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what blocked callers hear on the iphone

what blocked callers hear on the iphone

iphone unlocked

Callers hear themselves echo I hear perfection

Hi folks, I have an odd one.
When I talk to either a landline or mobile from my 3G iPhone they hear themselves echo while use the phone up to ear or via speaker. They hear this echo whether i am on 3G or EDGE and interestingly when I mute my iPhone they no longer hear themselves echo.
I did a full restore to 2.0.2 and plugged and unplugged the iphone headphone just in case the mic was stuck on a speaker or headphone setting.
Does anyone have any experience with this? I am going to see if the echo is there with a bluetooth handset or the iPhone headphones as those scenarios I have not tried.
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My callers cannot hear me please help

I can hear my callers but they cannot hear me, should I reset the iPhone?

Bluetooth callers can't hear me

For my home phone system I have the VTech DS6322 cordless phone system which features a bluetooth enabled base station for connecting to cell phones. I can receive and make calls on my iPhone from one of the four cordless handsets throughout my house. Although the system worked flawlessly with my iPhone 3G, ever since upgrading to the iPhone 4 callers can not hear me very well when using the bluetooth connection even though I can hear them just fine. They say it sounds is if Im muffling the handset, or not speaking into the mic.
Anyone know of a fix for this. As I mentioned, the system worked great with my iPhone 3G.
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Callers don't hear me

Hi when I use my Iphone 3g, 2.2 firmware to place calls or to answer calls, people dont hear me or hear my voice heavily distorded.
If I put the phone in hands free mode they hear me well, if I use my bluetooth headset or the apple headset sold with my phone everything works well.
I resetted the phone, restarted it, restored it (restoring my config, I have not tried yet throwing everything away), plugged and unplugged the headset several times and the problem refuses to go away.
Apps using the mic to record sounds work perfectly well, it is just when I am talking on the phone that it is not working.
Can anybody help me ?
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Callers can't hear me talking when call made

Okay, I really hope someone will read this...let me explain the history of this issue in short:
Thursday I sadly dropped and broke the glass on the front of my phone. Everything worked, including a handful of phone calls I made just after the drop. In fact is I made the appointment to have the screen replaced that same day.
So screen was replaced. I went on my way. HOWEVER...NOW...people on the other end of the line cant seem to hear me talking.
IF I tap on the back of the phone SOMETIMES it will allow me to be heard. Other times if I tap (for testing) it drop my voice.
Im going to contact the person who replaced my screen and explain. Im sure he will open it back up and make sure all the connections are firm.
So here is my question...is the microphone and the phones microphone the same. Heres why I ask. I have an app on the phone that uses the microphone and when my voice cant be heard on the phone I can still get the app to respond to my voice.
So are they the same connection. OR could this be something else Maybe the headphone jack is messed up from the drop and it thinks I have my headphones plugged in?
Im reaching here!
iphone 4, 4.3.1 Mac OS X (10.6.7)

When I make phone calls on iphone 4 I hear people but they cannot hear me Any fix for this

When I make phone calls on my brand new iphone 4 I hear people but they cannot hear me! Any fix for this? I tried restarting but the problem is still there...

I cannot hear calls with my iphone when I dial a number but I can hear when I put it on speaker

I cannot hear calls with my iphone when I dial a number but I can hear when I put it on speaker. Any suggestions? Thanks Joe

When i call people on my iphone 4 they cant hear me and i cant hear them and my speakers and microphone work perfectly whats my problem

When i call people on my iphone 4 they cant hear me and i cant hear them, and my speakers and microphone work perfectly whats my problem?

When making or receiving calls on my iPhone 4 I can hear the person on the other end but they can't hear me This happens most of the time but occaisionally it works Can you help me

it is as though mute is on, but it does not appear to be

iPhone 3GS- Can't hear caller through receiver but can hear on speaker though

I have an iPhone 3GS 16GB which Im using without contract. My Problem is I cant hear the caller unless I put it on speaker phone. But the caller can hear me though Can you guys please help me how to resolve this issue?

iPhone 4 when face timing i can hear people but they cant hear me

i phone 4 when face timing i can hear people but they cant hear me. help

iPhone 3G phone call issue I can't hear them they can't hear me

Someone called me a couple of times but we couldnt hear each other. Luckily I was at the office and was able to call back on a land line. Afterwards, to test, I called someone and had the same problem. A hard reboot of the phone (holding down the home and sleep key until the Apple logo appears) seems to have fixed the issue.
Has anyone run into this or heard of it?
A bit worrying as at the moment Im in the middle of a situation that needs me to be reachable round-the-clock and Im not always going to be near a land line.
The OS got upgraded to 3.1 last night.
iMac 7,1 Mac OS X (10.6) iPhone 3G OS 3.1

iPhone 5 can't hear people I call but they can hear me

I cant hear anyone I call / calls me unless I use speaker phone! Cant even hear the ringing before they pick up, any ideas ?

