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what does TFW E mean on iphone with straight talk

what does TFW E mean on iphone with straight talk

iphone unlocked

straight talk iOS 7

Recently updated to IOS 7. Data and MMS is not working with Straight Talk. I currently have an Iphone 4S and everything was working up until I updated my phone. Any solutions?

iphone unlocked

straight talk issues

I have an iPhone 4 GSM and an iPhone 4s under contract to ATT. Both have been factory unlocked. I can take a straight talk sim card and place it in my 4s and recieve service, however when i try the straight talk sim in the 4 it gives me the message

Restricted Network

Your selected cellular network is restricted. You can choose a different network in Settings.

the att sim works fine in both phones. what could the problem be?

HT4839 Straight Talk help

Has anybody taken an AT&T iPhone 4 and switched it to Straight Talk? In recently did this and am now trying to work. I cant follow the steps given online to change the APN cause my phone doesnt have the buttons needed. Any suggestions?

Is Straight Talk CDMA or GSM

I really want an iPhone 5 for my Birthday. But idk if Straight Talk gives gsm models or only CDMA? Please help?

Straight talk SIM or iOS 6 problem

my iphone 4s is unlocked and i just got a straight talk sim and put it in my phone and went to set up my mms and data settings, but they vanished? when i put in my old tmobile sim card they come back? anyone else have this problem/ had it and fixed it?

iPhone 3GS Straight Talk can only text AT&T Phones Can't MMS


I have a AT&T iPhone 3GS. My contract ran out last September. I just let it end including the phone number.

I then signed up for Google Voice and just used the Talkatone app on my phone with Wifi to make calls and text.

In the last 2 Days I bought the correct Straight Talk Sim and Unlimited Refill Card and had my Google Voice number transfered to the Straight Talk Sim, and they activated it.

---I did not unlock my phone if that helps.---


Whats Happening:

My phone can send and recieve calls from anyone.

My phone can access the internet fine.


-It can ONLY Text those on the AT&T Network.


-It CANT Picture Message anyone!


(it can iMessage everyone with iMessage but that works through the data)



What is happening and how do I fix it?


Thanks for the help!!!!!!

Straight Talk MMS & Data fix

My Iphone 4s 16g and 4s 32g are both unlocked and have this same issue. In iOS 6 the new settings setup meeses with my ability to fix my APN settings to get my data & mms working with my straight talk sim. BUT there is a way to fix it. I dont take credit for this at all, it was sent to me on another post I had but im just going to modify it slightly.



This is thte only way to get data & MMS working on a non-jailbroken iPhone on iOS 6 as far as im aware of right now



1. Open the Notes app (or any other stock app)



2. Go to Settings General



3. Insert the T-Mobile SIM (can be brand new/unactivated OR an old one that has had service) will bring up the Cellular option



4. Go into Cellular Cellular Data Network when it shows up



5. Immediately take out the T-Mobile SIM and put the Straight Talk SIM back in while in the Cellular Data Network tab



6. Multitask between Cellular Data Network and the Notes app back and forth until a signal from Straight Talk comes in and the default non-working data & MMS APN are automatically entered. It is important to wait until the default APN settings show up



7. Once the APNs do show up, edit them manually



8. Go toggle Airplane Mode on and off, and  then turn your iphone off and then back on



Data and MMS now work fine.... UNTIL YOUR PHONE TURNS OFF OR DIES! 


To fix this follow these steps


After Step 8 and you check that your data & mms ARE working. then turn off your phone one more time and then back on againCheck that data & mms yet again. data should work but mms shouldnt.  Here is the fix; go into Settings Cellular then toggle Cellular Data off and back on and everything should be working 100000% fine now.




