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unable to restore iphone5c on itunes

unable to restore iphone5c on itunes

iphone unlocked

Unable to restore software for iPhone iTunes won't download

Maybe someone here can help me? I have an iPhone (South Africa-Vodacom) and recently after attempting to tether with it on a pc, the tethering option just completely disappeared from my options menu. I phoned into customer support and they told me i must restore the phone to factory setting, then the tethering option will reappear on the phone. Ok so I went ahead and clicked restore and itunes then connects to download the OS (3.1.3) but it is never able to finish downloading it and the phone never gets restored.
I get a a message that says There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone, an unknown error occurred (9006).
Why am i getting this error. I use iTunes on a mac that is network linked to my PC for its internet connection but I even tried to download it on the pc itunes and it does the same thing.
What on earth am I suppose to do now? How will I get OS 4 when it comes out. Does anyone have any solutions?
Oh and the phone is not jailbroken, totally legit.
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iphone unlocked

TS3424 apple logo appear and iam unable to restore it i have tried everything still itunes is not detecting my iphone help is it a usb issue

my iphone got stuck in apple logo it freeze and neva turn off but still it can turn into recovery mode but iam unable to detect my device in itunes i have tried in differnt pc and change the new usb cable still its not working anyone .... plizzz help

Unable to install IOS4 - and now unable to restore settings

Hope someone can help
I downloaded the new IOS4 software last night, and as it was about half way through installing the software it stopped. The blue bar just stayed where it was and on the phone itself it, I had the white apple logo and the bar indicating it was installing.
I left it on all night, but, still no further progress. I had to disconnect the phone from itunes, then do a force quit. It asked me to reconnect to itunes, which I did, then when it was trying to restore factory settings - the same thing happened - when the blue bar was half way a long it stopped.
Any ideas whats wrong and how can I fix it?
(I have the 3gs and an iMac with Snow Leopard and it was the latest itunes.)
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HT1808 My Iphone says connect to itunes and when i plug it in i can hit restore and it does the whole restore process but then right at the end it says cannot restore What should i do

My iphone says conncect to itunes and when i plug it in i can hit restore and it does the whole restore processs but then right at the end of the restoring process it says cannot restore. What should i do?

Just recieved my replacement iphone and can`t restore `unable to restore iphone is in recovery mode`

Ater picking my iphone up from the store i returned home and tryed to sync it back with my computer. but with no luck.

I then tryed to restore the iphone and after 5mins of waiting an alert came up saying `unable to rstore iphone as it it in recovery mode`.

please help!!!!!!!

HT4623 when i updated my iphone 3gs to ios 6.1.3 it always says when im trying to activate it unable to activate and on itunes its says We're sorry we are unable to continue with your activation at this time

when i updated my iphone 3gs to ios 6.1.3 it always says when im trying to activate it unable to activate and on itunes its says Were sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. what should i do? the iphone told me to conatc apple support but my country doesnt have a number !!

HELP Unable to restore OS 3 on 3G

even as I made a backup while installing OS 4 (took me 3 hours altogether), I am restoring, and erasing and again restoring, but all I get is OS 4. How can I get rid of it? I even tried restore original settings, but to no avail. HELP!!!

Unable to restore

Ive just received a new iphone on my insurance, and whenever i try to restore it, it says that there is no sim card present when there is, ive tried taking it out and restarting but it has no effect, so if anyone has got any helpful advice, please respond. Thanks
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Unable to restore

Help. I turned Iphone on this morning and being prompted for a restore. When I connect to iTunes it doesnt recognise phone as it requires a passcode but doesnt give option to type one in.
I have done multiple resets but still no luck...
Anyone else know how to resolve this
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unable to restore iphone 4

Im unable to restore my iphone 4. What are my options?

iPhone 3G unable to restore

I bought an iPhone 3g used and I wanted to restore to a new firmware so I did. After I downloaded the firmware I keep getting all sort of errors! i have tried many times and I dont know what to do! please help!
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3.1 killed 3G - unable to restore

