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uconnect help line

uconnect help line

iphone unlocked

iPhone 4 and UConnect

Has anyone tried to get their iPhone 4 to pair with a UConnect hands-free system? Ive tried to pair the phone but it wont pair. Any suggestions on how to make this work?

iphone unlocked

iPhone version 3.0 and Uconnect

Does anyone know if version 3.0 will fix the Uconnect problem that many of us are having since version 2.2.1 came out. The problem seems to be well documented in other posts and according Uconnect support it worked fine until version 2.2.1 came out.

2013 durango with uconnect and iphone 5

we recently got a new dodge durango with a uconnect 430. we were told by the sales guy that we can use our phone through the bluetooth in the car. we have syncd our phones and can press the button and make calls and answer them via the bluetooth on the car, but it doesnt alert me to anything else (ie, texts, messages, emails, vm or anything else). any ideas on how to get it to work?

Chrysler & iPhones iPods & UConnect issues

I found this at wkjeeps.com/iPod.htm/
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a bug in the latest version of the Apple iPod firmware that causes the higher end iPods such as the iPhone and iTouch to lock-up when interfacing with the Mopar 82209617 CAN interface and many other mobile interface products (i.e., audio integrated solutions) offered by the other OEMs. Apple will be providing a solution in the next firmware version for these products. The next update of the iPod firmware will correct this issue.
Fits the following vehicles:
2005-2007 Grand Cherokee
2007 Aspen
2007-2008 Caliber
2006-2007 Commander
2007-2008 Compass
2006-2008 Dakota
2006-2007 Durango
2006-2007 Minivan
2006-2007 300, Magnum, Charger
2007-2008 Patriot
2006-2008 Ram
2006-2008 PT Cruiser
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iPhone Bluetooth Jeep Uconnect MyGig Paring problem

I have a 2009 Jeep Commander with the MyGig, Uconnect navigation radio that Id like to pair with my iPhone. So far, no luck.
I have no problem putting the Jeeps system into paring mode, however when I do, nothing happens on my iPhone allowing me to connect. My iPhone bluetooth is functioning normally and I am able to connect to my bluetooth headsets.
There have been postings on this in the past, however, nothing recent nor anything that has resolved my issue.
Anyone have any luck fixing this same problem?
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TS3581 Having issues with uconnect on everything other than phone calls No music or maps communication Any suggestions

Is anyone able to get uconnect to work with anything other than the phone calls? Nothing else connects for me.

UCONNECT & original iPhone AND Iphone 3G

I bought a new 2009 Chrysler Town & Country minivan last weekend and have not been able to use the phone option on either iPhone. Ive reset both phones, re-paired both phones to Uconnect and very frustrated that BOTH phones dont work with the system, even though BOTH phones are listed as being compatible.
On the Chrysler website (www.chrysler.com/uconnect) both phones are listed as being compatible, however there is a software version listed beside the phones as 2.1. Since both phones were upgraded to 2.2.1; this might explain why they dont work with the uconnect system. Shouldnt the Apple software be backward compatible?
I contacted the Uconnect help line and the person stated that Chrysler and Apple are aware of the problem, however, these forums date the problem back to AT LEAST LAST SUMMER ? That is really unsatisfactory by Apple and Chrysler.
I contacted the Apple support via phone, and the level one person knew nothing about it, but checked with a product specialists who thought that maybe version 3.0 will solve the problem. Maybe?
Some have stated that the contacts are the issue since only 10 contacts can be imported into MyGig/uconnect. OK, but what good is an iPhone without contacts?
I will be calling my Chrysler dealer to advise his salesmen that iPhones dont work in Chryslers, so that customers can prepare to add a new phone to their shopping list. When my contract runs out in a few months, I will be trying out new phones, not new cars.
I just cant believe that Apple has dropped the ball this badly.
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New AT&T Line

Hello All,
I apologize if this isnt the right area to post this question. I figure this is the general iPhone 4 discussion area, and Im hoping someone can answer my question.
Im going to be in California in a couple weeks, and while Im out there, my dad wants to get me an iPhone 4 as a late birthday gift. While Im out there, though, Im also going to have to open a new line of AT&T service, as I am a current T-Mobile customer.
My question is this: When I activate my new line of service in California, is there any way I can have the phone line begin with my Colorado area code?
Or is it more feasible to just ask my dad for the money and activate the service when I am home?
Thanks in advance everyone!
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line on screen

I have a line that has appearred across the top of my screen of the phone

other line can't hear me

I can hear the other line perfectly but they cant hear one word I speak. The only way the other line can hear me is if I talk to them on speaker phone. I have the iphone 4s btw ad I also restored it beack to factory settings.

