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unable to join home network iphone

unable to join home network iphone

iphone unlocked

My new iPhone4S will not connect to my office wifi It connects to my home wireless network fine I get the message Unable to join the network

My new iPhone4s will not connect to my office wireless network.  It connectsfine to other wireless netwrorks, but not this one.  I get the message Unable to connect to the network .

iphone unlocked

Unable to join network for my home wifi iPhone 4

We have two iPhones at home that, all of a sudden, cannot connect to the home wifi network. 


I rebooted the cable modem and was then able to see and connect to the network with both iPhones and an iPad, but, a few minutes later, was unable to join the network.  I have an iMac and a Thinkpad laptop that both connect fine and stay connected.  Ive tried rebooting the iPhones and forgetting the network, but the problem keeps coming back.  I called Comcast to suggest they change the channel on their wireless gateway, but they couldnt do it.


Any suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.

iPhone 4 suddenly unable to join home network

Everything was fine. Minding my own business. But this morning, my iPhone started telling me it cannot join the home network. Passwords & access had not changed, and my laptop still connects fine. Ive tried resetting network settings on the iPhone, but problem continues. I tried re-adding the iPhone wi-fi address to the settings... still nothing.
Any other suggestions?
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unable to join home wifi network with iphone 3gs or ipod touch

My Netgear WNR2000 router is up to date with firmware and my Dell laptop can connect to it wirelessly now that I have configured it to Windows 7.

My iphone 3gs and ipod touch see the wifi SSDI name, but when I try to configure, reset, or update the devices or the router, after following numerous tech support suggestions, I only get an error message unable to join network.  I have the patience to keep trying, but have had no luck so far, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


My devices:

Netgear WNR2000v1 wireless n router, set to WPA2 (AES) Personal

Dell Studio XPS laptop with Windows 7

iphone 3gs, 8GB model MC640LL, iOS version 4.2.1

ipod touch 32GB model MC008LL, 3rd generation, iOS version 3.1.3


Also, not sure how to access 2.4GHz settings on router, as I saw advice to try to disable the 40MHz setting as it is not supported by iphones/ipods and may reduce interference.  Though, I am guessing my error message may not be related to interference...


If it is an encryption issue I could try resetting my security level.  Is there a lower level that I should be comfortable with leaving my wifi set to (I would rather not use WEP).

Thank you for any advice!

iPhone 4s cannot join home network but works everywhere else including my guest network

I recently purchased an iPhone 4s (upgraded from my 3G). Try as I might, I cant get it to join my main home wi-fi network. I never had any trouble conencting with my 3G. The 4s connects easily to other wi-fi networks; Ive had no other trouble with the 4s. I have installed the most recent 5.0.1 iOS update without trouble.


I have an AirPort Extreme third generation (3 years old), and have also updated it to the most current firmware. I have the Airport configured so theres a main home network and a guest network.


Oddly, the 4s can join the guest network without a problem, but when I try to join my home network, the phone tells me I have either entered the wrong password, or that it simply cannot join the home network.


I am using WPA2 Personal security settings, and have let the Airport configure itself automatically. I havent set anything manually in terms of channel, etc.


I have changed the password to my home network, thinking maybe I had it wrong, and I get the same messages on my iPhone 4s: unable to join network, or incorrect password. I am sure I am typing the password correctly.


I can connect to the home network via my MacBook without any problems. Connectivity to the web works fine.


So. I have walked through all the trouble-shooting ideas Ive found on Apples website to no avail. Ive spoken to two Express Lane advisors, who gave me other tricks to try that have not fixed the problem. Now they advise that I simply restore the phone, but I am reticent to do so before asking questions here.


Does anyone on this forum have any ideas for me, or is it time to do a restore?


Please let me know if theres any other information you might need; I am new posting here, and not an IT professional (or even very familiar with Mac equipment).


Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

iPhone unable to join to network

This is driving me insane! Ive had my iPhone (4s) for a little over a week now. It was connecting to my home router perfectly fine for the last week, but the last couple days when I try to connect it pops up with unable to join network. Ive tried resetting my network settings and I reset my router. It will connect to other wifi networks, just not my house.

Ive been looking on different forums for a few hours now and cant find a solution. Pease help this is very frustrating!

Thanks in advance

My IPhone 4 is unable to join network Help

My desktop says the router is connected and my computers internet works great. But when I try to connect to the internet on my iphone it says unable to join network. Ive put my phone asleep several times and turned it back on. I have a strong connection, it says 3 bars, but it simply will not connect. How can I connect? Ive tried a lot and nothing seems to work. Help!

iPhone 4s Unable to join the network

When I am in the same room as my router, my iphone can connect to the internet as usual. But when I go upstairs or downstairs, it says unable to join the network this is really annoying as I cant use the internet anywhere but in one room. I have a 2.4Ghz connection, does anyone know why my iPhone wont connect? Thanks

TC Working Well BUT iPhone 'Unable to Join Network'

