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visio tv play music via headphone jack

visio tv play music via headphone jack

iphone unlocked

HT1688 How can I get something out of my headphone jack on iphone 5 It won't come out and I can't listen to music

Please help! I cant get something out headphone jack on iPhone 5!

iphone unlocked

Brand new 3GS Headphone jack does not fit in the jack hole anyone else

I just bought 32gb white 3GS 1 1/2 weeks ago, and I just went into the box to try my earphones for
the first time. I thought I was dreaming,, but I could not get the jack to fit in the hole Even slightly forcing it didnt help. I didnt want to go crazy on pushing it. I decided to take my light case of the phone, just to make sure that the case wasnt getting in the way.. It only goes down about 3/4 way down the hole. I turned on some music,, but obviously the jack is not down enough to make the connection. Has anyone else had this problem? It just doesnt seem to want to fit, and yet it is the brand new one that came with the phone.
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HT5014 just installed 5.1.1 Iphone4 does not play music threw speakers or head set jack

just installed 5.1.1 and cant play music threw the phone speakers or headset jack. it will play music through a base. also the phone rings and text notifications work. i tried to reinstall software. it seens the phone does not reconize the speakers in the software. thanks for your help.

The whole headphone jack is stuck in my iPhone 4 it just snapped off when I puller it out how do i get it out seem as the whole jack is stuck in there

The whole of my headphone jack snapped off and when I mean the whole thing I literally mean the whole jack how do I get it out as I dont really want to pay hinder of pounds to get it fixed , thanks a lot

Headphone Jack

Hey anyone who cares.
My headphone jack on my iPhone has been playing up recently, you gotta keep spinning the plug when it is in to find the sweet spot to have proper volume from both earbuds, sometimes it says they arent even in.
Anyway to get this fixed would I need to go through Apple support or my service provider who my phones plan is with.
Sorry if I seem stupid
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i bought some music off of itunes music will play on my pc and one iphone I try to play it on another phone it wont play it looks like the songs i already have on my phone but it just won't start playing

i bought some music from itunes off my pc, it automaticly went to my wifes phone and my phone,my wife can tap on the songs and listen to the new music  but when i do the same thing on my phone the song wont play

What is the little hole next to the headphone jack for

What is the little hole next to the headphone jack for? Not the SIM card eject on the side. The similar hole near the headphone jack.
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Headphone Jack iphone 4 HELP

Okay, I got water in my headphone jack so i got a bit of tissue and poked it into the port with a hair clip to dry it.. Then it got stuck so I used a safety pin to pull it out.. There was still a little piece in there so I poked the pin in and then i took it out.. A puff of smoke came out of the headphone jack hole thing and the tip of the pin was black.. The port smells like smoke now .. Any ideas Im scared incase it goes on fire

Problem Headphone jack

Hello everyone,
Ive got an issue with the headphones that came with my iphone 3g. It seems that the jack doesnt fit well in the device. It just doesnt go all the way in and it sticks out a bit. I can hear sound coming from both earbuds though, but it just doesnt look right. Now I dont want to give it a hard push and break the thing, so I wanted to ask you guys if this is normal or not and if I should push it hard to get it all in.
Thanks in advance,
PS: I have a sense that this issue has been discussed a hundred times before, so Im sorry if this is the case.
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Faulty headphone jack

The headphone jack on my iphone has stopped working properly in the last few days; sound is only coming out of one of the earpieces, unless i pull it out slightly in which case sound only comes out of the other.
Ive tested it with a few different headphones that work in other players all with the same result.
Does anyone know of anything I can do? Is this covered by warranty?
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Is my headphone jack wonky

When I insert a set of headphones (tried a few) into my iphone 4 headphone jack, they appear to sit at a very slight angle to the right.
Should I be worried or am I being a bit OCD?
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Headphone jack and screen help

Hey all. So Ive had my iphone 3g since May, and everything has been fine, up until about 2 weeks ago.
I dont listen to music through headphones much on my iphone, mostly due to the fact it is pretty impossible. When I have headphones plugged in, and Im listening to music, whenever I even lightly touch the phone (specifically towards the top left of the screen), the sound stops playing out of the right headphone, and I can only hear it in the left. As you can imagine, this is ridiculously annoying, as when my phone is in my pocket or bag and Im listening to music, its going to get touched.
Is this a problem that I will have to get sorted by Apple, as in sending my phone off for repair?
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iPhone 3G HeadPhone Jack