On-line videos

I tried to watch video updates on the BBC Sport website on my phone but i get a message saying
Flash Player not available for your device - Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Adobe Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
Does anyone know a way around this so that i can still watch them on my phone or when Apple may choose to lift these restrictions!
Slightly annoying cause one of the reasons i bought the phone was so i could watch updates on the go!
iPhone 3GS with 4 software upgrade

I want to buy iPhone 4 on-line

hi, sorry im a newbie.
im from Philippines and I want to order it abroad.
i checked the website and it says iphone 4 can be sold from $199.
my question is, if i want to order and ship it to Philippines, what would be the
exact price?
sorry, because im confused if $199 or $299 includes the shipping, extra fees or not.
i want to know the whole amount, from ordering it to shipping in front of my doorsteps.
and what if you dont have a credit card? does apple accepts money transfers or anything?
thanks! go apple!
by the way, maybe some would ask why would i buy it abroad if i can buy one already here in Philippines.
as of Feb 11 2011
$199 is 8,577 pesos
$299 is 12,857 pesos
is way cheaper compare to buying iphone 4 from
Globe (network provider here in Philippines)
if im not mistaken, approx. P30,000 pesos
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Upgrade different line for iPhone

After I receive my iPhone, I would like to use a different line on my account (other than the one the iPhone will be used with) to sign the 2 year contract.
I have done this in the past, but will it still work even though Im pre-ordering?
Should I have AT&T activate over the phone instead of through iTunes?
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upgrading one line then using upgrade on another

If Im on a plan with someone else and they used the upgrade on their line to get me the new phone what should I do when I get it? Activate it then bring it in? Or just bring it to AT&T?

How to read manual off line

Is there a way to read the iPhone 4 manual without havint to be connected to the Internet?
Can I download it and view it on the iPhone? If so, how?
Eros Nunes
iPhone 4

What time should I line up for iPhone

Im new to the iPhone world. I pre-ordered a phone at an apple store in the silicon valley, so Im assuming it will be busy. They open at 7am, what time do I really need to be there to make sure I get a phone, and dont miss half a day of work in doing so?

iphone 3G line out adaptor

Is anybody aware of a line out adaptor for the 3G iphone, not the desktop dock but something portable that would provide line out audio suitable for a car 3.5mm audio interface. I know that this can be done using the headphone socket but this is not the ideal way of getting audio out as it depends on volume levels which can distort the signal.
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I have a horizontal line of dead pixels Help

Hi, I have an iPhone 3g and Ive had it for over a year now, meaning it is no longer covered by warrantee. I started to notice a few stuck pixels a few moths ago, and they came and went so i pretty much ignored them, since they didnt really bother me. A few days ago i noticed two blue stuck pixels just under the top bar of my iPhone and the next day they were replaced by two lines in the shape of a lightening bolt i guess.The next morning i saw it had grown and instead of being a mere 0.5cm it was now 1cm long. I tried a few things: Knox stuck pixel fix and gently massaging the screen where the dead pixels are, but neither of these methods worked. Im not sure what to do to fix this and I was hoping someone would, and ideas or solutions would be much appreciated

iPhone 3G has horizontal line across screen

Today my iPhone developed a line across the screen where the colour is inverted all the time. A restart and a reset have not fixed it. Anyone else had this? Any cure or do I need to send it back (again)?
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What time will you get in line walk-ins o

I WAS thinking 2 hours before the 7:00am opening, but now thinking I may want to arrive 3-4 hours earlier with a comfy chair. Anyone want to share their plans or experience with previous sit ins? ;o)
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Caller Line Identification CLI

Im from Sri Lanka

If i want to save a contact eg: 0777123456

The ways i have to enter to make the contact persons name to appear while reciving call and texts

For Calls (777 123456)

For text messeges (+94 777 123456)


Therefore i have to change and edit all my contacts


Any help to fix this problem

Funny little To boxes before each Subject line

Yesterday I sent an email from my phone for the first time in a very long time. Right after that there were little grey boxes with the word To in front of every subject in every mailbox. There still are.
Im looking in the Inbox and theres no To involved anywhere. Perhaps it should say re:?
Anyone else see this?
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Thin white line on screen

I bought mu iPhone 4 a week ago and it was working all fine but yesterday a thin white line appeared on my screen and I have no idea how it happened. is any solution on fixing this or do I have to go to a apple store?
iOS 4

I have a gray line that appeared across the top of my iPhone3GS

I have a gray line that appeared across the top of my iPhone3GS, out of nowhere (i.e. I didnt drop it or anything). I have updated all my firmware and even tried to reload my system but it didnt change. Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

blue moving vertical line on iphone 4s

hey guys ever since i updated to ios 7 anytime i make a call or its active (texting or going online) a blue vertical line comes up and moves drom one side of the screen to the other it goes away but its annoying and it worries me

can i switch my phone line upon receipt of a new iphone

I purchased a new iphone5 for an elligible line on our family account.  Upon receipt of the phone, can I switch the phone to another line on our account?

My iPhone 3 top line of keyboard is not working

Did anyone have this problem repaired or should I just throw it away

I can't use my line in iPhone and res is not working an seggustion


diverting calls when line is busy or no signal

Is there a way of diverting calls to another number when my iphone is busy or there is no signal or switched off.
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iPhone how to disable subject line in texts

am I going nuts or is this subject line in the text message screen new? It has tripped me up a couple of times because you can send text with no subject but if you happen to tap in the subject area and start typing the text will not send if there is nothing in the body area.
Is this new? why is it there? how can it be disabled?
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