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unforget wifi network

unforget wifi network

iphone unlocked

How do I unforget a network

I have wifi in my home and my iphone used to connect to it automatically when I was there. Lately it does not. I dont believe that I hit the forget this network button there, but it is possible. How do I get my iphone to remember that location so I do not have to manually switch to wifi in my home? Thanks.

iphone unlocked

TS2802 I have updated my i4s to ios5.1.1 however after updated my phone totally couldn't connect to wifi even i reset my network setting the message just showed me could not scan for wifi network anyone can help

i have updated my i4s to ios5.1.1, however after updated, my phone totally couldnt connect to wifi, even i have reset my network setting, it just showed a message couldnt scan for wifi network, anyone know how to solve ya ?

My new iPhone4S will not connect to my office wifi It connects to my home wireless network fine I get the message Unable to join the network

My new iPhone4s will not connect to my office wireless network.  It connectsfine to other wireless netwrorks, but not this one.  I get the message Unable to connect to the network .

How to unforget a Bluetooth device

I set to forget a bluetooth device I was trying to pair in an effort to resolve a pairing issue I had. But when I did so, I was never able to see that bluetooth device again.
How do I unforget the bluetooth device so my iPhone can discover it once again?
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how do i UNforget a device so i can use it for bluetooth

so i have an iphone 4 and i connected the bluetooth and paired it to my macbook pro...


after i did this i was using my iphone 4 and accidently pressed Forget this Device.


now i cant connect via bluetooth to my macbook pro 


... so i was wondering if anyone knew how to UNforget a device using my iphone because now my macbook pro does not show up anywhere on available devices to connect bluetooth... kinda frustrating

Can an iphone unforget a bluetooth device

Since Ive installed the new phone OS, my 32 GB iphone (OS 4.0.1) refuses to connect to my Plantronics Discovery 975 headset. While trying to sort out the problem (which obviously hasnt been solved yet) I told my iPhone to forget the device. How can you get the phone to unforget the device and see my bluetooth headset?
iPhone iOS 4 Plantronics Discovery 975

I can use my iphone 4 to make calls sms and get on the internet with wifi How can I activate the cellular data network so that I could serf the net without wifi

I can use my iphone 4 to make calls, sms, and get on the internet with wifi. How can I activate the cellular data network so that I could serf the net without wifi?

wifi change the password for secure wifi network

known wifi network changed the password, now how do I replace an old password on the iPhone? I did not find the screen to enter the new network, nor could I find where/how to delete the network settings for that known network and start over again
iPhone 1.1

Wifi vs 3G Network

Does the iPhone default to one or the other or favor Wifi if available? Should I leave the wifi option turned on to take advantage of possible open networks? I have MBP set up for Airport internet sharing which is strong for right around the building but can drop at distance. I could go to garage and not so good if at all, would the iPhone then switch to 3GS or just drop the connection then re establish when back in range?
Does turing Wifi off have any advantages? Battery life perhaps?
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Wifi network

Though wi if is connected but not able to search the network

Why does Wifi keeps on asking network password

When I try to connect to my home network, iPhone keeps on asking for a password. Once I do input the password, it connects, but the next time around I am back at square one. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this. Thank you!
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No Wifi after tethering to network

Why I did this I dont know. While in SLO I tried to connect to a tether option presented as a wifi network on my Iphone 3 g running ios 4.0
Now the wifi does not see any networks at all.
Went to 3 geniuses so far and tried a network reset, an all reset, a simple restore, a two finger restore, a pull the sim card and try again, face the east and say please three times, but still the iphone doesnt see the wifi networks.
Apple genius here says hardware problem but why from tethering ?
any suggestions? beyond the $200 apple trade in?
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Can't join WiFi network

My iPhone 3gs wont join the WiFi network in my local pub. Other people with iPhones dont have this problem, but it turns out that none of those is a 3GS model. This network has WPA security. Whenever I try to join it, it says I entered the wrong password. But I am definitely entering the correct password.
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WiFi network locked

