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what does a blocked caller hear when they call my iphone

what does a blocked caller hear when they call my iphone

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iphone 4 upgraded to ios 5.0.1 can't hear caller caller can't hear me

I upgraded my sons iphone 4 to iOS 5.0.1.  After upgrading when he makes or receives a call he cant you cant hear him and he cant hear the other person.  We know the call connects because weve tested calling his phone and it rings but he cant hear any audio when I speak.  His speaker is instantly lit when his phone rings.  If he taps it, it doesnt go off.


We have reset Network and reset the entire phone and reloaded it.  No joy.  Anyone else experience this?

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iPhone 3GS- Can't hear caller through receiver but can hear on speaker though

I have an iPhone 3GS 16GB which Im using without contract. My Problem is I cant hear the caller unless I put it on speaker phone. But the caller can hear me though Can you guys please help me how to resolve this issue?

I only hear my caller when i put on speaker caller hears me

I can not hear the person calling me unless i press speaker. The caller can hear me. I turned off and on my phone and still having the problem.

any words from the wise please?

Im 6 days late on my warrinty and I had no clue I was And now when I call people and when they call me they cant hear me but I can hear them

Im 6 days late on my warrinty and I had no clue I was. And now when I call people and when they call me they cant hear me, but I can hear them.

TS1630 I can hear the caller but they can't hear me Any suggestions

My wife is having an intermittent problem with her iPhone 4. From time to time the person on the other end cannot hear her. She can hear them but they cannot hear her. Weve rebooted several times as well as made sure the phone didnt think it had headphones connected to it. Suggestions?

Blocked Caller

Received a call today and it showed as a Blocked Caller. I havent blocked any contacts and cant find an option to block/unblock callers, didnt think there was an option for this. Is there any way to find out why it is blocked or what number might be calling?
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Blocked caller ID

I have a couple of unknown call IDs every day and would like to know what is qualified to be a Blocked caller ID. Thanks!
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When i call people on my iphone 4 they cant hear me and i cant hear them and my speakers and microphone work perfectly whats my problem

When i call people on my iphone 4 they cant hear me and i cant hear them, and my speakers and microphone work perfectly whats my problem?

iPhone 3G phone call issue I can't hear them they can't hear me

Someone called me a couple of times but we couldnt hear each other. Luckily I was at the office and was able to call back on a land line. Afterwards, to test, I called someone and had the same problem. A hard reboot of the phone (holding down the home and sleep key until the Apple logo appears) seems to have fixed the issue.
Has anyone run into this or heard of it?
A bit worrying as at the moment Im in the middle of a situation that needs me to be reachable round-the-clock and Im not always going to be near a land line.
The OS got upgraded to 3.1 last night.
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Lately my iphone4 is acting up When I make or receive a call I can hear the other party but they cannot hear me

This happens about 90% of the time, both to cell phones and land lines. I went to AT&T and they changed my SIM card but that did not solve the problem. They said if the new SIM card doesnt solve it then I will have to get help or service from Apple. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

Cannot hear caller

I cannot hear callers on my Iphone4 . This just started since the last time I hooked up to ITunes to update. I have checked everything I can think of and cannot find a solution. Anyone that can please help! Thanks.
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Caller Can't hear me

I just got the apple BT ear piece but caller cant hear me but i can hear them on the ear piece.
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can't hear caller at all - Help please

Got brand new iPhone 4.


I cannot hear caller at all but they can hear me.  Cant hear caller on speaker, headset, etc.

There is no screen protector or packaging on it.

I also tried restoring, turning it off and on, resetting network settings.  Nothing has worked.


Other sounds (memos, music, videos, etc) work just fine.


Please help!

iPhone 5 can't hear people I call but they can hear me

I cant hear anyone I call / calls me unless I use speaker phone! Cant even hear the ringing before they pick up, any ideas ?

Iphone 4 receiver not working so cannot hear caller



My iphone receiver has stopped working after two weeks, If I switch to speaker phone I can hear, or if I use a headset.However for normal phone use I cannot hear the caller. Have been through the various trouble shooting steps including restoring the phones. Any ideas or is this a return for service issue.

iPhone 4 while makin or receiving a phone call speaker button illuminates I can't hear them and they can't hear me Headset doesn't make a difference but I can still FaceTime and listen to music Can i fix it

Hey. A few months ago my iPhone 4 suddenly had an issue with making and receiving calls.

Whenever a call is active the loudspeaker button illuminates and I cant hear anyone speaking, and after ringing my home telephone I realised they cant hear me either. When I plug the headset in, the button doesnt illuminate but still no sound. FaceTime works fine so does playing music and voice control.

Ive tried setting the phone to factory settings but still no luck.

Anyone have any fixes to this issue? I do keep it updated and as I say this suddenly happened after a phone call!