Cellular Data

APN: att.mvno

Username: *blank*

Password: *blank*






APN: att.mvno

Username: *blank*

Password: *blank*

MMSC: http://www.mmsc.cingular.com

MMS Proxy:

MMS Max Message Size: 1048576

MMS UA Prof URL: *blank*



I can confirm 100% that this method works on iOS 6

HT5014 iphone 3g is unlocked but cannot change the APN to get Straight Talk MMS & Data

Most instructions Ive seen are not very helpful to get to the page to enable editing APN and other information needed to begin to get MMS & Data from Straight Talk... otherwise, phone currently makes and receives calls and will do some limited texts. AT&T advises it is an unlocked phone, however hookling to iTunes and doing a backup and restore has accomplished nothing.  Since it is backed up (several ways over a couple days), what if I go through an erase process then restore with the Straight Talk sim card

Does a USA factory unlocked iphone 3gs offer all the features of a Verizon locked version for example With a non-contract plan like Straight Talk

BestBuy offers an iphone 3gs USA factory unlocked (SKU 6314408) and I would like to purchase and use a non-contract plan like Straight Talk or Net10.  Are all the access point names (APN) fields available for me to enter all the carriers data?  And if so, will I have all the features an iphone 3gs offers... like, multimedia picture messaging and internet?  Additionally, can I use icloud as I have a MacBook Air.  This would be my first iphone.

I bought an iphone 3gs from a coworker and am using straight talk sim how can i get mms and data to work on the phone The tell me it needs to be unlocked Is this correct and if so how do i unlock it

I bought an iphone 3gs from a coworker and bought a straight talk sim card for it. The phone works great but I can not get my MMS to work on the phone. I was told by Straight Talk that it would have to be unlocked first before they could help me to get the MMS feature to work on it. How do I go about unlocking the phone safely without damaging it or jailbreaking it?

All this talk about problems with the iphone 4

But everyone keeps it, complaints is all i see, companys only understand sales thats why you have not heard any more response from apple, iphone 4 is selling like wildfire, even with its problems.
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iPhone not letting me talk

Within the last few days, my iphone refuses to let me talk to anyone else. If they try to call me or I try to call them, it will let me speak to them (most of the time), then after a couple seconds go sucker! and hang up on me, giving me the message Call Failed.
This has happened to me before but resolved itself after i rebooted the phone. Yesterday I turned my phone off all day and when I turned it back on, it still wouldnt let me talk. Ive also tried syncing it and updating the firmware on iTunes.
Is there any way to fix this?
Thanks a lot for your help.
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Can you talk and text at the same time on iPhone 4

I am trying to find out if I can talk and text on my iPhone 4, if there is any way can you please tell me how, I need to know ASAP

Google Talk on iPhone push notification

Does anyone know how to get gtalk on the iphone with push notifications?
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Nike iPhone 3GS won't talk to me

Ive been using the Nike+iPod software with my iPhone 3GS for several runs, but all of a sudden the voice-over in the Nike software wont say anything. I checked my settings and its set to a female voice, the phone is not on vibrate mode, and all other features work fine. Any thoughts?
iphone 3GS iPhone OS 3.0.1

when I talk on iphone i keep bumping the keypad with my ear help

not sure what Im doing wrong, but everytime I talk on the iphone I keep bumping the keypad with my ear, and my contact goes what is that noise?  Is there some button to push so the keypad is locked while you talk?   thanks, Ezmreldah

Best iPhone Google Talk Chat Application

Looking for the best Google Chat application for the iPhone. Im giving up on my Pre, but coming back to the iPhone, I miss the seamless experience of chat. Willing to try it with push notifications, but I dont see any apps that tempt me yet... Thoughts?
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how do I stop my iPhone 4 from going straight to voice mail

My iPhone 4 keeps going straight to Voice Mail and then I get a notified of missed calls?  How can I correct this?

300 iPhone cannot play albums straight through

yet my $80 Sansa had no problem. Heres what I want to do:
1) Select an album on iPhone
2) iPhone plays every track on that album in order
3) iPhone goes to next album and plays every track in that album in order
4) iPhone loops through all albums like this until I tell it to stop
5) I do not want iPhone to shuffle anything - not songs, not playlists, not albums, not my brains - until I change my mind and choose shuffle or choose to go back to my Sansa
Seems I can do this on my pc, but not on iPhone...thanks for comments and suggestions!
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iPhone 4 5.0.1 Calls going straight to voicemail when using 3G data



Ive been researching this quite a bit and have seen many threads that talk about calls going to voicemail, but everything Ive seen refers to Edge data vs. 3G data.


