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what is error 4014 itunes

what is error 4014 itunes

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Can't restore iPhone 4 Error 4014



My iPhone 4 dont turn on and is only recognize by iTunes as begin in recovery mode.

When trying to restore with iTunes, i always have an Error 4014...


I have not found any informations about this error, i tried the POWER + HOME combinaison but nothing...

Hopefuly anybody here can help. You are my last hope regarding this issue, although I´m not a complete newby to iPhone problems.


Thanks and kind regards

iphone unlocked

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on Update failed Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly Please re-install iTunes Error 7 Windows error 126

I was today invited to upgrade my iTunes when I logged on.  Update failed. Every time I now try to open iTunes I get error messages.  Second message reads iTunes was not installed correctly. Please re-install iTunes. Error 7. Windows error 126. I now cant sync my iPhoneand I am worried that if I re-install I will lose all my contacts,calendar, notes, etc.

TS1702 every time i ask for available downloads on itunes an error appears your request cannot be proceeded error code 1009

i downloaded a the latest version of itunes but when i try to sync my iphone with itunes all my apps are gone and when i check for available downloads an error appears and a message says than your request cant be proceeded error code 1009

i cant sync my apps what can i do

plz help

hello i got problem iphone doesnt restore even using itunes.its stuck in recovery mode and i cannt do anything with it.error 1015 is there any way to reinstall software even if itunes cannot deal with it

hello  i got  problem. iphone doesnt restore  even using itunes.its stuck in recovery mode and i cannt do anything with it.error 1015  is there any way to reinstall software even if itunes cannot deal with it ?

my phone wont leave the usb cable plug into itunes screen and whn i plug it into itunes it says major error

my phone screen is the usb plug into itunes and when i plug it into itunes it repport and error, my itunes is updated to the latest version but it still wont work? anythoughts?

iTunes error

When i am on my iPhone 4, and hit the iTunes button it brings it up normally, then after about 5 minutes it makes me log in. After logging in it takes me to my pre-order page and shows the last cd, that i pre-order on my phone. I have sync my phone to my pc and backed up all purchases from my phone since then. After being showed the pre-order screen, my itunes app proceeds to crash no matter what I hit. Can anyone help?
Macbook 13(unibody) iOS 4

iTunes Error 11556

I am getting this error when trying to activate my new iPhone. It wont let me connect to iTunes and instead gives me this error? Anyway to fix this?
3G iPhone OS 3.1.3

iTunes download error

I have been trying to download a song and it had almost finished downloading when it told me Download error. Tap to retry. Well, I have tapped several times with no success. I have also restarted my phone and still no luck. I have been connected to just the network and also a wireless, but that doesnt matter. Has anyone else had this problem? If you have, was it resolved and how? Thanks.
iPhone iPhone OS 3.1.2

iTunes Error 11556

I have downloaded some iTunes music to convert to ringtone and keep getting error message.
The Error Message is: 11556
I cant find what this error is and would like to combat this problem. I also purchased a new song to try and see if it works and still doesnt.
Can anybody help
Many thanks
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2.0.2 Update itunes error -13

Hello im getting and error -13 on itunes whenever i try and update my iphone from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2....
anyone know what causes that?
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error 12 itunes restore

I got a iphone used but it is stuck at screen saying connect to itunes. When I go to itunes it says its in recovery mode and to restore. Every time I try though the iphone will get to screen with apple and loading bar then just restart. Itunes says The iPhone iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (12). This happens in regular recovery and dfu mode. Ideas on how to fix or did I just buy a fancy paperweight?

iTunes could not back up error -20

Ive been getting this message for some time. It didnt seem to be a big problem. But now Im trying to upgrade to 4.0.2 (?), and it wont do it unless the backup happens, which it wont. It keeps giving me the iTunes could not back up the iPhone Davids iPhone because an unknown error occurred (-20).
What can I do? Ive rebooted it several times
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iTunes music error

I bought a song from iTunes today and when I try and sync it, I get a message saying song not copied because you are not authorized to play it on this computer
Any help?

Conecting to iTunes error

After I charged my iPhone something apeared on the screen , to connect to iTunes . When i do that i got conection problems (when i connect the iphone to the comp it disconects after 2sec) . Why is the happening all of the suden and what should i do?
Windows XP

0xE800002E .Error when I try to update in iTunes

Ok so I first saw an issue with this after upgrading to the latest firmware on my iPhone. In the past I could update my apps through my iphone then transfer to iTunes later now I cannot update AND it tells me to go to iTunes and update there.
1. I get the error above, 0xE800002E, when I try and update apps through iTunes as instructed.
2. The only WORKAROUND I have found is to remove app from iPhone and LOSE all Data.
3. then resynce from iTunes with new app.
I lost all my saved games for Vay and All my budget info for August this is a horrible situation. Does any one have the official line from Apple on this as to a fix .....a quick search on Google and you will find I am NOT the only one with this error. Also my phone is 100% legit NO JAILBREAKING.
Any info is appreciated,
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iTunes unknown error - 11556 - Please help