I have posted before about the set up of TC with PC downstairs & iMac upstairs recieving the TC wireless signal.
Here is my set up...
1. BT to Livebox (located downstairs)
2. Ethernet out of Livebox to WAN port on TC
3. Ethernet out of TC LAN port to PC (for net access of PC. PC Internet is ok)
4. iMac intel core 2 duo to recieve wireless signal from TC (iMac located upstairs)
After some initial problems TC is working very well, I have a very strong signal upstairs after moving my TC from under a desk strune with cables to the top of the desk & some different configurations tried in APU.
My iPhone able to jion the network the first time it came online but now, when entering my WPA Personal password into iPhone i get the dreaded Unable to join network xxxxxxxxxx
Anyone any idea why this is or what i can do to fix it
To better TCs i changed from (802.11n b/g compatible) to 802.11n only (2.4GHz) I was also instructed by APU to Share a public IP address under the Internet tab/ Internet Connection in APU. Could this make a difference
My Orange Livebox could be put into Pairing mode, is this is what is needed to reintegrate my iPhone into my network, if so, how is this done
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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iphone - unable to join network - Solved

Solved - Solved -Solved
I held my iphone touching the antenna of WIFI router, it connected to the router. I was able to use the internet in this position only. Moving away from routers antenna, internet does not works. At leaset now I can do some very urgent works on iphone without GPRS connection.
iphone 3g iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone unable to join network in Wifi

I get this message when trying to join my own network (or any other free network). Bluetooth works fine. I have tried resetting Network settings.
iPhone iPhone OS 3.0 iTunes 9.2.1

Unable To Join Network

Hiya im looking for some help here, im trying to connect my new iphone 4 to my home network, It currently only uses WEP. I tap my ssid on the phone and enter my wep code and it says unable to connect to the network xx, If I disable wep it works no problem.
I am definitely typing in the correct WEP key it still says Unable To Join Network , even If I type the WEP key wrong it still says Unable To Join Network instead of saying something like Invaid passcode. Ive tried resetting the phone and a restoring as new and still no luck.
I made my old iphone 3g forgot the network and reconnected no problem, even my ipod touch connects.
Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong and how I would fix it?
Thanks in advance. x
iOS 4

Unable to join network

I have an iPhone thats unable to join my AirPort Extreme network.The strange thing is that Im able to join a network that I create on my PowerBook G4, but never the AiPort Extreme. So the Wi-Fi on the iPhone appears to be okay.

Unable to join network

At home, encrypted, connect no problemo.
Another location, Netgear WGR614, NO encryption, cant connect.
This particular router shows all devices trying to connect to it, doesnt see my phone, but the phone sees the router. I reset network settings on IPhone - still nada.
Any ideas?
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iPhone 4 unable to join 802.11n network

Is anyone else having issues connecting their new iPhone 4 to a 802.11n network? My iPad, iMac and work laptop (PC) all connect fine. When I go into Settings-->Wi-Fi-->Choose a Network... my 802.11g network is listed, but not my N. Choosing Other... does not work.
iPhone 4 iOS 4

How to solve the issue of 'Unable to join the network' on my iPhone 5

I used to connect to a wifi network on my iPhone 5 and suddenly i could not connect anymore to this network. My phone kept showing Unable to join the network. I tried forget this network and resetting the network settings but none of these solutions worked. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

Message Unable to join the network

Picked up my new Iphone last week, have no trouble connecting to a network, but cannot connect to my home router. Eachtime I try and type in the password, its coming up with the error message unable to join the network XXXX... There is no information in the IP Address info panel - all fields such as IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router are all empty. IS there a problem with the phone? Ive done a restart, tried to restore the software etc.
Thanks all
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unable to join WiFI network

Can anyone help? EDGE is working fine for me, but I want to go a bit faster when I an at Home and connect to my macs airport. Do I have to have a airport base station to accomplish this? My IPhone is reconizing my mac, but I keep getting unable to join the network mynames iMAC G5. I am getting a strong signal (from the airport drop-down menu) and I have use interference robustness turned on, but still unable to connect. Any advice? Thanks
IMAC G5 (isight) Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Unable to join Wifi Network

At times my iPhone is not able to connect to my home network.
The SSID would be visible but if I click on it I get the message unable to connect to network..
If I hit the button some 10 times it would eventually connect to the network.
This is very frustrating as the phone then would use 3G/Edge to check email when I am at home.
I am also starting to suspect the issue is between the iPhone and the router (Netgear WNR854T)
Any ideas?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Unable to join WiFi network

My iPhone 3G will see numerous secure and unsecure networks. ATTWIFI as well as the WiFi network I have at my home. I have in the past been able to connect to each of these as well as others. Without a significant event happening to the iPhone I am no longer able to join any network. I am not using the Other network option to try to join the network. For my personal network I have even removed the encryption and tried to connect with no luck.
To troubleshoot the issue I have reset my Network Settings to no avail. I have also done a System Restore on the iPhone and still not able to connect to the SSID that shows up in the available networks. I still believe that this is a settings issue but do not know where to check next.
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone 4 WIFI connectivity issues 'Unable to join the network'

