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turn off voice over on iphone 5

turn off voice over on iphone 5

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New iPhone 4 Has voice over can turn off HELP PLEASE

Hi, Not sure how or even how to describe my problem properly but my phone now has a voice over every time I want to do something that is not the main issue though when you want to select anything you need to tap the screen to highlight it then double click to open it and in some cases eg in settings then general I am unable to scroll down the page. I have even looked at some game apps on the phone and they cant be played every time you go to select nothing happens you can scroll down in photos either. Please help its driving me crazy :{
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How do I turn off voice over

This may sound stupid but I was playing around with voice over. Turned it on and now it is driving me nuts. Cannot seem to find a way back to turn it off. Is there a simple toggle?
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How do you turn off the voice repeat as you write texts on an iPhone 4

I evidently turned it on without intending to!
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turn off voice mail is that possible

Hi, all the experts.. my question is Can i deactivate the voice mail, just let the phone keep ringing until it get pick up or hang up. Is that possible and How Thanks

can't turn off voice over can't scroll

I turned on voice over because I thought it would fix a problem where I couldnt get sound in some applications (that problem fixed by resetting the phone). Now I cant get voice over to turn off! The first problem I had was that I couldnt scroll. The directions for voice over say flick 3 fingers to scroll, and that seemed to work (tapping three different fingers one at a time) immediately after I turned VO on. But now that doesnt work.
I read some other in the forum, and then tried double tapping with three fingers to scroll. Now, my phone is completely dark!!!! I cant figure out how to make everything appear again; tapping doesnt work at all, neither does pushing the button. I know I need to go into general and then into accessibility to turn this dang thing off, but how do I get there now
I know somehow I need to get into general and scroll down to accessibility to turn this dang thing off, but how do I get there
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Turn Voice Control Shuffle OFF

Ive used shuffle on Voice Control but now whenever I ask it to play a playlist or album its always in shuffle mode. What do I do to turn shuffle off?
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Can I turn off voice only and leave data on

Im headed overseas in a few weeks and would like the use of my iPhone without paying a lot. I figure I just need the data/internet portion of my phone since I can still make calls using Skype, and I can probably locate free WiFi somewhere.
So my question: is there a way to JUST turn off the voice feature on the iPhone so I dont get incoming calls or voice mails - while still accessing the data portion of the phone?
I cant find any buttons to do that.
Thank you in advance.
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HT3597 How to turn off voice control

Im having problems with the voice control activating on its own on my iphone4; is there a way to turn it off?

How can I turn the voice off on Predictive Text

When using MMS messenging, since updating to iPhone 4 software, i get a lovely sounding woman saying the word she thinks I am trying to type.
Whilst this is occasionally useful it is generally quite embarrasing - does anyone know how to turn off? I cant see in settings
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Dropped 3Gs will not turn off but activates voice control instead

A friends iPhone 3Gs was recently dropped. The phone is fine apart from that it will no longer turn off, both holding home button and also the hard reset. It will now activate Voice Control instead of shutting down or turning off.


Is this now a fault due to the drop, or is Voice Control just being crap.



HT3597 Voice cvontroll and Siri driving me nuts want to turn them off for good Will not buy another iPhone if they dont sort this out

I have disabled Siri , but Voice Controll take over .I then disabled Voice Controll and Siri then takles over !!! frustrating. Would like to turn both of them off . iPhone 4s OS7 Update is a let down , camera plays up, ( keeps shutting down ) i find it hard to see the screen in the sun . How can i fix this . 

My voice mail stopped taking messages I am not blocked Any idea how to turn back on

MY voice mail stopped taking messages.  I have no one blocked Any idea how to restart?

i accidently deleted my voice memos on my iphone i was using itunes on two different computers and my voice memos are gone DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO RETRIEVE MY LOST VOICE MEMOS PLEASE HELP

itunes asked me if iwanted to erase all my files on my iphone when i connected it to my second computer.

i clicked yes

and all of my very important voice memos were deleted

however none of my photos were deleted...... and they count as files dont they?

anyway i need help on how to retrieve deleted voice memos


Mmmm Well why is Massage sent voice and Battery charging voice wont go in iPhone 4 eh

Mmmm.. Well why is Massage sent voice and Battery charging voice wont go in iPhone 4 ? eh

Iphone 4 voice Dial doesn't recognize my Voice

I cant get my I4 to recognize my voice. When i listen to music and give it a command it ends up choosing the wrong command or calling someone. Does anyone else have this problem? My 3GS was awesome with the voice control
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I want to take a voice memo off my iPhone put it into iTunes Library and convert it to an .mp3 How do I get the voice memos from my phone I can't seem to move them out of the Devices folder no matter how much I try to copy and paste or drag and d

I want to take a voice memo off my iPhone, turn it into and .mp3, and email it.  My iPhone shows up under Devices in my iTunes but doesnt allow me to move the voice memo files I see sitting there into my Library no matter how much copying and pasting or dragging and dropping I try to do. 