Lately my iphone4 is acting up When I make or receive a call I can hear the other party but they cannot hear me

This happens about 90% of the time, both to cell phones and land lines. I went to AT&T and they changed my SIM card but that did not solve the problem. They said if the new SIM card doesnt solve it then I will have to get help or service from Apple. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

HT5014 People can`t hear me during calls but i can hear them probably not a mic problem

I unlocked the iPhone From AT&T, its working well in browsering and i can hear people in calls, but people can`t hear me (even with earphones! it`s not a mic problem!!) help me please..

iPhone 4 while makin or receiving a phone call speaker button illuminates I can't hear them and they can't hear me Headset doesn't make a difference but I can still FaceTime and listen to music Can i fix it

Hey. A few months ago my iPhone 4 suddenly had an issue with making and receiving calls.

Whenever a call is active the loudspeaker button illuminates and I cant hear anyone speaking, and after ringing my home telephone I realised they cant hear me either. When I plug the headset in, the button doesnt illuminate but still no sound. FaceTime works fine so does playing music and voice control.

Ive tried setting the phone to factory settings but still no luck.

Anyone have any fixes to this issue? I do keep it updated and as I say this suddenly happened after a phone call!

People have said the calling speaker and mic may be broken, but this doesnt explain the loud speaker button coming on and not being able to use with a headset


Why won't my iPhone let me switch callers

I recently updated my software, and since have been encountering a problem. I searched around on the internet and this forum, but havent seen anyone else report this issue. Hoping someone out there can help


Prior to the update:

When I was on a call and someone else called me, it would display their name and few options such as Hold Call and Answer, Ignore, End Call and Answer, etc. (I dont recall the exact wording). My phone log would still log the incoming call, regardless of answering it or not.


After the update:

When I am on a call and someone else calls me, the new caller name is not displayed, and the options on the current call stay almost the same. The only change is the Join Calls feature isnt greyed out anymore. Since I cant click over, I miss the phone call. My call log doesnt register the call, so there is no way of knowing who I missed a call from unless they leave a voicemail.


Any ideas on why this isnt working?

Ringback tones on Iphone for callers

I know my hooch cheap old verizon phone had a ringback feature that allowed callers to hear music while my phone rang. Can I do this with my iphone? I get how to put ringtones in so I hear music but am blank on how to let them hear music when they call and wait for an answer or are on hold. How do we do this for iphone - if we can do this?
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how do i get my phone to announce the callers name instead of just number i have iPhone 4

I have iphone4. how do I get my phone to announce caller name and not just number. lost it when i updated

iPhone 4S people can't hear me but I can hear them

Ive had my iPhone 4S for about three weeks but today Ive realised that I can hear people when they call me, but they cant hear me. Ive tried everything Ive found on forums and support threads including a full restore, removing SIM card, restoring network settings etc.


Any ideas?

TS1630 I can hear the caller but they can't hear me Any suggestions

My wife is having an intermittent problem with her iPhone 4. From time to time the person on the other end cannot hear her. She can hear them but they cannot hear her. Weve rebooted several times as well as made sure the phone didnt think it had headphones connected to it. Suggestions?

When I receive a call I can hear them they can't hear me Mute is not on

When I receive a call, I can hear them, but they cannot hear me. If I put it on speaker phone, they can hear me fine. I do not have the mute button pushed. I know it is probably simple fix but cant find the problem.

People I call can't hear me but i can hear them Any ideas

I have an iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2) which is giving trouble when making and receiving calls. Basically, peolpe cant hear me. They can hear me fine if i put the phone on loudspeaker or attach the headset, but not through normal answering method.
This appeared to happen over night. Phone wasnt dropped. I was wondering if there was a setting that may have been accidently changed.
The mute option when a call is active is not selected, so this isnt the problem. Software was updated and phone was restored.
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How do I block certain callers

Recent Callers List

Is it possible to delete individual callers instead of clearing them all
iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.2

have an iphone 3gs on 5.01 unlocked was working perfect untill yesterday it started pl;aying up only makes calls when it feels like it and when i get a call out or in i can hear thm but they cant hear me the mic is working cause i can make a voice no

need help

Every sound is heard but the callers' voice

I can hear trough the built in speaker every sound: ipod, keyboard click etc
However, when i call someone, i cannot hear anything.
The call receiver instead can hear me normally.
I have tried common solutions (like the jack in - jack out AND restoring the software) but none helped.
My iphone is new and have used for 1 month only
Am really sad!!!
Can anyone help?
Powerbook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.11) Iphone 3g 2.2.1 firmware

Controlling ringer for individual callers

Id like to turn my phone on vibrate for texts/most callers/email etc, but allow the ringer to play for emergency calls from certain people/work/etc. Is this possible?
iOS 4

my phone has just gone dead need to revive my phone someone calling me can hear the dailer tone but i am not able to hear any ring kindly suggest the monitor is all blank

my phone has just gone dead need to revive my phone, someone calling me can hear the dailer tone but i am not able to hear any ring, kindly suggest. the monitor is all blank

People can't hear me during calls but I hear them

Dear Apple,


Please write a patch or fix for this fric$##%%^% problem!!


I cant use the Fric(&((* phone as a phone.


The patch just needs to stop the controler or the proximity sensor from blocking out the bottom mic. Thats all and we can all use this fri$%$ phone as a phone!!!


Otherwise Ill join those others going over to Galaxys .... or worse some microsoft dragy phone....

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