I just updated my iPhone to 2.0.2, and it said that now I can create ringtones from the music I purchased from iTunes. So after I right click on the song and select Create Ringtone, I get this unknown message saying I am not connected to the internet when in fact when I click on the iTunes Store, it connects.
Has anybody noticed this issue?
MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.4)

iTunes error when iPhone is connected

I am having problem with the iTunes (8.1) on my Mac Pro. Every time an iPhone (original or 3G) is connected, i will see this message:
iTunes was unable to load dataclass information from
Sync Services. Reconnect or try again later.
On Console, i see these messages:
3/19/09 10:58:02 PM

Application error message in iTunes

Somebody recommended to me that I not use my iPhone to buy applications but rather to do it on my computer through the iTunes store, since I was getting so many error messages and crashing applications.
When I tried to delete all of my applications and then download them that way, it resulted in me having no applications at all, and rather, the following error message:
Some of the applications in your iTunes library were not installed on the iPhone because you are not authorized for them on this computer.
This is, of course, after Ive logged in. I also just got the 2.1 update, praying that it would improve the very VERY unsatisfactory performance of my iPhone that worked so wonderfully from September 2007 to June 2008. Since the big update, Ive wanted to throw it out a window. I miss the pre-application, pre-update, iPhone.
original iPhone

iTunes could not back up unknown error -20

Things were working just peachy until July 30th when the last successful back up happened. Now everytime I try to sync with iTunes I get that error message. Ive deleted iTunes and every apple app/software on my PC; cleared the registry files, rebooted and tried to reinstall everything and it still wont sync and back up.
Ive searched the support section and found a page about sync problems, but mine is a -20 and not just a 20.
Today when I logged into iTunes it said there is a new iPhone version ready for me, downloaded it to my PC but it cannot sync to my iPhone to update the software on the phone. Im at a loss and dont know what else to try.
Ive even gone so far as to wipe it clean (PITA) and its the same error message. Im listed as an administrator (only one who owns this laptop), and yet when I run the diagnostics on iTunes it shows my phone and everything passes with flying colors.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
Presario Windows 7

iPhone disconnected error in iTunes

A friend of mine is getting an error message--iTunes could not sync contacts to the iPhone Name because the iPhone disconnected. My friend was running Mac OS X 10.5.1 when this error occurred; I updated her to 10.5.2, and its still happening. (Shes running iPhone 1.1.3.) I also tried two different iPod cables; that didnt fix the problems.
This used to work; now it doesnt. Any ideas?
G5 Dual 2.5 GHz Mac OS X (10.5.2)

error in syncing itunes library

Well just got a iphone a couple of days ago and all is great except I cant sync all of my small itunes library (1G)! It synced some of it and then pulled up an error cannot read from disc! I restored the phone and rebooted my computer twice and I still cannot load all my music onto the phone! Any insight would be greatly appreciated.............. Cheers
Windows XP

Sync issue with 3g t itunes error -20

I am receiving an error (-20) when syncing my iphone 3g to iTunes, saying that it cannot do the backup. The system was working and then stopped a few days ago. Any ideas?
pc Windows XP Pro

iTunes Error Code 11556

Ive been trying to make some purchased songs from iTunes into ringtones but i always get the error code 11556 and saying I dont have an active network connection when I do.
I read a post about the same thing in UK but Im from Canada and Im getting this issue. Does anyone know why?
Windows Vista

iPhone sync error on iTunes

I tried the beta version of iTunes (9.2) a few days ago. After installing I started getting an error massage when syncing my iPhone 3GS. The message reads The iPhone name cannot be synced. A duplicate file name was specified. I was hopping that the final release of iTunes 9.2 would fix this, but after installing it today the error message continues. Anyone with the same problem? Any ideas?
macMini C2D 2.26Ghz Mac OS X (10.6.3) MacPro 2x2.66 Ghz (work) iPhone 3GS iPod Touch 1G

i cannot restore my iphone in itunes because have error

help me for how to restore my iphone 3g to itunes...because have ditect error occured 1015...i dont know about that,and i dont know what to do this problem..

Getting an error message on sync in itunes

the message says
the iphone my name cannot be synced. the required file cannot be found.
yesterday i deleted some apps from itunes to clean things up a bit which may still be on the phone
any way to reset things w/o trying to cross reference everything or do a restore?
iMac Mac OS X (10.6.4)

iTunes Sync Error Message -69

Recently i get this error message when im trying to sync songs onto the iPhone. Im using iPhone software 3.1.2 and iTunes 9. It doesnt seem to backup anymore either, just stalls after a few minutes into it. iTunes doesnt freeze the backup itself seems to. Below is the link to the image that shows the error message coming up on the screen. What did work was I had to delete a few albums (that normally would sync fine) that I got the Error -69 on. After deleting the albums it would sync and then hit another with the same Error -69.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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error al sincronizar el iphone con itunes

Hello good! My problem is that when I give sync itunes sends me an error starting synchronization session and not by that which I can not synchronize someone can help me please? thanks

Itunes error msg prompt when i plug it in

Hi there,
When I plug in my iphone, this error msg appears: This iphone cannot be used because the apple mobile device service is not started even though the Iphone is on. What does this mean?
Compaq Presario Windows XP

iTunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred -1



After upgrade an iPhone 4 to os 5.1, I cant restore the backup : while restore I get the error iTunes could not restore the iphone because an error occurred -1. I tried to reset the iPhone, but it restores alwayds whit os 5 and not 4. Each time I connect the iPhone, il runs un recovery mode, but recovery fails with error -1.


Any help ?



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