My iPhone 4 is running ios 5.0.1.  Anytime I am accessing anything that uses 3G data (downloading/upgrading apps, updating news streams, watching YouTube, etc.), all incoming calls to my phone are being directed straight to voicemail.  I can replicate the behavior 100% (e.g. not an intermittent issue).  Although the voicemail alert will eventually sound, the incoming calls do NOT show up as missed calls, so if the other party doesnt leave a voicemail, I have no idea that theyve called.


Things Ive already tried to do:


1) reset network settings


2) reset AT&T voicemail pin


3) visited AT&T store to receive an updated sim card and had them verify it isnt something related to my account set up (Ive had the same set up since iPhone 3G, but you never know what AT&T might turn on for my convenience)


4) did full restore through iTunes, restoring phone from recent back up


5) full restore through iTunes setting up phone as new phone (in case there was something funky in the back up)


In every instance, it still sends the calls straight to voicemail if the phones 3G data is in use -- and it is definitely 3G data (AT&T tower in the parking lot of my office, 80 yards from the front door).


Any ideas?

I want to download app straight to iphone over EDGE

I dont recall the file size max is. Im thinkings 1.0mb. Is it anything 1.0mb and over, or anything over 1.0mb?

Recording video from iPhone straight to Macbook

I am using my iPhone 5 a lot for video recording purposes. A times when recordin my space will fill up and stop the recording. Is there a way to connect my iPhone to my Macbook and have video record straight to my Macbook instead of constantly uploading when my phone is full?

iPhone 3GS goes straight to voice mail

My iPhone 3GS goes straight to voice mail without ringing. Reception in my area ok. I have been turning phone off at night and shutting down and restarting only works for awhile. (previous suggestions.) Any thoughts?

When I turn my iPhone 4s off it turns straight back on

When I turn my iPhone 4s off , it turns straight back on ?


It has just suddenly started doing it, and I really need to turn my phone off now !

Any idea on how to solve this ?



Please talk me off the cliff

My Iphone is coming today via Fed Ex, and I have been so excited all week! Today I am reading nothing but design flaws with the I phone 4 and am really getting down about this. Is everyone having these issues or are we just getting the bad news here? I called AT&T and there is a 30 day return on it so I guess we are not stuck.
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No one can hear me when I talk

Hi guys,
Just bought my new iPhone 4 (Melbourne - Telstra 3G network) and having severe issues with people not being able to hear me. I can hear them perfectly fine and when I switch to speaker they can hear me perfectly fine as well.
Is this a hardware fault with my device or somehow related to the proximity sensor issue? Its really frustrating because I cant actually make any calls unless Im on speaker (which ruins any sort of privacy - especially when youre a public area).
iPhone 4 iOS 4

Voice calls straight to voicemail no iPhone ringing

Hi all,
Is anyone else having a problem where voice calls go straight to voicemail, without the phone actually ringing. I am getting more voicemails than phone calls at the moment, and its looking like a phone problem (ip4).
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uploading video straight from iphone to facebook app

Is there a way to upload video taken on my iphone and put it directly on facebook by using my facebook app? Thanks for any advice!
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Best Talk to Text App Help

I am looking for an app that allows me to Talk to text. I would love something embedded in the actual messages folder where I could simply just talk the text instead of type it. This is great for texting while driving. So far I have found apps that still require me to look down a lot at the phone before I talk to text.
What are your favorites?
Please help me with this!
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People cannot hear me when I talk


Ive had my iPhone 4 for nearly 2 years now.


Everything works perfectly fine on my phone, except that since yesterday people do not hear me on a call. They can hear me with speakerphone or headset but not on the phone itself. When I blow into the speakers at the bottom, they hear that but not my voice.


Ive tried rebooting the phone, closing all apps, restored my phone completely.


Anyone have any other suggestions to try myself before I have to pay someone to fix it?



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