People have said the calling speaker and mic may be broken, but this doesnt explain the loud speaker button coming on and not being able to use with a headset


Caller cannot hear me on my new bluetooth carkit

I just purchased a new iPhone 3GS so got blue tooth hands free kit installed (iO Carkit from www.carkits.ie) in my VW Passat. The kit is stated as being compatible with the iPhone 3GS. When I make a call or when someone calls me I can hear them talking but they cannot hear me. Is this a problem with the phone? The carkit works with other mobile phones. I tested successfully with two Nokia models. The person who installed it also seemed to think this was an iPhone issue. Any response welcome.
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Caller can't hear me when I answer calls

After update to iOS 6.1.3 about 4 of the 5 phone calls I receive the callers cant hear me but I can hear them. Its happening on both of the iPhone 5s that we own.

When I receive a call I can hear them they can't hear me Mute is not on

When I receive a call, I can hear them, but they cannot hear me. If I put it on speaker phone, they can hear me fine. I do not have the mute button pushed. I know it is probably simple fix but cant find the problem.

People I call can't hear me but i can hear them Any ideas

I have an iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2) which is giving trouble when making and receiving calls. Basically, peolpe cant hear me. They can hear me fine if i put the phone on loudspeaker or attach the headset, but not through normal answering method.
This appeared to happen over night. Phone wasnt dropped. I was wondering if there was a setting that may have been accidently changed.
The mute option when a call is active is not selected, so this isnt the problem. Software was updated and phone was restored.
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TS4430 I am not able to make any call or receive any phone call on my iPhone 4 It connects to no but can't hear any voice on both sides

I am not able to make or receive any call on my iPhone 4. It can dial or receive but no body on both sides is able to hear any voice. Is problem with speakers?

have an iphone 3gs on 5.01 unlocked was working perfect untill yesterday it started pl;aying up only makes calls when it feels like it and when i get a call out or in i can hear thm but they cant hear me the mic is working cause i can make a voice no

need help

HT4319 How can I make a face time call from one country to another supporsing both parties using iphone 4s What will be the caller charges If there is no charges as we use wifi will there be a charge till connecting the call

How can I make a Face Time call from one country to another( supporsing both parties using iphone 4s). What will be the caller charges. If there is no charges as we use wifi, will there be a charge till connecting the call?

blocked call

Our community has emergency phoning of citizens in case of severe weather issues. Tonight I was called by this automatic service only to see the call was blocked. I didnt even know calls could BE blocked. I looked through all my settings and can find no ability to block or unblock calls. Any help here would be VERY important as we have severe weather headed our way.
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Blocked call

Hi just received a call on my 3G and where the callers name usually is, said blocked ? i thought you couldnt block numbers on iphone and i dont have any third party software installed to do it
cheers Ronny
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When placing a call to any particular person they can't hear me Second time I call the same person the call is successful

When placing a call on my iphone 4s to any particular person, they cant hear me. Second time, I call the same person, the call is successful. How do I stop this from happening?

I-Phone Call Blocked

I tried calling my Home Telephone Number and it wouldnt go thru.
I got a weird recording the call couldnt be answered.
Funny, it worked last week.
I went to my local, useless AT&T store, waited about 15 minites and they heard the same recording when I tried calling my home telephone...an AT&T Landline Number.
They tried the I-Phone again to call the store and it went thru fine. I was told...You have problem with your home phone.
When I asked about bettery trouble they told me Go to Apple..its their phone.
I called my daughter on her cellphone and she said my Daddy ring didnt go off and the phone number didnt come up on her Blackberry.
She called the home land-line on her phone and it went thru fine.
I double checked my settings and found Show Your Phone ID was off.
Yeah, I changed it last week.
As soon as I reset it, and cycled the IPhone on and off, the call home was fine.
Anyone know if I have a glitch in my Home Phone or the I-Phone? To the best of my knowledge, I do not block Non-Subscriber IDd phones and have gotten plenty of commercial calls where the number comes in as Unavailable.
I-Phone 3GS, 16 Gig, OS 3.1
This mirrors my ;last experience with AT&T where they basically make you wait to speak to a Rep...whos apparently doesnt know the product, Blames Apple, and does all they can to get you out of their store as soon as possible. I dont even think they looked at the settings to see how it was set-up. If I hadnt figured it all out, I would still not be able to call my own home on my I-Phone.
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Blocked incoming call

Hi, I recieved new Iphone 3gs 32mb but having issue in recieving calls. I set the ringtone to any of the ones availble but on recieving a call the screen dispalys Blocke call and no ring tone is heard only vibrate is activated. Testing the ring is Ok. Anyone have the same issue.
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Blocked missed call

My iPhone just rang once and the message Blocked missed call appeared on the screen. The Recents list shows a call from Blocked Caller. What the heck is this? I dont have any blocked callers that I know of, and I cant find any settings for this, either on the iPhone or on my AT&T (USA) account.
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Incoming Call says Blocked

One person in my address book calls me and the screen on the iPhone 3G says Blocked at the top of the screen. Why? How do I reset something to make that go away? The caller has been in my address book for a long time and is a regular caller. No other number has done this to me. I can answer the call or let it go to voice mail in the usual fashion.
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