I am new to the iPhone. I noticed that the iPhone 3G audio jack has extra connection for the mic. Does this mean that I cannot use a regular headphone. I have added an audio input to my car but the patch cable I have does not have the extra mic ring. Will it cause damage to the iPhone if I use it?
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Broken Iphone 3g Headphone Jack

Recently my headphone jack no longer works properly. When ever I put in headphones it sounds as though the connections arent being properly made. Also the silver lining at the top of the jack has gone away. This happened through no fault of my own and has not even been a month since the warranty ended. This is my second iPhone due to accidental damage to the first. Is there anything I can do because it is completely ridiculous to pay 200$ to have it repaired when the warranty has only JUST ended, and its not even a main/expensive component.
Ive read some other post stating to use a pin to move the contacts inward, has anyone tried and had success doing this? Thanks in advanced.

pin hole next to headphone jack

what is it for? otterbox leaves this exposed.
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How to silence ring through headphone jack

I have occasionally played music from my iPhone out through the headphone jack and through our in-house audio system at church. Which usually is great. However, if I get a phone call while the song is playing from iTunes, the ring comes through the system, even though Ive got the phone silenced. Any idea whether this is even possible to correct? Obviously, having a phone start ringing through the PA during the middle of a worship song is pretty annoying.
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Why is my headphone jack working improperly

Hey people, I got my iPhone 4 8GB model as a gift in mid October, and I might need some help...


You see, recently my headphone jack didnt function properly. It seems that one headphone (Usually the left one) doesnt work anymore. At first I thought my pair of old Apple Earbuds were broken and I just needed a new set so thats just what I did. Too bad THOSE headphones didnt work either, and to confirm that, I tested them on my sisters iPhone 4 and they worked perfectly!


My only action was to contact my sister Laura and she replied saying it was a software problem and I needed to do a hardware reset. Doing exactly that, my problem crept on me like a persistent little bugger! Telling her about my difficulties, she told me to do a system restore, and I did, and it still didnt work!


All of this mishmash really did confuse me... How could a hardware problem be a software problem? Maybe it wasnt a hardware problem at all? I was really desperate. Desperate enough for me to buy a new iPod Classic. And the bigger problem is since it was a gift, I dont know if my warranty even covers it... That gave me the intention to go on the Apple support page, and just my luck when I found out that my warranty DID NOT cover my problem.


So, now I wanna know if any of you guys have a solution, or even had the same stories. I have an iPhone 4 8GB running iOS 6.1.3 and I need help. I could go with Bluetooth headsets, but I found the perfect wired headset that was pretty good sound quality and at a great price with an anti-tangle cord. If you dont know a solution, please give me a good suggestion on what I should possibly do. Help a bro out, guys!

Headphones will not fit into headphone jack

When I originally bought my iPhone 3G, the included apple-headphones fit into the jack perfectly. Now they do not go completely into the jack, and I can still see about a quarter of an inch of metal hanging out. This also appears to have rendered the headphone remote button useless as well.
Im pretty sure nothing is clogging the jack, does anyone have this problem (or a solution)?
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iPhone headphone jack issue

I just got new iPhone headphones, cuz the original ones broke. So i was listing to music on my iPhone 3GS. Then all i hear is music coming out of the right headphone and the left headphone doesnt seem to work. I plugged in the headphones on my MacBook Pro and my teachers iPhone 3GS and then headphone worked perfectly. I plugged in the headphone in half way and i can hear my music on both headphone. So if i put it all the way in, I can only hear music on the right headphone. What could be the issue with my iPhone?
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New iPhone headphone jack issues

Ive just got a replacement iphone yesterday and upon trying headphones I noticed that I can only get sound out of one earphone. If I pull the jack out a little bit it sort of works out of both. Ive tried 3 sets of headphones - all have the same issue. Is this a common/known problem or am I going to have to wait another 5 weeks for a new one!?
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Problem with Headphone Jack Any suggestions

I Bought new Iphone 3gs few days ago. And have just for the first time tried to use my headphones but the sound is all distorted. It appears some debris has found its way into the headphone jack (Think its just a tiny peace of paper/plastic.. :0( Will this be covered under my 28 days from purchase
Was thinking only 2 solutions:
1/ Take back to 02 Store and try get fixed/replaced
2/ Try and remove debris with a small pair of tweezers (though the whole is verys small so seems tricky)
Any suggestions/opinions greatly appreciated.
Cheers Alex
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iPhone 3g headphone jack issue