After installing iTunes 9 and trying to update to 3.1, my 5 week old iPhone 3G has now been dead for over 6 hours and Im unable to revive it even after trying workarounds mentioned on the boards!
Yeah, gutted!!
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Unable to restore when trying to upgrade to 4.3

When I try to upgrade to 4.3 iTunes (correct version) will not restore (error 1013). What to do?
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HT1414 Unable to restore my old iphone3 Please help

Unable to restore my old iphone3 , help please

Unable to restore my original settings

Upgraded to OS4. iTunes detects iPhone is in recovery mode. I click on restore and then a few seconds later I get an Error 9 - Data cannot be restored. How do I remove OS4?
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Unable to sync or restore my iPhone

I tried to access my music on my iPhone tonight, but it wasnt accessible at all any more.
So I tried to re-sync my iPhone with iTunes, but iTunes says that it cannot sync the iPhone and that I should restore it.
Sounds fine, but when I try and restore it I get an error that says:
The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (-18).
I havent hacked or unlocked my iPhone at all and everything was working fine just yesterday.
Does anyone have any ideas what is going wrong or what I can do to fix it?
There is the reset option on the iPhone itself that says that it erases all content and settings. Should I try that and then try and restore it from iTunes?
Thanks in advance.
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Unable to Restore after upgrading 3g to ios4

Anyone else had this issue?
Ive been sitting ~15% into the Restore bar for about 45 minutes now.
iphone iOS 4

HT1414 i am unable to restore my iphone 4

i am unable to restore my iphone 4 ?

Unable to restore iPhone - no error

My iPhone went off by itself (in the middle of the night) and I couldnt get it back on. After browsing a lot I decided to try to restore it.
No error comes up, but it just freezes half way through. Its done it when looking for the iPhone, but its usually when iTunes says Restoring iPhone firmware. I even left it overnight in case it was just taking ages.
Ive been trying on a MacBook, and at the moment Im using my old Dell laptop, but the same thing is happening.
Is the phone just broken? Its gone off itself before and taken ages to finally go back on, but it always got there eventually.
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Unable to sync If i restore all apps gone

When i try to sync i get over capacity problem, and i havent transferred all my apps to itunes, and sometimes i get cannot be synced, so what the **** am i suppose to do, if i restore i lose apps and have to repurchase them seriously? this is this a joke, is this how apple makes their money?, surely their must be a log on the account so i dont have to re purchase
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TS3424 unable to activate after restore and update

I decided to update the iOS on my wifes 3GS phone but was unable to activate the phone again afterward. This phone was originally locked to a French provider FSR and the phone still thinks it is associated with that provider somehow. Contacted Apple support and have restored the phone but still no luck on activation. Ran out of time to deal with this yesterday so I am back again now looking for a solution. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


The message I receive is Were sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. Please try again later or contact customer care


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iPhone 3GS stuck in recovery mode unable to restore

My iPhone 3GS was running low in battery and then it went off on its own. Plugged into car charger, usually I would see the charging sign but curiously not this time. Unable to turn on the phone, its all black. Got home and plug into the computer and it said that its in recovery mode and it needed to be restored. Attempted to restore but kept on getting unable to restore due to error (21). Did a quick search and have done the followings; (updated all softwares, turned off computer, check USB wire, turned off firewall, created new user, used a different computer....) still unable to restore. screen would turn to white blank screen. Called Apple Support and they had me tried everything again and still nothing. Please help...
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unable to restore iPhone 3Gs with iOS 4 error 1013

