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unlock passcode iphone 4 without itunes

unlock passcode iphone 4 without itunes

iphone unlocked

How to unlock a iphone when someone else put the passcode and my iphone is saying to connest to itunes

How do you get a iphone unlocked when someone else put a passcode on it

iphone unlocked

i forgot the passcode to unlock my iphone

I forgot the passcode for my iPhone I just bought today, and now Its locked for 15minutes. Is there any way to unlock it!?

Unlock the passcode

Dear Sir,
I have a problem with my Iphone 3GS. Ive tried to install the newest iTunes to restore OS in my Iphone, but the iTunes say : could not connect to my Iphone because it is lock with a passcode. You must enter the passcode on the Iphone before it can be used with iTunes. And at the Iphone, I cannot do anything, only slide for emergency, connect to iTunes, and logo for IMEI & ICCID but both of them unknown. What can I do to restore and run again my Iphone? Thank you very much.
Hery Chris
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How do I unlock my iphone when I forgot the passcode lock

     Hi guys. Kay so I made a new password on my iphone with my friends, but now I have forgotten it and my phone has locked me out for 1 hour. How do I 1.) take the passcode off, 2.) get into my phone WITHOUT resetting or restarting it? I NEED to get into it immediately.


Set Iphone Passcode Phone won't unlock

Had Iphone replaced few days ago. Set passcode this morning - same passcode been using forever. Went to unlock phone and keeps telling me passcode is wrong. (I guarentee you it is not). Now phone is completely locked from use and I need access before I can return home and completely restore software.
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How to unlock forgotten passcode

AM not able to reset my iphone passcode since i forgot my old passcode.

HT1212 hello i have an iphone 4 here it is disables and iff i connect it to the pc which i dont regularly use it says it cannot be used because you have to enter the passcode an unlock but its disabled then i tried doing the recovery thing and there

iphone 4! disabled.. tried using itunes say to enter passcode! then tried doing the recovery mode and there was an error!!



I have an iPhone and have changed my passcode but i can't remember it how can i unlock my iphone

My friend has an older generation iPhone and has changed the passcode accidently she doesnt know what it is. How can we get it unlocked?

TS3281 my 3gs iphone is stuck - I cannot slide to unlock when I restart it gets stuck on the enter passcode screen and is still frozen I cannot enter my password I have precious photos on the camera roll I'm desperate to retrieve Help

my 3gs iphone is stuck - I cannot slide to unlock. when I restart it gets stuck on the enter passcode screen and is still frozen, I cannot enter my password. I have precious photos on the camera roll Im desperate to retrieve. Help!

HT4113 iOS Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode and I don't have the computer where i sync first time my iphone how can I activate again

After entering wrong passcode and I dont have the computer where I sync first time my iphone


How can I activate again in other computer?


Thank you

Have a great day

reset passcode with itunes

From browsing the Internet I see a lot of people trying to bypass the iPhone passcode lock.  I have a similar but I think unique situation.


I had a passcode set on my phone.  I couldnt sleep two nights ago and vaguely remember playing with my phone settings.  The next morning I went to use my phone and my passcode wouldnt work.  With a sinking feeling I remember seeing passcode settings.


Needless to say I entered codes until I got the Connect to Itunes prompt.


Thinking iTune stored multiple backups, I connected my phone and made a backup not realizing I just erased the one from the prior week.


So now I can connect to iTunes, tell it to restore, get the Cannot Restore theres a Passcode message, disconnect the cable, reconnect the cable, it syncs for a few seconds, then have access to the Passcode screen for another 10 tries until it locks again and I have to repeat this.


I dont want to reset and lose my data.  In iTunes I can see my apps, music and movies.  Is there a way iTunes can reset the passcode?  I dont want to do the reset/restore for two reasons: 1) everthing Ive read says I lose app data if I do that and 2) since I backed up after locking does that restore the forgotten passcode too so I end up in the same boat?



iTunes could not connect because it is locked with a passcode

The Error:
iTunes could not connect to the iPhone t3l01vs iPhone because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.
The Issue
I just installed the 3.0 software. The iTunes store was not available to activate my phone right away, which is normal, considering the 3.0 just came out. I have an Exchange email account configured on the phone which requires me to have a passcode set.
I cant enter my passcode because the phone is stuck on a display that says Slide for Emergency and is asking to connect to iTunes.
Pretty bad catch22 if you ask me. Can anyone help?
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Can't enter passcode wanted by iTunes

Im in need of rather quick help - suddenly my iPhone stopped being able to make and receive calls, and called for a restore in iTunes. However, when I connect the iPhone to iTunes, iTunes asks me to enter my pass code on my iPhone -but all the iPhone displays is the connect to iTunes icon and the slide to make emergency call thing, i.e. there is no way for me to enter my pass code.
Please help! Thank you!
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TS2802 My iPhone 3Gs will not restore as it is passcode protected & will not allow me to enter my passcode How do I restore with this issue

My daughters iPhone 3GS has locked up & she had a passcode on it.  She has not been able to restore through iTunes due to the passcode.  How does she fix this?

iPhone O2 Unlock - Plugging into iTunes

Hi All,
Ive recently requested an unlock from O2, as Im going abroad for a month soon and wish to use a different carriers Sim Card temporarily.
Ive received the text back from o2, which asks me to put in the new sim card, and then connect to iTunes. Does this Sim card HAVE to be the one I wish to use? Because I obviously dont yet have this particular sim card (planning to purchase while Im over there).
Will any non-o2 Sim Card do the job? I wont have access to my home itunes library while Im there, and for some unknown reason, Apple seem to want to wipe my iPhone if I connect it to my laptop!
Thanks for your help!
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Unlock an iphone 3GS itunes part

Hi I purchased a second hand iphone 3GS about a year ago for my girlfriend on the Orange network from an ebay seller. She is moving network provider now and hence we need her phone unlocked from Orange.