My head phones (and my aux cable in my car for that matter) wont fit fully into my iphone. I can get sound out of one ear bud but i cant get it in far enough to use my headset for really anything. Has anyone had this issue, and were you able to fix it without making a GB appointment?
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Iphone 4 headphone jack malfunctioning

For the past few days Ive had this PROFOUNDLY annoying problem. Basically, music or podcasts (any audio, regardless of app) will play for a few seconds, then stop as if Ive unplugged my headphones. However, all I have to do is unplug then replug my headphones and it works EVERY TIME. How can this be an headphone jack malfunction if it still works? Anyone have any ideas? I tried cleaning out the jack with a Q tip to no avail. Ive also done everything short of a full restore (turned off and on, etc.)

Sound Volume changes by turning the headphone jack

When I listen some music on my Iphone 3gs (iOS4.2) using my new bose in-ear-mobile-headset (4-part jack for microphone), the volume changes by turning the jack around. it seems as if the Iphone was changing the sound-profile between headphone and headphone with mic or something like that. Thats happening always at the same position of the jack. When turning the jack aorund 180° it turns louder, going on another 180° it gets back quiet.
Is there a way to de-activate that changing of loudness?
Thanks for helping!
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iPhone 4 headphone jack doesn't work

I got my iPhone 4 yesterday. Its not new and out of warranty since I bought it second-hand. The speakers and the earpiece both work fine, but when I plug my headphones in, the sound keeps coming through the speakers. (When obviously it should come through the earbuds.) I tried plugging and unplugging it over and over again, I checked the phone settings, I tried rebooting the phone several times, and even restored it as a new iPhone. I tried 4 different kinds of headphones, and they all work fine on other devices, but my iPhone just doesnt recognize them. I checked with a flashlight to see if there was any lint or dirt in the headphone jack and nothing was in there, but just in case I cleaned it with a cotton swab. I did a software update, I blew hard in the headphone jack, but nothing just works.


Advice would be much appreciated!

is it possible to record audio using iPhone headphone jack

Im wondering if it is possible to record audio using the iPhone headphone jack (or using an external plug in). Heres the thing- Ive been Googling and searching on here and everyone is talking about recording via a mic. I have an output jack Id like to record audio from, is this possible

Headphones Headphone jack - DOESNT FIT

Why on earth has apple made the headphone jack input on the iPhone so far into the device that only the less than adequate apple in-ear headphones will fit? I bought an iPhone 2 days ago and am generally thoroughly happy with it apart from this apparent design flaw. Can anyone suggest anything?
I have a pair of Sennheiser HD25s which I used to use with my old iPod. The jack wont go into the iPhone far enough for it recognise that Im using headphones and stop the audio from coming out of the built-in speaker. How annoying!!
Ive also tried a normal mini-jack lead to plug into a PA system and it doesnt fit. Apple - what the ****!?
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iPhone headphone jack issues and sound

Check this out. The other day my headphone jack stopped working. I thought I had an issue with the headphone so I went and purchased a new pair. They still did not work. Then I tried to use the ipod and the headphones worked fine and I can hear the sound just fine. When I try to make a phone call with the phone the sound in the headphones immediately stops and cannot hear or talk into phone via the headphones. Once I ended the call the headphones immediately worked again with the ipod.
Any ideas?
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Headphone jack problem right side dead

The right headphone has been dead on my iPhone for some time, I first thought it was the headset that was damaged, but after buying new headphones I realized the problem was with the phone itself (new headset had same problem; both new and old worked on other devices).
When I plug/un-plug the headphones I can hear the sound of them connecting in both ear pieces, but other sound only comes out of the left speaker. The start/stop/hang-up button works fine even though it is on the right speaker wire which is the one that does not work.
I have restarted, reset settings, reset the phone, and even restored. I have also cleaned the headphone jack thoroughly and Ive done the plug-unplug-repeat solution many times.
Everything seems to be in order but the phone simply isnt sending a signal out on the right channel.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Headphone Jack STILL not working after hardware replacement

Can someone help me, my headphone jack stop working suddenly from one day to another, it only plays the left channel. I took it to repair store and they changed the whole headphone jack hardware for a new one and it still has the same problem, I thought it was matter of restoring it so it could accept the new hardware but still the same issue. What should I do?

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