I recently updated my 16GB iPhone 3Gs with iOS 4 (iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw) using iTunes 9.2 - it worked fine for a few days then all of a sudden I got a pop up message saying you are unable to make or receive calls, please connect to iTunes. I did so and restored the firmware, it went through the whole cycle, unpacked, installed, verified and when it was about to be completed I got the following error from iTunes:
The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1013)
The phone remained in restore mode (iTunes icon and USB cable). I tried restoring again with the same result. I then deleted the firmware file, rebooted and reinstalled (same error). I then deleted a reinstalled iTunes (no dice). I tried alternative USB ports and cables and also tried on 2 other computers and tried all this in DFU mode too yet nothing has worked.
I would also like to point out that it is an original O2 phone with O2 chip that has never been jailbroken. Any ideas as to whats wrong? Or what I can do? Thanks in advance for you help!
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im trying to update my iphone 3g and i keep getting error 1015 that its unable to restore it what can i do ive been trying for 3 days now

im trying to update my iphone 3g and i keep getting error 1015 that its unable to restore it what can i do ive been trying for 3 days now

HT1808 Cycling boot after upgrading 3GS with IOS6 - unable to restore


After applying the IOS 6 upgrade on my 3GS, the device boot, the screen shows the Apple logo and after a minute or two, the ring appears and the device reboot again... and again and again...

iTunes shows the device after the reboot but no way to synchronise...

Boring !

I already tried to restore by pressing home button (works but the same thing appens after the first reboot), and using the DFU mode (thanx to my friend google )

I also tried to restore during the fews minutes iTunes shows the device... but any of these restore works... My 3gs is on a cycling boot.

A also tried the same method (the diffrents restores) on a PC and on a MAC AND with 2 differents genuine USB cables.... and with the last version of iTunes AND with differents downloads of the IPSW....


thanx for your ideas !


PS : Im french, so feel free to ask if Im not clear

TS1275 Unable to restore my iPhone 3G error code 1015 any suggestions

Unable to restore my iPhone 3G error code 1015. any suggestions?

Restore Needed iPhone cannot make or receive calls Restore from iTunes WWW.apple.com support

I have upgraded my iPhone 4s iOS to the latest version (6.1.3). I have started to get an error for No Service. But when I switch OFF or sometimes hard reset my iPhone (Pressing the Home button and the Power ON/OFF button at the same time ) , I get the signal back. Sometimes I do not get the signal back in first attempt, so I have to repeat the same process for 2-3 times.


It sometimes even asks me to restore my iPhone. Saying iPhone cannot make or receive calls Restore from iTunes. WWW.apple.com/support

I have already restored my iPhone 3-4 times. But still I face the same issue.


I have even figured out that if I turn ON my 3G services, this problem arises offently. For this, I asked couple of my friends for their 3G service running well with the same carrier and on the iPhone (here in India), they say they face no problem at all!!!


So, I thought might be my SIM has some problems and got my SIM replaced from Vodafone. But still no help!!!


Ok last but not the least. I got my iPhone from Singapore when it was not launched in India. So now it seems that the Apple support in India wont help me (I called up the apple help support in India and they simply refused to help me ) ! They asked me to send the phone to Singapore or to U.S. for any issues that I face.


Can somebody Please Help Me?!?! !


Any help is greatly appreciated!




iPhone 3gs is frozen after upgrade to OS6 iTunes prompts to restore but restore does not work Phone is unusable

iTunes prompted me to upgrades my iPhone 3gs to OS 6. I initiated the upgrade, and it downloaded and then installed. There was no indication of a problem.


The update completed, and said that the phone would restart (and to keep it connected via USB). However, the phone went into a splash screen with the USB cord and iTunes icon. iTunes said that the phone needed to be restored. After the restoration process, iPhone said the same thing again, that I needed to restore the phone. No matter what I do, the phone does not restart and iTunes says that it needs to be restored.

Everything was perfectly fine before the update.


Thanks for your help.

HT1296 restore from icloud versus restore from itunes

Just interested because since Apple released io 5, my iphone crashes constantly and is actually unuseable and it coincided with the release of iphone 4 and I refuse to be bullied into buying a new piece of technology ...one solution I have read about is to back up iphone and then restore.

Can anyone reccomend which is going to restore my iphone content please?

HT1808 please HELP after restore found this error We're sorry we are unable to continue with your activation at this time Please try again later or contact customer care

please HELP!! after restore found this error,, Were sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. Please try again later, or contact customer care ?

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