I recently upgraded to version 4.1 and also at that same time changed the router on my home network.
Now for some reason when I go to use the network wifi on my phone I find that is locked.
Im pretty sure that it has to be something to do with the router as my wifes phone is the same way and she hasnt upgraded yet.
Ive tried clicking on the blue button which takes me to the next screen but cant find anything except the information for the network such as IP address, Subnet mask, Router etc. all of the fields are filled in correctly.
I tried selecting (Forget this Network) and filling in the fields that would allow it, however seeing as I was entering just the same information as the original network I didnt see any change when I re-selected WiFi Network from the settings.
I also tried rebooting my phone but that didnt change anything.
I cant find anything in the manual that was of any help so short of changing my network password and name I dont know of anything else I can try to get rid of the padlock.
Im hoping that smarter minds than mine can figure this out.
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WiFi - Do not see the network listed

I chose the forget this network option to a network I would now like to choose. However, it is not listed. How do I get the iPhone to see the network again so I can choose to connect?
3G iOS 4

Can't connect to WiFi network

My steps (iPhone 4S):

1. Settings Wi-Fi.

2. Tap on my wireless network.

3. Enter password.

4. Tap Join.


Result: A message comes up with zero delay, saying that it was unable to join the network. No further infromation is provided.


100% positive that password is correct - entered it four times on device, then entered it on laptop and it was accepted there.

100% positive that network is correct - no other networkin range has a name even remotely close to it.

How to know if mail comes from 3G or WIFI network

I want to know if iphone has a network priority while checking mail. when Im at home I have WIFI. Will iphone use 3G network or WIFI to download my mail messages then? I understand that when WIFI is not enabled it will not.But when it is enabled how is it done? Same doubt when browsing using safari.
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Forget a WiFi Network without Connecting to It

Is there a way to tell the iPhone to Forget this Network for a network you havent connected to?
Or perhaps I should phrase the question differently: Is there a way to keep asking me if I want to join networks in general, but stop asking me about thus-and-so network in particular?
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iPhone can't find Wifi network s

Recently my phone has not been able to pick up or find any wifi networks. I can be sitting right next to the router and it still finds nothing. Its overall pretty frustrating having to run on 3G. Any suggestions/similar situations? thx
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.0.1

Doesn't show my wifi network

Help! My Iphone doesnt show my wifi network user/ID. I check my adapter and its on. The wifi on my iphone is on, but I cant find my wifi network in the networks.

Can the iphone use network data while on wifi

I have been charged large amounts of data usage on my Iphone while it was on wifi. Went through several session with AT&T and they had me replace the sim card and when that did not fix the problem, they advised me that the phone itself was bad and needed to be replaced. It is an Iphone 4 that Ive had for about 2 years. Does this seem like a likely issue, or is it just AT&T making up excuses for overcharging me?

how do I connect to more than one wifi network at the same time

how do I connect to more than one wifi network at the same time with iphone 5

iphone 3gs as a wifi network

i heard that you can use your ipone 3gs to create a wireless network that which you can join with another device and youll be connected to the internet... if so how is it done?
macbook Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Cannot get mails thru wireless network WIFI

Hi all
After iPhone update 2.1 now at least I can get mails thru the GSM network using EDGE (before nothing really worked). But if I turn on the wireless network feature on the iPhone no more messages and mail-updates are coming in my iPhone even if it shows best connectivity. No difference between POP and MAC accounts. And the used WIFI network is my pure Apple Airport Extreme/Express network.
If I want to get messages thru the WIFI I have to turn off the iPhone and turn it back again. Then for a short period (one load?) the mails are coming in.
Or I can switch of the WIFI on the iPhone and wait for EDGE. And then the mails are coming in too. This feature works fine since 2.1 - but costs more because of using the GSM network.
By the way I have several WIFIs in different locations. And I have recognized, that all of these LANs start having problems with internet-access of the related mac-computers if one iPhone is joining the network too. So I had to turn off the iPhone, bring down and up again the WIFI and then at least the macs came back to the internet.
Or does mobile me with its push-feature still not work properly?
Any ideas? Thanks.
MacBook Pro A1212 Mac OS X (10.4.9) iPhone 2.1, Airport Networks

