music most of of my songs would not transfer itunes because of copyright issues. So most of my music is stuck on itunes, but not my phone.


Ive tried Double-Twist and Samsung Kies (which stinks, BTW) and had no luck.


Anyone have this problem? Know how to fix it?




Help with receiving message in Mail then re-receiving on iPhone

This is basically a two part question. First, if I received an email in the native Mail application but have not yet received it on the iPhone after I have read it or deleted it on the mail app, I will then later re-receive the same message on my iPhone. Is there any way to prevent this? I have Comcast e-mail if that is of importance.
Second, I used to have a Samsung Blackjack and when I would receive an e-mail on the phone, and deleted it, when I would later send and receive with Outlook, the e-mail wouldnt appear there. Same thing applies the other way, if I didnt delete it, it would appear. Also, my e-mail filters would apply to receiving e-mail on my phone and I wouldnt receive items I had previously set up as junk e-mail. Again, is there any way to do this on the iPhone? Thanks for all your help!
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How do i limit my texts so everytime my texts are full it doesnt randomly get deleted

I need help limiting my texts. Cause i dont want themto get deleted.

TS2756 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 used to connect perfectly to iPhone PersHotspot but has suddenly lost that ability

Im not positive, but I am fairly sure it was the update to the Tab that caused the tethering function to become inoperative. Unfortunately I updated the iPhone soon after...and I acknowledge that it might have been that. In any case, it used to work perfectly - I used it alot - then it wouldnt work. It connects immediately...with a strong signal...and it *appears* to be assigned an IP address by the iPhone...but it wont surf.


The iPhone can surf fine by itself.

The Tab can surf fine by itself (when using home or public Wi-Fi)

I reset the network settings in the iPhone (which to my immense annoyance did not help)

Ive tried many times to forget and re-connect to no avail.

I renamed my iPhone to remove spaces & punctuation marks (no difference - and was not a problem before)

Have tried to tether via BT; devices *will* pair, but iPhone says they are incompatible and aborts the connection.


Ideas please?

My iphone just randomly deleted all my text messages and i had important contact information in those texts that werent yet saved to my phone Any way i can get those texts back

For the past 2 days ive gone crazy over this! When i click the home button twice, i can see a few old messages but when i click on it, it wont lead me to them. So im guessing its in my phone still just not in messages. PLEASE help. I need those texts back!

Trouble with iOS 6.0 - Crashed my iPhone Having trouble restoring it

I tried to download the iOS 6.0 update last night, but now all I have is a black screen that alternates between the loading wheel and the apple icon. My iTunes is not recognizing it when I connect it with my USB to try and address the problem. This has been ongoing for the past 12-13 hours... Help ?


I updated all my laptop software. This didnt fix anything...

So I restored a backup of my iPhone 5 from 3 days and it deleted all of my texts from the 3 days after However it still managed to keep all of the new contacts that I added yesterday Is there any way to recover the texts made in the last 2 days

Basically, I accidentally deleted my notes and figured that I could just restore a backup from the other day with no problems. Unfortunately, I did not even think about my texts being deleted. As a result, I have now lost some pretty important texts that I made in the last 2 days as well 3 videos that I took last night. However, it somehow still left in my contacts that I just put in last night. This makes me think that it may still be possible to recover the texts. Somebody please help!!! And thank you if you can!!!

I lost my galaxy and got a brand new iphone 4s 3 months ago Wifi is greyed out after ios7 I called Apple whom denies responsibility because it's a hardware problem Why is Apple refusing to understand that a software problem caused a hardware prob

Has anyone with wifi problems tried downgrading back to ios 6? If so, did it fix the wifi problem?

Receiving calls - name

I´d like to know how I can change the setting for incoming calls. The iphone displays the phone number of the caller. I want that it displays the name of the caller (from the adress book). What can I do?
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Not receiving messages sent to myself

A colleague was getting connection failure errors on her iPhone (but I was not) so I was checking that all of our settings were the same (server names, SSL, port numbers, authentication, etc.).
I accidentally changed a setting on MY phone and starting getting the same error.
I couldnt fix it, so I deleted and re-added the account and its working again, except when I try to send myself test messages (from my Comcast, Earthlink, or other account). Im only receiving those messages on my laptop (Mac Mail) but not on my phone. I also tried to cc myself on a message and, again, only got it on my laptop but not on my phone.
It does say that I have 7 unread messages but it wont actually get them.
This is soooo frustrating.
BTW, I was unsuccessful at fixing my friends phone, but there are other threads about this problem and I think it might be the phone itself.
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receiving video

I have a first gen iPhone running the latest 3.0 software.
My son, also on AT&T, but with a different phone, sent me a text message with an attached video. I did not receive it and never even got a notification that there was a message. It was as if he never sent it.
At the same time he sent it to my wifes AT&T HTC phone. She got the message with a link to a WWW site where she had to log in to view the video.
Anyone able to shed some light on this? Im new to texting and what is or isnt possible with the iPhone. I can send and receive normal text only messages just fine.
Thanks for any info.
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