Hi all, apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, Ive had a look through the forum and spotted a number of posts related to WIFI issues, however none seemed specific to my problem.
I have a new iPhone 4 which was purchased 3 days ago. Annoyingly I have a problem trying to connect to my home network - I have been able to connect to other open networks without issue. The error I receive is Unable to join the network. I am currently using WEP 64 bit encryption and the router is configured to allow 802.11 g+b. I have also attempted WPA but to no avail. Interestingly when I remove the encryption (leaving the network) open Im able to join without issue. Obviously this is not a feasible option, can anyone suggest any possible solutions ?
Thanks in advance for any advice / information
iPhone 4 Windows 7

All of a sudden my 3GS is unable to join my home wi-fi

Yesterday, my phone wasnt picking up my homes wi-fi and still isnt today. Ive restarted the phone, the wireless box, plugged in my phone to the computer, and everything else. It finds the network, but says it is unable to join or tells me that my password is incorrect. The weird thing is that my dads 3G is still getting the wi-fi, so I know that it is working.
iPhone OS 3.1.3

iOS 7 wifi unable to join the network

I have an iPhone 5 that I upgraded to iOS 7 on 9/18/13. My phone and wifi connections worked fine until this morning 9/21.


Now when I have tried connecting to 2 different wifi networks, my phone is giving me the message unable to join the network. I dont know why this is happening, has anyone else had this issue?


Wifi has worked the past few days since I completed the update to iOS 7. It has shown as connected a few times today, but no data will load when this happens. I am hesitant to restore the entire phone unless I am sure it will fix the issue.


Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

Unable to Join the Network Airport Extreme

Heres whats going down. I just purchased an Airport Extreme (newest model). Ive set it up and everything works apparently fine. Everything connects through the wifi without a problem except my iPhones (3GS & 4)!! iPads, Laps, everything else works like a charm. I have it hooked up to a DSL Modem (2Wire Gatway). I did not have this problem before with the original Modem (the one to which the AE is hooked up now). Heres a rundown of how Ive got it set up:
Wireless mode: Create a wireless network
Radio mode: Automatic
Channel Selection: Automatic
Wireless Security: WPA2 Personal
Thank you for your wisdom. Happy New Year!!
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I keep gething this unable to join the network msg

I keep getting this message unable to join the network on my iPhone while I trying 2 access the internet in home network.
Any one with the answer please?
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Unable to Join Network SSID Dismiss

Ive wasted a good hour+ tonight trying to figure out why my phone (3G with latest update) wont connect to my home network. It connects to other networks even right in this area, just fine.
Ill get through the obvious stuff right away - Im using a Linksys Wireless B Router (I believe 4-5 years old) part number BEFW11S4.
Every time I try to connect I simple get Unable to Join Network Insert my SSID here - and my only option is to his the patronizing button Dismiss.
Tried disabling my security all-together (no success) - changing channels (I thought that worked for a second, but nope).
Ive tried joining manually, etc etc etc. Nothing. I always get the same thing.
I installed the latest firmware and restarted the router and Mac.
Im using WPA Pre-shared Key for Security type. (I only have the options of WPA Pre-shared Key / WPA Radius and WEP.
After searching and searching, oddly enough this is an obvious problem, but I dont see any good solutions. This is ridiculous - Im just trying to sync an app from my desktop to my phone and I have to do it wirelessly....but cant!

Unable to join network with Airport Express

We have an Airport Express. Our two-day old iPhone cannot connect to it. Normally our network is closed with WPA personal. But, even if I completely open up the network (not hidden, no password), I get the message Unable to join network.
I have updated to what I think it the latest Airport Express firmware, 6.3.
Any ideas?
Powerbook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Firmware 2.0.2 Ramifications Unable to Join Network

It seems like ever since I put 2.0.2 on my 3G iPhone WiFi problems have suddenly entered the picture. Im usually connected to my home WiFi network via a Belkin N1 Vision router. Ever since the 2.0.2 upgrade the WiFi connection gets repeatedly dropped/blocked. What I mean by that is that when I wake my phone up to use it, it doesnt connect to what was previously a working WiFi connection. When I dig into the available WiFi networks list and select my home network I get the Unable to join network alert. My only recourse is to restart the router.
This happens multiple times a day and its bugging the crap out of me. Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? More to the point, does anyone have a solution short of continually restarting the router?

TS1398 How do I override the Unable to join the network on my iPhone I rebooted two times Any suggestions

How do I override the Unable to join the Network, on my Iphone?  I rebooted twice.  Any suggestions?

problem with my wireless network at home - join wrong password

Why does my home wireless network keep asking me to join it, and then when I say yes, it asks for the password, and says I chose an incorrect password?
I do have ask to join clicked on in my settings, but it claims known networks join automatically. Also, in the choose a network list, my network is there, and its checked.
Still, Im being asked whether I want to join my own network, even though its known. Id like to not be asked, and just know that its using my home network when Im home.
Sometimes, itll ask me to choose between a list of wifi choices, and if I choose mine, it doesnt ask for a password, but Im still not sure if Im using my wifi because theres no confirmation, and the password on the previous dialogue box failed-
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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