i am having trouble connecting to my wifi network

i am having trouble connecting to my wifi network

iphone using wifi when it's on not the 3G network provider

Hi Guys,
How can I be sure that my iphone is using the wifi network when I am surfing online and not the 3G service from the network provider?
Does the phone automatically block the 3G and uses the wifi or what?
Mac Pro Mac OS X (10.5.5) Quad-Core Intel Xeon

unable to join WiFI network

Can anyone help? EDGE is working fine for me, but I want to go a bit faster when I an at Home and connect to my macs airport. Do I have to have a airport base station to accomplish this? My IPhone is reconizing my mac, but I keep getting unable to join the network mynames iMAC G5. I am getting a strong signal (from the airport drop-down menu) and I have use interference robustness turned on, but still unable to connect. Any advice? Thanks
IMAC G5 (isight) Mac OS X (10.4.10)

Connecting to WiFi network-bizarre

Hi, I work on a college campus with a protected network. I can connect to the wireless on my laptop, but its hit or miss on my iPhone. I have to go through some pretty elaborate steps in order for it to work some of the time...
First, my iPhone hardly ever recognizes/remembers the network name even though Ive previously connected to the internet successfully. I have to type in the network name almost every time my phone goes to sleep. Secondly, I have to change the password setting from WEP password to WEP hex or ASCII even though it is a WEP password. Furthermore, sometimes when I connect successfully to the network (theres a check beside network name), my phone still uses Edge. Ive even been able to connect to the internet without typing in a password at all! I just type in the network name, select no security, and click join until it lets me join as if its given in and let me join by virtue of my persistence...
There is no one thing I do that works 100% of the time. However, this is what I do that enables me to connect 80% of the time.
1) manually type in network name
2) type security code
3) click join a few times, unable to join
4) select no security then join
5) iphone connects, but still cant use wifi
6) choose forget network
7) choose network again and type in security code
8) voila, the internet via wifi
What the deuce is going on here? Why do I have to take such bizarre and elaborate steps to join a wireless network? I dont have this problem at home, though the one at home is an open network.
Other than this one problem, I am enjoying my iPhone immensely.
MacBook Intel Duo, 2nd Gen iPod Nano, iPhone Mac OS X (10.4.10)

iPhone 3G WiFi keeps dropping network

Normally, when my iPhone goes on standby, it would disconnect from my home WiFi network. When I turn it on by pressing the home button, often itd take a few seconds to reconnect to the WiFi network, but it does. Sometimes, Id have to manually turn off and turn back on the WiFi to reconnect with the network. Thats not the problem though.
The problem is that, and this just started happening TODAY, after it comes out of standby, the iPhone would reconnect to the network but after a few seconds, the WiFi icon would change back to an EDGE icon. Even when theres a check mark next to network name and full reception (on the WiFi), Id only get the Edge or 3G connectivity, as shown by the icon next to AT&T up top and using Safari/Mail. After over a minute or so, the WiFi icon would reappear and Id again have WiFi connectivity.
Is this normal? I am concerned because this just started happening today. Normally, the iPhone would reconnect with the WiFi network automatically and stay connected until it goes back on standby.
I am using a Linksys WRT110 router. I dont have any problem with my laptop. The router is located in the room across the hallway. The router uses WPA2 encryption and the SSID is hidden. I have connected to the WiFi network before. I have turned off the iPhone and turned it back on.
Should I take this to an Apple store to get it looked at? I am going on a trip overseas soon and want to take care of this before I leave.
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 2.2

Home wifi network and iphone

Setup a new wifi router tonight solely for my iphone. Works great with security disabled. Once I enable security, not so much. The phone simply wont connect to the network, no chance to enter in the password. (using WPA 2 security)
-Any advice?
-Anyone simply not use security on their wifi router when using solely for the iphone?
-How unsecure can this be for my iphone? (not using security)

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