I have contacted the  ebay seller who has kindly requested Orange to unlock the phone and he will message me back when Orange confirm back to him the phone is unlocked. Apparently Orange are quoting 30days just to send a message to the apple database.


I understand that the process then would be to insert the non Orange sim into the phone and then connect the phone up to a PC and log into itunes and a message should come up saying the phone is unlocked.


However would you have to be logged into the itunes account of the seller for the phone to be successfully locked?


Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am looking at buying an iphone 4 for myself on ebay. One seller has confirmed that they have just requested their phone be unlocked by their network provider and that the winning bidder will need their apple id to complete the unlock process which sounds strange. Hence my confusion.


Many Thanks



Locked out iphone 3g no original computer itunes it was synced to How do I unlock

As I stated I have my old iPhone 3g that I am trying to get back into.  My plan was to a sim card swap with the crappy phones my work provides for temp loaner phones so i could have a functional phone for while working for other offices in the field.  The problem is I cannot remember my old password and I no longer thave the itunes/computer it was synced too.  My currenty computer keeps asking me to sync it back to the original itunes computer.


How do I get around this?  

how do I unlock my Iphone 3G as screen reads disabled connect to iTunes

Hello - - -


I had not used my iphone 3g for a number of months since I purchased another cell phone. I forgot the passcode and after numerous attempts, ll I have on te srenn is iPhone is disabled - Connect to iTunes  


I have attempted to find the icon and features needed on iTunes to no avail. Help.


I have lots of photos, video, etc I would like to retrieve from this old iPhone.




iTunes minimizes on unlock

In the most recent version of the iPhone firmware, if Im playing music with the screen locked, when I unlock the screen, the iPhone automatically minimizes iTunes and returns to the home screen. This is unbelievably annoying. Is there any way to stop this behavior, and just leave iTunes up?

Why Can't Canadian Providers Unlock on ITunes

Im wondering why cant ITunes allow IPhones to be unlocked under the 4 Companys selling IPhone, like Bell,Telus,Fido, and Rogers
I had to go all the way back to fido once i found out my iphone was not activated in stores and Itunes would not allow it....
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i am using factory unlock iphone 3gs if i upgrade it then still i need to unlock it again

i am using factory unlock iphone 3gs if i upgrade it then still i need to unlock it again

Will not unlock so cant connect to itunes to fix crash

Hi guys / gals, Hope some1 can help.
32GB 3GS, basically, i was on wifi playing app game, i made an in app purchase then the wifi signal went & also the celular signal,, well i came out of game to a message like you can not make any calls, connect to itunes to fix, well i restared it thinking it would fix, well now i have a screen msg with the USB & apple icons and Slide for emergency in all languages,,
Connect to computer & itunes wants the phone unlocked before it will do anything,, well cant unlock as it wont let me
Really need this to work as im hearing about a job interview i had today on this number,,
Bought the phone new last June on the day of release in the UK,, from the Celullar provider 02 who were the only ones with the contract then.
Any ideas,
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how can i unlock my granddaughter's iphone that one of her friends changed the password on and locked it the phone is saying connect to itunes

how can i unlock my granddaughters iphone that one of her friends changed the password on and locked it? the phone is saying connect to itunes.

I am tryin to unlock restore sertings on my iPhone 4 But when i connect to itunes it tells me i need version 11.1 or below older

I am trying to unlock my iphone 4 but cannot connect to itunes because it says i need version 11.1 or below (older) ?

So I had put a lock on my IPhone and forgot the pin number and is now completely locked out it says Connect to Itunes so I did but cant get it to unlock

So I had put a lock on my IPhone and forgot the pin number! I am now locked out! It says to connect to itunes so I did but nothing has happene my phone is still locked! Someone help!

HT1414 I have an iphone 3gs that was at&t locked I recieved an authorization that it would be unlocked with the next itunes sync but it will not unlock

I recently recieved an authorization from AT&T that my iphone 3gs can be unlocked by simply using itunes to restore it to factory settings.  I have been unsuccessful and the phone remains locked.  What can I do to remedy this?

What is the process to unlock an iPhone 4 once I have the unlock code

Im leaving work but keeping my iphone 4. Thet have provided me with a PAC details to keep my number and given me an a five digit unlock code. What do i need to do with this ? Im waiting for a new sim card to arrive  which will be using the O2 network. My Company service was Vodafone. What do I do when the new sim arrives. Not sure whether I should take the old sim out then synch with itunes or what to expect from itunes when I do this. I just want to make sure I do everything in the right order and not loose anything on my phone if possible. Many thanks for any help. 

HT1222 if i update ios version does the factory unlock will be lock or remain in unlock mode

if i update ios version, does factory unlock will be locked or remain unlocked

Verizon Iphone 4 without sim card is locked because of forgotten passcode Can't access serial number because of having no sim tray Never synced with itunes Recovery mode always comes up with an error are there any solutions on resetting the phone

Verizon Iphone 4 without sim card is locked because of forgotten passcode. Cant access serial number because of having no sim tray. Never synced with itunes. Recovery mode always comes up with an error. are there any solutions on resetting the phone?

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