Also, I need to convert the file to an .mp3. 


How come no voice memo files show up when I go into my iPhone via My Computer?  All it shows are the videos and pictures in the DCIM folder, but not the voice memos.  Is there another way to access the voice memos other than through iTunes? 

Irony Voice Control can't be used to record voice memos

Does anybody else find it ironic and short-sighted that Apple didnt include a way to use Voice Control to control the Voice Memos app? Or am I missing something? This would be incredibly useful for me and Im sure for many others.
Heading over to the feedback page...
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Can you use voice control to play your voice mail

If so, how? When I say call voice mail it comes back with all kinds of crazy matches with random contacts.
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Google Voice intercepting voice mail

Someone called me just now and I couldnt answer, to naturally the call went to vocie mail. Whats disturbing is that the call went to my Google Voice vm box, not the voice mail in the phone. Im prety sure I didnt knowingly agree to this, and dont much like it.
How can I get my regular iPhone visual voice mail back?
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my iphone 3g s wont charge it will keep off but on the charger it will everynow and then turn on but you only see the apple then it will turn back off what should i do

exactly what the question says?

TS1538 my iphone shut down and will not turn on how do i get it to turn on

my iphone shut down and will not turn on.  how do i get it to turn on?

HT4623 I recently upgraded my 3GS to IOS5.1.1 now the glitch is Turn Passcode off is only in display mode As as result i am not able to turn it off

I recently upgraded my 3GS to IOS5.1.1, now the glitch is Turn Passcode off is only in display mode. As as result i am not able to turn it off.

iPhone connects to ap extreme network when I turn it on but when I leave home and come back it no longer sees it and I have to turn it off and back on again for it to see it again

My iPhone connects to my ap extreme wireless network when I turn it on, but when I leave home and come back, it no longer sees it and I have to turn it off and back on again for it to see it again.

Turn-by-Turn GPS on iPhone

Does anyone know when any company (TomTom, Garmin, etc) might release to the App Store an application for Turn-by-Turn GPS
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HT4993 My phone is freasing and is turn off how i can turn it on

I need help with my iphone 4s

Turn by Turn GPS TomTom info

I have the iPhone 3G, now with the 3.0 update is the GPS app any different or improved?
-Do I need the TomTom App for the new GPS features?
I am really interested in the TomTom app and TomTom GPS kit… If I must upgrade to the 3G S I will, but I was under the impression that the 3G would have the new Turn by Turn GPS features.
I have searched and cannot find a release date for the TomTom App OR The TomTom car kit (the suction cup iPhone holder/charger)
Anybody have an idea or a link? I appreciate the help, Thanks in advance….
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Battery on 5 Turn off and then wont turn on again

I was at work and noticed my battery was at 5% so turned it off to save power. Tried to turn it on again an hour later and it refused to untill i got home and plugged it in.
Led me to believe that I would of been better leaving it on!
Anyone else come across this before?

Best Turn-By-Turn Navigation App

I see that TomTom just released their iPhone App for $100, but is that the best option? Ive seen that there are a few other options that are cheaper, such as... MobileNavigator ($70), CoPilot Live ($35), iGO My Way 2009 ($80) and Sygic Mobile Maps ($40).
Which one is the best option? Let me know what you guys think?
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Why can't I hear turn-by-turn directions in Maps over my car's speakers the way I can hear phone calls

My iPhone is paired to my car via bluetooth. When a call comes in, I hear the caller on my cars speakers.  When I want to use audible turn-by-turn directions in Maps, the phones speaker cuts out AND nothing comes through the cars speakers.  Any way to fix this?  Thanks!

My iPhone 4 is shut off and wont turn back on unless i plug it in an outlet & when i do that it says connect to Itunes & then i do that and the phone wont turn on & it shows nothing is plugged in HELP

My iPhone 4 is shut off and wont turn back on, unless i plug it in an outlet & when i do that it says connect to Itunes & then i do that and the phone wont turn on & it shows nothing is plugged in . HELP!

& it keeps trying to turn on but it wont . like the apple logo pops up for a minute , then turns off.

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